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Ghost in the Shell or Psycho-pass. Which do Lainanons prefer? Which is the better cyber punk series. It seems like GitS deals with problem on the fringes of a society mostly improved by tech and PP deals with a society that gave up freedom for security through tech.


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They're both required watching for anyone who likes sci-fi animes

Seriously season 1 psychopass was amazing.


I wonder why season 2 was absolute shit, did they demand more story and the writer just shat something out? Poor execution? Different staff? Whatever it is, it is a damn shame.


Different author. First season is Urobuchi


Season 2 GiTS:SAC is my personal favorite of the 3, but S1 Psycho pass and GiTS:SAC S1 are about equal in my eyes.

I haven't seen the Psycho pass movie, but I've heard good things. I know it's vogue to hate arise, but every movie has been better than the last. The wizard of oz one, movie 3, was pretty good.


I just watched the new movie that I think is just titled GitS: New movie but it is the Arise universe and I think it does a pretty good job of leading into the original film.


I just watched the first episode of Psycho Pass and I have to say it may be good, but it's not art. Ghost in the Shell is art and you can tell from the first half hour how much better it is.

I'm sorry. I'm not trolling/baiting/ brewing soykaf you.


gits shits on pp any day of the week.
This is fact.


It's not the term I would use but I sorta agree with you. GitS has more merits than PP. I found PP to be more enjoyable however.


I just finished watching S1 of PP and am halfway through S2. It's hard for me to say if S1 is actually worse than GitS - at worst it's not really all that far behind. I think it might've worn the whole intellectual/philosophical angle a bit on the nose at points but it was never as blatant as, say, Ergo Proxy's raison d'etre thing. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the advantage of being an enduring landmark in cyberpunk anime like GitS is so what can you do? Still, a fine modern effort nonetheless, though S2 is striking me as more straightforward in its approach thus far, like S1 had arcs connected by a plot thread whereas S2 is feeling like one big arc so far. I think I like S2 Akane more though - something about her really having her soykaf together is satisfying after watching her throughout S1.


gits is less "problems on the fringes" and more "everybody is screwing with everybody always and the People In Charge are trying to hide it as best they can, but they are slowly disappearing as the world moves away from "stand alone complexes"


s/disappearing/losing control/


I really like both, GitS is more "artistic" than PP, but I really enjoyed PP S1. Psycho Pass is definitely faster, a little more crazy, but Ghost is deeper.

Which one is better is totally up to the user.

Plus, the original theme song for PP is really good.


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psycho-pass was amazing


Psycho Pass felt more cyberpunk while Ghost in the Shell was very high-tech but little low-life


I prefer gits, psycho pass seemed a bit forced with its storyline


Ghost always and forever


GitS if we are including movies.

otherwise don't care either way.


I think GitS as a movie stood on its own, which can't be said for the other options. GitS:SAC and Psycho-Pass are very similar and even share episodic plots at times, though I believe GitS:SAC preceded Psycho-Pass. Psycho-Pass resembles "Minority Report" whereas GitS is its own franchise. The ending of Psycho-Pass seemed rushed and discontiguous from the main storyline. On the other hand, I never made it through even the first season of GitS:SAC.

I'm kind of disappointed by how little attention Psycho-Pass gets from a philosophical perspective. If any of you have the inclination, I'd like to know what people think about the world order in Psycho-Pass.


Well one thing that comes to mind right now is that whole criminals make the best cops theme. Psycho pass certainly isn't the first to do it, but kind of took it to a new level with criminals not just being the enforcers but also the judge and jury.


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Spoilers are actual spoilers.

Even though the 'criminally asymptotic' individuals ended up as the brains composing the Sibyl System, it's stated that all the brains in parallel emerged into a collective consciousness uncomparable to a single human being. In other words, it's unlikely that the criminality of the individual's is relevant. Akane clearly shows a distaste in the system's design, but on the other hand she trusted it when she believed it to be a traditional computer system operating on, one would suppose, "cold logic". Ultimately, the algorithms and ethical barriers underlying such a computer would be specified by humans, presumably flawed, presumably separate in opinions on how a society should be run, so why does it bother her so much?

For instance: I think it would be just as appropriate to add Akane to the Sibyl System. Her continually low criminal quotient in otherwise exculpating situations implied that she in some way defeated the quantifications of the Sibyl System as it currently worked, just as the criminally asymptotic. Though Akane never killed someone, her values appear to be the only line drawn between her and the criminally asymptotic. The system as designed can't describe her, but it won't because it doesn't need to because she functions within the desired parameters and needs no force. The Sibyl System itself even expresses an unusual and pointed interest toward her, signifying that it is probably aware of this situation. In that way the Sibyl System is unbiased. It picks out strange individuals and tries to induct them into its network of brains so that it can induce an accuracy about their similarly patterned behavior.

For that reason, some of the first people added to the Sibyl System were probably 'normal' human beings, so that ~95% of the population would be understood. The thought patterns of the other 5% are currently being collected.

I compare the Sibyl's System evolution process as a sort of recursively self-improving AI, in which the goal is to develop a robust and possibly even "full" depiction of the human condition. It picks out anomalies to approach comprehensiveness, to specify more clearly. The criminal brains, therefore, strengthen the 'neurons' of the network, the data making it possible to pick certain abberant individuals out, and do not necessarily contribute to the judgement process itself. In that sense, it works very much along the lines of traditional studies in AI and computer science and little like a human-operated government. It is both dispassionate in an ideal sense yet evolutive and amendable as law today.

Thoughts? Why does Akane feel differently?


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Definitely GitS, the movies, and especially SAC, and SAC movie.

I only saw Psycho Pass but that was because I was looking for a cyberpunk anime similar to GitS but didn't really get what I was looking for. PP was far more psycholgical and disturbing even with most of its episode, while GitS only felt that way with the crazed war-vet turned serial killer episode that Batou had a personal vendeta with, it's also my least favorite episode because of how disturbing it is, I guess I don't like that aspect of anime/media in general so that's why PP was difficult to swallow at times. I did like the later episode of PP though when things became more about the Sybil system itself and the disorder and chaos spreading that they had to control.

It's interesting how extreme a threat Makishima posed to society and to Akane and the rest because of the warped Sybil System, if Akane had a backup revolver like Kogami did later on, she could have saved her friends life down in that sewer, or if instead a team like Section 9 were to go after someone like Makishima, well he would end up like Gouda did I would imagine.

No doubt the team of Section 9 would never be able to trust something like the Sybil System because they witness firsthand how corruption exists in all aspects of society, and the potential for abuse by higher powers of a system like that would have them all uncomfortable following it. And that's how I came to realize I like GitS way more, because it has themes of corruption, government conspiracy, corporate espionage, corrupt officials, the refugee situation, etc, it's a little bit more down to Earth in a sense, and I just love that cyberpunk near future police work the team does, and the way they work together to solve crimes and piece together the puzzles like the laughing man and the puppeteer, and Gouda and the CIS. Furthermore the soundtrack is also much better overall in GitS, I can't remember any memorable music from PP apart from the OP.

So yeah less psychological horror and twisted shit, more government conspiracies, espionage, SWAT style raiding, infiltration, cyber hacking, cyberization, a more wild and free society than the one in PP but also a more dangerous one, and one which Section 9 is especially well suited to help police. Plus don't forget the Major, who is a major reason why I love GitS as well.

PP definitely got better at the end though, the part where they chase Makashima and Kogami down, after figuring out what his grand evil plan was, and how they had to put a stop to it, Kogami going back to good ol' detective work and his trusty revolver, that's what felt the most like GitS to me and that's why I liked it better. I should see Psycho Pass season 2 and the movies soon but I haven't yet.


I was under the impression that the Sibyl system intentionally always chose to mark the villain of the series (i forget his name) as 0 on the scale, not because they were giving honest responses and were wrong, but because they knew he was evil and wanted to study him and assimilate him into Sibyl. I may be entirely wrong though.


I was under the impression that it just was unable to recognise his own brand of 'evilness'. I.e. it needed him as a template.


Are you kidding me? How can you even compare the two. Psycho-pass was a massive edgelord series with half of the cast acting like whiny teenagers. SAC is not as good as the original movie but they're both great and the movie is amazing.


Ghost in The Shell movies and SAC. The new ones are trash

Psycho-Pass is alright


really? gits vs pp?
its like comparing meshuggah to a generic youtube djent guy


I have watched everything of both.
GitS is in another league compared to psycho pass, and don't let anyone tell you something else.


>I haven't seen the Psycho pass movie
Do yourself a huge favor. Watch the movie in as high quality and on the biggest-best television/monitor possible. It is one of the most beautifully crafted animes I've seen, and perfectly captures the cyberpunk ambiance.



GITS:SAC introduced me to Simulacrum and Simulation, and gave us all the Laughing Man.

Psycho-Pass thought us some interesting lessons about society and out part in it, as well as the dark side of psychology.


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