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What technology have you seen in shows that seem like they could be developed in our lifetime?

I've been watching dennou coil where they have augmented reality glasses and it looks like everything Oculus and google glass should have been. Their HUD over real world is sick, having an interface for physical input (for stuff like virtual keyboards and eye-based computer input) is awesome, calling/email/text/data through the glasses would be cool, and all the other stuff like virtual pets and gaming with AR looks cool af. I'm hyped but it looks like it'd be a ways out still :(


its disappointing how Google glass was a complete failure, unlike the glasses from Dennou Coil (forgot the name).


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Loups=Garous nearly had an interesting take on AR, especially with some people developing social disorders making them incapable of interacting with people in plain old meatspace.
The story pretty much ignored all that for some dumb nonesense though.



>especially with some people developing social disorders making them incapable of interacting with people in plain old meatspace

Reminds me of Solaria in Asimov's The Naked Sun. They actually indoctrinated children in order to make them disdain meatspace interaction, choosing instead to almost exclusively interact through holograms. People would have breakdowns if they realized they were so much as in the same house as another living breathing human being, even though they would be perfectly adjusted normal people to interact with over hologram.

Then there were people who were naturally inclined towards human interaction. Type A personalities, social butterflies, sluts, whatever you call them. They could never really be happy with holograms, but the culture of their entire planet forced them to avoid meatspace.


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Looking at the advancements with robotic prosthetics, I'd say our generation may see automail-quality limb replacements. Of course, the way the tech is progressing at the moment, they'll be controlled by sensors embedded in your brain, not by artificial nerves.



The way artifical limbs are now they'll be controlled by the actual nerves and muscles at the end of your stump, rather than direct brain implants.


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I know some of you may laugh, but think about it for a while. With the population predicted to rise to 10 bn, the food shortage will feed into more crop engineering. In the future, I think only the rich would be able to afford a varied, multi-ingredient diet.



That's another Asomov thing I really kind of liked. It wasn't hyper-oats though. If you think about it oats, like any grass, would simply require too much god damn land. I liked Psycho-Pass's idea, but I didn't really like the implementation and the whole virus thing was where the first season started falling apart. Why a virus? How does that make hyper-oats any more productive than regular crops? Japan has fuck-all for landspace, why oats?

Humans in the Robot books mostly ate yeast bacteria. Yeast cultivated and genetically engineered to taste and look like ANYTHING. Even fresh strawberries turned out to simply be marvels of yeast engineering. They could grow tons of the stuff in huge vats, really quickly, in order to feed all of the people on Earth.


Hard to say. Currently, robotic prosthetics usually read muscles or nerve endings on a rough scale that isn't incredibly precise. The most promising current research is in brain implants, which allow you far more control.

Personally, I hope we replace both of the aforementioned methods with artificial extensions of severed nerves. But there seems to be no research in that area, and this thread was on things likely to occur in our lifetime.


>food shortage
is completely artificial. Food gets destroyed because of bureaucracy, or to drive the price up.
>varied, multi-ingredient diet
the rich (westerners) do not eat this diet. In fact, the variety of our food has decreased 10x in the past 100 years.



>In fact, the variety of our food has decreased 10x in the past 100 years.

This is blatantly false. You're thinking of things like "heirloom potatoes" that nobody grows anymore because McDonald's forces the entire planet to grow Russet and only Russet.

But you're forgetting the marvels of transportation and refrigeration. We have access to all crops from all regions of the globe no matter what time of year it is. 100 years ago the majority of westerners had never even seen a banana before.


>the whole virus thing
Wasn't it the part about engineering the crop with the virus genes? I see nothing wrong with that.

>yeast bacteria

The production of which would require a lot of energy (artificial growth chambers). When you grow a cereal outside it's much more energy-efficient because natural energy subsidies (sunlight, rainfall etc.).


M$ Hololens is what you're looking for OP.

The problem is it's proprietary as fuck. Give us five to ten years and we'll have something like it running Linux.


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probably the Ai maids from eve no jikan say in about 7 years and the social network image processing site from eden of the east