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So the first photo from the hollywood ghost in the shell movie has been released. It has Scarlett Johansson as major Kusanagi. There was a lot of talk about white washing the movie when she was cast. What does everyone here think?


Movies is going to suck, i'd prefer cast of asian actors.


its hard to really see any races in anime, not really whitewashing since different ethnicities interpret it differently.


Scarlett Johansson being white is not the issue, the issue is she can't act for shit as evidenced by every movie she has ever been in.
she is basically an ass and tits blue tacked to a plank of wood who exits only to look good on posters.



This, unfortunately. Lucy was just fucking terrible and I don't really like her portrayal of anything Sci-Fi. Just about everything I've seen her in seemed very unnatural.

With this, they've taken all of my want to see this movie. Such a sad day.


Almost without exception, I dislike American remakes of foreign movies. I also generally dislike live-action versions of cartoons. So there's nothing about this I'm looking forward to.
I feel like its really weird for characters to have names that are obviously from an ethnicity/culture different from their own.
Since most anime characters are pretty homogeneous looking, it doesn't really come up, but I feel like it's different in live action.


The choice to cast Scarlett Johansson is pretty inconsequential. The movie would suck no matter who they casted. Hollywood cannot do anything right.


I don't mind a non-asian cast. Anime characters do not look asian at all anyway. Not to mention that since the first GITS movie, there's always been complaints that new stuff are not that good. It's hard to beat, obviously. If things are different, it's not like the original. If things are the same, there's nothing new and it's boring.
Most of us who are somewhat hyped about it are ones who liked the original, and possibly watched it a few times too; so we're not gonna get blown away like the first time. Everyone's biased, and the poor movie has next to no chance of getting a good reception. All we can really expect is to get lots of eye candy, boobs, and hope that it will reach a wider audience than regular anime can.


IMO it's hella whitewashing, the movie takes place in japan and just because the anime style can look like white people it doesn't change that.

honestly I had no good expectations for this film. I'm probably not gonna see it, if I do I'm not paying anyone for the experience.



>According to multiple independent sources close to the project, Paramount and DreamWorks commissioned visual effects tests that would’ve altered Scarlett Johansson in post-production to “shift her ethnicity” and make the Caucasian actress appear more Asian in the film.


I assumed this was just some thing that would never happen. Like how hollywood has kept fucking up making akira movie

This happens all the time. Americans see something and have to ruin it for braindead americans. Or at least that's the impression I get when you see what Americanisation always results in.

It's a bastardised american version so it will have a OMGEEFAMOUS American cunt in the leading role.


I thought I read the digital asianization was intended for a minor character in a specific scene. If so, it makes you wonder why they couldn't just cast an Asian.


Lucy was shit, but Her and Under The Skin proves that she is capable of different type of acting.


“McMiramazing foreign films,” “boning” them into “easily digested filets, safe from the kinds of cultural idiosyncrasies that might stick in the throats of American audiences is shortsighted because it is just those unfamiliar customs, linguistic usages, or behavioral tics that contribute to the sense of difference that makes foreign films foreign, windows onto unfamiliar worlds, and not just another mirror held up to ourselves.” - Peter Biskind from Down and Dirty Pictures


Scarlett Johannsen loves sci fi so I imagine she will play the roll well. As far as white washing goes that's just internet PC police.


Kusa doesn't show any emotions. I think that Twilight chick would've been a better role tbh.


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oh my beatiful artwork


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I completely agree. Why even make live action movies based on anime anyways? Just watch the animated movie/series. I know they do it to appeal to audiences who don't like to watch 'cartoons', but c'mon now, if you can't appreciate it for what it is, I don't see how you'll appreciate a watered down Hollywood produced version of it...


I don't care. The issue is that this film is going to suck as all live-action adaptations (Japanese or foreign) of manga usually do.


>mfw nobody remember
>The last airbender
>Dragon ball
think about it


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>ghost in the shell

Why cant they just leave good stuff alone?
They have to make an abomination out of everything.
It happened to every anime, basically every foreign movie etc. they ever touch.

Just why?


Reach a wider audience to say what exactly?
This will be devoid of all that made the GITS movie special; the philosophy


I have yet to see a live action adaptation of an anime not to suck. Granted I haven't seen many of them because after just a few attempts I got sick of it, but still.
I don't think any of us want anything new. I even don't want it to be made by hollywood because it will almost inevitably be Michael Bayesque. If anything it should be like an art movie overloaded with philosophy, the reverse of watered down for the masses. I hope Batou will spew philosophical one liners like he did in Innocence as well. But we both know that with hollywood we will not get that. We will probably get a romantic sub plot, a sex scene and lots of explosions. And maybe like 15 minutes of high quality mindfuck philosophy stuff(and I am being optimistic here).


File: 1465817786670.png (1.55 MB, 200x114, (Anime BD) GHOST IN THE SHELL 2.0 (Blu-ray 1920x1088 x264 AAC crf24 5.1ch).00:29:02.531.png)