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here is a chart of stuff done by chiaki konaka (the guy who did script for lain), it includes scripts and screenplays

he basically writes horror and paranormal things now. early on he liked cyberpunk, robots, and digital themes but seems to have moved away from it

the stuff he had the most decisions over were Malice@Doll and Armitage III, being in both cases the original creator, scriptwriter (and series composition i believe). has anyone seen them? did you also know he wrote digimon tamers? i grew up watching that before i even knew about lain, it's strange


Thanks for the to watch list lain.


You're missing Fun Fun Pharmacy, a 1998 children's anime for which Konaka personally wrote every single episode's script. It was also directed by Yukio Kaizawa, who later went on to direct Digimon Tamers. And the character designs were done by Ikuko Ito, who did the designs for Magic User's Club and Princess Tutu (the latter for which he wrote several episodes).

Personally, I think both Tamers and Pharmacy are some of his best work. I would love to see him team up with Kaizawa for a children's anime again.

Here's a more complete list of stuff he's worked on:
It's actually still an incomplete list however, you'll have to go searching in Japanese for an actually complete one.


Careful with Texhnolyze. Once you see it, SEL will never be better than 9/10