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No /tech/ yet, but let's do it.

Thinkpad General thread, post em', discuss, ask questions, and find your new /comfy/ Thinkpad.

If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THE BUYERS GUIDE FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).

Don't buy anything OTHER THAN T, X AND W/P SERIES if you want the Real ThinkPad Experience™

Recommended models:
T420 - 14", normal size
X220 - 12.5", ultraportable

Used ThinkPad buyers guide:

xsauc buyers guide:


I have a Memepad t410 and I absolutely love it (especially considering I paid $65 for it with 8gb ram, a docking station, charger, and Win7 recovery disk.)

However, I'm finding that it's been overheating. It's averaging 65-70 most of the time - which I understand is warmer than ideal - but when Firefox is eating the soykaf outta my memory, it'll start running hot. Living in the desert (it's 86F at 9pm) isn't helping. I had my first critical shutdown the other day.

I keep the fans clean as best as possible without taking it apart, and have Thinkfan going with the best T410 configuration I could find, which has helped. Outside of taking the thing apart and reapplying thermal paste, etc, are there any other software/OS (Arch) specific solutions that can help keep the temperature low? I'm thinking that my best bet is to just take it apart (I'm slightly afraid to, though I've taken apart other laptops plenty of times) and give it a thorough clean. If anyone has any solutions other than that, I'd be grateful.

Also, does anyone else's Thinkpad/T410 get super hot surfaces (namely, the plate near the trackpad where my wrists lay, and the underside)? I know this is related to the earlier issue, but I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this, and how they countered it.


Also, this link wasn't in the OP:



I want to buy a thinkpad and just read webpages offline then connect to the internet once a day to update the thread or send emails like Stallman.


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Meme thread. As with desktop threads, they should be banished.
Also, thinkpad is soykaf. It sure is better than most of laptops (the IBM ones, not the lenovo), but, have you already disassembled one at least one time? The motherboard is completely soykaf, as in any other laptop post ~2002. Only the Thinkpad 760C was the really good ones. If someone manage to put an i.MX6 Sabrelite on these would be really great.


correction: the 800 powerpc series, not the 700 series.


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I think I'm in love


>blackberry priv
>lenovo thinkpad
>let me open htop here to show how I'm 1337 h4x0r
c'mon, these thinkpad threads and desktop threads is idiot as fuarrrk. Attention whores, everywhere.






Its ironic you called monkey call me hacker being my name field was hacker.

Also, speaking of fuarrrking the place up, could you not swing your superiority complex so eagerly? Does denigrating anyone contribute anything? If anything, your post was more worthless than mine, being that you only posted your opinion which = 0.00
Why so butt devastated lain?




>Does denigrating anyone contribute anything?
Nope. I was just having fun. I got into the conclusion that, if my opinion is not worth ("0.00") I should just say what I think and see the reaction. Don't take things too serious on internet anon. I guess I'm just too tired of all this predictable culture... all infinite regress, with the same patters repeating over and over again, never changes. My derealization is getting worst, it seems.
The pattern here is the exposition. The same reason people use t-shirts with symbols they like. Or a mug with some fancy pop-culture references. Or sticks on a thinkpad, or showing the rc'ed window manager on desktop threads. Don't make much sense to me all those things.
People are losing the sense of identity, so they try to keep themselves on the ground, using social approbation (if one perceives me therefore I exist - the same bullsoykaf from Berkeley).



Perhaps I am being too predictable by posting my ThinkPad in this thread but I think that's the point.
I came here so I could to predictable patterns, and as always, here we are far from the predictable pattern. But as you will say, even this tangent in conversation is most predictable. I digress.

>my derealization is getting worse

Non-attachment doesn't wait lain


Please keep it on topic. This is the thinkpad general, not the predictable derealisation general.


i'm using a x220 with windows 10 and the 9 cell battery gives me around 9h runtime. how bad will it fall if i install fedora?


I got my X220 last week, and came to post, but lainchan was gone, now I'm finally on the thinkpad general on a real thinkpad.
Really awesome machine, definitely will get an ssd and the 9cell battery.
Running Xubuntu


keep the hdd for files and heavy load and add a ssd via msata and install the os on it. best combo. 9 cell is defentily worth the money.


Why do you buy x220? It has a cleft instead of 8:5 screen, it doesn't support core-/libreboot.


because it's a great, durable piece of hardware able to run state-of-the-art software and i really don't give a soykaf about trannyboot.


x201 does all this too.


great, then get one. i'm happy with my x220 and don't intend to trade it soon.


Awesome, I just ordered an 850 evo msata ssd
The battery can wait, on win10 I had 90 minute battery but on xubuntu I have over 3 hours with tlp running.


you'll see it's the best combo. i never noticed a difference between win10 and xubuntu regarding batterly life in my machine and settled with win10 (mostly because i already have a linux desktop and i use my thinkpad at work, so ms office comes handy)


I have a t420 that had the same issue. I even went so far as to reapply the thermal paste. nothing worked. It turned out it was a soykafty driver from Lenovo. Installing a Linux distribution solved my problem. Maybe try booting from a flash drive with puppy Linux to see if it's a driver issue.


First, try to update your BIOS. It can be some low-level issue.
Then, set the bios settings to default. Somone (older owner or someone else) might be done overclock or overvoltage. Check if the fan is running on 100%.
As the other anon said, update the drivers if you're on windows, for run debian live just to check.
If nothing works, you probably have a hardware issue. As you said, thermal paste is important. See if you can clean everything and get a good, silver based, thermal paste...


I want to get into this meme. I've always wanted a Thinkpad and today i searched a gray market here in my country and they had a lot of models.
They had the T410 and the T430, i think i like the T430 more. Anyone here has that model? Is it good?


Get pre 2005 IBM ones.


That isn't an answer to my question, but thanks for the input i guess.


Any opinions on the X500?
I saw some cheap ones for sale, been thinking about using it with a docking station as HTPC, since my TV is 720 I really won't need anything better I guess.


410 has a true keyboard. If you buy the 430, you won't get the meme.


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I have a x200, x60s (with no screen) and a r31 (with some dead ports). The last two are in storage right now. I use my x200 as my daily driver with ubuntu. I want to get a ssd for it and flash libreboot onto it at some point. It also has a nice lainchan sticker on it.

I paid $150 aud for the x200, $50aud for the x60s and nothing for the r31 (friend found it on the road, and it worked after a night of being rained on).

If you get a x model, I highly recommend getting a dock. You have extra ports, can put in either a optical drive or another hard drive. It also allows you to plug in and have another set up (for example, I have a dock for my x200 hooked up to a screen, keyboard and mouse, so I just put it in the dock, enter one command and then I can lean back and use dual screen comfy setup)


What's the difference between keyboards?


410 still has the classic keyboard, 430 the chicklet.


How are the 410 and 430 compared performance wise?


can't say, i'm a x220 user. but i guess if you're just brewing soykaf and other office stuff, you won't feel much a difference.


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i can't comment on the T430, so this is not technically an answer to your question. but i ( >>76 ) have a t410 (with 8g RAM) and I absolutely adore it. it very quickly became my daily driver, replacing a laptop with far better specs. This is primarily due to how much more natural and comfortable it is to interact with this machine: the keyboard has a very pleasing about of physical feedback; the use of a docking station means that this laptop functions happily as a desktop as it does as a laptop; the clitorispointing stick, though initially awkward, is far more ergonomic and natural; this thing's tough a brick (which is extremely important given that i am a natural at stress testing) - just to name a few things.

granted, there are definitely some issues with it. as my quoted post said, this thing overheats significantly - ie, often not safe for lap; generally warm if not uncomfortably hot on the face plate; has shut down from crit temps 4 times in past few days (granted, the ambient temperature here is definitely not helping.) It also took a fair amount of configuration with the Arch setup to get things running smoothly (ie, setting up individual keybindings for things like volume or function buttons; getting the computer to wake from sleep without restarting, etc, etc) but it's been super worth it. depending on your usecase, the 420 or 430 may be more appropriate for you. but if you're looking for a durable, comfy, and decent laptop on the cheap, i think you'll find the T410 worth the money.


Well I really want to use the thinkpad as my daily driver but I'm absolutely terrified of the overheating problem. So far I think I'll go for the T430, since I saw them next to each other and the guy who was selling them told me about the overheating problem too. There's a good money difference between the two of them but it's still on my budget so no problemo, I think.


just saw these.

i'm running Arch on this thing, but for the brief interlude where i tried out win 7, it still got terribly hot.

there's no overclocking going on, the fan is 100% operation as far as the bios can tell. However, when I received the computer I was not able to boot it due to the fan not being able to start. research seemed to indicate that this was a fairly common problem with older machines that hadn't been maintained, and moving the fan manually with compressed air resulted in the fan running - without much visual indication of heavy dust.

there are definitely some benign issues during my init that are BIOS related; guess now's the time to get around to fixing them. I'll take another look at the BIOS and see if anything might be causing it.

but my concern is that it most likely is due to dust accumulation, or some small hardware issue. i'm wary of taking this thing apart, though - i've heard repeatedly that it's an easy process, but it's definitely more complicated than every other laptop i've taken apart, and i love this thing so much that I'm afraid to mess it up. i guess i'll just have to suck it up and gitgud, should i need to take it apart.


my x220 barley starts spinning up it's fans and i'm running windows 10, so maybe you have a look at the x-series?