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File: 1459668429147.png (2.86 MB, 300x169, 【ベルセルク】2016 アニメCM BERSERK-_4JSU2hP6j0.webm)


What do lains think of the upcoming Berserk series? Will CG save anime? Will they get on the boat?

Looks like the soundtrack will be mainly brostep with one Susumu insert, which is pretty heartbreaking tbh.


I don't know how I feel about that, I find difficult to enjoy anything related to berserk after how they messed up the manga.


I didn't hate the 3D CGI Berserk movies as much as most people, but I wasn't a fan either really - didn't hate the use of CGI, just the style of some of the characters (ugly Guts, etc).

I'll remain cautiously optimistic about this and will definitely give it a watch.


I am skeptical towards CGI in anime because it just doesn't feel like it fits into wider anime lore.

However isn't all anime computer drawn except they are not trying to do this video game alike 2.5D rendering?