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Hi /w/eebs, so I don't know if this is the right board for this however it is very weeb.

I have Pokemon Go field test ask me anything.

>INB4 people ask me to post screenshots, I can not post screen shots they have a watermark that has a unique identifier and says "DO NOT LEAK CONFIDENTIAL".


okay so no one here cares about Pokemon, just yuri.


pretty much


Maybe you should start by posting a basic review.
I had never heard of pokemon go, had to google it.
I don't really have any question but would still read what you have to say on the subject.


Give me Moemon Go and we'd be set.


I used to care about Pokemon in the past, since i played through first three generations and watched anime as a kid, and i liked these games but i don't follow the franchise anymore.


Does your uncle work for nintendo, OP?


Is it actually any fun?


What is Pokemon Go?


Mobile game where you go around finding pokemon in the real world, hatch pokeeggs you find, conquer gyms for yourself or your team, etc.


Are you still alive or have you walked off a cliff, in front of a train, etc. and been ended yet?

How do you feel contributing to surveillance technology so freely? Does it bring you joy? Have you been asked to be a witness yet?


This game will probably never take off.