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I bought the Nekopara games vol. 0 to 2 and i liked the design and beauty of the Coconut catgirl.

Do You think this is a sign that She is meant to be my First Wifu, as i have never felt anything for 2d things. The reason being i also like cats and coconuts for a snack and petting.


I think that it's a sign that you've been indoors for too long.


I'd PET those coconuts. Then I'd bounce em a little roughly cause she looks like a masochist.


You bought them? On steam?
Did you make sure to download the h-patch to get some delicious scenes?



Also, you've choosen a too popular waifu, you'll have to fight for she.


what does a waifu mean for you?


File: 1470898702186.png (456.52 KB, 200x160, 49c6d15be42bb6c7434cd16d864efb3c.png)

A waifu is equivalent--or as equivalent as it can be--to a wife. Hence the name. It means more than just liking a character.


I have more images of Marisa than any other character and I have several figures of her and other merchandise, and yet I wouldn't say she is my waifu. I'm not obsessed with her and I don't daydream about her.


File: 1470909171468.png (36.44 KB, 200x184, (9) 9 baka cirno touhou weeaboo ⑨.jpg)

quite fond of cirno myself


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Having a waifu is more than liking a character.
You'll know when you look at her at it just feels right.


> http://waifu.pl/pages/faq
Some newfags took a joke too seriously.


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File: 1470943243066-1.png (487.54 KB, 200x148, Madoka.jpg)

All these people in Japan must be just playing along with the Western joke.


File: 1470946892832.png (80.24 KB, 102x200, IMG_29112012_215146.png)

Their culture being the source of otaku subculture and other such related things doesn't mean they're any less able to be newfags taking a joke too seriously. Then again, those pictures *could* be jokes. But, I'm pretty sure waifusm like that does exist plenty in japan, so it doesnt matter if they in particular are.
Fun fact, 2ch has a word for 'winterfags' as well as one for 'summerfags' cause of how japanese schools do vacation time.
Of course, 'newfags taking a joke too seriously' is inept and mostly wrong. Im pretty sure(not entirely) 'mai waifu' was originally a meme from something or another, maybe azuma, but people doing it seriously doesn't mean they took the meme too seriously, and they wouldnt be acting like that if they didn't. That kinda fantasy romance and idolization of characters almost certainly existed beforehand. Fuck, the idea of people doing it with celebrities(maybe idols in japan?) has long been a well known meme.


It's not a joke. End of story.


I'm not sure how obsessed Japanese people are relevant to Western internet-slang.


I'm not sure why you think otaku culture revolves around English language imageboards. The argument was that having a waifu is a joke because some people in the English language imageboard community thought it was a joke.


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