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Evangelion thread? I just finished watching the 24 episodes, and I think it might be one of the best animes I've ever watched maybe even better than SEL, although it's close I now see why it's considered a classic.

Discuss, share artwork, etc.

(wtf were those last two episodes???)


>(wtf were those last two episodes???)

Gainax ran out of money.

No, seriously. In the late 90's, they were known for their financial problems almost as much as for their anime. For the end of NGE, they had originally planned out a four-episode finale arc for episode 23-26. But they couldn't pay for that. So they did a compressed 23+24 finale, and a really really cheap "experimental" epilogue. That's why episode 23+24 feel rushed and why so much is left unexplained.

And even though NGE later brought in a ton of cash for them from merchandising, some of their higher-ups got really greedy and cheated on the company's taxes. The "Death and Rebirth" clip-show movie was basically made just to get some quick cash to pay back what they owed in taxes to the Japanese government and keep the company alive. It was cheap to make, kept the show fresh in anime fans' minds, and brought in easy merchandising cash.


OP probably thinks those two eps are part of what makes EVA supposedly good. He's the kind of person that the "Eva is not loldeep" crowd is mocking.



There's no need to be rude.


This seems an appropriate topic for my first Lainpost...

The last two episodes are .... hmm. They sort of make sense later, once you've watched End of Evangelion. And on that topic, be a bit careful if you can - the English dub has some pants-on-head translations, and one or two of the subs I've seen are even worse...


The last episodes were not my favourite episodes. It was kinda confusing, and even forced. It would be a lie to say I didn't enjoy it though.


Dw, I'm naively Japanese, so I don't need dubs or subs.


Oh, well, lucky you. Us Angloplebs had to put up with Spike fucking Spencer and his awful screaming.



Ugh, there's some fun memories. I bought the series way back when VHS was a thing. Dub tapes were 2/3rds the cost from old ADV, and I was cheap. I was also not smart...

And the less said about Tiffany Grant, the better. Does she still have that Asuka shrine in her house?


File: 1457413952413.png (136.07 KB, 137x200, usaka.png)


Lol puchased VHS. I watched copies a friend made off the originals he stole from his sister, after her friend loaned them to her. It was grainy as fuck, and he didn't manage to get eps 21 or 22.

He assured me, on my first watch, that nothing important happened in them anyway...


The last two episodes closely resemble an actual therapy with a therapist. Surely something that's not for everyone, but for the rest it's a great help. Especially if they never got any kind of help with their problem


>WTF those last two episodes.
Watch Ideon: Be Invoked, that series inspired Anno to create Eva. Essentially, a battle between two species (humans and angels) fight in order to determine who will shape the new universe after this one is destroyed and which species will survive to live in this new world.


my plan for easter weekend is to get totaly smashed and watch the whole thing through


The last 2 episodes were really bad. I know this sound dumb but you should read the manga. It really has the best ending and everything is explained nicely


Can I ban this anon for even insinuating Evangellion could remotely be better than SEL?


He literally asked for it, you are to ban him.


was breddy okay, shame it ruined anime forever with the waifushit


a ban is not enough. i think you should steal his monitor first


For the two last episodes and the movie;
"This is a fanedit combining both episodes 25 & 26 of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and End of Evangelion. The seemingly disparate scenes of each source are arranged in chronological order, as indicated by the original scripts. Hopefully this fanedit enriches your enjoyment and understanding of Evangelion, and clearly shows that both endings were meant to be one entity. Some people claim they're tonally dissonant, but complementing each other doesn't necessarily mean matching each other."


File: 1460743403149.png (106.46 KB, 200x115, Neon Genesis Evangelion. The end of Evangelion (1997).01:16:00.221.jpg)

Just finished NGE and EoE. About 24 ep I was like OP but now I feel like a
> pic

Have to wait for tomorrow to recollect my personality.


that sounds a lot more like RahXephon.
also, i hope this place is not full of people who think that everything is either inspired by or ripped off from eva.


File: 1460835721437-0.png (102.97 KB, 200x150, [SanKyuu] Neon Genesis Evangelion - 22 Director's Cut [BD 720p Hi10P OPUS].00:25:49.131.jpg)

File: 1460835721437-1.png (67.03 KB, 200x150, [SanKyuu] Neon Genesis Evangelion - 02 [BD 720p Hi10P OPUS].00:17:10.863.jpg)

NGE became the second holy story for me, just like SEL.
In fact, they have A LOT in common. For example
- the idea of connection between all people
- Shinji, Asuka and Rei are similar to 3 incarnation of Lain
- Problems of self-identification are considered alike


File: 1460843600838.png (15.73 MB, 200x150, just what does she wish for?.webm)

the best chunk of those final two is this section right here. say what you want about the animation, but, if they had money, this wouldn't have happened


File: 1460864090587.png (85.4 KB, 200x200, eva-tshirt-v.jpg)

What do you guys think of the rebuild series? I really disliked the start of 3, when WILLE retrieved Shinji but treated him like pure shit and expected him to understand, esp when Rei comes to grab him, they just said 'hurr don't go'. If they took the time to say 'lol nerv is evil now, true rei is ded lol' I think Shinji would have stayed. But the whole time throughout the film Shinji is constantly treated like shit/left in the dark and people wonder why he makes bad 'choices'. idk its been a while since i saw it last.
I also got this shirt the other week, except it says '3nd Impact' because it came with the collectors edition of the game with the same name.


Rebuild is fucked. So many basic questions haven't been answered. I don't understand why Anno thinks this is a good idea. I spent the whole movie having no idea what was going on.

The original series had this problem and they've made it worse


File: 1460970280986-0.png (71.23 KB, 200x150, [SanKyuu] Neon Genesis Evangelion - 14 [BD 720p Hi10P OPUS].00:16:11.220.jpg)

File: 1460970280986-1.png (89.97 KB, 200x150, [SanKyuu] Neon Genesis Evangelion - 02 [BD 720p Hi10P OPUS].00:14:16.522.jpg)

File: 1460970280986-2.png (40.99 KB, 200x150, [SanKyuu] Neon Genesis Evangelion - 02 [BD 720p Hi10P OPUS].00:16:16.933.jpg)

The only but crucial fundamental disadvantage of NGE as a holy story compared to SEL is hard dependance on the concept of "immortal soul" (and soykaf like Guf's Chamber).
That is why SEL is #1 for me.
But it is my personal problem that I can't accept the concept, the story is great.


> 3nd


I used to like ita lot a good few years ago, but now I think of it as a mashup of common western 'deep' topics. Religious symbolism, occult crap, psychology, jazzy obscure adult talk, Beethoven...
It's almost like there was a checklist of things to include to make the target audience add their own thoughts to the skeleton, and thus make the experience feel great.


File: 1461053459502-0.png (77.85 KB, 200x150, [SanKyuu] Neon Genesis Evangelion - 26 [BD 720p Hi10P OPUS].00:16:59.018.jpg)

File: 1461053459502-1.png (43.76 KB, 200x112, Evangelion - Death & Rebirth.00:50:23.228.jpg)

File: 1461053459502-2.png (104.95 KB, 200x150, [SanKyuu] Neon Genesis Evangelion - 22 Director's Cut [BD 720p Hi10P OPUS].00:06:26.468.jpg)

> to make the target audience add their own thoughts
just as planned.
> mashup of common western 'deep' topics
Even if it is, the story is pretty consistent.
The set of topics is still hot for everyone at particular period of life — just like any other piece of art.
It is great that we made it in time. I try not to get disappointed if something doesn't strike me that hard anymore.


>just as planned.
that's great for sure, but you don't need a masterpiece or even a good anime to add thoughts to. you literally just have to go out, walk a few steps and start adding thoughts to things you see on the street. i don't see eva taking any extra steps to bring those thoughts around, it just throws in some common symbols and that's all, it was all cool back then because i was 14, but any other cheap show would have had the same effect anyway.


Yea I know, the other name for the game is "sound impact"




File: 1461958731665-0.png (59.99 KB, 200x150, [SanKyuu] Neon Genesis Evangelion - 26 [BD 720p Hi10P OPUS].00:20:33.732.jpg)

File: 1461958731665-1.png (83.35 KB, 200x150, [SanKyuu] Neon Genesis Evangelion - 23 Director's Cut [BD 720p Hi10P OPUS].00:21:20.528.jpg)

File: 1461958731665-2.png (104.86 KB, 200x150, [SanKyuu] Neon Genesis Evangelion - 02 [BD 720p Hi10P OPUS].00:13:22.259.jpg)

The explanation of the last two episodes and EoE seems legit.
It clarifies main scenes of EoTV, answers why Shinji strangled Asuka in EoE and shows that EoE and EoTV are basically the same.



The last 2 episodes aren't great when you watch them alone (although I really enjoyed them when I first saw them), but I think that they complement EoE very nicely.

I honestly wouldn't have minded if they were combined together but then the movie might have been way too long


File: 1462165518295-0.png (100.35 KB, 200x113, 136410401314.jpg)

File: 1462165518295-1.png (104.16 KB, 200x150, [SanKyuu] Neon Genesis Evangelion - 26 [BD 720p Hi10P OPUS].00:16:51.510.jpg)

File: 1462165518295-2.png (90.5 KB, 200x150, [SanKyuu] Neon Genesis Evangelion - 26 [BD 720p Hi10P OPUS].00:16:40.416.jpg)

> I honestly wouldn't have minded if they were combined together



Rebuild #1 was a nicely-animated recap episode. Rebuild #2 was a fantastic alternate-timeline take on the story.

But Rebuild #3 was total crap, from beginning to end. And it all comes down the writers completely fucking up with Misato.

Misato's character is all about professionalism on the job. She's an alcoholic wreck at home, and her personal life is a total disaster. But when she's at work and shit needs to get done, SHIT GETS DONE. She doesn't let personal feelings get in the way of her better judgement.

In Rebuild #3, there's one simple action required to stop NERV and save what's left of the world: prevent Shinji from piloting an Eva again. And Shinji would likely be overjoyed at this turn of events, he sure as shit hates piloting. Misato knows this.

A sympathetic Misato could say to Shinji "What we want you to do is sit on your ass in a cell and never pilot an Eva again." and the problem would be solved. Alternatively, Misato could simply kill Shinji. It's not as if she'd never done that before with a loved one. It would be rather ruthless, but still in-character.

But does Misato set aside her feelings on what he did to almost kickstart third impact (with her encouragement, I might add)? Hell no. Does she take either of the courses of action that would be in-character for her? Hell no.

She lets her emotions get the better of her judgement. She gives him the silent treatment. She leans on a wall and glares at him. She sets the stage for a much bigger conflict later. She makes deeply stupid decisions that are also totally out-of-character.

And it's all because the writers either totally fucked up her characterization, or because Gainax really wants more mecha fights to sell more merchandise. And I'm leaning towards the latter.


Approve every word except the fact that it isn't Gainax but studio Khara.


Hello, >>5814 here. I thought I'd stop doing my usual thing where I don't watch anything that is not yet complete, and watched the three rebuild movies. My previous impression of "trying to feel deep" is gone. The religious symbolism, psychology crap, even the Hegel according to some lainon's link are just tools after all, but not the point. Decoys. I always had the feeling that the whole Eva franchise was a clockwork, or a product, or something else crafted with a purpose in mind. Now I feel like it's someone struggling to say, to express the entire world. The show itself is a struggle of sharing an eye, and not just any concrete thought or thoughts. It wants to share everything. That's where anime begins, for me at least.

I can't say anything about how the story yet as it hasn't been concluded. However there are two thing I'd like to point out about -your post-
1. It feels like you had very solid expectations about what Misato should be like, which you may have brought from the old series, or built up based on the first two movies. In the former case, it's called "rebuild" for a reason, changing things is the point. In the latter case, assuming that you know a character entirely based on two movies is weird. You could be misjudging the character, she could have changed (time), maybe she broke, etc. You gotta see the whole story to be able to judge the character. It's like trying to verify the checksum of the first half of a file while the rest is still being transferred, and except that it will match that of the complete file.
>or because Gainax really wants more mecha fights to sell more merchandise.
This is especially funny since your critique of the way Misato was done sounds like a dissatisfied consumer.

Again, we haven't seen where it's going, so don't take this as an attack. You may be very right and I may not even be an idiot, just a brat. It's just something to consider.


From what I've gathered by lightly skimming over the 5deep pictures people have made explaining Rebuild, it's not a remake of NGE. It's a continuation of the story. Something something about specific things that happened in EoE persisting in the Rebuilds. And I believe it, because I feel like there was a shift in how the characters were in Rebuild. It's been quite a long time since I've watched any of them, but the feeling I got from them, #3 especially, was that when Shinji brought everyone out of the soup, the people he personally knew he built based on his own perception of them, so they shifted towards the extreme parts. Asuka being more of a bitch than usual, for example. It's like he wanted to bring everyone back, rewind time, and try again, but only succeeded in bringing everyone back and then reset some things but not others. Idk.

At any rate, I've never understood why people get so caught up in the plot and symbolism and whatnot. I agree a lot with >>5897 . To me, the background and plot are just devices to move the characters around, which is what the show is really about. It does a pretty good job of depicting interpersonal relationships between many different personality types. Not stereotypes of personality types, but a representation of an actual person that might be that way. There are sub-points addressed too, especially with Rei opening a million cans of worms about existence and consciousness. When I watch NGE, I watch the characters interact when placed in a general situation. It's my opinion that if you're there for the story and deepness and sweeping statements on the whole of humanity, you're barking up a tree multiple miles away from the correct one.

That's why I don't like the Rebuilds. If I were Anno, I'd probably do the exact same thing. The rebuilds, especially 3 (I watched it about a year after the other two so it's freshest on my mind), seem to destroy the characters and interpersonal relationships in favor of pushing the sodeep and character generalizations through. It feels hollow and empty compared to the complex relationships in NGE. Lots of things weren't explained in NGE, but they weren't important things. The things that are important are either evident just from the scenario, or pretty well explained within the show. With the rebuilds, the focus seems to be on creating a 2deep4u complex story that's super depressing and whatever else, but I don't feel like I've gained any insight from watching them like I did from NGE.


File: 1462715308525.png (553.7 KB, 161x200, 1462673348653.jpg)

>With the rebuilds, the focus seems to be on creating a 2deep4u complex story
That's weird, I feel the other way around. The original series seemed to have took its time to go deep and ponder stuff. The rebuilds are way much quicker than that. Even in 3.33, the whole goofy occult thing is just there to confuse Idiot Shinji even more.
I hated him a lot in the original because he was annoying, but with this new pace you can actually feel how little info he is operating on. Everyone else is either a trained professional, incl. Princess and Networking 4Eyes, or at least trusts someone, like the Pet does. Everyone tells Shinji that he's not the only one suffering and that he should care about various things, but most of the time he's still just handled as a problem that people sweep under the rag. And oh boy does the problem go out of hand! And when it does, everyone becomes grumpy; guess what happens then!

I'd say the focus is all over the the people in the rebuilds. The large amount of occult eye-candy is just the promised fanservice, seconding as a tool to cause confusion (and probably preparing for a third role later on).




File: 1463970749044.png (1.58 MB, 200x113, reifags.webm)

Asuka or Rei, anon?
Or Rei


File: 1464076820704.png (194.6 KB, 169x200, rei.jpg)



What happens after the end of evangelion? Do Asuka and Shinji just stay there forever?


File: 1464394960462.png (25.93 KB, 200x151, Glitch Rain.gif)

They die of starvation because there is no food and everyone is tang


File: 1464447044726-0.png (54.83 KB, 200x160, ZYkmh6_Hhj0.jpg)

File: 1464447044726-1.png (223.2 KB, 150x200, UZoLe9hpy7s.jpg)

File: 1464447044726-2.png (201.38 KB, 150x200, jk30XQL2GOY.jpg)



Evangelion is objectively better than SEL, sorry. Evangelion is the best thought out, deepest, breathtaking and overall best piece of art ever created.

SEL is pretty nice too though. Even though I've heard this autistic gal becoming a god and stuff somewhere before :^)



File: 1465030002174.png (80.04 KB, 200x150, [SanKyuu] Neon Genesis Evangelion - 09 [BD 720p Hi10P OPUS].00:06:36.062.jpg)

Too much fat


I do not understand?


Because you're one baka ass idiot, like your puppet waifu and her stalker!




File: 1465056473926.png (104.95 KB, 200x150, [SanKyuu] Neon Genesis Evangelion - 22 Director's Cut [BD 720p Hi10P OPUS].00:06:26.468.jpg)


File: 1465060339394.png (150.57 KB, 200x146, Rei_blush_(Episode_15).png)

Don't look at me like that. It hurts when you are talking this way about her.


File: 1465068290171-0.png (693.61 KB, 200x136, --shikinami-asuka-langley-and-souryuu-asuka-langley-2014-fifa-world-cup-evangelion-3-0-you-can-not-redo-neon-genesis-evangelion-rebuild-of-evangelion-and-world-cup-drawn-by-stu-dts--7b707717ff55590227e25ab34a2e2b3a.jpg)

File: 1465068290171-1.png (1.06 MB, 160x200, --shikinami-asuka-langley-and-souryuu-asuka-langley-2014-fifa-world-cup-evangelion-3-0-you-can-not-redo-neon-genesis-evangelion-rebuild-of-evangelion-and-world-cup-drawn-by-stu-dts--f3741930f6b1f1674ca693c75387d894.jpg)

Best Girls don't hurt your feeling passively

i wonder if people perceive this thread as fun or as lainchan-killing cancer


File: 1465069616296.png (51.82 KB, 200x114, rei-ayanami-2.jpg)

I will accept her as best girl when I'm ordered to.


I don't know how a single thread with on topic light hearted banter could kill a whole chan.


File: 1465289223069-0.png (52.09 KB, 200x132, 128584917957.jpg)

File: 1465289223069-1.png (425.51 KB, 200x150, 1461386769394.jpg)

>The internal power has run out
>Eva Nigoki has reached its activation limit

The first time I heard this line I stopped the movie and gave myself 3 cigarette breaks to accept what just happened and prepare for what is to come


File: 1465337413983.png (506.4 KB, 140x200, b86.png)

The show + EoE and that is it. It is called end of Evangelion for a reason.
The rest is fan fiction, even if it is by Anno himself.

When I sell my house and give it to the new owner I can't just sell it again, that's what happened here. Anno lost all legitimacy to officially produce any content after EoE, so he is just another fan. qed


your mom is not a house. your privacy is not a house. your life is not a house. you can guess the next sentence (is a house).


My mom, my privacy and my life may be objects though depending on the juridiction of my home country.
You may guess what rights on a trademark are (is an object)


you keep trying to reduce eva into something else so you can make a point. it's like if i was trying to denounce your point by saying you're an Anon and anons only post bullshit


File: 1465385484786.png (43.76 KB, 200x112, 1461053459502-1.jpg)

So you are trying to say you like rebuild?


go bait elsewhere


There are literally those two options, either it is valid or not.


>are you trying to say you're stupid, or retarded?
>there are literally those two options.

seriously, learn not to force your context on things, at least in cases where it's quite likely that there's lots of contexts.


So tell me the third option beside rebuild being a valid part of EVA or it being no valid part of EVA oh enlightened one :3


It's you assuming that I said anything about those. You'll have to change your own diapers, o curious one.


>It's you assuming that I said anything about those.
So you are being off topic and not posting about Evangelion at all?


Indeed. Gotta save this board somehow.


File: 1465531967794.png (995.29 KB, 185x200, 1464860795872.gif)

I've read the first of the paper backs - and am considering getting the next. They are a lot more in depth and considering it was released in such a backward way, the 500 page manga issues have a lot going on...


Why did Shinji jerk off to asuka?

I don't get it, it just seems out of place to me and I don't see how its relevant to the plot.


Because he could.


It shows how mentally unstable he became over the course of the show


File: 1465663136394.png (235.67 KB, 166x200, 1465055933365.jpg)

Does a teenager have to be "mentally unstable" to get wet fantasies about gurls?


yes. masturbation is a sin! didn't you know?
masturbating to an unconscious girl is like failing your duty. which should have been rape


Not really but masturbating over them in public places while they're knocked out is kinda fucked
I would do it as well

That's actually pretty close to reality as Anno didn't know what should Asuka say at the end of the movie he asked her VA what would she say if someone masturbated over her body instead of raping her. She replied with "気持ち悪い" aka "how disgusting"


I know I would. Maybe not there immediately but still. I don't think there's any deep meaning behind it.
Anyway out of all the fiction I've consumed he's probably the one character I can relate to the most. Identifying with some robot animu protagonist everyone loves to hate makes me feel like shit and is embarrassing as fuck though.


He is attracted to her all along but does not dare to make a move on her, although she is obviously into him, because he fears rejection.

Comatose girls cannot reject you.

>I don't think there's any deep meaning behind it.
It is Evangelion. Everything has a deep meaning here.


I just saw the third Rebuild film and I can honestly say I was pretty disappointed by it. So much about the setting and the characters has changed and hardly any of it got any screen-time or explanation (not even an Evangelion sort of "explanation").


The Rebuilds in general aren't that good but the 3rd one is utterly bad in all aspects no denying that. I think it's quite clear that Rebuilds serve only as a money grab for Anno to fund other projects he's sponsoring. And he also said several times before Rebuilds happened that he doesn't like nor care about Evangelion anymore


>nd he also said several times before Rebuilds happened that he doesn't like nor care about Evangelion anymore



The way he's handling Rebuild is probably proof enough of that.



The events after End of Evangelion consisted mainly of Gainax management masturbating on beds made of money as they raked in merchandising cash for more than a decade.


rebuild lead to the existence of this track. thus it was worth all the budget and disappointed tears of die-hard eva fans who can't handle kami-knee-shatters.



File: 1467576329122.png (566.62 KB, 200x134, fate_baka.png)

originaru kontento


File: 1469108084500.png (51.29 KB, 200x150, Honk Honk Chen.webm)

What wait hold up! DJ Sharpnel is still a thing?

Also that's the first time I encountered someone who can both tolerate rebuild such songs.

brb loading warez and evangelion generation


File: 1470387529970.png (56.63 KB, 137x200, 310.jpg)

Kalyx, Asuka or Rei? Chose wisely (Rei)


Moved to >>>/cult/1615.