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Okay, so I'm pretty new to this whole anime thing. How do I cope with the stigma associated with watching anime to avoid becoming a disgusting weeaboo in the eyes of my friends and family?


>How do I cope with the stigma associated with watching anime to avoid becoming a disgusting weeaboo in the eyes of my friends and family?
You keep it to yourself?


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If this really bothers you, then you probably better don't.


Just don't talk about it.
If that's hard because it constitutes most of your life, you probably *are* a disgusting weeaboo.


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You really should not let other peoples view of yourself dictate what you do in your free time. Living like that will only make you miserable. If you seriously cant stand up for your interests then keep it to yourself like the other guys suggested, but this comes at the price of never finding like-minded people IRL.


>caring about what other think of you watching anime

Chill out, that's just anime, not a fucking death cult.


TL;DR: Do not fit in the anime community. Do not engage with it.

It's simple as that. Do not talk about the anime you watched, ever if some IRL friend mentions that he saw it. Don't develop the habit of discussing anime, using anime things for wallpapers, profile pictures, don't use kawaii ^_^ neko-san desu bullshit anywhere in text, ignore anime references and memes even if you understand them; This way you'll lack the annoying aspects of a weeaboo. Even if people know that you watch them, they will see that you're not of the autistic kind. Still, it's best not to even mention that you watch them. If you really don't get an ending, there's usually forum posts or wikis.

Weeaboos get a sudden rush when they find out that you share their little slice of fandom, and want to discuss it to death and do weird weeaboo things. It feels good for a short time, but on the long run it helps you become one of those sad edgelords in /feels/. You have to resist this small psychological reward of fitting in, and you'll be fine.


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if you're that worried just watch it Secret and keep up-to-date on whatever tv normies like to watch.


That image is crap. Its all of the things with the red x. Its just a pejorative for people who like otaku shit. Dweeb, weeb, same shit.
Anyway, watch what you like, talk about what you like. People who'll look down on you for it are cunts anyway, so it doesn't matter.
Youll just look insecure and obnoxious.
Noone likes a self-hating jew.


You're better off not talking about it. A lot of the people who you may come across who say they watch anime will only have seen DBZ, One Piece or some Saturday morning thing as a kid. Some others will be the obnoxious college-anime-club type that make anime a part of their identity. There's not much to gain from speaking to either so just don't do it.

If your friends' perception of you is going to be changed by finding out you watch some kids cartoons, they sound pretty shitty. Mine know and don't give two fucks. A couple even wanted to try it out themselves.


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Have a life outside of animu. Get a pet micromule or something and use it as a distraction.

But you should also consider being honest with your friends and family (because you love them) and introducing them high-brow mainstream animu titles such as the renowned Oscar nominee "Boku no Pico" or internationally acclaimed feminist mango/animu "Kodomo no Jikan".

Global culture is truly a wonderful thing to behold in this heralded golden age of tolerance and diversity!


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simple three-step program

1: consume things that don't stink
2: have friends who don't stink
3: don't be the person who feels the need to repeat random words and phrases, mispronouncing them and using them inappropriately


There is nothing wrong with talking about it. Just don't be obnoxious about it. All the rules of being subtle apply.

Though most anime fans have a phase where they are bewildered about it and show it off, but don't worry, that phase usually wears of after about half a year. Nothing to worry about really. Also that image whit checkboxes actually is a good guide.


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The same way you enjoy other things.
Don't let it get over your head, don't be an elitist and don't talk about niche stuff.

A few colleagues of mine got into anime recently and so far watched only shonen.
Of course I could tell them that shonen series are generally shit and onedimensional but only a lunatic would do that.


>kids cartoons
im taking bait aren't I.


don't talk about it, and if you want to go talk in here or other forums/imageboards


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Don't watch/talk/reference naruto


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1: Dont speak about mainstream anime irl. If you have circlejerks around you which only know mainstream people gonna suggest you as one of them. And if they do something wrong/weird they could project it on you aswell.

2: No anime wont save you from anything.

3: Dont be the picture raleted guy. She will just walk away and laugh about him while telling her friends.


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>Going on /w/

>/w/ stands for weeb

>On a weeaboo image board

>Asking how to not become a weeaboo

Are you retarded?


-Don't be slave to stigma, do whatever you want. Don't show any sign of acknowledging or placing validity in other people's shit, and if conditions are right, they will bend to you. It's how people work.
-Talk about anime strictly in the abstract. I don't know how many people I've talked about Ghost in the Shell, Lain, Texhnolyze, Patlabor, Ergo Proxy, etc with, without them even knowing the topic. I know that in my head the subject matter is stemming from my recollection of an anime, or what I was thinking about at the time, or who I was at the time. But they don't, and they don't need to.


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>wake up every morning
>shower, shave, dress myself in simple khaki's and un-branded golf shirts
>be polite, but avoid speaking whenever I can
>smile and nod when co-workers talk about whatever 3DPD shows they're watching
>work hard all day
>come home
>say ただいま to my shelf full of PCV figures


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Pics are some horror stories.
Source: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Wapanese#Wild_Weeaboo_Encounters

This is so true.
Having been a part of the fandom in the 80s and early 90s, I've seen the shift from having an interest in anime/manga and Japanese culture/history to specifically some unhealthy worship and idealization of Japanese pop culture without any desire to actually understand the culture, the people, and its history nor to even acknowledge notable anime/manga outside of the current decade. Hell, many of them just worship one or two shows.

Advice for the OP, enjoy the works. Understand the context in which those works were written. Share or don't share. If you happen upon a weeb instead of a regular fan, run the other way fast. Stay away from the cults that have infected the conventions and enjoy this interest in healthy doses amongst non-crazy friends.


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The trick is not to define yourself through weebery. Nobody cares if it's just a thing you like.


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Hiding your powerlevels is the absolute essential of good form. Other than that you just shouldn't take cartoons too seriously, just as a form of entertainment, even if you're a rabid watcher.


>Having friends
Get a load of this NORP.


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The most important advice I could give to someone getting into anime is to avoid anime communities and people who watch anime, including this one. Don't listen to anyone, don't talk to anyone. Just watch anime.

Most people eventually turn into neurotic meme-spouting cynics who barely watch anime because they've been convinced by groupthink that it's all shit, and all the whining you hear from these people is based 95% on delusions, misinformation and entitlement. Yet they refuse to move on, and hang around just to make sure the next generation of "fans" turns out just as wretched as them. There hardly exists such thing as an anime fanbase in the West.


keep it to yourself, dont let it become the only thing you do, dont watch garbage anime.


Don't be a walking stereotype and people won't associate you with those weebs they read about on Encyclopedia Dramatica or whatever, even if you like anime.

Alternatively, just don't tell them. If you know they're not interested in it, why bring it up at all? It's just entertainment, not a lifestyle choice.


Gonna have to echo what others are saying. Just enjoy the anime you like, which ever way you like, stay away from most anime forums/imageboards/etc and don't really worry about it.

One thing I've quickly learned about the anime fandom is the stupid amount of elitism that comes from it. Like the whole dub vs sub bullshit, where the "hardcore" fans will swear up and down that the Japanese voices are better. Or the whole torrent vs Netflix thing or one series vs another series.

To be frank the best anime fans tend to be the casual ones, they have okay tastes overall because they choose anime they will like based on shows they like already and aren't obnoxious shits about it. But those kinds of people are really rare.


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