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Furries and Anime fans should be united in a peaceful way. They're the same thing under a different label. It's the same thing with black and white people, it's just that people see them as different because it's "cool" to insult carbon clones with one different trait.


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I hate furry shit, honestly..

but the people in the fandom are alright..

they're reddit-tier weirdos, but i find that sort of person nostalgic and enduring over the "notice me senpai" anime meme hipsters


I have a mild phobia of people who dress up as something and stay in character after a living statue scared the shit out of me as a kid, so I "dislike" furries more due to that but I agree that weebs can be more annoying in general.
however as with most things it depends on the person.


I'm a furfag but don't own a suit cuz that shit is expensive and I can spend that money on /cyb/ shit


not really. I like watching anime especially films in the same way/ for the same reasons I watch tv and films here. Its to come away with a message and appreciate art. That might sound pretentious or something but i dont really care its true. Furry stuff is some kind of hedonistic obsession. However il agree with everyone else here that furries are (on average, in fact everything ive said is kind of an average generalizaton) massively more entertaining and a bit smarter than weebs. This uniting stuff is dumb but i guess i dont really identify as an "anime fan" so whatever.