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I'm hoping to find more 90s/00s cyberpunk anime, TV shows, and films to watch. I know that Lain is very unique, but I was hoping someone could recommend me some shows with similar qualities. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I was unable to find any sort of Lainchan recommended list, aside from this: http://pastebin.com/NEwAXbS7 . That list is so general, though, and it doesn't really focus on Cyberpunk or surrealism.

Surrealism, philosophy, and drug use are all definite pluses if you're wondering.

Even non-cyberpunk would be OK, depending on whether or not it featured said surrealism, etc. Paranoia Agent is very good and strikes some similar chords, for example.


Check out our anime board. They might have something.


That's where I found that Pastebin that I posted. I don't see much else. Might start a thread there, just didn't want to limit it to anime. I'd be very interested in a live action show that managed the themes and tones that Lain has.


Go on page four of /w/.
For surreal, I really enjoyed Kyousougiga (I wish the pacing was a bit better though). Another anime movie was about an egg, you could probably google egg anime and get it, it's a tad slow though.


Kuuchu Buranko.

I love the weird animation, and its psychological aspects.

Jigoku Shoujo, and Welcome to NHK.

I know that those animus are not surreal, but its philosophical, and psychological aspects are top notch.

For Jigoku Shoujo. I like the way they describe how the person decided to send someone to hell, even though they also would be sent to hell.

For Welcome to NHK. Melancholic atmosphere of the characters just sinks right through your heart. Even though I'm not a NEET, I do feel the suffering felt by the NEET. Also, it could be said to other characters.


just finished Videodrome and oh man very lain plus they live vibe to the entire film. defendant worth checking out