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I have seen the original GiTS movie and S.A.C.(both seasons).

However I am confused. I want to see more of it. But there are so many alternative versions. And I am not even sure if its all in the same timeline.

Is there something like a chart that clarifies all the different alternative versions, timelines, specials, movies, series, sequels and prequels?

It's not as convoluted as mystery.c, but it is convoluted.


I'm not going to talk about the manga but as far as the animation is concerned there's three separate timelines; the original movies, stand alone complex, and then arise. Arise is the most recent reboot which seems to have copped a lot of flack but I enjoyed it.

Anyway; Ghost in the Shell, Ghost in the Shell Innocence. There's also Ghost in the Shell 2.0 which is a janky remastered version of the original.

Stand Alone Complex is easy, two seasons and then Solid State Society.

Arise was a bit screwy, you've got the first four hour long episodes and then alternate architecture; probably easier to just watch alternate architecture and then the most recent 2015 movie which follows on directly.

You can almost consider Arise to be a prequel in terms of timing but really it's a different universe. Little details about the world don't match up with either the original movies but there area also an absolute tonne of little references. Overall I liked SAC because of the amount of content (there were a few novels released alongside as well), I liked Arise because in parts it felt a little less fan-servicey than SAC.


I watched the first movie half a day ago, before sleep. This thread is like customer service from a great future. Thanks.


I am watching S.A.C. 2nd gig and I think that I have already seen it, but I just can't remember it clearly enough to be sure.


>Year when Gohda made his final thesis.


I shall join you soon. With mixed feels about how SAC ended.


For those of you who do not yet know, goreshit has an entire GITS remix album.


Season 2 is probably favorite anime series/season of all time. I know you're probably not their yet, but the way they handle Gouda is fuckin' wonderful. It's so in your face and sudden and the absolute last thing I expected.


Yeah I just finished it. It's good.
Turns out I have seen the first few episodes sometime before. but everything past episode 7 was new.


>Season 2 is probably favorite anime series/season of all time. I know you're probably not their yet, but the way they handle Gouda is fuckin' wonderful. It's so in your face and sudden and the absolute last thing I expected.

Unless you've seen the original movie, of course. :3


I'm not sure it would be correct to call them fillers, but I really disliked all those "auto-conclusive" episodes which weren't really connected to the main plot.

I liked the movies way more than the tv series.


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Your keyboard switched to a Japanese/Chinese input method.


...Nevermind, it's changed entirely for the thread maybe? Database error? New site wide theme taking effect?

I dunno.


It's an olde lainchan meme


>>5655 here.
I've just finished the second SAC anime. I'm pretty fucking mad. It may be that I'm not the right type of person for these endings, but it felt absolutely fucking empty, right along with the first SAC one. Why the hell would anyone who demonstrates such skill in the first 25.7 episodes do absolutely nothing with the ending?
It's almost like writing an OS from scratch that does everything better than any other OS, and then all you do with it is fetch a Windows 10 ISO, delete the source code, delete the OS, and then reboot into the Windows 10 installer.

The only reason I can think of for such and ending, and the only possible message that it can convey are "because eye can" and "section⑨ equals section⑨, baka". WHY


Cool but it didn't bother me. This is an anime where the plot takes precedence over 'characters being badass'. I mean the MC is badass, but in GiTS SAC that is more like its a fan service of some sort.
I even like it that the show avoided having a Mary Sue character.


"such skill" was not referring to characters, but to the writer/director/whoever.


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Is everything after the "second film" (gits innocence) something made to pull the money or it is worth watching?




the first film is very brief. it's well made, but doesn't have the time to go into things very deeply. innocence is a 98 minute excuse to show off a liberal arts degree and quote-spout as much as possible. S.A.C. is nice, and has a lot more time on its hands, so it can look at lots of different things, but its attempts at symbolism are a bit over the top. arise is a flashy money grab


SAC is alright I guess, but there's way too much (and absolutely consequence-less) shooting and murdering, and its politics are really bizarre. I don't remember very well but while I don't think they never really pushed for a rightist and pro-strong government and pro-military angle there are many instances you can feel like that's what they were going for. That's pretty separate from Oshii's movies where there is an anti-authoritarian angle and skepticism towards gubmint. Solid State Society, the movie sequel to 2nd GiG, is pretty bad.
Arise is terrible.

Nothing comes close to the first movie in the end.


gits is one of my favorite anime movies ever

the tv show and its second season however i like a bit but overall do not care for


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The New Movie was more than OK to me. At first it looks like a bland version filled with gimmicks and wow-so-cool action sequences, then damn thick plot m8 and I'm so wet for this high-tech mecha versus stealth camo Motoko dream-team combat on a fuckhuge warship.