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Because yuri is the highest form of love.

I think:Why don't we have a yuri general? ITT we celebrate the love between two or more women.

Rules for this thread:
3)If it is TOO LEWD for lainchan in general, then it is TOO LEWD for this thread.

ITT you can discuss anything yuri.
You can post yuri related internet memes.
You can ask about yuri anime/manga.
You can post fluffy diabetes cute images of female pairs kissing, holding hands, hugging, sharing scarves and similar romantic stuff(as long as it does not break the before mentioned rules).
You can post your own yuri stories.
You can recommend yuri anime or manga.
Anything somehow related to yuri.

So let me start:
Can you rationalise to us why you like yuri?
What themes do you like in yuri manga or anime? Or rather what kind of yuri anime or manga do you like?
What themes do you not like in yuri?
And of course, which are your favourite pairings?


I think a lot of people (or at least those I know) like Yuri, is because it tends to be a lot more emotional and heartfelt than a lot of the "conventional" love stories.
It seems to be much more about the character and personalities of the people, rather than "oh look, he's so strong and manly, I'm getting wet just thinking about his strong muscly arms holding me tight" or the reverse "jesus christ, will you look at that rack?". Overall it just tends to be a lot more about relationships of trust and affection beyond the physical.


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File: 1454607795675-1.png (434.47 KB, 200x113, 222cc6c411a64e370d33277f7b58c411.jpg)

File: 1454607795675-2.png (187.72 KB, 200x125, made of.jpg)

>Can you rationalise to us why you like yuri?
That is a tough one, I will wait until some people respond with their own answers, for inspiration.

>What themes do you like in yuri manga or anime? Or rather what kind of yuri anime or manga do you like?

I love it when it's fluffy, but I also like it when it contains some actual phisical intimacy between the characters(not on the levels of ecchi or hentai shows though, the phisical action should only be the finale).
What I don't see too often, but I would like more of it is yuri anime that explores the psychological side. Like most anime just say 'BAM, this character is a lesbian'. I would love to see a story where a character slowly realises she is lesbian, whom she loves, and how she confronts other people about being a lesbian, all of that in a slow process.

>What themes do you not like in yuri?

I don't like it when people try to bring the uke and seme trope from yaoi into yuri. For me the story just works better if both the characters function as equals in romance. I am not even sure if I like the more traditional red and blue character distinctions as well.

>And of course, which are your favourite pairings?

Yui X Kyouko from Yuru yuri. Because best girls belong together.

And an obligatori yuruyuri-jojo meme


I know right. It's often the tropes of conventional love stories that are just too boring. Furthermore, the fact that romcoms and harems are an even bigger trend than moe anime, that fact alone does not help even a little.


This, also I personally hate anime straight romance because 90% romcom anime male looks like a boy who came straight out of a boy band, romance is very cheesy, and comedy is unfunny.

I really don't understand some people who enjoys watching boy band member romance with a girl? It gives me a cringe.


yuri != shoujo-ai


Aw, please let's not start with that flame war again.
Everyone uses those terms mostly interchangeably, including the Japanese. Plus the word yuri is just used as an umbrella term for any love between two women.


I like to be specific.


Can you recommend shows that would fit this exact description?


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File: 1454638545887-1.png (152.42 KB, 140x200, teppu-4569525.jpg)

File: 1454638545887-2.png (432.06 KB, 143x200, tumblr_nrlvt1feBF1qma2d8o1_500.png)

I'm gonna go ahead and leave Teppu here, too.

I'm glad that it came back out of hiatus after all that time but I'm still a little bit upset that it ended early.


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File: 1454656485186-1.png (1.1 MB, 155x200, 1454209244642.png)

File: 1454656485186-2.png (566.28 KB, 70x200, yuri_new_years_2016___miku_rin_by_the_yuri_canon-d9m5l6z.jpg)


>Can you rationalise to us why you like yuri?
Because it's passionate but soft, the "hidden away" love is cute and the blunt love is hot. It's not the forbidden love aspect that especially attracts me, but more that it's a rare love with very low chances of it happening, that sort of makes it special and I enjoy watching it bloom. Also probably because I'm homo and two girls are just hot.

>What themes do you like in yuri manga or anime? Or rather what kind of yuri anime or manga do you like?

It all depends in my mood. Not that I like all yuri settings, for example I despise those where girls are afraid of men or hate them only to justify their gayness, but in general I tend to enjoy all other types of yuri: subtext, Class S, "for the laughs" yuri, cheesy romance, edgy real life settings, fluffy slice of life, polygon drama, etc.

>What themes do you not like in yuri?

Where girls hate/fear men just so yuri can happen and when girls go fuarrrk dudes for whatever reason.

>And of course, which are your favourite pairings?

I'm not that much into shipping anymore, I just support canon pairings to be honest since I'm more of a waifufag at this point.


I enjoy it for the straight forward emotions the characters cast. There is never really a double meaning or an intent to harm or betray. It's like a friendship can bloom into non lewd bond. Just having someone there you can trust & lean on. It's just a very pure extract of the emotions I want to know.
Everyone is just so nice & soft.

The romcom's I watch always feel bland, with a stuttering MC. 2D girls tend to be thrown at him, all he has to do is make a choice. Yuri feels a lot more 1on1. The embracing of the taboo also placed a part to me.

I finished Yuri Yuru S2 & I cried at the end. I really get into it. Makes me feel very calm, I haven't found anything that compares.

Strike Witches I thought was a good show that I didn't see mentioned. Sanya V shares a bed with one of the other roommates.

The non-h Yuri manga where they just hold each other & fall asleep are some of the most comforting media I've ever read.

I think waifuist vibe off the same channel, but I'm just to weak to have to know.


File: 1454707990665.png (172.47 KB, 200x113, 1451198155880.png)

>Can you rationalise to us why you like yuri?
I like cute girls that also like cute girls.




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Have you guys downloaded the MariMite 10-bit HEVC BD rips yet? Or am I the only one who loves the series here?


Aoi Hana, Sasameki koto.

Both of them are great, I recommend reading the original manga if you liked the show, since they are pretty short and the story is finished properly.


can I ask people what made you a yuri fag?

for me, it was serial experiments lain


Thank you. Just grabbed them both, looking forward to giving this side of things a try.


The Shoujo Sect manga.


> the highest form of love.
I'd say the purest form of love


Oh yeah, sorry my mistake.


It's actually both.




I don't think its just you since MariMite is pretty popular among many yuri fags. Personally I found it its alright.


File: 1455125111113.png (291.24 KB, 200x120, American Dream.jpg)

My American Dream


Now this is good parenting.


Can I have some good SFW yuri doujin recomendations?


I usually just use dynasty scans as my yuri reading sauce.


this is great, thanks


Ok, OP here... For which tag should I look out if I want to find a story where the main character is slowly realising that she is becoming a lesbian?
Prefereably something where she isn't converted to leabianism by someone else. Oh and later she finds her love interest.


The yuri community is MUCH more organized than the yaoi community. Don't know why, but it is.


I am not part of the yaoi community so I can make only outside observations on them.
But if I would guess on why that is, I would say it is because yuri fans are much more easygoing about yuri. Kind of cool headed.


File: 1455630504360.png (187.72 KB, 200x125, made of.jpg)

Have a wallpaper


File: 1455685172896.png (720.73 KB, 128x128, 1455082497752.jpg)

Not that poster but there isn't a specific tag for that, although stories like that usually come with lots of angst and thus are tagged under the aaaangst tag.

That's merely because the yuri community is much more smaller than the yaoi one.


I really haven't noticed any size differeences in those communities.


Yuri isn't nearly as popular as yaoi both in the west and Japan.


It might be just that the yaoi community is a vocal minority.


yea, yaoi is pretty huge in Japan, not sure about the west though.


Is it just me or is it so hard to find the manga chapters of Koukaku no pandora?
So far all that I have found translated are chapters 1-3. 4 is also translated but it is not yet on the manga sites.


whats the animu?


The number of active yuri magazines vs the number of active yaoi magazines, the popularity of yuri manga vs the popularity of yaoi manga, the number of comiket yaoi doujinshi vs the number of comiket yuri doujinshi (not even recorded numbers on the latter), the number of BL/yaoi events vs the number of yuri-only events.
Protip: Google

Yes, yaoi fujo soykaf are loud as fuarrrk but they also are numerous. One of the problem yuri has is that few straight/bisexual women like yuri, few straight/bisexual men are faithful to yuri (in the sense of not only consumincheg the porn but also everything else the genre has to offer), and few lesbians like yuri. Japs that make yuri write all the time about how niche the market is, you have to try to appeal to all the people you can if you want your work to remain alive, and that usually means toning down the yuri so it appeals the male waifu/moefags, or make a romantic soup opera so it appeals the fujoshi (yes, a good portion of the people that buy yuri are yaoi fujoshi, although yuri-only fujoshi also exist).

And just gonna leave this here as your first taste of reality
I'm no expert in yaoi and actually don't know how many ongoing yaoi magazines are being published, but this site lists at least 9 or 10 as of 2016. Now, the only "general" yuri magazine ongoing as of 2016 is Yuri Hime. Sadly Tsubomi and Hirari perished some years ago. Mebae and like one other I forgot the name of are the other yuri magazines currently ongoing but they are exclusively erotic. So yeah, you got 3 yuri magazines in total being published as of 2016, while yaoi probably has 20 or so.

But don't worry, the situation is not actually as bad as it seems to be. Currently, most of the ongoing yuri manga, or at least half of them, are published in non-yuri magazines, so it's not as if the only yuri content comes from 3 sole magazines, not to mention doujinshi series and all that.

Yuri games were pretty much dead some years ago, but now we have like two whole ongoing yuri game series which are FLOWERS and the famous SonoHana, plus some independent yuri games being released every year (like 2 or so, 3 if it's a lucky year). By the way go play Aoi Shiro if you haven't yet, it's fully translated for your filthy gaijin ass.

There have always been yuri drama CDs being released, especially for popular manga but it's not a medium I'm much into so I have no comment. I think I rambled too much.


File: 1455776667441.png (53.02 KB, 138x200, NEOBK-1684381.jpg)

You want RAWs or translated? Because the translation of the manga barely began when the anime started if I'm correct. Go ask 4chan's /a/ or /u/ for whatever you're interested, they usually have threads up about the series.

No specific animu, that's a cover from a volume of Yuri Hime. Pic related.


it doesn't have to be pandora, but do you know any site with RAW manga? (especially yuri)


Does it run on Linux?
I want translations.


I usually get raws from Nyaa, or juse Google until I find them.

If you mean Aoi Shiro, yes and no; it runs perfectly fine under WINE.


Why don't JP otaku want to be cute girls like western ones do?


It seems they do, but are not interested in lesbianism.


Yeah, pretty much this. Most males into otokonoko culture are into men, although not all are gay and some even aren't interested in sex at all and just like to dress up.


File: 1455896923579.png (42.81 KB, 200x122, RinWeb3.jpg)

Pic related is one of my favourite shows.
It works as a mystery.
It works as a gorefest horror.
And the yuri in it is great.


It bothers me a little that they have some sort of uncontrolable attraction to male angels. Regardless the yuri was bretty good and so was the story.


File: 1456234120789.png (186.76 KB, 200x96, superlewd.jpg)

Is this too lewd?


File: 1456236980213.png (117.83 KB, 200x113, dddd.jpg)

spoiler that soykaf man



wow, that actually was pretty lewd.


I am watching Hidan no Aria AA(episode 2 ATM).
I am interested to see how they will reenginer a het show into a yuri one.


File: 1456517049936.png (133.93 KB, 144x200, 1451585525826.jpg)


There is now a sonohana game for Linux, what is your excuse for not playing it?


Happy womens day everyone!


Proprietary software
Just kidding, already played it. I wish Yurirei could run well in WINE without having to run it through Steam, but whatever, I'm using a XP VM for that.


File: 1458721437413.png (98.5 KB, 200x113, j6TPKdQsIc0.jpg)




Already downloading this VN!!!!!
Thankyou for posting this I am already so excited for this. wahoo!


File: 1458849104738-0.png (831.33 KB, 200x137, FLOWERS.(Innocent.Grey).full.1888860.jpg)

File: 1458849104738-1.png (469.16 KB, 200x113, FLOWERS.(Innocent.Grey).full.1744599.jpg)

File: 1458849104738-2.png (473.94 KB, 200x113, FLOWERS.(Innocent.Grey).full.1744608.jpg)

Haven't been aware of a source of the image. I wish I knew the language...


There's the trial out in english, just gotta wait a little for the whole thing! Enjoy~~~~~


> btw, Windows only


You know if I was an anime director tasked with making a 2 season anime original series, this is what I would do.

The first season would be your average cute girls doing cute stuff SoL. Any yuri would be subtext and most, and I would try to convince you that it is not in fact a yuri series. In other words just the same as most fluffy SoL series.
... In the second season I would turn the tables and just go FULL YURI (except there would be no ecchi or hentai scenes). Even sites that are reluctant with using the yuri tag like Myanimelist would have to use the yuri tag on the second season. Suddenly the couplings that just barely had subtext would do actual confessions, and even 'clueless' characters would get enough character developmet to not be 'clueless' about those feelings anymore.

Would you like something like that to happen as well?


File: 1459786892781.png (13.47 KB, 175x200, char_6526.jpg)

anyway, would like to look at it


I don't think it would make money


There isn't even any yuri in it.
Some people wear their goggles too tight.


I would not be there for the money, at least not as my primary target.


idk somehow ep12 made me one, and I wasn't even a yurifag at that time so its impossible to wear yuri goggles. One scene was just enough for me to realize that I was a yuri fag.


what I meant was that I would love to see it but its just unrealistic


Well yeah. It is unrealistic.


File: 1460149939566.png (396.89 KB, 200x111, 1455728549896.jpg)

Is this ok?


File: 1460165597233.png (96.79 KB, 151x200, reinakumiko.jpg)



It's kind of hard for me to get into yuri tbh. It's too much. I always get hit with
>tfw you will never be a cute girl who likes other girls


I wonder if anyone's going to pick up on the potential for VR for dating sims and social games like Second Life, as opposed to just FPS. It would be interesting to look in a mirror and see your avatar, to look down at its body, see its hands, cast its shadow...


If VR takes off, I would be very surprised if something like that didn't end up happening - but I hadn't thought of the possibilities until now. Maybe it'll be enough to hold me until the Singularity comes and I can just upload my mind to a simulation and be whatever or whoever I want.


I would rather upload my mind and download it into another body.


File: 1461193881183.png (115.55 KB, 200x191, utena_crack_crossover__2__dragon_ball_z_by_almightyhighelf-d6f5j3q.jpg)


Is there any yuri-ish anime this season?


File: 1461698647884.png (67.62 KB, 200x200, W2_LwLNFj_k.jpg)

Pic related?


File: 1461699049310.png (84.74 KB, 200x171, 12983327_881392808653287_7433181855350023206_o.jpg)



File: 1461941372647.png (11.55 KB, 200x150, smile.jpg)

IPS, make it happen, quick.


>IPS, make it happen, quick.
Imagine double pregnancy <3


sounds like a nightmare


Well, I guess it would be tiresome.


File: 1463080384952.png (320.54 KB, 200x125, 5OKyKwSHnf4.jpg)


Girl steals girl from girl NTR!


File: 1463326863406.png (334.26 KB, 135x200, xBCU6xWAtAE.jpg)


File: 1463583097655-0.png (52.2 KB, 200x164, femTTK.jpg)

File: 1463583097655-1.png (514.64 KB, 141x200, femTTK2.jpg)

Considering the lore around Kancolle, it puzzles me why there are not more yuri *shippers* in their fanbase.


File: 1463645225768-0.png (300.51 KB, 200x200, 1453335171503.jpg)

File: 1463645225769-1.png (1.92 MB, 200x143, 1456253420599.jpg)

Where do you get your yuri? I only know 4chan's /u/ and dynasty scans.


File: 1464330591812.png (203.61 KB, 200x113, 1463857332540.jpg)

They might be too old for this thread, but


File: 1464423317051.png (300.08 KB, 180x200, 72a3d8abe6e9a305f6a5b8a22bc748a9.png)

Yuri-ism for lewd stuff.


File: 1464447934689-0.png (532.44 KB, 200x138, bqKuXdB6emY.jpg)

File: 1464447934689-1.png (91.21 KB, 145x200, b1b3TpnBIIc.jpg)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Sometimes I google image for yuri.


File: 1464883299041.png (79.12 KB, 200x184, 1425340856579.jpg)

I love yuri because I hate the disgusting (culturally constructed) male sexuality that's full of objectification, aggression, dom/sub roles, and so on.

We're better than that. Say no to heteronormativity.

On the other hand a lot of yuri objectifies lesbianism for male sexual fantasy fulfillment but I can let that slip so long as the yuri is sympathetic.

>woman literally sitting on the floor beside the man
>perfect patriarchal family structure
My jimmies have officially been rustled.


Teppu is great and everyone should read it!


File: 1465030593509.png (1.3 MB, 142x200, 1465030437945.jpg)

can't help but repost


File: 1465107846276.png (93.45 KB, 200x169, a76d5d386eea2de99efc318a79237c6a.jpg)


File: 1465281071569-0.png (503.34 KB, 200x146, 1460858958870.png)

File: 1465281071570-1.png (137.71 KB, 200x132, 1460861303496.jpg)

File: 1465281071570-2.png (277.26 KB, 147x200, 1460860353462.jpg)


File: 1465300838809.png (36.78 KB, 105x200, Lilith_(John_Collier_painting).jpg)

>I hate the disgusting (culturally constructed) male sexuality
wrong wrong wrong
stop with this pseudo science feminist misinfo nonsense.
In nature most male animals go off and hunt and show more aggression while females are naturally more empathetic and intuitive which helps them take care of their young.
Oh but male aggression and domination is just an invention of the reptilians who control our minds right?
Also the idea of "objectification" is ridiculous, someone being lewd and sexy doesn't make them less of a person with personality and thoughts. Does Lara Croft's big tits make her less of a badass hero? No! No! No! Sexiness does not invalidate the various other traits that a person possesses. And what kind of object is sexy anyway? Like the term makes no sense on any level.
>male sexual fantasy fulfillment
oh shut up you god damn hedonist
There is nothing wrong with sexual fantasies.


File: 1465301312746.png (74.65 KB, 180x200, Andras(demon).jpg)

meant to type "puritan" but typed "hedonist"
the complete opposite...
Look... I haven't slept in a while alright?


File: 1465302337159.png (138.49 KB, 200x150, Haibane.Renmei.full.207642.jpg)

Let's turn on our spoiled imaginations


File: 1465436167631.png (505.39 KB, 200x113, 1396702000431.jpg)

>In nature most male animals ...
1. See bonobos. 2. Humans are even smarter than bonobos, by QUITE a margin.
There's really no comparing humans to other animals. The difference is just way too huge.
>females are naturally more empathetic and intuitive
Nah. Mother instinct is basically just "if anyone touches one of these little things, I'm ripping them the fuck apart." Humans project their fantasies of femininity onto other animals. Female animals tend to be every bit as vicious as their male counterparts.
>the idea of "objectification" is ridiculous, ...
It seems you don't understand the concept.
>what kind of object is sexy anyway
A sculpture or painting for instance, like what you posted, duh. Now you'll probably say
>but that's a painting of a person
which doesn't change the fact that what you're looking at and finding attractive is still literally an object, devoid of a personality, other than what you may project onto it. Now consider what might happen when you get used to looking at female bodies and just projecting your fantasies onto them instead of acknowledging that they belong to another autonomous self-conscious person who you know absolutely nothing about.
LOL, if only you knew.

If you want to continue discussion, I would advise we take it to another board/thread, like /r/. We'd probably be disturbing the denizens of this thread otherwise.


File: 1465449839691-0.png (75.83 KB, 200x171, iQUJD1F4oZo.jpg)

File: 1465449839691-1.png (58 KB, 173x200, _7QCSn1Dlcw.jpg)

File: 1465449839691-2.png (52.42 KB, 200x150, Q03PjeFO7cU.jpg)

> We'd probably be disturbing the denizens of this thread otherwise.
I believe it is fine until you attach related pics.


File: 1465476882966-0.png (80.41 KB, 200x200, b40WaOoMKt4.jpg)

File: 1465476882966-1.png (62.9 KB, 163x200, Ij0ADQ0K3KA.jpg)

File: 1465476882966-2.png (60.95 KB, 200x150, G9Z_nncOq1k.jpg)

Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka


File: 1465495446984.png (2.87 MB, 200x113, 1424276510336.gif)

>I believe it is fine until you attach related pics.
I assume you meant "as long as" instead of "until".

Problem is, I don't exactly have a yuri archive. Just a couple coincidentally. So I would urge that anon to discuss these things elsewhere. I'll run out of on-topic images after one or two more.


File: 1465497937683.png (99.81 KB, 200x113, DwiirMzwQdk.jpg)

> Problem is, I don't exactly have a yuri
I've thought you have an Internet connection


You belong on tumblr, I hate this whole "males are brutes and devils" mentality.
You probably presume I'm some right wing drone but I'm just a free thinking libertarian and judging by your lolcow-worthy views on the world you are a sheep.
TLDR: Dicks rule, fuck your intolerance.


File: 1465499161358.png (84.94 KB, 196x200, Mk_NomTOn2w.jpg)

>You probably presume I'm some right wing drone but I'm just a free thinking libertarian
So you're worse than a right wing drone. :^)
(I didn't say males are brutes and devils.)

aligatou gothaimathu~


File: 1465512533301.png (53.83 KB, 184x200, y5cYMh98KVI.jpg)

Some people just have the silliest excuses to get mad and call you names. :^)

Post more yuri.


File: 1465527785654.png (514.25 KB, 200x142, 56562834_p0.jpg)

You got it, friend.

By the way, has anyone here read Kindred Spirits on the Roof? I know it's NSFW, it ended up being better than I expected, while also pandering to all the yuri cliches I love. It's not a nukige (like SonoHana), but actually has some pretty nice characters and writing.

The OST is pretty good, too (but then again, it is LiarSoft: what are you expecting?): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3irKSZwobtQ


I also like how yuri offers an alternative to normal romance dynamics.

Yet I am a male heterosexual anarchist(and ancap is not anarchism).


File: 1465926354576.png (79.03 KB, 170x200, 1465920353197.jpg)

Too long without a repost


File: 1466197687541.png (880.29 KB, 142x200, nGVxst4.jpg)

please don't ruin this great thread, if you want to rant about men, please do it in Tumblr, if you want to start a pointless, time-wasting idiotic argument, then please find yourself some redneck forum and argue there, just please don't do it here.


File: 1466505409203.png (109.9 KB, 200x161, 1394224220644.jpg)

You just replied to a two weeks old post which itself said "let's take it to someone else if you want to continue to argue", but thanks for the hostility.


File: 1466712678593.png (902.89 KB, 200x143, 1466709804518.jpg)

Nothing to say — repost a pic.


File: 1467020338975.png (84.13 KB, 142x200, 1467011042281.jpg)

Why is it so dead on this board?
Did we understand the substance of anime?



>Miho and Class Prez

What an odd pairing. What about Momo and Class Prez?


Don't want to irritate, but she is a student president.


File: 1467572952301.png (23.71 KB, 200x113, oX0OHkG.jpg)


Sorry. I stuttered.


File: 1468186697846.png (102.51 KB, 200x113, kanbaru.jpg)

You did it on purpose!