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>watching Ichigo Mashimaro for the first time
>this happens

They had warned me. I had forgotten the name of the sub group.

It's the top freaking result on BakaBT. I hate this shit.


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How is shit like this a spoiler?


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I don't get the joke TBH, but it's still funny.
Might that be the point of it?


Just in advance.


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>heart status: melted


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>Nobue onee-san status: absolutely based


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I guess lainchan isn't into cute much.
I need some place devoid of filthy people to discuss cute anime. (No sexualization.)
I wonder where I can go.


http://sushigirl.us/ might be the place for you


Seems very inactive and I'm scared that a large part of the community consists of creeps after all. Some kind of gut feeling.


>Some kind of gut feeling.
Aaaand confirmed.

Lain TV is streaming a hentai about a middle-aged man raping young girls right now, and it seems sushi folks don't mind it any more than lainchan folks.

Guess this means the loli ban on lainchan is also merely a technical measure and has nothing to do with the site management wanting to distance itself from pedophile culture.

So much for "lainchan is the best chan I ever encountered". /off-topic


wait, what? who's responsible for this


The loli ban isn't just a technical measure. We've rejected donations from pedophiles on the grounds of them being pedophiles. Child pornography is discouraged on lainchan and its affiliates, including lain.tv.


OK, that sounds nice, thank you.

Is there a stance towards hentai containing underage or strongly underage-looking characters, or rape (whether underage or not)?

I don't know, and I wonder if I can find out since it's been a couple days now, plus it could be that all characters were officially 18+. They weren't loli characters, and "young girls" may have sounded wrong, though it looked like a school setting and they were probably meant to be teenagers. And the plot was about some creepy middle-aged man manipulating them into sex. According to the reactions in the IRC channel, he was forcing them to fuck a dog, too.

I can still understand the "lol so funny" reactions people give to this kind of stuff, since I was kind of within such culture myself for a long time, but recently I've taken to looking at everything from a more political and sociological perspective, and I kinda can't stand it anymore to be honest. I'm like one of those grumpy old people or "normies" who "just don't get it" now, even though I used to very much "get" it.


The ED music of Paranoia Agent...