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Which of the lain/haibane/texhnolyze/kinos tetralogy is your favorite?


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What is linking them a a tetralogy ?
The three first have character design by ABe iirc, but that would put Niea_7 as the fourth ...

SEL is by far my favourite anime ever.
I also really enjoyed Haibane, and would have enjoyed it even more without the slices of life of the first episodes.
Texhnolyze felt a bit pointless overall, although the part aboveground was really well made.
As for Kino no Tabi, didn't see it yet.


texhnolyze a shit, jaodi.


Yeah, you got the point, It was pointless.


SEL > NieA_7 > Haibane >>>>> Kino

haven't seen tex yet.


Is Kino that bad or do you just love the others ?




I saw SEL first of these, and I instantly became a fan. It's what brought me here. It challenges many concepts, but they way these concepts are challenged is vague, and thus it doesn't provide you with a new concept. It just fucks your shit up, and leaves you like that, wondering.

About a year later, I also saw Texhnolyze. Bloody fucking masterpiece; I am fairly sure that nothing will ever hit the bar. It did the same thing as SEL, but instead of hurting specific concepts, it makes you hurt any concept that comes to your mind. It's also the ending for every other anime, movie, etc you ever saw.

Haven't seen the others yet.


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SEL == Kino No Tabi > Haibane
Haven't seen Texhnolyze yet

Also >>5724
>Kino >bad
Smells like shit taste


Just posting to say Kino a qt.



It was difficult for me going on on Texhnolyze, the first two episodes nothing happened and I couldn't tell what was going on and I just kind of gave up. I was also watching it while doing a bunch of work though so maybe that was why I wasn't into it.


Still have never watched Texhnolyze despite being a huge ABe fan. I watched the first eps at one point. Thought it was cool they had Juno Reactor for the OP.


People who never finish Texhnolyze after seeing the first few episodes remind me of people who try linux but then go back to windows because there's no itunes, skype or winrar and their games installer DVDs are not working.


lain cant be compared, its huge-er than most anime (and most cultural output), specially than those puny anime you list.


> Smells like shit taste
calm-down homie


SEL and Kino and Texnolyze are all independently great IMO.

Very unique and intriguing in their own fields and from their respective authors. Also, all quite well animated and orchestrated in terms of sound and visuals.


ran is lain-er than lain. get over it.


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Nothing happened? Ichise lost his limbs and had to struggle with it. Being 'natural' is a pride in Texhnolyze world, because you're independent from the obelisk 'panoptikon'. Ichise even kept his limbs after they had rot, because he desperately clung to the idea that they could still be re-attached, and could go back to his old life.

Please give it another try.


Ergo proxy.


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I recently watched Texhnolyze and I loved it's atmosphere, characters and themes. Such a sad ending though. But I guess I'm a sucker for a happier ending.

Haibane was good, but it could have explored the other characters more instead of just giving them a single episode each.

Haven't seen Kino yet.

>tfw I still haven't watched Lain because it's slow.


Haibane's pace of action is even slower than Lain's, so that's not an excuse, Lainon :^)

Also i highly recommend watching Kino, it's very unique kind of anime, with really great atmosphere. I would like to find more anime following such style.



Check out Mushishi.


How is the anime, compared to the manga ?
I already read the 10 volumes, would I get something more by watching it ?


Just found this on Texhnolyze :
Many other interesting videos on the channel, at least for someone like me who can't analyse a show by himself.


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I've watched the first four episodes of Kino no Tabi this week, and I found it pretty similar to Texhnolyze.
An emotionless outsider witnessing a decaying world.
The stories are deliciously cruel, but I like that Kino retains more hope and freedom than Ichise.
The art is rather ugly unfortunately.


What is this 'ran' you speak of? I must know.


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there's a lot more to it than just that. it's subtle, but kino is changed over the course of the story, bringing along bits of each country they pass through. see the extras as well once you're done with the series proper; they help flesh that out a lot. avoid "the country of illness for you", though. it was animated differently and in general just doesn't match up with the rest of anything and felt like a poorly-constructed money grab

>The art is rather ugly unfortunately.

i liked it...
it fits the characters she meets themselves: seemingly harmless / cartoony and things, but with much that isn't readily apparent. also, being simplified the way it is matches with the simplified, allegorical, parable-like story telling, where many characters are described only through their Roles in the story and have no unnecessary characteristics.


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Not him, but I think that would be Ran from Texhnolyze.
I don't remember the exact details, but she was connected to the central pillar of the city, which in turn was connected to every texhnolyze user.
And she is deprived of her body at the end.
So, kind of a much more depressing Lain I guess.