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>this show

Best ride since Valvrave. Prove me wrong.


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Only seen first episode.
I liked the premise. It could have been great with only 20 and more reticent charakters like these I know from NHK, the island trip episodes.
But this is ...
Too much childish or weird charakters I could not relate to.
Also too large cast, I can't even really distinguish between 5 charakters ...
I know, one episode tells nothing about what to expect the whole season.
But I'm tired of those typical animu charakters which has been shown.
Okay, i liked the little girl there :3


can you pitch the show?


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Not really. I was hoping for something at least enjoyable, but it's just boring. Dropped on ep 6, but should have done it sooner.


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Why do you consider it boring?


Watched it till ep 9, because of this thread.
Will continue watching to know how the story plays out.
Yet I dont really think it is a good anime. The main problem are the papercut characters, they are too over the top and too simplistic. It is hard to relate to anyone.

Regarding "remote village" anime i quite liked Shiki, would recommend it.


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>they are too over the top and too simplistic
That's the entire point.