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Do you wear any weeb clothes or accessories?
What's your opinion on that?


File: 1459280896651.png (677.22 KB, 185x200, 2016-03-29 20_46_29-_oyasumi punpun_ T-Shirts & Hoodies by flamborchid _ Redbubble.png)

this is the most weeb I go, anything obviously animu related is usually pretty cringy


If it was done nicely I would. Most of it is just sㅤㅤhㅤiㅤt. The only thing that I've ever bought that was weeb was a BRS hoodie that had the eye fire effect on the hood. Waste.


No way, man. What if you will accidentally spill ketchup or smth on such a picture, how will you sleep after it?


File: 1459283835478.png (441.04 KB, 134x200, 1457543508879.jpg)

me irl


i have a nerv tshirt from evangelion


File: 1459972080481.png (12.33 KB, 177x200, image.skreened-t-shirt.black.w460h5b3z1.jpg)

This one is cool.


http://www.iiiiclothing.com/ is pretty balanced betweened to much and just enough


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File: 1460338472819-1.png (648.24 KB, 200x150, GTO 1.png)

File: 1460338472819-2.png (176.92 KB, 93x200, Jim - Outlaw Star.png)

Personally I find merchandise like that to be a bit tacky and not suited for me, but to each his own.

I prefer to just dress in a way similar to characters who wear ordinary clothes. Character designers are often very tasteful.


>Character designers are often very tasteful.

And you post GTO with a Hawaiian style shirt!


I will admit the stars are a bit much, though it does suit Onizuka's flamboyance, but a more subdued Hawaiin shirt with cargo pants? I live in a really warm and humid subtropical climate, so maybe this is a cultural thing.


That's gangsta as fuck


File: 1461177281916.png (260.54 KB, 182x200, knights.png)


for people who doesn't know SEL, it might look like some rock band's shirt, or conspiracy theorist's shirt.


You have been visited by the happy birthday 420 lain chan party girl 2016! You must repost this text in another thread or the Knights will find you! Mumble party sometime around 10pm central!


could probably get away with it, and the knights symbol is really cool


i have a lainchan sticker on my computer, then people could see it when in class. I guess it's not cringy since it's just a sticker, and people know i watch anime sometimes, i dress pretty cool and i am socially integrated (i hit the gym w/ some friends of the class) so it's ok
other than that, i used to have an adventure time phonecase, but it was cool (like not an obscure reference but the full drawing of all the characters, in an accumulation process, people told me it was cool) now it's a roland tr 808. I also have a konata tea mug but it stays private, planing to buy a neuromancer or blade runner one.




wat ?


oh ok fuck you i have 19/20 in english class


Has anyone mistaken you for a freemason?


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File: 1469658167794-2.png (139.55 KB, 200x150, denshin_detail2_500.jpg)


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File: 1469805868896-1.png (107.67 KB, 200x113, mpv-shot0003.jpg)

File: 1469805868896-2.png (125.92 KB, 200x113, mpv-shot0004.jpg)

I've been considering a shirt where the back has those wires, the front says something like Gargoyles Electric Co. and it has a two pictures of the men in black from the last layer working on the power lines

That'd be kind of subtle


That sounds neat.


That sounds super cool, lainon!

I can just imagine someone walking past that lainon and giving them weird looks


>prefer to just dress in a way similar to characters who wear ordinary clothes. Character designers are often very tasteful.

This reeks of fedoracore nightmare.


>i am socially integrated
>(i hit the gym)

I kek'd



I've seen somebody wear this before


Same. It's a nice design and doesn't reek of pururin-tier neckbeardhood.


File: 1470851142780.png (286.77 KB, 200x200, ClipboardImage.png)

>being this self conscious
not like anyone is going to see you any way


File: 1470862757069.png (10.99 KB, 200x176, lain shirt.jpg)

I really want that shirt, but it's totally unavailable since a long time.


Damn now I want it too