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i only finished watching SEL yesterday(decided to watch it after finding lainchan some days ago)
Can you guys recommend me some theorys for lain?


obviously these are spoilers, for those who couldn't figure out from OP's post already.

one would be that lain is the person whose brain is the planet. people are neurons and the wired is the network made out of these neurons. hence lain having no real body but being everywhere and practicing great influence. if no one remembers something (lain intentionally forgets/deletes it), it seems like it never happened.
this sort of means the story is about her realizing who she is.
some think of lain as being equal to the people she is goddessing over (or the difference between the parts and their sum), some thing she's the bearded man in the sky kind of goddess. everyone loves her.


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thats how far i already came(except for the last part)
However, there is one big thing i dont understand.
If her power is basicly altering memories, how was she able to destroy the headsets of the man in black?
And how was Eiri able to create a body out of nothing?


well you could argue that there were only two (plus lain) witnesses of the headset being destroyed, and that Alice was hallucinating the whole Eiri-time. Alice after all is a rabbit hole kinda girl. i can't really advocate this theory any more because;

I always thought of lain as god (in some sense of pantheism). lain is matter, lain is energy, lain is chaos or rules of physics, lain is maths, lain is whatever anyone has ever pointed out as the source of all else, etc. it's unnecessary, and would make all fiction ever made tell about just a small aspect of lain, incl SEL. but hey, she a qt!


I can totaly approve of the last part


the way I see it, the wired and reality were already partially merged, which gave lain and Eiri the god-like powers they had in the wired. It gets said at one point that there's a deeper layer than the wired or reality - a kind of collective unconscious that lain is able to tap into, and there's also a cosmic unconscious which is even deeper (I think? It's been like a year since I watched the show, so I might be wrong). After lain reversed the merge, it was erasing everyone's memory, because she "undid" the powers that she had over the real world. I'm not sure about this though, I'll have to rewatch the series.


I thought that Lain was the "missing link" of man between machines and since the internet was everywhere in the world, so was she.


For anybody new to SEL I can only wholeheartedly recommend this invaluable resource: https://www.cjas.org/~leng/open.htm
This site is obviously pretty dated, but contains glossary, summaries and links to lot of cool soykaf compiled by serious fan with actual academic background of researching role of technology in japanese media and anime fandom. I consider reading it an eye opening experience, because it jumpstarted or catalized a lot of my current interests back in the day.


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While it may have been the intent of Chiaki J. Konaka et al that the game, manga, and anime were each self-contained. The manga presented in Yoshitoshi Abe's "An Omnipresence in the Wired" may show a differing intent on the matter.
For those that have played the game, there is a missing memory file (DC1029) that happens to be the subtitle of the manga. The manga serves as a possible bridge between the two as <spoiler>Lain realizes her memories are being overwritten by Eiri Masami (who isn't mentioned in the game). Lain kills herself in the game, is resurrected and used by Eiri Masami, is given an artificial body and family, etc.</spoiler>
Lain is an artificial being given form (a bit more than this explained in spoiler) by Eiri to bring about his godhood. Lain's family is a fabrication, her sister acts as a conduit for the wired, the knights are trying to break the barrier between the world of thoughts/consiousness and the physical/natural world. Lain comes to learn that she is being used, Eiri is a false god, Lain is the only being born of the wired that could be considered a true goddess. Lain understands the need for human privacy and identity, re-writes reality and prevents the formation of the knights and protocol 7. She continues to exist as an unknown goddess that watches over her children.


She becomes a bit of a demigod as well.