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This is the one part of SEL that, for me, didn't seem to tie in with the rest of the narrative (aside from being fucking weird). So what were the aliens doing? Did they set off the information science shit that caused the wired to come about?

And why did lain look like some sort of human/alien offspring when she tried to reconcile with Arisu?


it's been a while since I watched it but IIRC the alien was Wired Lain, and the reason she appeared in that form was that she wasn't yet powerful enough to properly project herself into reality

If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone here can correct me though


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I didn't get meaning of the aliens either.


I mean the obvious response is the alienation lain feels with the world around her. she sees other people as aliens and she feels like an alien to them.


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I bellieve that the Alien was just part of symbolism that stated Lain's loosing touch with what is reality and her being alien to everyone else like >>5551 stated

I don't bellieve actual aliens had any part in the story, but what do I know


In the episode where a guy narrated the history of the wired, one of the first things he talked about was a UFO crash. I think that was the same episode as the pic in the OP

But that and >>5551 make some sense to me.


SEL is a time capsule for 90s computer culture. Episodes are interspersed with all kinds of conspiracy theory. The "computer and networking technology came from ETs in the Roswell crash" was one of those things. SEL throws out all kinds of red herrings and possible explainations for this new kind of interaction. The ET seems to me to be another manifestation of a lain or something masquerading as a lain (like the lain bobble heads). It is just one of the many delusions and paranoid fears bleeding out of the wired and into the real world.


Like in The Invisibles, when Dane meets grey aliens during a mystical experience, and he says "Come on, show me what you really look like", and they turn out to be something else entirely, angels or antibodies from a healthy universe trying to heal our sick universe.


Ive never thought of it that way.

To me, it seemed like the door was part of what they were trying to say. If i remember right, this happens fairly early in the series, it could be that the alien peeking through the door at lain should really be seen as lain peeking through the door to the unknown.