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lainchan weeb stuff rec list - Anime Edition

So I have a huge list of weeb soykaf thanks to you guys.
Now we need to cut it down to a more reasonable size and remove all the soykaf from it.

Since it's so long I've decided we will go a section or two at a time; so for now we will focus on the anime.


There's about 88 entries in the list, we should probably cut it down to 45 or less, especially considering that some of these entries count as multiple anime series.
So basically:

Tl;Dr: Submit corrections and what you think should be removed (and why).
We can argue if said thing should actually be removed.
R: 125

Saddest/most depressing anime

What anime made you cry the most, lainons? Pic related for me.
R: 96

Dank anime memes

Please dump your dank anime mems here.
R: 21

Why do they like Lisp so much?
R: 30

GitS vs. PP

Ghost in the Shell or Psycho-pass. Which do Lainanons prefer? Which is the better cyber punk series. It seems like GitS deals with problem on the fringes of a society mostly improved by tech and PP deals with a society that gave up freedom for security through tech.
R: 123

Yuri general

Because yuri is the highest form of love.

I think:Why don't we have a yuri general? ITT we celebrate the love between two or more women.

Rules for this thread:
3)If it is TOO LEWD for lainchan in general, then it is TOO LEWD for this thread.

ITT you can discuss anything yuri.
You can post yuri related internet memes.
You can ask about yuri anime/manga.
You can post fluffy diabetes cute images of female pairs kissing, holding hands, hugging, sharing scarves and similar romantic stuff(as long as it does not break the before mentioned rules).
You can post your own yuri stories.
You can recommend yuri anime or manga.
Anything somehow related to yuri.

So let me start:
Can you rationalise to us why you like yuri?
What themes do you like in yuri manga or anime? Or rather what kind of yuri anime or manga do you like?
What themes do you not like in yuri?
And of course, which are your favourite pairings?
R: 18

Post good anime cosplay.
R: 251

Waifu Thread

Alright Lains, /w/ is visible again but we need to make some activity, so it's time to post your waifu. You can post Lain, but that's pretty generic. We all love Lain here Optional but encouraged: why is she (he??) your waifu?

I'll start us off. Now, I'm not the kind of guy to ONLY HAVE ONE WAIFU FOR ETERNITY AND FOREVER, but I really like R. Dorothy Wayneright. She might be an android, but I like to think she can feel emotion (it's even hinted at in the series). I guess I kind of have a soft-spot for kuudere girls in general, but Dorothy is special to me.
R: 157

Can you guys give me some good, like really good weeb reaction pics/argument winner pics? I had to format one of my partitions and forgot backup my weeb folder.
R: 88


Evangelion thread? I just finished watching the 24 episodes, and I think it might be one of the best animes I've ever watched maybe even better than SEL, although it's close I now see why it's considered a classic.

Discuss, share artwork, etc.

(wtf were those last two episodes???)
R: 8

SEL aliens

This is the one part of SEL that, for me, didn't seem to tie in with the rest of the narrative (aside from being fucking weird). So what were the aliens doing? Did they set off the information science shit that caused the wired to come about?

And why did lain look like some sort of human/alien offspring when she tried to reconcile with Arisu?
R: 8

We should try to make a list of anime with a social critique, a life lesson or any kind of important message that make more than just for fun.

I can think of:
-Serial Experiments Lain
-Kino no Tabi
-The Tatami Galaxy
-Paranoia Agent
-Death Note
-Shinsekai Yori
-Haibane Renmei
-Eve no Jikan
-Welcome to the N.H.K.*
-Death Parade*

* = maybe?
R: 23


I have seen the original GiTS movie and S.A.C.(both seasons).

However I am confused. I want to see more of it. But there are so many alternative versions. And I am not even sure if its all in the same timeline.

Is there something like a chart that clarifies all the different alternative versions, timelines, specials, movies, series, sequels and prequels?

It's not as convoluted as mystery.c, but it is convoluted.
R: 33

Do you wear any weeb clothes or accessories?
What's your opinion on that?
R: 3


What do lains think of the upcoming Berserk series? Will CG save anime? Will they get on the boat?

Looks like the soundtrack will be mainly brostep with one Susumu insert, which is pretty heartbreaking tbh.
R: 27

Which of the lain/haibane/texhnolyze/kinos tetralogy is your favorite?
R: 9


I just realised

Pico x Coco x Chico is the sequel to Serial Experiments Lain.

R: 26

So the first photo from the hollywood ghost in the shell movie has been released. It has Scarlett Johansson as major Kusanagi. There was a lot of talk about white washing the movie when she was cast. What does everyone here think?
R: 13

weeb tech

What technology have you seen in shows that seem like they could be developed in our lifetime?

I've been watching dennou coil where they have augmented reality glasses and it looks like everything Oculus and google glass should have been. Their HUD over real world is sick, having an interface for physical input (for stuff like virtual keyboards and eye-based computer input) is awesome, calling/email/text/data through the glasses would be cool, and all the other stuff like virtual pets and gaming with AR looks cool af. I'm hyped but it looks like it'd be a ways out still :(
R: 17

Anime based in other countries

Why don't we have a thread about anime where a big chunk of the story is not based in Japan, but on some other part of earth?
If it's not based in another country but it teaches you about the customs of some non-japan country, that is ok.
Fantasy worlds do not count.
Stuff like Kiniro mosaic where you learn about the customs of both Japan and some other however does count.

I wonder if you guys could recommend me some anime that are based in Russia or Sweden?
The only anime I know that handle Russia are Girls und Panzer and Darker than black season 2. And I do not know really any anime that has anything to do with Sweden. I am fine with other nordic countries as well.
R: 4

Furry-Anime Alliance

Furries and Anime fans should be united in a peaceful way. They're the same thing under a different label. It's the same thing with black and white people, it's just that people see them as different because it's "cool" to insult carbon clones with one different trait.
R: 11

Pokemon Go

Hi /w/eebs, so I don't know if this is the right board for this however it is very weeb.

I have Pokemon Go field test ask me anything.

>INB4 people ask me to post screenshots, I can not post screen shots they have a watermark that has a unique identifier and says "DO NOT LEAK CONFIDENTIAL".
R: 7


>this show

Best ride since Valvrave. Prove me wrong.
R: 2

Old anime thread.

Can we have an old anime thread? Anything from before 90 is a go.

Post your favourite old soykaff, discuss different shows, recommend shows, etc.
Pic included is probably one of my favourite anime of all time. It's called "Armour hunter Mellowlink" and it's about a dude with a massive rifle taking down mechs singlehandedly with guerrilla warfare.
The basic story isn't too much to talk about. Guy gets betrayed, his squad dies and he is blamed for it, gets revenge. The characters and how it is presented are quite good though.
The action scenes and animation are where this one really shines. Each action scene is expertly thought out and animated.
Sadly after this one was aired the guys who made it lost everything to do with the project. To this day the only uploads of it are recorded off of some dudes old CRT and then subbed.
R: 9

i only finished watching SEL yesterday(decided to watch it after finding lainchan some days ago)
Can you guys recommend me some theorys for lain?
R: 1


Someone point me in the direction of the NEOTOKYO thread? I can't seem to find it
R: 1

>current second
>no poké thread
R: 14

>watching Ichigo Mashimaro for the first time
>this happens

They had warned me. I had forgotten the name of the sub group.

It's the top freaking result on BakaBT. I hate this shit.
R: 29

Okay, so I'm pretty new to this whole anime thing. How do I cope with the stigma associated with watching anime to avoid becoming a disgusting weeaboo in the eyes of my friends and family?
R: 4

Is Dragon Ball Super undoubtedly the best anime on planet Earth?
R: 3

here is a chart of stuff done by chiaki konaka (the guy who did script for lain), it includes scripts and screenplays

he basically writes horror and paranormal things now. early on he liked cyberpunk, robots, and digital themes but seems to have moved away from it

the stuff he had the most decisions over were Malice@Doll and Armitage III, being in both cases the original creator, scriptwriter (and series composition i believe). has anyone seen them? did you also know he wrote digimon tamers? i grew up watching that before i even knew about lain, it's strange
R: 2

91 Days

Only 2 episodes in, but I know I'm going to love this series.

It's so un-animelike. It's gritty, has compelling characters, the protagonist is morally ambiguous, the show avoids tired anime-only tropes, the music and the setting are very climatic.

I really want to see how it fares being dubbed into Italian (even though I don't know the language).
R: 1


Hey lains, what's the best website to dl manga from? I'm looking to sell a bunch of my physical copies and just keep digital ones.

Libgen has a good amount but definitely not all.
R: 15

I bought the Nekopara games vol. 0 to 2 and i liked the design and beauty of the Coconut catgirl.

Do You think this is a sign that She is meant to be my First Wifu, as i have never felt anything for 2d things. The reason being i also like cats and coconuts for a snack and petting.
R: 7

What is the name of this movie ? https://youtu.be/yetzJlRVfJ0
R: 4

Planetes is literally god tier anime, go watch it now
R: 5

I'm hoping to find more 90s/00s cyberpunk anime, TV shows, and films to watch. I know that Lain is very unique, but I was hoping someone could recommend me some shows with similar qualities. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I was unable to find any sort of Lainchan recommended list, aside from this: http://pastebin.com/NEwAXbS7 . That list is so general, though, and it doesn't really focus on Cyberpunk or surrealism.

Surrealism, philosophy, and drug use are all definite pluses if you're wondering.

Even non-cyberpunk would be OK, depending on whether or not it featured said surrealism, etc. Paranoia Agent is very good and strikes some similar chords, for example.
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Key the Metal Idol

Has anyone else seen Key the Metal Idol? I really love it, but It seems to be a very little-known series.

If you haven't seen it, you should try it out.
R: 6

Looking for a recommendation. What are some anime with nice STEM concepts?