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This is new /zzz/, the dreams board. The intent is that this board will be used to share and discuss descriptions of dreams; discussion concerning dreaming techniques, sleeping patterns, and the nature of dreams and of consciousness is also welcome.

Discussion of stimulants or other consumable items in the context of dreaming is considered relevant here and the /drug/ board; a thread in each or either board for this is reasonable and allowed.

Remember to be smart when discussing potentially illegal activities.

This board is very large so that each dream and accompanying discussion can have its own thread, so don't be shy about making a new thread and don't be shy about adding to an old discussion.

Sleep tight; don't let anything bite.

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I see threads about nightmares and for me nightmares are nothing more then un-controlled psyche in a dream reality.

I myself still have not mastered perfect lucidity at will, but I hope to easily achieve a lucid state in "dream reality" more frequently and practice constantly. Having it happen to me about 5 times, it was life changing each time and Its what keeps me motivated to always get back.
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That's also what I did the first time my dream turned lucid. There were magical girls in the air.


Its been quite a long time since you posted this. I have followed your tips and my experiences dreaming and lucid dreaming keep getting better and better. I had to buy bigger notebooks to keep an adequate log of my dreams.
I visited almost every country, i fuarrrked almost every girl i wanted, i defeated or humilliated most of my enemies and witnessed surreal worlds of wonder, all in my dreams and thanks to you (and the rest of the lainons here)
Its time i give back to you the blissful sensations you have given me. Ask for it and give me an email and i will do my best to send it to you.

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I know this isn't /drg/ but since Calea is 100% legal everywhere this should be fine. I want to know if using Calea will make me dependent on it to remember my dreams or even lucid dream and if will make it more difficult to start lucid dreaming at will like the people here.
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lel jk. i'm not really that guy.

File: 1434544076428.png (60.91 KB, 300x169, gits_2_3.jpg)

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The images of reality I see are formed completely within my own head based on input from my 5 senses.

The images I experience in my dreams are formed completely within my own head as well.

Because I do not know the true nature of reality beyond what I can conceptualize in my head, I cannot know what is beyond it. I can't do it.

If that's the case, are dreams and reality the same?
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Forgot to post this with above post: The distinction only occurs or is noticed only after you've woken.


That's something that always got me about people who claim that their dreams are just as realistic as waking life.

The only time my dreams have ever seemed to me to be "realistic" is when I am in them, and I am convinced that I am in reality. However, once I wake up I realize that it was just a dream. Sometimes I'll come the realization while I'm in the dream, although I rarely gain the lucidity to control it.

I guess you could say that this proves that it's all just sensory input and awake/asleep makes no difference to your brain, but I can say this; every day I wake up to the same reality, but every night I dream a very different dream world.

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Does anyone else take Melatonin before bed? I specifically do it because when i wake up im still semi asleep. I am aware of my state but I cant move my body.
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>I always feel like absolute soykaf for an hour or two after I wake up
look up sleep apnea. you may have it.


Have you tried taking less? I've often heard the less is more philosophy when it comes to melatonin and a friend of mine only takes 2mg and he's a big bloke.

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I wonder if I'm alone in this. Anytime I use a cellphone or a computer in a dream, it malfunctions. Or it's full of viruses or something. It's only purpose in the dream seems to be that it is a source of frustration. In a few different ones, I've been in a public place and dozens of popup porn ads kept appearing, which felt a lot like the generic "I'm in public in my underwear" dream. I am trying to remember a dream where this wasn't the case but I can't.
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The more the focus is on the computer itself, the more likely it malfunctions in the dream, anecdotally. Last night I had a dream where my favorite forums and subreddits were completely saturated in bots... literally every response was either a soykafty sarcastic comment, meme, or a link to tabloid/top 10 list junk. It was very vivid, to the point where I can only assure myself it was a dream for the fact I went to sleep sober. The computer operation and reading of text was, amazingly enough, perfectly fine. I was even taking note of parenthesis not closed, improper capitalization. etc.


Same goes for the psychosis associated with schizophrenia. From observing several people who were close to me, their ability to use even simple things like email or a cellphone started to fall apart when they were drifting. One would send me increasingly confused and nonsensical messages and then a bunch that were complete gibberish; not even broken English but rather like she was trying to type with her forehead. Then total silence, either because she hit the zyprexa and went to sleep or because she threw her computer against the wall again.

File: 1436627603765.png (108.01 KB, 300x225, lain-outside-of-the-real-world.jpg)

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Today I had a really fun dream, in which I was more or less forced to take part in some kind of social activity game, where I get tasks and deadlines on my smartphone from some entity, just like in Gatchaman Crowds or Higashi no Eden. Also I was on the run from the police for some unknown reason and got to enter some shady group in the slums of this city.

This dream kinda made me want to dream more and longer. All my dreams seem to end after roughly 5 actions or place-changes, which should amount to maybe 5-10minutes in-dream time, but when I wake up it feels much shorter.

I remember one dream in which I thought years had passed, but sadly after waking up this feeling stopped.

I want to feel like I was days or weeks in another world. Can I somehow prolong dreams? I mean, I sleep 8 hours from which roughly 20% are REM-Phase, so I should dream 90min, yet I only remember 5 minutes ... Is this only a matter of remembering and training (e.g. with a dream diary)? Or do I need to become lucid to prolong my dreams.
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>Also, the dreams we have napping are quite different
That's a good entry for a dream journal.

>I find reality checks to be much better.

Found the same thing. Journal + reality checks and dream signs to start getting lucid sometimes and learn how to control oneself and the environment, induction can be good once you know your way around your dreams.

>induction is going to leave you napping

What does that mean?

>how the fuarrrk did you not notice before?

It happens to me that flying is a totally normal thing to do in my dreams, but only when I change my direction in mid-fly/jump I realise that that's not possible IRL and conclude that I must be dreaming.

>Be careful.

I gave that a rest, still want to learn it sometime and experiment for myself.


>induction is going to leave you napping
>What does that mean?
Just that you'll be sleeping lightly like you would while napping. In both cases, you skip over the earlier phases of sleep that really pull you down. Dreams like this are often a lot more vivid and easier to control but they're also much more... formulaic? I suppose. It's hard to find a good word for this. Suffice to say they are different though it should be noted that depending on what you're doing this difference is not always relevant. If you are lucid, have very good control (enough that it doesn't matter how difficult it is) and choose to control every aspect of the dream then it should be much the same.

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About five years ago, when I was under-aged b&, I started to take the bus home from school. The bus was very hot and sweaty most days, the temperature was normally about 32 degrees Celsius (89 for the Americanly impaired), there was little air conditioning, a bunch of retarded kids wriggling about like jelly beans and our uniform were made of some kind of tight fitting non porous synthetic material. As a defence mechanism I basically taught myself to fall asleep automatically under those conditions. Back then I played a lot of CSGO and after a while I started to hear gunfire and explosions whenever I closed my eyes on the bus, the interesting thing was that although I couldn't see anything, I was in control of my movement within the dream (I could hear my footsteps) and always had either a P90 or an AK-47. About a week ago I was sightseeing in Japan and during a taxi ride to the Silver Pavilion in Kyoto I experienced the same conditions. This time however I could hear multiple pop idol songs playing over one another sounding much like the busy streets of Akihabara had done only a few days ago. What about you guys? Had any audio only dreams?
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sounds like an extremely vivid daydream to me, covering for the "lucid" part


that's the tetris effect, it's really nothing special

well, it will be as long as you think that it was. since people don't remember dreams well, you can't exactly listen to the song later to compare the two
suppose there's three processes involved in people realising their environment (I'm not actually sure if this is how it works, but it makes sense to me)
1. sensation- the vibrations hit your ears and they shake
2. realisation- your brain does some magic soykaf
3. memory- you commit the sensation to RAM/storage. apparently, we all live a few moments in the past, with sensory delay and all
now if you weren't hearing the song at all, or anything that sounded like it as you were sleeping, we skip step one entirely
most dreams are just made of step 3[citation needed], and since you aren't experiencing step 2 right now, you shouldn't be able to tell for sure whether you were hearing a practically perfect version of that song or not

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I had an extremely odd dream the other night. It was an extremely long dream as well, and despite having about 5 and a half hours of sleep, I felt extremely relaxed and alert in the morning.
Essentially, my dreams were about a serial killer who was the spitting image of Buffalo Bill from Silence of The Lambs. He killed either my family or someone else's, and I helped him. I remember him wearing some sort of furry disguise. I think I remember a green room. I also remember a kitchen. I also remember a pen. I think either him or myself stabbed a pen into one of the people, and one of us dropped it. We might not have stabbed someone with it, but the pen was left in the house it in the house. I remember warning him about leaving evidence. We then went to a store for some reason, perhaps to buy supplies to continue our scheme. He revealed himself to be a short black guy I went to high school with. I told him that I used to remember him as a friendly person, and I would have never thought he would have done this. I don't remember anything past that because I had an alarm set to wake me up early, which promptly ended the dream. But all I remember throughout the dream was how good it felt to kill people. I felt a bit of remorse, but it felt really good.

I apologize for the poor organization and writing, but I was trying to write down my thoughts as quickly as possible. I woke up about 11 hours ago. I probably should have wrote it down then, but I didn't have time.

Anyways, I think it would be best to note that I've also been having homicidal/suicidal thoughts lately, more than usual. I assume these dreams were related. But is that all this dream means? Does anyone know what else these dreams might imply?
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If that's the word you'd like to use, yeah. I fuarrrking hate this world so much. I really hate humanity as a whole.


Wow, this brings me back. I haven't had any dreams about murder since the first Saturday of November 2006 when I was 10. If anyone cares to read of it:
>in big house w/ some staircases, sitting on one
>1st grade girl sitting on another staircase across from me
>stand up and announce, "It's time for a murder!"
>pull knife out of nowhere
>she screams and starts running
>chase her off the staircase through 2 rooms & into a third room
>tackle and pin her to the cream-colored carpet
>stab her in the heart repeatedly until I wake up
>wake up in a great mood
>mfw this was the same girl I had a crush on for half of 5th grade

I also share your misanthropic feels and disgust for society, OP. It's one of many reasons why I'm a shut-in with an imaginary sister, imaginary bro, and a waifu. I still desire companionship, but 3D "real" humans don't cut it. Transcending humanity, so to speak.

File: 1398158779349.png (1.03 MB, 255x174, .jpg)

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So much Lain, I'd like to remind you who the real dreamers are
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i know nothing about that image, its source, and how is that related to your post.
i could have searched all of that in matter of seconds, and left in disappointment.
why dont you talk about it yourself and enlighten us?


File: 1486140072163.png (3.07 MB, 152x200, madotsuki_rain.png)

Please see https://uboachan.net/ for more info.

File: 1437300103590.png (769.36 KB, 300x212, 1396213325616.jpg)

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Everyone passing by must post a dream

-sitting around waiting for some people to show up at a friend's house.
-they finally show up, but don't really want to play the game i was hoping to play.
-they just watch tv instead.
-"Man, fuarrrk this." i decide to leave out of boredom.
-it's a sunny day and i take a walk outside, and for a reason unbeknownst to me am carrying a garden hose.
-i can't bring myself to put down the hose, so i decide to put it to use.
-every plant in my path i point the hose at. trees, shrubs, grass, everything.
-come to a daycare center, where a little kid is playing with a hose by himself.
-he sprays and laughs at me, so i spray him back harder, which makes him stop.
-i walk around the playground, wetting all the plants in sight.
-the kid starts doing it too, but stays there when i leave.
-i find myself on a shady sidewalk, where there is a large paper bag lodged in the dirt.
-i reach to see what's in the bag, and a cat's paw comes out.
-i can tell that someone is underground beneath the cat, moving the cat's paws like a puppet.
-i reach deep into the bag to try and pull out the person holding the cat, but pull out the cat instead.
-it's black with white spots. i set it down and it runs off.
-whoever is underground has retreated, staying out of sight.
-i briefly consider using the hose to try and flood them out, but become aware that the hose is only dripping.
-the hose has become tangled in my walk around the block.
-i walk back and round a corner to find some people standing and laughing.
-they are poking fun at what happened to my hose, which is fairly tangled with several kinks.
-one of them offers to help when i spot the real problem, which is a balloon-size clog in the hose that looks nearly ready to burst.
-i'm fearful of the hose bursting, and realize that the spicket is too far away to turn off immediately.
-trying to think fast about what to do.
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>go camping with family for some reason
>bunch of random probably symbolic stuff happens like a cabin burning down with a cat inside
>at the end of the day the sky lights up with incredible colours, everyone goes down to the lake to watch the sun set
>right after the sun sets and the sky starts to go dark, another object rises from the same position
>everyone goes crazy because they think it's the moon or something
>it's actually an asteroid heading straight for earth
Pretty sure everyone died, it was around the time an asteroid was passing close to earth, so that probably influenced my subconscious


The oddest dream I've ever had was set at a beach. It was a pretty normal scene until some cochins (this species of chicken that has feathers along its legs) were running out of the ocean. They were completely dry, and ran for the city behind. That was it, really. I am completely lost to what it might mean.

File: 1438181288833.png (16.47 KB, 300x282, 1412511004130.png)

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Help /zzz/, I keep having dream with my ex. It's been going for two weeks straight now and I can't stand it anymore, I always end up waking depressed as fuarrrk and that feeling endures for the entire day. How can I make this stop? Even having nightmares would be better than this.
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just feel, anon.


This post is absurd, such bad advice.
>go hit a shrink, tell him all, and i mean all you can
yeah if you wanna be thrown in a cell, pumped full of drugs and put on a watchlist and never be able to take out life insurance etc

File: 1438271721257.png (938.88 KB, 300x169, 1438198689793.jpg)

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I have these dreams where I can do things that I can't do irl and I often feel bad when waking. All I'll remember is one (usually simple) thing. Tonight I drempt that I was attempting to solve this cheapsoykaf chinese Rubik's cube I have. I thought to myself it'd be easier with another and sure enough I picked up this cube of the sort speedcubers use (one where you can do one rotation halfway and complete that rotation with another rotation perpendicular). The cube ended up having a side completely orange with still more orange squares. I had solved it. I can't actually solve a Rubik's cube at all.
A while ago there was a similar dream where I could play guitar.


File: 1438274213914.png (16.11 KB, 200x170, its-time-to-choose[1].gif)

Its your destiny. You are the 6th, Jasper the acousticsist and puzzle solver.


go back to bed Feliks

File: 1438366573433.png (159.94 KB, 300x164, texhnolyze-fall.webm)

No.1148 [Reply]

Sometimes, not often enough to make me worried, I'm really really sleepy and I fall asleep for maybe 5 minutes or maybe less. I then dream something like falling down while walking on a sidewalk and reflexively try to cushion the fall with my arms. Then I wake up with mild spasms, because these reflexes are actually at least mildly executed in real life.
It happened while watching a friend play Playstation and it happened in a lecture. In both times the friends beside me found this rather amusing. Well me too. (It's not painful)
I wonder how normal this is, or what the real trigger are. Does anyone have similar experiences?
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It happen with me too.
My hypothesis is that your unconscious mind think you will die when you fall a sleep. It's like the Celtic way to think: You die every night when you sleep. And rebirth at the dawn.
Too much spiritual for me.


The term for this is a hypnic jerk. I think most people experience it from time to time. Wiki article says there's a hypothesis that it is a vestigial reflex that prevented early hominids from falling out of trees while sleeping.

File: 1438515817572.png (282.68 KB, 300x300, NTL-04837-2.jpg)

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Hello /zzz/

I am currently at sleep dep mark hour 29 and I'm loosing feeling in my body. It's like I don't have control of my body, and I'm merely an observer, looking through a glass. I can feel my body, but it doesn't seem like my body. I feel like I'm floating in this world.

I like this feeling. I'm going to try to reach hour 35, then I'm going to take 10 mg of melatonin. Let's see what happens :]
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So I went to sleep at hour 30. By the end, I felt like I wasn't me. I didn't felt fatigue, but I went to sleep only because I felt the obligation to. You know how you feel when you sit down for too long and when you stand up, your blood pressure drops suddenly and you feel dizzy? It felt like that but a little more pleasant and a little less intense. I couldn't see very sharply, but I could see enough to function. I could feel my body, but it felt detached, like what I was feeling was what someone else was feeling. It was kind of like watching a movie. It was strange but not unpleasant.

File: 1438520957304.png (131.47 KB, 300x225, khaos__the_void_by_blazingelysium-d3d9fd4.jpg)

No.1167 [Reply]

>Aphantasia is a hypothesized neurological condition where a person does not possess a functioning mind's eye. The term was first suggested in a 2015 study for a specific kind of visual agnosia.
It feels weirdly appropriate to talk about this here.

I've never been able to picture things, weirdly enough my dreams are of concepts, i don't "see" anything.
I could perfectly describe to you what happens in the few dreams i remember, but i can't for the hell of me visualize it.

Figured it was just because i don't have a visual memory, but apparently it's just the tip of the iceberg.

What's your opinion of it?
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File: 1461719530693.png (23.06 KB, 200x196, smug_lain_1.jpg)

I can't imagine what that would be like.


Can you draw stuff from imagination?
Like think of an animal and draw it accordingly?

If those people are lacking the ability to create visual images in their mind, i think that they probably are not able to do it.

File: 1401689625014.png (7.35 KB, 275x183, .jpeg)

No.121 [Reply]

List some cool dreams you've had here.
I had one recurring dream where I was in the Totally Spies universe, in ancient Rome, and I could fly by tripping (like, tripping on a stone, not on drugs).

I had one dream where clones were after me and almost everyone was replaced by clones. I could find out who was a clone by making some weird sound or something.
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I had a dream in which I was at an airport bar getting ready to leave on vacation. I was traveling with Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Steve Martin, and Woody Harrelson, and we were all wearing the same Hawaiin shirt.

I can't remember a single joke but I remember it was a hilarious time at the airport.


File: 1473918315686.png (644.91 KB, 200x145, 1459597068784.gif)

huge recording studio
lots of suicide-girl hoes all around
me and my friends smoking blunts
like a hip hop video
my father came in
everything tears apart
the hoes are the only thing left
dad is happy
**wake up

File: 1401721811211.png (234.88 KB, 300x150, .png)

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When do you usually dream? I don't know why but for some reason, sometimes I don't dream at night. At all. But I dream at day time, mostly when taking naps or waking up and oversleeping. But then it becomes the opposite. And for some reason, I always have bad dreams at day time.
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File: 1455037455559.png (38.61 KB, 200x200, image.jpeg)

For some reason, I only dream when I sleep 10 or more hours. At least I remember them with that time. They usually involve insecurities or fears. I can't remember the last time I had a good dream.


If I go to sleep at midnight dreams start only after 3 AM - first few hours of sleep are usually dreamless or it is just noise. The most visual and pleasant dreams happen already in the morning, around 6 AM. I think it has something to do with sleep cycles.

File: 1439277694411.png (9.02 KB, 224x224, asmr.jpg)

No.1247 [Reply]

Anyone else experience this? ASMR General. Share your triggers.
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I used to experience ASMR while laying in bath with warm water listening to the sound of pouring water. But there was some pause and now it's gone.


To me it's the feeling of someone exploiting a 'glitch' inside of me to force me into a state that might me more easily influenced by suggestion. I get the tingles but since I'm not actually comfortable,and I don't actually feel any sense of safety, I react badly. I don't want a stranger to do that to me. When it happens it feels like a violation.

The more it happens the worse my response until I start to hate the content. If you can get into it more power to you, but someone intentionally exploiting my biology makes me uncomfortable, especially if I feel like they may know more about how it works than I do.

File: 1439494108449.png (44.19 KB, 213x300, Paprikaposter.jpg)

No.1276 [Reply]

Layer one:
>going to my grandmother's house on foot
>literally needed to climb some huge hills to go up there
>my heart pounded due to the inhuman effort to climb them
Layer two:
>wake up in my bed
>my dad calls me up, there was a guy from the bank trying to sell me something
>I was so tired than I was barely incapable of see and walk
>I realized I was still dreaming
>this a scam, that fuarrrking kike wants to steal you, says no, you idiot
>too tired to say that
>sign the contract, but was capable of wake up after this
Layer three:
>wake up in my bed
>my maid calls me for lunch
>it was stroganoff
Layer four (real world:
>wake up
>1 o'clock PM
>don't know if the last one was a dream or not
>think a bit
Realized than I haven't had lunch yet.

Holy soykaf, lived some kind of Inception or what?
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It's really interesting that you awoke from a dream inside a dream because a character from first dream woke you up. Subconscious must have amazing retentive abilities


The weirdest thing was that the nested dream was a lucid one, and I lost lucidity when I woke up. I can try to remember the whole dream.

>layer 1

I'm helping my brother carrying some wood to the house of a friend of his, in a bycicle. My friend's dad tells us to go away after I crash my bike onto his house's wall, we go home and to our room, my bed is next to his. He sits on his bed and starts doing something on a laptop, I play guitar on my bed until I get bored and leave the guitar aside so I can take a nap. In this dream I have a very big (~30 cm diameter) blue dream catcher.
>layer 2
I'm working as IT in the highschool I went to, go from class to class fixing stuff for the teachers. They are cool, but the kids look wicked, like they're from Children of the Damned. I'm in a room with one particularly friendly teacher, she opens the door for me as I leave but she freezes when she looks out, she's scared, tells me to not go out because the principal is coming this way. I don't fear the principal so I go out and start walking down the hall, the principal is walking this way, in front of me, she's Lucy Liu. I realize it's a lucid dream, start looking around, touching the walls (they're white panels, some have fallen out like in that Portal game). I was a little anxious about Lucy Liu because she was an evil character, but as I'm lucid I'm certain she won't do anything bad to me because it's my dream. As she walks past me she looks at me and grins, in that moment my testicles start hurting like I'm being beaten it hurts to the point that I decide I have to wake up, as much as I liked it to have a lucid dream.
>layer 1
Wake up in pain, through the window near my feet I see someone with a hoodie stepping away from the window and walking away, it's dark so I can't see who he was but he was the one hitting me. My brother is still using his laptop and I ask him about the guy on the window, he says he didn't see anything. I go help my mom with the laundry and she hints that my bro could know something about the guy with the hoodie. I go back to my room, ask him again and he tells me that he stole money from a friend of his, the one I gave the wood some time ago. I talk to this guy, at his home I think, and he tells me that he hit me in my sleep because he was angry at my brother for stealing from him.

When I woke back to layer 1 I didn't even realize I had had a lucid dream.

>I think I have free will, but I do things wouldn't do, if I was really conscious
This happened to me too, It feels like my brain is trying to make me feel like my efforts to have lucid dreams are being fruitful, without actually having a lucid one.

>Shit, what if the neighbours see me?
I have felt this too, some sort of shame of flying in public. Once I thought "what if I come across someone I know and they see me flying? Oh, I'll just explain to them that I'm dreaming" but didn't go lucid from that thought.

That's interesting, can you guess a reason for that to happen? Was it the music, the pillow, something else?

File: 1440887082757.png (62.66 KB, 300x233, FPCO3DzRYnU.jpg)

No.1351 [Reply]

I often find myself wondering whether I'm really lucid or if I am simply /dreaming that I am lucid dreaming/.

Anyone else feel the same way?
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I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but I often have the intuition that I am dreaming, without a manifest awareness. It's hard to explain, it's kind of an acknowledgement of the nature of dream logic in the current experience. You then proceed to act according to dream logic (though in a dream I usually just follow along without deliberate 'acting').
A good example is when I dreamed I was in the future, and I saw a futuristic version of a recurrent image in my dreams, and thought "lol, just like in my drea... oh soykaf thismis a dream!" But I just kept dreaming without any intentional attempt to use that awareness to my advantage.
Anyone experience this?


Me, but sometimes it does become a lucid dream.

File: 1441503778090.png (488.58 KB, 289x180, explodanbulbs.gif)

No.1376 [Reply]

Has anyone had experienced them?

I'll explain myself. Almost every time I get sick (usually anything involving a fever), sleeping becomes a horrible experience. It's not that I keep having nightmares, it's more of a dream-like state characterized by intense repetition of some random stimulus. Something like a short GIF repeating inside of my head for at least 3 hours non-stop with no option to interrupt it. Sometimes it evolves into a short dream where I repeat a menial task for at least 1 hour with lots of pressure I can't really explain. Last night I had to endlessly climb stairs while still being half-awake and hearing the whirring of the computer fans. After that came the "dream" where I opened doors following nonsensical instructions uttered from the dark for a long, long while. I knew I was dreaming and had a horrible time but at the same time I didn't have the strength to interrupt the dream.

When I "wake up" from this weird state, there's a short period where I can't control my own thoughts and this weird dream is still lingering while I recover conscious control of my mind again. I always have to get up and listen to music or watch anime to get rid of those thoughts. After that I can finally sleep in peace, but I've already lost a good 4 hours of my night and wake up feeling like crap.

I'm not exaggerating the time spans here, I always give my watch a glance right after waking up.

Please tell me I'm not the only one.
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i distinctly remember having similar dreams when i was younger. there was one where i was on a circular platform that was colored like a black and white pinwheel and i just kept sliding off from platform to platform, occasionally falling slightly down to the next one and spinning off onto the next. i kept trying to get to the middle of the circle to rest.. and i don't suppose i ever did. the only other feature was geometric shapes and some dull colors.

funny, the nightmares a young mind conjures. i guess i didn't have my societal programming yet


my dreams hardly ever contain written words or even cohesive dialogues so it always makes me anxious when i remember some vivid lines.

^this appeared on an etched napkin in my dreamscape bedroom even though i'm not even a native english speaker. spooked me put good when i woke up and had a recall

File: 1441624544931.png (170.85 KB, 300x214, kanade.jpg)

No.1388 [Reply]

>be in my new apartment
>sitting at my computer, nice computer.
>someone knocks on my door
>its a bunch of socialists from one of the socialistmost parties in my country
>I figure I be kind and invite them into my home, maybe to discuss politics with them
>they start touching my computer
>stop touching my computer! It's everything to me!
>they won't stop touching my computer!
>fucking socialists get out of my computer!
>wake up, it was all a dream
>go to computer, think to myself "thank god that socialists have nothing to do with my computer!"
>realize socialists already are monitoring my computer
>EU data storage directive


This made me laf.


>fucking socialists get out of my computer!
This was really funny.

I can't recall any dreams I've had like this, in the sense of waking up and remembering that something saddening like this is true. I believe most of my dreams revolve around unfounded horrors that I wake up and recall to be false, to my comfort.

File: 1398229265672.png (171.33 KB, 202x255, .jpg)

No.14 [Reply]

i saw an evil pig face in my dream, and as i woke up, i herd a loud screech and bang. Now, i remember it as if i was awake, but dreams are funny like that. has anyone else experienced this?
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thats scerry as fuarrrk OP



I had a string of nightmares where the Pighead from Saw would be hiding in my slightly ajar closet. Whenever I put pressure on the door to close it, Pighead would rush out and pin me to the wall squealing and I'd wake up after a couple seconds of being pinned to the wall.

Had that dream on and off for about a month or so last year. Hasn't happened since.

File: 1442678627861.png (2.02 MB, 300x200, kum@m3m9-min.jpg)

No.1445 [Reply]

>It was my old middle school
>at about five in the afternoon
>The exterior is exactly like I remember, shabby, in ill repair despite being a private school.
>Now moving toward one of the classrooms
>Inside now and holy shit
>Decked out like a 19th century manor
>It's physics this period
>"Take a seat" she says.
>I move to the hearth where the bags are all placed
>My bag, of which I was unaware, is now among them
>Randomly, about the floor, Einstein's "Theory of relativity" atop Marx's "Das Kapital"
>All ways stacked perfectly in this order, first editions
>On my knees I shuffle to pick a pair from the crowd
>"Why aren't we reading this" with the cover of "Das Kapital" facing to my teacher
>bluntly "This is Physics"
>"What about the other one?"
>"What other one"
>This remark distresses me greatly
>I look down holding the tomes in my hands aside
>Tears fill my eyes
>I put both on the floor now the same way I held them, retrieving my exercise book from my bag as well as stationary
>I sit with my teacher at a large round table
>With us eight or so children
>All stereotypical portrayals of pre-war British primary school children
>Large heads, blonde hair slicked back or neatly pushed back with a hair-band
>I open my book to see exercises that I had done to calculate the area of a triangle
>I severely hate my teacher now for some reason
>I collapse back to the floor desperate to read Marx's work and Einstein later
>I know I can't read them without knowing the prerequisite stuff
>So much to go through before the final treat
>This though stirs me horribly
>"What are you doing Jack?"
>Light floods the room
Why do I dream such things?
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What a positive role model for the other kids


>Why do I dream such things?
don't let your schooling interfere with your education

File: 1442814688539.png (212.48 KB, 300x234, 37mmfrance.gif)

No.1448 [Reply]

Anyone else, after recording your dreams, notice any dreaming trends or common traits?

For me my dreams typically always end directly prior to the climax- just as things become intensely interesting I awaken.
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No, I remember when I was younger I would skip from being a pirate on the seas to some weird stalactites stalagmites cavern thing (like the Ant Tunnel from Maplestory), then to random places like different schools, never the same school, though. They still had the stalking element to it but it wasn't the main part of the thought.
I didn't start keeping a dream diary until like last month but if I were to date when the dreamworld started being largely concrete it would be about 3 years ago, I think.


In Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, by Stephen LaBerge, there are classified types of patterns to look for in a dream, in order to become aware of dreaming. It explores all of the details in my recorded dreams: whether there is a change in your environment (being in an uncommon or unknown place), in your relationship with the people you know (your mother is your boss), and the feelings or abilities you have (feeling sad, being able to fly an airplane).

After logging my dreams for three months, the most recurring pattern is being in unknown places: a hookers alley near a factory, a small park near my hometown, a series of connected backyards. Of course, reaching awareness is still my goal, because feeling almost always that there's something due today distracts me.

File: 1443338512169.png (126.26 KB, 198x300, 1441844472725.gif)

No.1494 [Reply]

Post most memorable/impressive dream you have had so far!

Heres mine:

Since i started my "dream diary" two days ago i had my first lucid dream it was pretty short but it went something like this:
Suddenly I was staring into a mirror at myself. Flickering overhead flourescents lite up what appeared to be a public washroom. The image of the place was crisp and wonderfully vivid. Suddenly the me in the mirror spoke in a hurt kinda shallow sounding voice yet there was only my expression on its face "Please don't go, the reality you know is nothing more than a consolidation of everyones dreams, and its been slowly wearing on you" (or something like that). just before the dream ended i realized that it was my lips had been moving subconsiously the entire time... then i woke up


That's fuarrrk ing nuts.
My wildest dream of late was post over here >>1491

Some of my memorable dreams have included armed sieges on buildings and infiltrating a casino as some kind of secret agent.

File: 1402570161389.png (272.78 KB, 218x300, .jpg)

No.151 [Reply]

Aseptic Void - Anxiety and Visions (2014)


i understand you

File: 1444030505370.png (9.85 KB, 136x124, image.jpeg)

No.1528 [Reply]

This site is really cozy. Good night /zzz/
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File: 1476072647068.png (55.03 KB, 200x200, 2005499_1316522225184.21res_500_500.jpg)

Спокойной ночи, друзья <3


File: 1476485628856.png (452.1 KB, 200x150, ovWixpH.gif)

File: 1402975171737.png (111.07 KB, 300x280, .jpg)

No.156 [Reply]

Hey, i haven't been able to sleep very well.
When i do sleep i only sleep for about an hour and thirty minutes.
This sleep is very intense, i will often wake up feeling like i jogged a mile, panting but not sweating. Often when i dream i can't even move, not even in a lucid dream.

Anyone else get this experience?
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Im glad. Spare a thought? Maybe some greentext storytime? Ive been having some rough weeks, marijuana is the only thing helping with my rem sleep


I can't really green text but ill try.
>be really tired.
>you never really find out you fall asleep
>dreams tend to be nightmares or very "active" for lack of a better word.
>you wake up panting like you ran a mile or worked out for a while
>feel like your heart is going a mile a minute or skipped a beat or off beat ( It isn't like the Romantic comedies, it hurts)
>you feel like your having a panic attack when your trying to calm down
>because all of this your now wide awake and can't sleep,
>because of this, later your tired throughout the day, and the cycle repeats

The best think i can tell you is if you get a day of or call a day off goto bed early, like 9pm - 10pm. that way you can relax and not worry. make sure you get stress free days where you can set everything aside and relax and just lay down and not worry about life.

The biggest reason that was happening to be was because of stress ( American who was Full time college student and Full time minimumwageslave ), the most I would sleep would be about 3 hours of sleep best, and I always had homework.

File: 1444839160492.png (271.67 KB, 212x300, tumblr_neungfeyzj1qzultro1_1280.jpg)

No.1568 [Reply]

Maybe this is a thread more suited for /lam/, but as I don't intend to extend that much on the programming side of it I'll post it here.

I thought this morning about building a Sqlite database interface in Python (ncurse or web-based), which could be a nice programming project and something useful for me or other dreamers.

So far my main concern is the database structure, and I would like suggestions about it. How would you organize it? I don't have any idea about something that would need more than a single table. I started with something very simple :

*Tags / Key-words
*Dream themes
*"Dream signs (don't remember how Laberge call this, but basically what signs that show we are experiencing a dream)
*Lucid or not (bool)

What can I add? What kind of functions can I implement?
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Bumping up, anyone still pursuing this idea?

To get things rolling again,
currently cloning into OutWiker to test how usable it is for journaling dreams, among other stuff.


I was thinking, maybe using M$ Access as some sort of back-end would be useful

Just shooting ideas

File: 1445245241185.png (1018.13 KB, 243x300, 2.png)

No.1598 [Reply]

It seems like every dream I have these days features, at some point, a very sexually forward woman.

It will never be the same woman as far as I can tell but it often plays out the same.
There will be some group of people in my life. I'll know most, if not all of them.
One of them will have brought along a friend who will be immediately and overtly sexually interested in me.
She will playfully flirt in front of the group and go so far as things that could be considered foreplay such a licking skin.

I will find this weird, as will the group, but no one will say anything.
I'll be flattered but ignore it while we get back to the task at hand, be that talking or going somewhere ect.

I will NEVER sleep with the woman, she may or may not disappear later.
The dream may then be relieved to be a nightmare or some random mess, and will leave me very confused when I wake how sexy imagery keeps getting paired with horror imagery in the same dream.
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File: 1445427221916.png (1.11 MB, 200x179, 18.png)

It's hard to separate indoctrination from genuine emotion. We're often told that marriage is the soundest path, that it should be an end aspiration for our lives.
But there's no denying that at 22, I feel a lot of my friend's eyes are bigger than their stomachs.

It's certainly been a long time since I've been with a woman, emotionally and physically.
And I've never had the pleasure of "showing off" a relationship (previous ones being very detached from my main social life, such as at work)

I'm sure, in no small part, the idea of HER being forward is very appealing. As I undeniably have trouble with confidence and romantic interaction.
A nonchalant approach could be a desire of how I wish I was (I.E so confident, that a woman licking my neck is no big deal and I can idly joke with others about it.)


This seems to be all about confidence

File: 1398237353837.png (258.03 KB, 255x171, .jpg)

No.16 [Reply]


I've been practising dreaming and lucidity for a few years now and consider myself quite good at it, so I can offer some tips that worked for me.

1. Keep a dream journal under your pillow, and write in it as soon as you wake up. Just write whatever you can, even if it's short or fragmented.

2. Read your dream journal before you go to sleep. This seems to remind you of what a dream is, which will help you distinguish between dreams and reality, and also help you remember your dreams better.

3. Find something that can tip you off as to whether you're in a dream or not, and occasionally test this in reality. I choose to try to float, as I can always achieve this in my dreams, and it looks totally inconspicuous irl.

4. Have an idea of what you want to do in a lucid dream before you have the dream. If you spend too much time thinking during your dream it will make you wake yourself up. Instead, as soon as you're lucid, start doing what you want and focus more on the action than the thoughts involved.

Hope that helps!! :)

File: 1445276383662.png (237.29 KB, 227x300, tumblr_mqsd77bYLk1rlp470o1_500[1].jpg)

No.1600 [Reply]

I'm learning English and i want have practice with English. Who can help me with this?
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Moved to >>>/r/16495.


Moved to >>>/r/16528.

File: 1445378240458.png (27.42 KB, 300x237, 1442971985665.jpg)

No.1639 [Reply]

Hey laions in my life i never had a dream, it is normal ? I not can understand how is a dream is to deep for me.
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thats how its fuarrrking supposed to be. you still had a dream, that is NORMAL to sleep and wake up with no notion of time jesus. the reason there is a gap is because you cant remember what happened during that time, your dream that is.

sorry if i sound aggressive but this is frustrating.


when you "sleep" do you encounter a period where time passes and you aren't aware of what's going on until you "wake up".

File: 1404222231625.png (6.17 KB, 300x300, .jpg)

No.164 [Reply]

/zzz/ what is the longest you have ever went without sleep?
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I was awake for 3-4 days.
But not without drugs.


Almost 4 days. Was on a military operation. Do not recommend not sleeping for that long, it fuarrrks with your head.

File: 1446123176304.png (69.7 KB, 300x188, nazi_2823355b.jpg)

No.1678 [Reply]

Do your dreams ever "continue" where they left off last night? I seem to carry on having dreams where I am a nazi officer and I go on adventures with Hitler and other officers. I always wake up when the star of david is shown, it has become a motif in all my dreams lately. I am not sure what this means.
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Professional dream interpreter here.

You're on your own with this one son.

In seriousness, what are the conditions surrounding these dreams? Do you wake up in the middle of the night or only when it's reasonable you'd be waking up naturally? How do you feel when you see the star and wake? How often do you have them? How prevalent is the star motif in other dreams? Do you notice it's presence at the time or not until afterward? If you do do you notice its significance as a symbol related to your dreams?

There's quite a few different explanations for this that would make more or less sense depending on the circumstances, but at the end of the day brains are funny things, sometimes they just want to pretend they're Nazis.


the Jews are preventing you from completing your objectives, your dreams will bend reality in ways that most people cannot comprehend. The suppression of your dream is done by a Jew using the power of the star of David to make sure you cannot do what your were destined to.

Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!

File: 1404349883441.png (158.1 KB, 300x227, .png)

No.169 [Reply]

I'm a male on my early thirties. Since I far as I a remember I have dreams where I am woman, and these dreams use to be very relaxing, to the point that the conscious me wishes they would never end.
They are nice dreams, but I wake up feeling hollow an miserly. Does anyone here has something similar?
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Sometimes I become males in my dreams but it isn't me as the guy, I just turn into another guy.
Then I drive cars, film a documentary, rand stuff like that.


>>1425 The original post sounds like a case of lack of sense of identify manifesting in the form of gender dysphoria being conveyed to you in dreams. Little odd sounding I know, but from what you said about making friends growing up it makes sense.

Personally, I've always had trouble making friends with other men as well and in middle school my close friends were women. Some people are just biologically programmed to be like this, I remember reading something about how genders can be classified as your true gender then the gender that your personality is (I can't remember the name of it for the life of me). Personally, because I have a higher introspective intelligence I am male + female. Maybe that's the case for you as well?

File: 1446740796988.png (579.78 KB, 300x225, NeverHadThis.jpg)

No.1722 [Reply]

I never got why dreams are always shown to be like magical wonderlands straight out of a fantasy novel like pic related. For me at least, whenever I can remember my dreams, they're more just like daily life with more distortion. It's sorta like living out a late alpha/ early beta of a game. I never got the vivid fantasy, just a scrapbook of people and places from my life. Anyone else have this?
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>hey're more just like daily life with more distortion
most of my dreams are these

but sometimes i dream really strange stuff, one day i dreamed about a colorful forest with tons of giant fish, then i walked away from the beach and got into a prairie with a mountain, in that mountain there was all my family waiting for my arrival and happy to see me, even those who died, we were awaiting for the arrival of one of those dead
all of them were using simple clothes that didn't looked modern, i looked on the window and saw a giant wall crossing the mountain
when i saw from the outside: it was a really big castle, with a strange architecture i can't put in words (it was really amazing, really beautiful)



My dreams can range from extremely weird to something based in real life. I've had dreams in different time periods, fantasy worlds, and even in different countries. I'm not even myself for the majority of the time.

File: 1446788525895.png (68.95 KB, 300x212, scared.jpg)

No.1726 [Reply]

Does anyone ever have dreams with HUGE emotional impact? The sort that leaves you gutted and on the verge of tears?

It seems to only occur when I am truly convinced that the dream I am in is real. Real beyond any doubt.

I have had a few dreams like this. I wouldn't call them nightmares but they are certainly haunting.

Here is one I recall with significant detail and a little creative flair to make it easier to read.


I stood behind the tall dirt embankment that made up the defencive barrier my unit of soldiers had dug up. It was several meters tall and had to be climbed to reach the top, not an issue as it was just a huge pile of dirt. I knew that we were on the Western Front of the Second World War. Despite not actually being American, I and the people with me were all US Army.

I climbed up the barrier and rested my rifle on the dirt. The sun slipped below the horizon and was blocked by the pine forest beyond the barrier.

That was when we were attacked by German Army soldiers. Across the entire front there was confusion as bullets took out many of those standing watch. I dived and slid down the embankment, hiding behind the barrier.

More shots rang out and we were losing badly. My stomach dropped out and I felt horribly sick as the fear of death smashed into me. I crawled back up the embankment, terrified that a stray bullet would take my life away before I realized what had happened.

I lifted my rifle above the barrier and fired several shots over, knowing that I did nothing but shoot clouds. I tried to lift my head above the wall to aim but I couldn't. Self preservation took over and I could not move myself to fight above the barrier. Fear was grabbing me like a vice and I could feel my throat tighten, the rush of adrenaline and the sick, hollow, feeling in my stomach.

There was a flash of realization as I thought about what my options were. Either fight and die like a warrior, or cower and surrender. I gritted my teeth and put every piece of my mental will into beating back my self-preservation and threw myself back up onto the barricade.

I aimed and fired at some distant figures to little effect. A moment later they fired back and forced me to take cover. I looked around and saw that the enemy was mostly attacking the corner of the barricade to my right, the section where the forest was most dense.

I saw that we had only a couple soldiers defending that section and it would be lost if nothing was done. I looked around for an officer or NCO to advise about the situation. They had either all been killed or were never here to begin with. It seemed everyone was completely occupied with their section to see the bigger picture so I took it upon myself to organize the defence.

The fear had left my mind and now I was purely focussed on the fight. I ran down into our camp and called five or six soldiers to follow me. I ran up the right right embankment where just two friendly soldiers now fired from.

We were nearly over run as the Germans edged to within just a few meters of the wall. I crashed onto the top of the wall and instantly began firing down as those that followed me did the same. The fire felled several enemy soldiers in a moment and pushed them back into the forest.

I ran back down the wall and called more soldiers up to the front to defend the wall. In moments we had pushed the attack back.

I let out a breath I had been holding in the entire time and I felt the adrenaline pump through me. I was so terrified, excited, angry, happy and satisfied at the same time. The emotions were beyond anything words can do justice for.


The only emotion I ever felt in dreams was sadness. I remember waking up and my pillow was dipped in tears. It's strange how we feel emotions in dreams and express those IRL.


One time I woke up on tears. Sad dream alert.
I had dreamt that my grandmother was making me breakfast, then someone came in and wounded her with a pike, I killed him and saw my grandmother dying, but she was using her last forces to finish making me that breakfast. I crawled next to her and told her that she didn't have to do that, then woke up crying.

But your dreams looks like it was all about making you feel these feelings, mine was a lot lighter, just very sad.

File: 1446917965394.png (156.21 KB, 170x300, 1435056925343.jpg)

No.1742 [Reply]

I'm wondering where people write their dreams. I usually type it out half asleep in my phone and then transfer it onto paper later.
Sometimes when I'm too tired to do that, I tell myself to remember 3 words, but they usually don't make sense so it doesn't work ("cigars", "lines", "hand" but what does it mean???). Stupid tired me.
I have a notebook in which I try to draw some scenes of it, maybe color it, but then again the notebook is filled with other stuff like me writing in code (I made up) for pages about mushroom and plant life, meteorology, and other soykaf like card reading and alchemy. I also write poetry and that's shoved in some pages. I'm disorganized.
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I looked at that app's kickstarter page and it looks neat. It said it was supposed to come out in 2013. Why is the website all empty?


Two years without an update and no app, looks like a scam to me

File: 1447225975425.png (175.71 KB, 300x188, luckystar_wallpaper02.jpg)

No.1762 [Reply]

I feel like using my dreams, especially since I have such vivid ones, as a basis for my writing and story ideas is a really good way to keep my content unique and original.

How many of you use your dreams as a basis for creating content? What do you make?
7 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I've had some really dank dreams that I've considered literary material
Now I regret not even logging them because some of them were really really good.
Once I even dreamed an idea for a videogame. Posted it here back then actually.


File: 1468434114141.png (6.15 MB, 200x88, black-hole-pump-gun.gif)

I initially started my dreams.txt in order to collect a pool of randomness / creativity which I would never be able to come up with in a state of wake. I wanted to collect and then mix it to a story like Walter Moers (e.g. "A Wild Ride Through the Night") wrote.

Unfortunately I never actually processed any of my dreams. But I sometimes read them out of nostalgia.

Just now I proofread a random dream from almost exactly two years ago (2014-07-14) which contained a dreamlike weapon design which I think would actually work and impress me in some crazy space Anime like Diebuster:

I am in some kind of parallel world where the continents are still one pangea. The difference is, that humans much earlier got the idea to use a hammer.
[many things happen]
For some reason they anyway begin to chase me and my friend from school back then, but without weapons. I ask them why they don't have pistols or not even laser guns. At mentioningin the latter one of our pursuers jumps up bringing forth a pumpgun which I gather to be a laser pumpgun looking very similar to the dubstep gun in Saints Row 4. Which means at the activation of it several small black holes open up and red laser beams are flying about around them in "nonlinear" trajectories.

Dubstep gun: https://youtu.be/SZaE7QkME38
I guess the creativity is not that high. Save for the black holes opening up the laser like beams are there too, I didn't remember that in a wake state before looking it up.
See also the attached animation made with Synfigstudio. If the user interface would be at least a tad shitty in synfig (GTK3) and if it hadn't crashed almost 6 times for this animation I would even be able to use what I learned for this first animation for my sidejob.

File: 1447450068875.png (886.73 KB, 300x162, Waking Life.png)

No.1769 [Reply]

Everyone on /zzz/ has seen Waking Life, right? I was introduced to it in philosophy club, but keep coming back to it because it's just so damn unique.

A young man is trying to wake up from a dream, while witnessing and participating in various philosophical conversations and situations. The art style of the movie lends itself to blending of the real and the imaginary, with scenes and characters seamlessly transforming into others.

I had some more to say, but the movie itself is really much more interesting the first few times without any additional input. If you watch it let me know what you think!
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Walking life is the same as Slacker as far as the lack of a plot, and how the movie is all dialog. Walking Life is only similar to A Scanner Darkly in that it is animated the same.

A Scanner Darkly is a Phillip K. Dick book.


I can't believe the diversity in his films... he also made one of the only romance trilogies I actually like.

sage because off topic as all hell now

File: 1492200914349.png (456.04 KB, 300x68, Screenshot (828).png)

No.18 [Reply]

Share dreams, dreaming tips, dream artwork/fiction, or anything else you would post on /zzz/.
22 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Lately I keep dreaming about going crazy. I wouldn't say they're recurring dreams because each dream is different, but in each dream I grow gradually psychotic until I am no longer in control of myself, I start acting crazy, I'm yelling weird things and moving about wildly. It's terrifying because I'm fully aware while it is happening but I'm unable to control it. It always happens around other people too, sometimes they stare in confusion and sometimes they make fun of me. I had one recently where my parents made fun of me during an episode and I was so terrified I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.


File: 1493033684617.png (48.13 KB, 200x143, paranoid.jpg)

> living in some kind of isolated facility with 4 other people
> everybody is a little paranoid and wary of each other
> at some point one of those guys asks me to join them in a main room for some kind of event
> it feels like this guy has become completely 'selfless' and speaking like a robot in an old movies
> going with him while soykafting bricks (a lot of them)
> everyone is gathered around unknown guy, can't see his face from where I am
> notice that all people from facility are wearing the same robotic expression
> fuarrrk
> that eerie guy turns to look at me, he have no face. I can't focus on him nor can I see his expression
> my head hurts like hell and it feels like my pulse is over 200

And then I woke up.

File: 1448375264429.png (250.58 KB, 300x188, 151305_1_nofb_pPEjdBt14714_03112013184256.jpg)

No.1804 [Reply]

Once we start having lucid dreams, we have to learn how to do some things.
>stay lucid
>add/remove/change things and people
>appear in any location you want
>wake up only when you want to
And more.
ITT: tips, questions and experiences about these in-dream skills.
13 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I kept a dream journal at some point, but it was really sloppy. I've always had really vivid dreams, some recurring and some that were sort of like sequels to previous ones, usually years apart.

I don't really know what it means to be lucid, but I can
>tell myself to wake up whenever I want
>rewind time and redo something once I've realized that it's a dream
>sort of create alternative versions of places I know, though I don't do this consciously; they're just there

Whenever I die in a dream, it just keeps going. Once I had a dream about a cataclysmic event where the Earth sort of crumbled down. The core of the planet was a weird orb that was half the Sun and half the Moon and it was alive. All living beings had their "life" just kind of sucked out of them, including me. The feeling is hard to describe. It was like a wave washing over my body, pulling me down, draining me of everything. After that, there was only a blue-ish empty space with electric currents running all over the place. I sensed everyone's consciousness there, in the currents. Then the world just sort of rebooted. It was really freaky.


My problem is that i can realise im in a dream, but pretty much as soon as i become lucid i wake up. Its like my brain freaks out and forces me to open my eyes. How can i stop this?

File: 1448512135074.png (7.68 KB, 300x200, inside of eyelids.png)

No.1814 [Reply]

Hey /zzz/. I have problems with my dreams, or should I say, lack there of. I can't remember any of my dreams. I go to sleep and then I wake up, with no in-between. On the rare occasion I remember one, its never a nightmare, but it is very vivid. I have never experienced sleep paralysis either. I think dreams are an important part of life and I want to at lest remember experiencing them. Has anyone had issues like I'm having?


How well do you sleep? Do you awake feeling rested, do you have trouble falling/remaining asleep? For about how long do you generally sleep?


I sleep well but I do have moderate insomnia. If I go to bed at a reasonable time I wake up rested, but if I sleep ~4-5 hours my brain feels foggy. I don't have trouble falling asleep once I'm in bed. I usually listen to an audio book as I'm falling asleep. On a good day I sleep about 7 hours.

File: 1449725078598.png (25.45 KB, 300x243, image.jpeg)

No.1841 [Reply]

In the past few weeks I've been having horrible nightmares, which have been progressing to night terrors. One in particular I walked in to my bathroom and looked in my mirror, in my reflection I saw myself hanging dead from the ceiling. I ended up screaming, when I woke myself up I was standing in my bathroom looking at the mirror (which has never happened to me before). I'm 19, is it normal for people my age to have night terrors or extreme nightmares? Does anyone else experience this?
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accept death as a natural event of life and you won't find hanging yourself bad


ah yes the highly rare nightmare, it must be demons.

callin u out on that statistic. i think ur lying.

anyways its kind of abnormal for someone who is 19 to still be having these sorts of nightmares but it happens. sleep walking is p strange too. You say its just the past few weeks though, maybe u caught something?

File: 1450014143963.png (200.38 KB, 300x215, 1364531212443.jpg)

No.1851 [Reply]

How many of you recall memories of past dreams in your more recent ones? I do it pretty regularly. I never remember my real life memories in my dreams either, it's always my dream memories that come up. Even ones from a couple years ago manage to surface themselves when I'm snoozing.
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Not quite the same, but rarely (though actually getting more frequent) I have a dream where I know that I'm dreaming, and I recall "memories" from when I have been awake. When I wake up I realise the memories never happened in real life. Thinking about it, maybe these are memories of past dreams.


i keep having dreams where i try to inject my self with heroin always to no avail

File: 1450287885134.png (36.85 KB, 203x300, mlkihaveadreamgogo.jpeg)

No.1858 [Reply]

I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our internet.

Five score years ago, a great moot, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, metaphorically signed the lease to a website known as 4chan. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of anons who had been seared in the flames of withering loneliness. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity.

But twelve years later, the anon still is not outside. Twelve years later, the life of the anon is still sadly crippled by the manacles of hotpocketry and the chains of NEET. Twelve years later, the anon lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material pleasure. Twelve years later, the anon is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land. And so we've come here today to dramatize a shameful condition.

In a sense we've come to our internets image boards to cash a check. When the architects of our chan wrote the magnificent words of the marblecake and also The Game, they were signing a promissory note to which every Anon was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all anons, yes, black anons as well as white anons, would be guaranteed the "unalienable Rights" of "Lulz, Funposting and the pursuit of ones fetish." It is obvious today that moot has defaulted on this promissory note, insofar as his citizens of /b/ are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, moot has given the anon people a bad check, a check which has come back marked "insufficient GBP."

But we refuse to believe that the bank of electromagnetic dreamscapes is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of OC of this communications network. And so, we've come to cash this check, a check that will give us, upon demand, the riches of dank memes and the security of anonymity.

We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind Hotwheels and Geoff of the fierce urgency of Now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of censorship chaos to the sunlit path of being the little girl. Now is the time to lift our boards from the quicksands of fragmentary sub culture wars and insincere media to the solid rock of Anonhood. Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of the flying spaghetti monster's children.
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File: 1485222979844.png (114.67 KB, 200x179, tafaq.jpg)



can we get some more a-mens.

File: 1450579799132.png (167.77 KB, 300x176, spirit_day___powerless__linkin_park__by_neorock096-d5id174.jpg)

No.1870 [Reply]

So I've had lucid dreams. I'm completely aware I'm dreaming and I can move at will in the dream. The problem is that I can create or make anything special happen. I can't fly or make things appear or change the dreamscape.

What am I doing wrong?
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Check this thread >>1804


I love the idea of the cues, I'll start practicing with these. :)

File: 1451163725046.png (810.54 KB, 300x180, 2015-12-26-160059_1116x666_scrot.png)

No.1885 [Reply]

I often fall asleep to ambient music and I'm looking to build an "ambient videos" collection, that is non-story-based non-frantic abstract videos that I can play while I'm falling asleep.

So far I have;
>various relaxing demo videos (realtime abstract 3D graphics) that I can share if desired (pic related)
>these weird japanese physics videos
>night driving
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My parents used to take me on night car rides when I wouldn't fall asleep as a toddler.

I find it extremely relaxing, specially if I'm on the back seat. But it's very different when I'm the one driving.


I guess I should share some to get some. How should I share 20GB of demoscene videos?
+ music visualizers incoming

File: 1452065396826.png (44.68 KB, 300x239, 1450324298175.jpg)

No.1922 [Reply]

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had fuarrrked up sleep schedules for long periods at a time. The world is a strange place, even after being awake for only 24 hours. I have never stayed awake long enough to hallucinate (I think), but all my memories of times I've been awake upwards of 36 hours are very dreamlike. I'm sure there's a connection between sleep deprivation and actual dreaming sort of flowing over into reality.
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File: 1487619867097.png (946.22 KB, 200x134, 1487047555557.jpg)

I've frequently heard that continuous lack of sleep for an extended period of time has a similar effect to LSD. Unconfirmed because a) that's not the kind of sleep deprivation I get and b) I've never tripped on acid so I wouldn't be able to tell you anyways.

I'm chronically deprived of sleep because the quality is either fuarrrked from regular (but not recurring) nightmares, or I'm plain terrified to fall asleep because of the nightmares I get. When I do sleep, I usually get about four hours during the night, and maybe an extra one or two during the day if the previous night was really bad. I generally don't have a big problem functioning during the day except maybe the occasional mood swings, but I have permanent dark circles under my eyes - I've never slept well enough in the long term to find out if they'll go away. Honestly I don't mind the lack of sleep or the physical effects terribly, this has been going on for a while. The nightmares are the worst, even though I can't remember them very well. The ones I do remember are pretty absurd and you might laugh if I told you, but they all have a very strong undercurrent of terror or grief or some similar sensation. Mostly those feelings don't last into the day but the fuarrrking awful nightmares will cause me to wake up shaking, crying, or both, and I'll spend at least the following day trying very hard not to be anxious.

The most I've been awake for is two full days but I don't remember much of the experience and I don't think I can replicate it because I end up practically passing out whenever I get too tired to function normally. It hasn't been enough of a problem to justify going on prescription medication or anything like that, and otc sleep aids just make me sleep more and still have nightmares. I used to have a prescription for oxycodone, which is a pretty heavy post-surgery sedative/painkiller but I ended up developing a dependency on it by the time I was due to renew my prescription, so I decided against continuing use. Like I say, I'm pretty high-functioning for how poor my sleep quality is, you wouldn't know it by looking at me except to see the circles under my eyes - friends that don't know seem to take it as a matter of course - and the mood swings aren't too apparent or frequent enough for strangers to notice.

Pic unrelated, I like rainy cityscapes.


Manic episodes tend to have the unruly effect of making you stay up for way too long. I get in that mode every once in a blue moon. I think my longest streak was around 28-29 hours. I heard voices and when I went to sleep I saw things out of the corners of my eyes that I thought were spiders. I don't recommend it.

File: 1452651750249.png (125.67 KB, 225x300, ded wulf.jpg)

No.1930 [Reply]

Paralysis, lains.

Everytime i wake myself up when lucid dreaming, i stay stagnant until i can recover control over my body and finally wake up.

My mind is conscious, but my body isnt and it takes a couple of seconds to wake up in a very numbing process.

Any tips? Sometimes its irritating.
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I've experienced this too. I could've sworn I was awake but a completely dark figure was lurking past the foot of my bed. At the time I wasn't aware of it being a known occurrence. Do you know how common this event is?


Yeah, it can happen if you're stressed, as a side effect of some meds or if you try some lucid dreaming techniques, it's called sleep paralysis.
There's this documentary if you like Discovery Channel-like stuff https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nightmare_%282015_film%29
What I find weird is how some apparitions are more common than others, I think the dark figure that looks like a 3d shadow is the most common one.

File: 1453070707495.png (998.77 KB, 300x228, sleep.gif)

No.1937 [Reply]

How's that dream journal coming along, /zzz/?

Just started mine the other day, so far it's been nightmares.
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I have nearly 100 audio recordings. I haven't had any dreams I wish to record lately. I usually only record dreams that are interesting or vivid enough that I remember quite a lot of details.


Currently my dreams.txt is roughly 450kB large. My oldest dream there is from January 2009. In the beginning I didn't watch out for spelling mistakes, grammar, capitalization and so on, I just wrote as it came to me, with smileys and many ellipses. Also I often wrote my dreams in private chats instead of writing them directly into a text file noone will ever read. That can be a motivation in the beginning, too, if you have a good friend who doesn't mind reading some mindfuark dreams.
Lately I try to write more readable, though, almost like in a book. Maybe that is why the last 200kB, almost half the size, were written only in the last out of the seven years.
A rough guess based on the empty lines, which often serve as a separator between dreams, gives 260 dreams. So on average I write down a dream every 10 days. And my average dream counts 2kB.
Writing down my latest dream took me 45 minutes. This is why I'm not always in the mood to do it. But reading some of my older dreams is very nostalgic and well worth the time.

File: 1453086844655.png (84.19 KB, 300x217, copernacus.jpg)

No.1944 [Reply]

I had the most incredible dream ever, I was in some sort of white walled facilities hallways. And behind every door was a person who's faces I couldn't remember, and when I held their hands, all of my fears and past screw ups were gone. I was able to live a million beautiful lives at once. I cried hysterically in my dream.

When I woke up, I just crawled into my blankets in the cold and cried for hours
Why is everything in my dreams so wonderful and great yet everything else is literally a nonstop dystopia? I want off this ride
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I know its stupid and corny, but the sweet release of death wouldn't feel any sweeter at this point


remember that dream. that dream is the future you're fighting for. even if you aren't an activist or a political dissident or just trying to improve things in your community, it's still what you're fighting for. Every day of our lives is an uphill struggle against forces working to keep us down and empty and useless to ourselves, and it's always been tearing us down like gravity or a downpour that we forget about. But see the thing about gravity is it's always there whether we remember it or not.

A few days ago someone very important told me that existence is a kind of resistance. That simply living your life and making it for another day is an act of defiance against the machinery of oppression that tries to control you and your world.

because there's something else that's true. that person in the dream, who is free of their fears and past screw ups, who you might not ever feel like except when you're sleeping or meditating or having sex or whatever gets you in your happy place - that person is always there too, and that person is still you. All of those millions of beautiful lives are you even if you can't remember them and you think you're somehow a fuarrrkup or tainted and there's something you'll never get back - you still have that and it's just as real as anything else in your life.

that's just how I felt about it. I hope it helped

File: 1453123505178.png (268.18 KB, 300x171, amerisleep-dream-hacking-understanding-behavior.jpg)

No.1949 [Reply]

Can dreams be hacked?

Can memes manipulate dreams, directly or indirectly?

I don't think we have the ability to see what OTHERS are dreaming, but could we manipulate dreams through waking suggestion perhaps?
5 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1453702501416.png (195.47 KB, 150x200, banana-2.jpg)

>Can Hong Kong be hacked?
>Can bananas manipulate Hong Kong, directly or indirectly?
>I don't think we have the ability to see what the people of Hong Kong are dreaming, but could bananas manipulate Hong Kong's dreams through fruity suggestion perhaps?


Once I was dreaming that some people were hanging out in a park or like town square and this young woman was singing I Will Survive and doing this little groove/dance thing where she sat on the curb. I woke up on a couch and my friends were all watching Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

File: 1453340764055.png (2.34 MB, 300x225, 1430299305572.gif)

No.1972 [Reply]

This feels as about a lainchan-focused topic as there could be.

Does anyone else have technology as a recurring theme in their dreams? I can't say how long I've had it or how often (I don't keep a journal), but some of the most memorable dreams I've had through my life have been mostly about technology. Usually these dreams are very tense, and the technology generally works against me.

The earliest I remember, maybe 10 or 11 years ago, had me playing Pokemon Leaf Green on my Gameboy Advanced SP (something I spent quite a lot of time doing in my childhood). In it, I could change the functions of the game by switching the system off, whereupon it would continue to play, but would allow me to clip through walls and such. However, the more I played this way, the more corrupt the graphics would become, and eventually I was unable to restore the game to its normal conditions. Sounds like a bad creepypasta, but that's what I remember.

More recently, probably recurring, I've had dreams of accidentally (or sometimes purposefully) downloading malware onto my desktop, and then frantically trying to delete the malware before it damaged my files or system. Felt much like a hollywood hacker, with an incredible sense of urgency, but also great anxiety.

Most recently, last night in fact, was another odd dream that made me realize the trend. A girl that I'd entered into a sort of online relationship recently was revealed to me to be some sort of internet vigilante, and not who I thought she was, who then revealed the nature of our relationship on widespread social media. I distinctly remember my cell phone vibrating uncontrollably as notifications overwhelmed it. Very odd, considering that in reality there is nothing illegal or unsavoury about this relationship....

What are your lainons' experiences with technology-focused dreams? Is the wired bleeding into your subconscious?
5 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I never dream about technology unless it's those mudane dreams where I wake up, play some video games in the morning, then go to bed again in which I know they were dreams because the dream never correlate with my stats. Sometimes I'm actually in the game but not often. The most technology in my dreams are like guns, working strap on wings, fountains, stuff like that.


Just this morning I had what felt like a semi-awake dream sort of on this theme. I was laying in bed, it was day (not early morning like it really was), and one of my roommates was standing, talking to me, about computers.

He asked some pretty general questions about 'why do you use linux' and 'do you think it is better than Windows', and I was answering him and then I looked and he was gone and the room was empty and I realized that it was a dream and (still within the dream) went back to sleep.

File: 1453362430888.png (4.7 MB, 300x213, 1449377052447-1.jpg)

No.1974 [Reply]

Through the knowledge obtained by serial expirements lain and through what I read about Yume Nikki on uboachan, I have been able to very quickly begin the openings of my third eye. Things are going to be great for me from now on, as I have transcended the state of normality into total deviant savage. I see things people could never even imagine in their normal lives. I want to stay semi anonymous but I will leave my twitter, so that you can stay caught up with my thoughts in case I start spamming lainchan.

I do not claim to be be better than any one other man on this website, but I do believe that we should seriously start looking into writing about the singularity. I will start writing this literature in due time. My main focus will be on everything I have learned over time and why I believe that we are an extremely rare people.I am sharing this information with you because it will further your life for the better, and you will be able to live a much happier life.

Goodbye, and have my twitter~

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I see you are familiar with this

Do you make virtual worlds inside your mind in which you act out a story or a wonder, in which everything is perfect? I live in my mind, as I believe most people should, because reality is far too dark


Step on me call me your playboy and feed me sleep aid pills or we can get fuarrrkED UP!!!! fuarrrkED UP!!!! fuarrrkED UP!!!!! YEEE YU YUY YU YU YU fuarrrkED UP!!!!!!!! SLEEP DEPRIVATION IS SICK!!!! PSYCHOSIS IS RAD GNARLY DUDDUDUDUDDEEEEEEE

Ah but I digress, I need to go eat up my fuarrrking piece of soykaf microwave dinner that my mom brought home after pounding my third eye into the nether world for not becoming a famous musician

File: 1453536522039.png (105.1 KB, 300x225, fire.jpg)

No.1994 [Reply]

Why do I have such a hard time lucid dreaming? I think I've had 2 total, and they lasted for what seemed like about a minute or less.


Tell us more, what have you tried? For how long?




Dreaming and lucid dream board.

Do you write down your dreams? If you don't that's always the first step.

The best try to live in constant self awareness. They are lucid in real life so it transfers into their dreams. Their are many other ways, but that even though the most difficult, is the most successful.

File: 1492563572124.png (23.95 KB, 300x169, sleep.jpg)

No.2 [Reply]

How many people here don't remember their dreams? It's not like I never dream, but only very rarely do I wake up able to remember one. I can't remember the last time I remember dreaming.
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fun fact, carrying over my teenage days on 420chan forever the fuarrrk ago:

dph is a powerful deliriant in high doses - ie 300mgs plus. And by deliriant, i mean, having conversations with people and things that aren't there, legitimate hallucinations, rip legs. I used to take it when I was curious about seeing if I could replicate symptoms of schizophrenia.

afaik, you dream every night, even if you're not conscious of those dreams upon waking. i'd suggest looking into a more conscious approach to dreaming, ie, attempting to invoke lucid dreaming while simultaneously keeping a dream journal. (that last suggestion is powerful stuff; it really works.)


File: 1492883864276.png (162.48 KB, 200x150, walrus.jpg)

It definitely has recreational potential. Same with other types of sleeping pills, if you take them and then fight off sleep strange things may happen.

File: 1398320802796.png (330.62 KB, 255x176, .gif)

No.20 [Reply]

I slept and I was in the matrix. But it was a gay matrix the agents were strong muscle guys naked there erected penises were shooting loads at me I did the bullet time and dodge all of there cumshots except on which landed on my face and I fell and scream. I woke up and cried to school.
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hey gaytrix guy, i think you're gay. maybe hit a shrink?
maybe you dont know it, but your mind does. or maybe your parents and peers are pressing you too much


Yes, be sure to hit a shrink to cure you of the gay.

File: 1406458364317.png (319.56 KB, 300x210, .jpg)

No.202 [Reply]

For last few days I have been having really violent dreams where I punch the living hell out of some bastard, bash them with a bat, machine gun their guts or just stab them up until their blood colors everything.
In those dreams I enjoy their pain.
Can someone explain those dreams?
My environment hasn't really changed, I don't hate anyone IRL….so what gives?
12 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Me too OP, In these days I've dreamed with fights, slaughters and murderers, and I'm the killer or I'm involucred in all that soykaf.


Are you a mouth breather? I've come to find that the times I've had rough dreams were times I was having poor quality of breath during sleep, often waking up snorting/choking/gasping.

File: 1454081789712.png (53.97 KB, 183x300, Dreams and Hopes..jpg)

No.2032 [Reply]

I had this dream, woke up from it not an hour ago...
I'm in front of the hospital, the local one in my city but, its distorted half of it is decayed like post-apocalypse... I need to get to the 12th floor to visit someone in the hospital. the place looks abandoned, no one around
(in real life there is no 12th floor)

I get into the elevator the floors jump 1-2-3-65-66... The ground beneath me shakes,
I find myself on the ground floor again...
Someone wakes me up. I know I am conscious for a few 5mins... I drift back to sleep..
In this massive parking garage, I know its the hospital again. I walk around to the same place I entered...There are humans walking like zombies, a few of them nod and smile at me like they know me but, I can faintly remember. I try the stairs but, look down and see that my shoes have been knocked off... I wake up, frustrated that I never got to the 12th floor.


I enjoyed reading this.


what happened when you were 12?

File: 1454340329236.png (124.5 KB, 300x300, 34980486-currency-exchange-converter-money-yen-set-Stock-Vector.jpg)

No.2036 [Reply]

does anyone have daydreams?
1 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Yeah, I daydream about finishing my current projects.

My daydream pal is my future me.
Thinking about what I would think in the future if I thought back to what's the present now makes me take better decisions, keeps me from procastinating and encourages me to work towards a good future self.
The weirdest (or less weird) part is that what I imagine is actually true, in the future I WILL think back to what I'm doing now.


That is a much better idea than mine, I'll have to think about this. The thing about an imaginary friend is that they can't tell you anything you don't already know but they can remind you of things you should be thinking of already in a given situation.

(Also they can't run ahead and look around a corner before you get there and they can't watch the back while you watch the front. They don't help with the housework either).

File: 1406680673764.png (90.52 KB, 300x172, .jpg)

No.204 [Reply]

why is nobody I know in waking life ever in my dreams?
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>you cant dream the sound of 30,000Hz
yes you can


C'mon, man... how can you pretend that any study could say that so irrefutably? Mine as well say it's proven absolutely nothing original is capable in dreams. 'Things' in a dream are made up of various properties of what you believe 'things' should have... sans the help of the frontal lobe to nitpick how obviously wrong what you're looking at is.

File: 1406685730161.png (599.61 KB, 225x300, .png)

No.205 [Reply]

Lately I've been staying up till 3 or 4 in the morning and sleeping till 7 or 8 in the morning. I've tried to go to bed earlier but I'm having a tough time. What do you do to fall asleep?
22 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>lately I've been staying up till 3 or 4 in the morning
Between 1 and 3 for me.

>sleeping till 7 or 8

Same. Trying to get to bed earlier, though, because I know that I need sleep if I want to function properly while I am at uni. ;_;

The only good thing is that because of a condition I have, I take adderall and that helps me stay away during the day.


>implying I ever fall asleep.

Don't focus so much on falling asleep, focus on getting the most memory-hardening out of the most minimal amount of sleep.

File: 1454827199121.png (170.89 KB, 300x226, 0000000700.1920x1080.jpg)

No.2055 [Reply]

I want to have a thread where we discuss the things about dreams that are difficult to discuss, at least for me they are.

What I mean is individual elements that are reoccurring or not and make sense in the dream at the time but when you wake up and recall them you have no idea how that would work and it seems difficult to explain. I wanna know if anyone has these things as part of their dreams like I do.

Here are a few examples that come to mind right now

>dreams where I'm playing a game like an FPS/RTS but at the same time experiencing it fully with no indication I'm on my computer

I often have dreams about videogames, that are way better than any I have ever played but I never visually see the control inputs or feel them, its just like I'm acting them out, but I still understand that I'm playing a game.

It's even weirder when I have RTS dreams, like I'm controlling all these units, the camera and view like I would a normal RTS dream but without the mouse, without the keyboard, its pretty cool.

I even have this while playing in third person, I can get into a vehicle and the view will switch to third person and I can control it just as effortlessly as I do in vidya because I prefer to drive and fly in third person view always, and even when I have third person dreams in videogames I can move just like normal life without any "input" onto the keyboard or mouse, without it feeling any less real. Although I only dream in third person sometimes when its videogame dreams, never otherwise.

>knowing things in a dream without it outright being stated

Like you are doing something, and you go someplace you are not supposed to be but suddenly remember the person allowed you to be there.

Or knowing that a dream is actually a videogame even if theres nothing to indicate it - one WWII dream I had it was like real life and real people but I knew they were all just players on a server and they knew that too and we fuarrrked around like we would in a game of Battlefield.

While another WWII dream I was part of a squad and walking through a forest, escorting enemy prisoners and we get ambushed by snipers across the frozen lake and they start killing their own POWs too and I remember running into the treeline after helping an enemy POW get out of the ice he was stuck in because he was being shot at and I tried to hide behind trees while pieces of bark were breaking off around me and I was fiddling with my K98 to try and take pot shots at the enemy we couldn't see at the ridge ahead, and all the while I had no intuitive sense that I was playing a realistic videogame this was real fear and terror and moving my body in realistic ways, and I still do that in those videogame dreams but the sensation and realizations are different.

And then sometimes I have dreams like that but there is only a "back of the mind" sensation that it is not real and just a videogame, and the guys that I just saw crushed by their own tank as it blew up from a mine will respawn at base after a while and be good as new, but that thought never sort of breaks to the surface in a surefire realization that its just a videogame (or much rarer that its just a dream).

Meaning I can have realizations that I'm just playing a game even if it feels real, but rarely do I realize I'm just dreaming I'm playing a game and become lucid that way.

>dream locations turning out to be just your living room or one part of your room is another location, or locations that are closer to each other than they are in real life

These are really trippy when I can remember them, I could be in some totally different place like a forest or abandoned house and suddenly turn around and theres my living room and the areas are connected in ways that don't make any sense in reality.
1 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Also before I go to sleep I'd like to just post one dream I had a year ago that was one of my most vivid and had several of these examples within it, and shows how these difficult to describe things occur in my dreams.

This is also one of the few more coherently written dreams I had written down:

-Super long and realistic Stalker dream with a mix of Metro 2033, was inside game but felt like real life, all the mutants were there too, super spooky. Turned from exploring soem abandoned city to fuarrrking Cyberdemon huge monster out of nowhere crashing through the walls and I had a BFG9000 that I picked up a while back and fired at the demon, killing it instantly turning it into a charred mess, and I picked through him for loot, and found none, then I went to a nearby train station which was still operating and waited for train, decided to skip time somehow and I did but now it was night, I hear a disembodied voice, like a helper over an intercom tell me that I can skip forward in time to try to avoid baddies but if you do it too much you are left to fend for food and resources on your own instead of a ressuply, now its fuarrrking night and I missed the train, and theres a snorkeler and I'm scared shitless because I have no weapon, or no ammo for my weapon, only flashlight. Its not attacking me yet but just on the far side of the station platform, suddenlly train arrives, no people in it, still has lights, I realize its driven by a script and I'm still totally alone here, but I get up and it starts away, feels really good to stand on moving train, not actually falling off like most games but secure and able to move around, as it drives I see a whole railyard and station complex outdoors just full of trains, all with lights on, all going through scripted motions with no passengers or conductors and I wonder for a sec how this can all still operate in a post apocalyptic city kek. Still realize its a game I'm in so thats how, but didn't realize I was in dream. The train now takes a wide turn and I'm hoping its going to lead me out of the city but its going awfully close to the inner portion, behind me is a neverending stretch of apartments and commie blocs all squeezed together, have to watch out for random metal soykaf and poles and overhangs because they stretch out over the tracks but as I come up to them I easily clip through them all and stop trying to avoid them, then on the other side the graphics seemed to have improved tenfold, everything is crisp and clear and super detailed, from lighting to props, I can see all sorts of enemies including snorkelers startled by train and wanting to kill me, and I still hsve no ammo in my weapon, the only lighting is from train and random fires, illuminating all these spooky enemies, but train is going to fast for them to do anythjng, suddeny i get a dejavu inside a dream and remember that this level im in now was part of the demo I remember playing for it and I dread knowing whats coming up next, still no ammo, and the train starts to slow down... still in the middle of this shitty city, and I have that voice over intercom aagain telling me to get ready and going over tips, to survive, the train slows down and just ahead I can see the track is gone, just a few planks of wood ending in the dirt of the street,covered by snow now its stopped and qa these enemies start crawling around snorkerlers and some nasty mutants with giant carnivorous stomachs and I say fuarrrk this and take off my breathing mask, and my gear like a coward and close my eyes and jump into them... feeling them grab and strike at me but nothing painful as sensations are lessened and then dream ends.

Night lain.


OP here, had another instance of nonsensical dream location switches this morning-

>flying a helicopter with troops to a landing zone on the grassland

>approach LZ and land near a tree and suddenly dream location switches to my living room with me near by christmas tree and the helicopter gone but im now lugging a heavy rucksack along with my weapon
>dream shifts now just me alone in my living room dressed in normal clothes with a very realistic looking toy rifle


File: 1454827994769.png (9.54 KB, 194x260, images.jpeg)

No.2058 [Reply]

>you throw a dozen punches but your opponent is unphased
21 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>a man tries to punch you but hits a barrier surrounding you and you only feel a slight tap


Ugh, I hate that feeling.

I think it's more like your subconscious is reminding you.

File: 1454926876672.png (950.51 KB, 150x300, Pixiv.Id.112088.full.1963244.jpg)

No.2067 [Reply]

I had a dream that I was Martin Luther King JR


this means that you are Martin Luther King Jr.

File: 1455037935988.png (23.35 KB, 188x268, index.jpeg)

No.2069 [Reply]

/drg/ here.

DPH is an extremely useful tool for inducing hypnagogic sleep and lucid dreams. Even in non-recreational doses it works well to induce these. If you try especially hard to stay awake, these dreams can happen in periods of about 30 seconds, which move in a cycle

Wandering Mind -> Visual Imagery -> Deprivation of Senses -> Loss of Self -> Waking up in realization

Believe me or not, it's a useful tool.
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I'm using different meaning for dissociative, not classifications by others who gave it that name. I know that type of mental state one described as:
> It's like being lost inside your skull, but you don't know who you are, what anything is, if you exist, or if you even are walking. It's a lot like sprinting through a particularly aggressive dream in the span of about 5 hours. Also the narcolepsy it induces is fuarrrking mad, you can fall asleep at the wheel no problem.

What you will expierence in this will not be ""[..]-> Loss of Self -> Waking up in realization ""Believe me or not, it's a useful tool.""""

But whatever kind of nonsense you can project from outside in, because there is 0 concentration.


eh, i'm just saying /del/ is the delieriant board from 420chan populated completely by recreational dph users

File: 1455096988343.png (1.26 MB, 300x169, sleepless.png)

No.2071 [Reply]

This happens when I have been sleep deprived for several days in a row, and after I have had my first night of good sleep.
Even after that first night I still don't really feel like I am at 100%.
Sure, I am not tired any more, but my body feels like it just is not used to being this awake. In the morning after that first night of good sleep I feel slightly disoriented
It's not really a problem per se, but I am curious as to why that happens?
3 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


OP here. Yeah I am recovered.
I still sleep from 02:00 to 10:00, because I am a NEET ATM.

The problem is, before I was not a NEET, I had college, so I slept from 03:00 to 08:00. On a daily basis.


Oh yeah, it took me a lot of time to recover.

File: 1455162200264.png (128.84 KB, 300x200, flapcat.jpg)

No.2077 [Reply]

>tfw you have to wind yourself up like a toy to talk in your dreams


Off topic here, but that show was probably the greatest western cartoon ever made.

File: 1455429045177.png (101 KB, 300x225, spider.jpg)

No.2099 [Reply]

I have a problem. I keep having nightmares about bugs. Sometimes swarms of bugs, sometimes spiders. In the dream they're always on or over my bed. I always wake up and make a mad dash out of my bed, sometimes attacking the bed to kill the bugs that aren't there. Please help.
22 replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>>What does this mean in english? + sauce

I mean that a psychotic episode necessarily alters connections in your brain on a massive scale, in ways that cannot be predicted. Which means that your psychosis could have altered the strength of theta firing in your brain, it could have altered your perception and interpretation in some areas, etc etc. If your hallucinations only appeared after the psychotic break, then it is very likely that connections in your brain were altered associated with the transition or sleep state.

To expound a little more, psychosis involves an imbalance in the way that sensory information is being processed in the brain, usually involving the neurotransmitter dopamine (because dopamine is heavily involved in sensory processing). You've probably heard of synaptic plasticity. In case not, plasticity is basically just the principle that your brain can alter its own connections according to the balance of certain neurotransmitters and hormones. If there is an imbalance for any reason, your brain will still modify itself and may do so in a way that is abnormal. Which is why it's more likely to have another psychotic break after the first one occurs. What I'm saying is that your brain likely modified itself in this one specific way (and possibly many other ways) which affects the transition you experience from a waking state to a sleeping state.

For a source, just read the wikipedia article on psychosis, it's actually very detailed and accurate.

“However, the main feature of psychosis is not hallucinations, but the inability to distinguish between internal and external stimuli. Close relatives to psychotic patients may hear voices, but since they are aware that they are unreal they can ignore them, so that the hallucinations do not affect their reality perception. Hence they are not considered psychotic. Psychosis has been traditionally linked to the neurotransmitter dopamine. In particular, the dopamine hypothesis of psychosis has been influential and states that psychosis results from an overactivity of dopamine function in the brain.”



If any of the source links don't work, just let me know and I'll upload them directly.

File: 1455600803291.png (124.14 KB, 229x300, 0L89kSs.jpg)

No.2111 [Reply]

I don't really want to wake up. It's hard to explain, maybe you understand. The waking world has no meaning beyond what I can perceive, because that's all the waking world is. But the dream world gives access to what you've hidden from yourself, it gives you hints, insight, and calm. Even when I'm falling in my dreams I'm calm. Melatonin doesn't do anything for my dreams, I don't know if you find this. It doesn't enhance them. There is some other compound, something similar to adrenaline but acting on the subconscious primarily, maybe, and it overflows in dreams. I can't explain it, I just don't want to wake up.
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Sleeping/dreaming is often the highlight of my day (or night ;^)


<3 What do you dream about? What is your world like?

File: 1455660322797.png (154.88 KB, 262x300, EXIAFob.jpg)

No.2126 [Reply]

Post your dream-images here

photographs and artwork that induce an altered state of mind, remind you of your dreamworld, and/or are beautiful in that indescribable way specific to dreams.
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>like how you can be in a forest and keep running and never get back to the same place because its all just linear.
no, i don't have a clue what you're talking about.

File: 1456004431561.png (63.24 KB, 248x300, IMG_0040.jpg)

No.2150 [Reply]

I think it's possible to access the Internet through your dreams, how about you?
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I tried doing this too. Nothing happened.


He wasn't a reader though, he was just some guy trying to analyze a lucid dream iirc.

File: 1456077838137.png (136.27 KB, 300x206, Rodel Tapaya 4.jpg)

No.2168 [Reply]

My float finally appeared in my dreams last night, and although its entire shape/weight/luminescence was different, and although I recognized this while I was dreaming, I didn't think to take control of the dream. This is often a problem in my dreams, where I will consciously recognize that I am dreaming but I don't realize the full implications of that fact, so instead of entering a lucid dream, everything becomes semi-lucid. In my dreams I can remember previous dreams and settings, I can remember dreams that I've had that same night, and I can remember how to utilize certain abilities that I've gained in previous dreams. In this way, I often find myself in similar settings in the dreams, and solve problems in similar ways. I've had one lucid dream in all my life, so I know that what I've been experiencing is not lucid but somewhere in-between.

Does anyone else have experience with this? What should I do?


I know that feel. Have had 2 lucid dreams period. One where I was sitting at my desk and began to levitate in the air with it, and then woke up, and one where I realized what was going on and decided to fuarrrk Minka the 90s asian porn star, and then woke up as I was going at it.

I too would be open to suggestions.

No.217 [Reply]

A little bit ago I had a dream, which was re-occurring for 2-3 months.

This dream is real creepy.
It enters with a character who is in rough clothin, jumping on top of a taxi. Im surrounded with thousands of people in a large city, skyscrapers around me and a stop light behind me. I raise the AK in the air, a long with the other people around me. It seems like its some kind of rally, we cheer comprehensible words.


I see the character, which I believe is me get shot in the head, I fall off the taxi.

Still being in 3rd person I see the thousands of people charging into the city. Yelling some sort of war cry, it ends like this.
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in following dreams, try to recall other people, what they say, what they shout, their signs. what is that rally about?
focus less on you, and more on the rest of the dream. rallies and activism are about the community, not the hero.
maybe this will help you understand better


Did you recently watch Paprika or something?

File: 1407561127579.png (73.59 KB, 300x188, .jpg)

No.218 [Reply]

A little bit ago I had a dream, which was re-occurring for 2-3 months.

This dream is real creepy.
It enters with a character who is in rough clothin, jumping on top of a taxi.
He's surrounded with thousands of people in a large city, skyscrapers around me and a stop light behind me.
He raises the AK in the air, along with the other people around me. It seems like its some kind of rally, we cheer comprehensible words.


I see the character, which I believe is me get shot in the head, he falls off the taxi.

Still being in 3rd person I see the thousands of people charging into the city. Yelling some sort of war cry, it ends like this.

One day, my buddy and I are talkin bout dreams n shit.
I explain this dream to him.
He pauses for a second and a look of confusion on his face.

Im like "what the fuck yo"

He told me he had that exact dream a few nights ago, and explained the exact scenario in what he said, yet his was in a different

And describes what happens after the people storm the city.

I was 2spooked
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would you mind interpret my dream too? I had it like a week ago and didn't re-occure, but I'm still curious.

In this dream I'm still a child (6-9 years old) and me and my family(all normal age) go on vacation. We go into a hotel, and inside this hotel are all the people i know from work. Somehow I discover that i can fly and break stuff with my mind 'n soykaf, but there is one catch to this superpower. I can only use it when I'm aspleep inside my dream, so i cannot controle it.

Do you know what that could mean?


Bull, your friend is toying with you.

File: 1456462201669.png (1.1 MB, 300x300, qqqq.png)

No.2185 [Reply]

Hey guys!
People often describe or think of nothingness / void, or death, as pitch black? In fantasy, they often say this even about the night.
What do you think, is nothingness black? I recently started to think of it as noise or chaos. Just like the sky seems to be empty and black, but turns out to be a colorful bunch of stuff, just very faint.
Nothingness doesn't really have attributes anyway. Should it have, it would be "something, with attributes". Something "without attributes" still has this very attribute, so if you strip even that, you're left with something you cannot say or know anything about. Pure damn chaos; and that would look a lot more like noise than pitch black, i'd wager.
21 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Well, no, I was stating an opinion, a subjective viewpoint.

Because you have no conception outside of a human subjective perspective then yes, you could argue that. I think we agree, overall.

You have assumed both that I was stating what i thought were facts and that I am/was high. I was not high, but in any case you should check your assumptions. They usually tank an argument when they have no probabilistic basis.


An apple has many opposite concepts, but none of them really fit.
In the relm of the mind, many things exist without opposites.
In the material world... I dunno, shapes transform? I guess you could say there is no force without an opposite force.

File: 1407612780515.png (9.04 KB, 300x300, .jpg)

No.219 [Reply]

My entire life I've never been able to see my face during dreams or even be able to picture my face while I was awake, so my dreams have either been of a hooded figure who I assumed was me or the face was just a blur. I accepted this as normal and continued on with my life for 12 years until yesterday while napping on the couch I had a dream where I was standing on the edge of a cliff looking out at the ocean and I was looking at myself from behind, then the 'camera' started to go around my body until it reached my face where it focused on it and started to zoom in until all I could see was my face and whiteness around it.

Usually if this happens the face is all distorted but this time I could actually see me, but it was sort of fading in and out. I wasn't doing anything or showing any emotions, just looking out at the ocean.

Anyways, what do you guys think this means? Have I finally found out who I am? Is this my subconscious saying I'm ready to die?

Sorry if there was any bad grammar, English is not my good language.
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That thing is normal, I guess, when I can see my face on a dream I usually see a destroyed face.


Another possibility is that it's still from your perspective, but you've created a flattering facade of yourself for others to look at.

File: 1457417568897.png (41.16 KB, 300x225, HNI_0005.jpg)

No.2224 [Reply]

I've been having a lot of end of the world dreams...Apocalypse types. Its always as its happening and surviving through it. I've had dreams before where they have come true, but I'm not sure what to make of stuff like this....


File: 1457417784410.png (2.1 MB, 200x149, Lokis_Gezücht.jpg)

Too much lain.


A lot of people I know have them. I mostly see nuclear explosions. Or just wars.

File: 1407674741809.png (611.12 KB, 214x300, .jpg)

No.224 [Reply]

I have this series of 3 dreams in a row almost every night involving a giant black snake roaring in my face with enough power it starts to shake whatever building im in and it starts eating people around me, i manage to get out and think i wake up. next i "go back to sleep" and "wake up" to my mother being in my room, leaning over me extremely angry but the entire room looks like there is a black light on and her eyes are glowing green, then im in the desert walking over dunes endlessly. Usually at the end i actually realize im dreaming and i start suffering from sleep paralysis. At this point i wake up in the real world panicked and i can remember the dreams for hours afterwards. I cant tell if its real, but i do remember waking up between each of these dreams. Every night for 3 nights.
1 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


the only direction i can take it in, is being aware that ive seen it before. The dream plays slightly different but im unable to change it dramatically. Every time so far subtle things have been added or removed. For example, the third time, after scene #2 my friend was sitting in a hallway cleaning his shoes as i was transitioning to scene #3. By the third night i remember being prepared for whats going to happen but it still effects me like ive never seen it before (ie: terror & despair).


i think your dream is a classic 3-step hero's journey kind of dream, but with a twist.
you're actually "failing" the dream, not accomplishing what you're asked to.

Chapter 1: Snakes are more than fear.
They represent fear itself, and push it physically to your head.
Managing to fight or escape the snake are the correct courses of action; other gimmicky/dreamy action would get you killed.

Ch 2: Mother
You're trapped in an hotel room with your biggest fear, and your biggest safe-person, "mother". Black and green lights and other audiovisual sensations might make you hesitate, but its just ornamentation.
Interacting with her is vital, this is the most important part of the journey. Mother is the sum of everything, the beginning and end of your life.
She may seem angry or mad, but she's just trying to make you feel safe, she's your mother after all.
If you fail at feeling safe thanks to mother, you're deported to the dunes, or whatever exile (including death) that may suit your REM brain.
To pass this test, you have to engage is sexual relations with mother, or kill her.

Ch 3: Reality
according to your performance on the dream, you're set to an environment suiting the results. an exile, a desert, a cage or death mean you got everything wrong, and should try again. a paradise, home or flying/swimming freely mean you succeded, and this last part functions as a lesson or wrap-up, also an epilogue.

bring yourself some items or stuff that might help you in-dream. like a gun to kill mother.

File: 1457625109174.png (166.48 KB, 300x203, REU-GERMANY_2.jpg)

No.2248 [Reply]

This just happened to me today.
>wore baggy pants today
>sudden gust of wind blows through the material of the cloth
>feels like I'm not wearing any pants, just underwear
>people don't seem to notice and go about normally
>it's like in a dream

I know it sounds silly but for a few moments I was really confused because I've had many dreams about daily life without pants and this one was exactly like it.
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I was dreaming that some greasy kid was trying finger me in the pooper down on Main in the middle of the afternoon and the po' rolled up and jumped out to grab him and I realized it wasn't a dream.


Once my mother was trying to cash a moneygram and a femme male was jabbering with a bored woman, he was wearing strange shoes, while two bear homosexuals were at the cash register.
I once woke up, half awake and threw my clock down. It's cardboard so it didn't break but.

File: 1457889973674.png (7.37 KB, 300x235, fdrthing.png)

No.2254 [Reply]

Ok. here is an insane story of a dream that I had, could anybody help decode it?

I am a small kid on a school bus, I am in a small town, and the bus is going over a bridge.

Suddenly, I hear a large crashing noise, and see a catapult on the other side of the bridge.

The catapult throws a nuke at the bridge, but the driver somehow turns the bus around and drives as fast as possible in the other direction.

The nuke hits the ground, and a giant explosion happens, all the kids in the car fly out of the car.

A little girl in a purple dress gets thrown into the sky, and then is vaporized into blue dust.

The mushroom cloud is dark brown, and I see something emerging from it.

The shape of the President Franklin D Roosevelt is formed by the clouds, and on his chest there is a pin with [pic related] on it.

He says "Fertility is a sin, and destruction is my religion", I fall to the ground, and the dream ends

3 replies omitted. Click reply to view.



So, I think FDR is actually Trump. God, this is insane.

File: 1457983508099.png (45.6 KB, 300x249, wup.png)

No.2260 [Reply]

I was at home and there was a bulk of mail, like I hadn't opened any mail for months. Snail mail that is. Among the letters was a larger one, thick, more of a package. I opened it and it was a book of Anne Frank. I was worried for a moment because when taking it out I had ripped the cover a tiny bit, but on further inspection the book was a reprint from '92.
There was another item in there, but I cannot remember what it was.
There also was a letter. A big logo of an insurance firm in my country, and below it, there was an equally sized graphic of a wireframe globe. Same color red as the insurance logo.
The knowledge I got out of the letter (it wasn't really written, it was just in there) was this:

The person who had sent this to me had held some upper position in a tobacco company. He had received my name and address through the internet, alongside instructions. There was a printed out screenshot, showing a browser window. Inside a supposedly anonymous fake email account of mine was my contact information, plus trivial information, likes and dislikes. His instructions had been to contact me and send me a present.
The knowledge that transcended, was that this was some kind of chain mail, where an anonymous group contacts people on a list with information and instructions to gift someone else, passing it on to them. This was a way to redeem yourself; your file, or whatever they had on you, would be deleted.

That dream woke me up.


File: 1458206547583.png (33.59 KB, 200x192, brtfrc.png)

The next time, I was at the gym.

It was rundown.
The usual faces, but a different crowd. Equipment was fading.
I was on my way out.

I went to my locker and the lock had been opened, but I realized that this was the wrong locker. Mine was a few steps to the left. I went for the lock. Not only had this one been unlocked, but bruteforced. It came apart completely.
I checked for my wallet. The money was still there...alongside my two phones. Somebody had cracked the lock, taken the phone out of my trousers' pocket and put it inside the wallet, alongside my second phone, which I don't even use anymore - it has been lying around my apartment for ages!

Awake, I couldn't help but think of the phones as two bricks:

freedom and information.

File: 1407868888624.png (112.88 KB, 141x300, .png)

No.229 [Reply]

Does anybody else enjoy their dreams better than life? Whenever I wake up I feel "Oh… I've woken up." and then I'm really depressed for the rest of the day.
46 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1483971687720.png (491.77 KB, 200x139, reach.gif)

Yesterday I woke up from a dream, where I had deeply fallen in love with a dream character. I cried when I woke up.

This has happened to me more than once. It is weird how intense a relationship can become given the proper situation. For example one time I had to endure a grand adventure with a girl and a group of other people. The other were new to this thing, but we had both already gone through this, had lost all our friends before and knew about the inevitable tragic end this story had to take. Our bonding was more than love, it was fate. I still miss her.

I have never felt in such way and degree while awake.


i feel you op. i wish i could just never wake up, and just live in my dreams... that'll never happen though, hah. maybe when im dead.

File: 1459074088106.png (422.43 KB, 300x285, eca2edb24451022d9adc6487bebf2163.png)

No.2295 [Reply]

I would be interested in hearing about wet nightmares, if you experienced one.
I had my first today:

tl;dr: I ejaculated while running out of time in a surprise exam.

First I dreamed I was doing some kind of paper chase / scavenger hunt, i.e. we had to go where the hint we found at the current station point us to, finding another hint, and so on. Normally the game would have been played in teams or roughly 4, but I was the only one whose team comrades didn't appear, so I had to go on alone. Fortunately some unknown person gave me his thoughts on the first 3 hints or so, so that I found my way without any trouble. At one station there was some caramel creme, thereby suggesting the next hint would be inside the refrigerator, where the glass of caramel creme normally would be. Unfortunately all teams were meeting up, because they didn't start with enough delay. That's why the teacher couldn't rank us and had the fucking nightmarish idea of doing a 5 minutes long surprise exam. When coming into the room I already found the other people doing the exam. Because I didn't hear anyone saying the exam started, I talked to them a bit, until I realized, that maybe the test already started. That was roughly 30s before finish time, so I only got to read the test, noticing that it's things which I am well-versed in, although the questions were kinda open, so that I had my doubts I could answer them to his liking. I didn't even read half of the questions when the test was declared over and I was tasked to hand my solutions in. Still trying to at least pass the exam I begin writing some words down. Note that reading and writing were done while lying on my stomach. But I just couldn't concentrate because of my fear of failure. As I struggled with time I noticed that the head of my penis was highly sensitive and rubbing on the mattress I was lying on. It was already too late... In the moment I had the least time and while being full of fear of failure and also with other people lying around me I came, feeling my crotch pumping large amounts of semen in my underwear. It seems the person next to me, also taking the test, noticed my convulsions, as he remarked that I'm lucky no one can look at me frontally. After that pollution, which felt more like a sneeze, than something good, I was still trying to solve the test in the short time I could bargain for, but I felt I was already beginning to wake up, so I concentrated hard so I won't wake up, because I still needed to solve that test. That was until I realized, that "waking up" means, I was dreaming and I just let it happen. When waking up, I was very glad it was only a dream. But I still had to change my underwear.
7 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


What can you say about me? If I don't have sexual wet dreams, this isn't succubus, yes?


I have a bit of a fear of taking tests. I just prevented myself from waking up in order to pass that test, not that I was particularly happy about having to take a test in the first place.

>>2320 >>2332
In my experience wet dreams aren't linked to fapping. This wet nighmare I had after only 5 days or so without fapping. But I also had a wet dream once right after I fapped the evening before, so only after 6 hours or so. In the case of the wet nightmare I was weirdly lying on my stomach though and I felt my crotch both in the dream and in real life pressing against the bed. Normally I sleep on my left side.

I'm not particularly convinced :)

File: 1492592071051.png (283.06 KB, 300x188, europa.jpg)

No.23 [Reply]

have any of you had experience potentiating your dreams, intentionally or otherwise?

i know there are supplements/herbs that purportedly have this effect. the two that i've predominantly heard of are calea zacatechichi and mugwort.

the former has never worked for me, would be interested in hearing lainon's opinions.

but i used to forage the latter all the time, and can attest that it works like a charm. the diuretic effect of the plant also makes it a wonderful tool for those attempting to lucid dream.
i personally haven't had effects from a dream pillow (ie, using the aromatics of mugwort to induce dreaming), although my partner at the time (an already extremely intense dreamer) reported it gave her nightmares. i've had plenty of positive experience from the tea, as well as smoking it.
mugwort also tastes and smells amazing, it's very minty. it adds a menthol vibe when rolled in a cigarette, and the pillows smell nice. tea is definitely the best way to go though.

honorable mention: chantix. it's an anti-smoking medication. after i take it for a few days, i begin to have very, very intense dreams. it is by far the most potent dream affector i know. the dreams are normally very long, and my presence there is very close to lucidity. it frequently causes long chains of dreams bound by threads, which are sometimes picked up and resumed a few dreams down the chain.

outside of lucid dreaming, also wonder if anyone has other suggestions for increasing the frequency or awareness of their dreams.
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I once made tea from catnip that I had lying around, and also smoked a hefty amount of it that night. I had very vivid dreams that I remembered quite clearly the next morning. Usually I have trouble remembering dreams or only remember a small portion of one.

Another thing that I have unintentionally done, or at least not consciously chosen to do, Is set my alarm earlier than I normally wake, and then snooze it and go right back to sleep. Sometimes this leads to multiple dreams that are easily remembered, but more often than not I forget them all except maybe the last one.

also I have found that the period of "withdrawal" from regular weed smoking has left me with some incredibly intense dreams


- Melatonin (300mcg)
- Choline precursors: Alpha-GPC or CDP-choline
- Nicotine receptor agonist: nicotine
- Muscaric receptor agonist: amanita muscaria (muscimol)
- Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor: Galantamine or Huperzine A.
- Choline flux accelerators: racetams in general (piracetam, phenylpiracetam, etc.)
- Brain waves: l-theanine (200-800mg), a glutamate agonist, put you in alpha brain waves. It may help you get closer to the dream wave (theta). Also, "dream machines" (photic and binaural sounds stimulation) might help (check "frequency following response")
- Polyphasic sleep. It seems to schedules of polyphasic help with dreams
- Catecholamines don't seem to help, they actually make sleep worse. So, try to avoid stimulants like caffeine. Although nicotine is a dopamine agonist, it seems to help because of nicotinic agonist effects
- Glutamate receptors: AMPA and NMDA doesn't seem to have a good effect on dreams. Although ibogaine seem to produce a dream-like effect
- Gaba modulators: doesn't, by itself, help on dream. But, if you're too anxious, some gaba agonists may help with sleep. There's some reports on zolpidem hallucinations
- Sigma and opioid: no correlation but, as with gaba, may help with anxiety. Maybe Oxicodone
- Canabinoid: Controversial, some people say cannabis make you dream more, some just don't have dreams while on it.
- Monoamine oxidase inhibitors: there's some reports on lucid dream using peganum harmala
- Brain stimulation: some people say that stimulation on some areas make you more lucid on dream. Check tDCS, CES and TMS (magnetic)
- Behavioral change: reality check and other techniques seem to help. Only anecdotal evidence
- Sensorial imput prior to sleep: some odors while doing things seem to increase the likelihood of remembering it. For example, if when you're studying something you really want to remember you smell some odor that is really peculiar and strong, and then smell it again prior sleep, it may increase the possibility of dream (only anecdotal reports on this). The hypothesis is that the smell system is directly interlinked with the amygdala and hypocampus, that are responsible for emotions/memory, respectively

The keyword you're looking is "oneirogenics". It's the word that characterize drugs that augment dreams. There's some books and articles if you search, but I think I did a good compilation here. I have some other notes, like the how intestinal bacteria (probiotics) might enhance it, or some nutrients (B-complex, Vit D, Vit B12) might also help, but it gets more technical and would be exhaustive.

File: 1459772944060.png (88.4 KB, 294x300, tmp_1445551933618-249670618.jpg)

No.2317 [Reply]

I once had a very long and complex dream, almost like a movie, and then, after a certain "scene", I had the exact same dream, but in reverse, with people walking backwards and stuff falling downside up.

Has anyone experienced something similar?

File: 1459831725528.png (1.29 MB, 300x240, image.jpg)

No.2324 [Reply]

Any tips for remembering your dreams without use of a dream journal?


What helps me keeping a mental dream journal of sorts, where I focus on the dream I just had and the retention of it as soon as I wake up, and slowly play it back entirely through my mind.



Maybe you could attempt audio? Recording yourself describing them.

File: 1460163358826.png (96.54 KB, 191x300, Witchcraft.jpg)

No.2340 [Reply]

/zzz/ how do you fall asleep? This last week I've been having trouble going to bed, and it's been fucking me up something major. I keep forgetting little things, I can barely make it through my classes. I've tried napping, but every time I've gotten close to falling asleep, I just... don't. I can lie down for hours on end, exhausted out of my mind, and just not fall asleep. At all.

Enough blogging though. Is there anything in particular you guys do to fall asleep?


install f.lux or redshift, if you have any electronics with LEDs on when you sleep tape over the LEDs with some electrical tape.

take melatonin


>anything in particular
Only waking up at 5 am, going to the university and some another places, hard studying and rarely eating all re day, hard sports works at 8 pm and going to sleep at 11.

File: 1460184840331.png (43.25 KB, 300x188, bejeweled_3_wallpaper__3_by_zombifier25-d34smmt.jpg)

No.2343 [Reply]

I'm beginning to notice patterns in my dreams that are heavily influenced by my waking life.
It seems to me like the specifics of the dream could be more or less anything, but now that I'm experiencing a noticeable shift in the way my waking life goes, my dreams are changing in nature.When I was very little I could do the usual dream stuff like fly just because I wanted to. When I was in my pre/early teens I had a lot of anxiety-fueled dreams and nightmares because school was awful for me and I took even minor punishments really personally, then when I got older I was almost exclusively an observer in my dreams watching things that weren't good or bad transpire without even the desire to involve myself, even if they got disturbing, or even dreams where I was a completely disembodied observer watching worlds with no living things in them.
But starting back in November 2015, I've had something really good happen to me and I've got agency and power in my dreams I haven't had since I was very young. I don't remember my dreams often because I don't sleep consistently, but earlier this week I had a dream that I was in a class that involved being able to scale tall buildings effortlessly, and when it was my turn I told the instructor "of COURSE I can!" with a smile on my face (unusual for me), immediately walked up to the building and scaled it like I was rock climbing in half normal gravity. I could still feel the exertion because my real-world scrawny arms were part of the dream but I had agency, confidence, and was mostly unbound from normal constraints, and the weather in the dream was clear and sunny when normally it's cloudy or foggy.

So I think all this is pretty obviously a subconscious reflection of how I see myself in relation to the world. Has anyone else experienced anything similar as far as overall tone shifts in their dreams over time?
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The only things I can think of on my end are: From Grades 5 - 8(?), the majority of my dreams were nightmares, including at their worst: Being suffocated by a shadow beast, committing murder (once), and committing suicide. I admit years later that I actually enjoyed myself in the murder dream. Middle school was a dark time...

In high school, I was a vidya addict. So, I had many many dreams where I was in Runescape, Halo, or a combination of the two. These dreams often merged them w/ real life/were very immersive, so I felt I was actually sniping kids, or chopping 2D trees.

These days, it's almost always a reflection of real life, only with any number of inconsistencies that I never notice until I wake up & remember something being off.
Examples: My ex-gf is my sister, the supermarket I work at is playing music I like/has a structural irregularity (I wish), I'm doing something that's spatially impossible, or my waifu/other anime girls/my imaginary siblings exist and are making fun of me while getting sadistic enjoyment out of it.


Not surprising. Dreams are pretty much, as Freud theorized, wish fulfillments.

File: 1407907415077.png (79.7 KB, 225x300, .jpg)

No.235 [Reply]

Meditated for the second or third time today, was wondering if anyone else on /zzz/ had experimented with this, or just wants to talk about it.
Does anyone else have good stories or experiences to share?
Any interesting techniques?
Is meditation /zzz/?
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>posting Ben Stiller books on here


why would ending samsara be useless for anyone not wanting to be a monk ?
I passed through, and I won't live a monastic lifestyle

File: 1460871229860.png (63.92 KB, 300x165, IMG_20160417_002442.jpg)

No.2368 [Reply]

Would anyone like to fuck around with the Time wave?

File: 1461321891052.png (117.96 KB, 170x300, aexrBVa.jpg)

No.2383 [Reply]

>used to lucid dream every night
>turn 12 or 14
>can no longer even remember dreams
>keep a dream journal but the frequency and level of detail are low
>memory and situational awareness in general are completely shot
Is there any hope for me?
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Go to bed and wake up early, do sports activities, observe your daily routine, eat healthy, find meaning your RL... I don't know, what's else. In my case, this recommendations helped me.


is that mountain flipping me off?

File: 1461433250322.png (619.75 KB, 211x300, 1448158367731.jpg)

No.2386 [Reply]

I think one of the major characteristics of most surreal media and dreams in general is being thrust into an unfamiliar situation with no explanation or explanatory dialogue. I came across this video years ago and I think it nails that weird, fucked up feeling that you can sometimes remember in dreams. Share your surreal videos, I'd love to see them

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That video is eerily similar to a nightmare I had today, only instead of fast food workers becoming a band to fight demons it was yandere idols murdering cheerleaders at a high school.


File: 1484823886566.png (55.76 KB, 200x113, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 1408069232592.png (13.07 KB, 300x201, .png)

No.242 [Reply]

Have you ever had a dream that has foretold events that would happen? Not: "Next day my goat will eat that left flower", but instead where months pass after the dream until at some instant you suddenly realize you are currently enacting the EXACT events of a dream you can barely remember.

I have these ever so often, and its the creepiest thing in the world to recognize you already know what will happen next. Usually the lag between the dream and the actual event is something awful like half a year and I don't remember them until deja vu. Posting this because one of those Just happened to me right now for some reason. Pic very related.
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Yeah anon, it has happened to me ever since I was a kid. Although I'm sort of worried because they are happening more frequently. I hope that doesn't mean that I might die soon.


Deja-vu is, as far as I know, a sort of cross-wiring in the brain. Think of it like this:
You have two pools. One of the pools are small, but colorful water pours in and out of it at extreme speeds. It's like a CPU register. Your current vision, etc.
The other pool is large, and transparent water flows through it very slowly. It is like a hard drive. Your long-term memory.
When you have deja-vu, it's like a hole appearing on the small pool. Part of the colorful water will leak out of this small but fast pool, and leak straight into the large but slow pool. It will paint all the transparent water colorful. This way, you'll have colorful water flow out of both pools, and they are the exact same color. Since the water coming from both pools match, since your memory and your current vision is the exact same thing, you suddenly "remember" that you have seen this before. However, you can't really predict what comes next until it happens, since you need the colorful water from your vision pool to leak out.

Also, my funniest deja-vu's are "recursive", like this: I've seen this. I had seen this and then I realized I had seen this, and then I had told you on chat. I had seen this, that I had seen this and then I realized I had seen this and then I had told you on chat, and now I'm telling you on chat. ...
Something like that. Recursion can usually replaced by cycles, which is a linear thing, well explained by the pools above.

File: 1462974356356.png (78.61 KB, 300x210, 1400836009839.jpg)

No.2426 [Reply]

I am of the belief that we have dreams, more localised journeys through our own mind but sometimes we also leave our locality and travel to spirit realms.
I've had many synchronicities, spiritual phenomena and lucid visions in my life. I want to share them but I dont rly want to be one of these youtube gurus pouring their souls out for the whole world to disseminate. I feel that what I go through is for me and the audience is the spirit world. The events scribed in the pages of eternity. Over the past year or so these visions have led me to revelations which before I would have never believed. Briefly I'll summarise.

>I had a vision I was being ordained as a 14 year old Emperor of Rome, everyone kneeled before me as I was raised on a throne.

>I Found an Emperor this age did exist, he worshipped a Phoenecian god and a large oval shaped black meteorite stone, the object of power at the centre of his temple, attached to a lightning rod.
>His reign and his mother's influence basically brought the downfall of Rome, like an enemy from within.

>Another time I had a vivid vision of being outside King Solomon's temple. A steam powered contraption was used to open the stone door. I had to push it manually and it opened.

>Inside one of the outer chambers I saw a small floating spherical ball, as if lifted magnetically. there was some kind of puzzle to enter the inner sanctum. I knocked the ball on to the ground, there was a feeling of a powerful and scary presence that didnt like this. A Rastafarian friend was with me, he saw a reflection of himself in a mirror and was terrified. I looked to see and saw myself as what looked like a Tibetan monk.
>Since this time Ive seen documentaries of hydraulic powered temple doors in Greece and the floating magnetic balls in Egypt. Ive also learned that Solomon used a black Obsidian mirror to contact spirits. Ive learned of objects of power used at the centre of temples, like the Ark of the Covenant and the Black stone of Emesa, thought to have come from Eden.
>Every night that week I went to a different temple, I think I was in Axom, a great outdoor temple with intricate carved walls, I remember a man showing me a place to get water from as it was hot and dry. The next night I was abseiling down giant pyramid walls in what felt like Thailand. People where jumping off this giant Buddha with a sword into a pool below. The next night I was in Peru and some tribal women there were helping me to create this holographic multidimensional portrait of my life and I was pouring all my good memories into it. The next night I came across this haunted house and a woman asked "who in your tribe deals with such things?" I said "I guess that's me" and had 'a here I go again' feeling as I entered. After that I felt the visions where becoming too much and they stopped, for a while.


File: 1462974443012.png (480.99 KB, 146x200, frederic_leighton_34_return_of_persephone.jpg)

With a sparked interest in the Ark of the Covenant I watched a presentation about it and learnt about monoatomic gold/elements. I learnt that you could buy this online and have been ingesting it since. After this I dreamt I was on Mars, in another time, scaling this large wall/cliff I found a piece of a metorite/monoatomic elements and focusing on it it launched me into space.

The most powerful of all visions, something which ties a lot of this vast mystery all together happened one time and has made as clear as day to me, the origin story of the human race, which before I thought of as probably nonsense. It was as lucid as waking life, even more so...

>A beautiful, mortal or goddess in the flesh was presenting to me a hidden history, like a well versed lecture that had been taught to many before or simultaneously.

>I became one with the consciousness of a great race of god-like beings that travel beyond time and space, inter-dimensional.
>In the physical realm they came to Earth. I witnessed the encounter of a great being seeing the beast like Neanderthal man for the first time, through its eyes, I could feel its repulsion of the creature, a wanting to strike it with some god-like bolt of power. The dream revealed to me as a very real truth that God-like beings came to Earth and created Humans by fusing themselves with the primitive man. I was seeing the Origins of our history
> I was then led to a place in America, maybe Dakota, where a native was showing me great carvings in a cliff along a fault line. They were misaligned, he told me that they were from the world before and when the fault lines moved again, it would be the end of the world as we know it..a new era would emerge.
>I then came back and spent some time with the woman who had been revealing this all to me, we bonded romantically but then I woke up, she felt like a real person, an American who is alive today.

These visions are too much to hold on entirely so I am writing them here. Maybe you understand, maybe you don't but thanks for reading. What strikes me most, apart from the vivid and real nature of them, is that they have shown me things that I was not aware of before, and that I have later verified to be true. I believe that there is great truth to the myths and mysteries of the world, and that if we open our mind, much wisdom will be poured forth into it.



File: 1463300658548.png (251.91 KB, 300x234, ss+(2016-05-15+at+04.15.51).png)

No.2449 [Reply]

So i was just talking with some buddies about a dream i had where i experienced EHS (google it) and they started getting extremely uncomfortable and even started making us cry which isnt exactly normal. The dream took place in something that looked like the shit opengl render i posted and then all sound dissapeared and i mean ALL sound. After that i started walking towards the building but it gave off this feeling that by being close to it my life was in danger. so i instead went to read the sign which was in a non english language i couldnt read i am certain that it was the name of the building though. right as the sign started making a sound like a taser going off x30 went off in my head and i saw lots of flshing images and white. i then crumpled to the ground and starteed crying and after about 2 min it stopped and i woke up a few seconds later. This dream happened about a year ago but i still remember it almost perfectly. So i was wondering if it makes other people uncomfortable as well i find visualizing the doors to the building makes a big difference. There was also a lot of tiny details i left out so if theres anything youre wondering just ask.


>sound of a taser x30
Was it your alarm clock? I've heard my clock in my dreams before.


>>2452 No it woke me up before my alarm clock went off.

File: 1464131730739.png (45.66 KB, 226x300, ATHENA.jpg)

No.2480 [Reply]

Some vague dream about Apollo or Yahweh, probably the same God, flying round the pyramids or in a pyramid.

Then experienced some woman from the estate agents for my place in my home, (at least I think it was or perhaps a ghost) I told her to get out as they had to give me prior notice to come in the house. Woke up and had received an email from them about some very minor thing.

I often seem to have that limbo reality state after an epic dream of sorts. It kinda adds to the reality of it all.

Anyone ever limbo>? I had a being physically in my bed the other week, speaking in what sounded like Enochian. Perhaps the veil between worlds is thinning.


I once went to limbo.
Not much happened. I was just able to traverse areas while in one place.
So, it was probably astrak projection.
Maybe that's limbo.


> Anyone ever limbo>? I had a being physically in my bed the other week, speaking in what sounded like Enochian. Perhaps the veil between worlds is thinning.

ehh... I've had dreams leak into the waking world if that's what you mean? My eyes are wide open and I'm looking around my room and something impossible happens. I shake it out and then I'm really awake. Once I reached to turn on the radio and a big spider walked out into thin air. I swatted it and as I did I was sitting up awake and there was no spider. Another time, faces on some posters were changed or maybe they were even animated. My eyes were open and I was looking at them but I was still dreaming.

File: 1464432141999.png (3.67 MB, 300x169, DSC_0066.jpg)

No.2489 [Reply]

Dremt I was licking Daisy Ridley's pussy. Quite vivid feeling her clit on my tongue. Wish I could remember it more clearly, it was dark..Id like to recall dreams and memories exactly, like Strange Days and minidiscs 💽


Start keeping a dream journal write as much detail as you possibly can if you don't have a memorable dream just write that as well.

File: 1464585347481.png (129.09 KB, 300x159, IMG_20160529_205521.jpg)

No.2494 [Reply]

Just dremt Id arrived in this quaint North American town and went into this wooden decked shop selling leathers and knives. It was run by a native, I said it was a nice town, he said it could do with change. I asked him the name of the place as Id just got off the greyhound, he told me it was called Wan Ko. I then looked at a map, it was near Niagra falls. I saw a mother with her son, more descendents from the local tribe. The boy was mischievous he told me he knew a Jedi was coming to town and I was to receive a vision...of Hell, I would see a monster or something, I started to think he was messing with me...then I dont know.


>Wan Koff
seems like these natives are just messing with you, lain

File: 1464678646311.png (66.27 KB, 300x216, IMG_20160225_153412.jpg)

No.2496 [Reply]

It was like I was watching this terrifying movie about a secret Chinese agency that was illegally havesting people's organs and stealing eyes so they could bio-hack optical recognition security for health science in the UK. Maybe I glimpsed something that is really happening.


I had a dream of getting shot and dying at a soccer game recently. I'll shit bricks if something happens at Euro 2016.


File: 1465266831109.png (112.65 KB, 150x200, 1460954461865-dr.jpg)

I had a dream Кasich got the GOP nomination.

File: 1398422214687.png (10.25 KB, 255x189, .jpg)

No.25 [Reply]

>that one friend who always thinks up a bullshit dream of something dumb happening to him like him being chased or shitting his pants everytime he wakes up just to start a conversation.
Why the fuck do people do this? If you want to talk about something just ask what game I've been playing while you were asleep or something. There's no need to make up shit.
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>Hypocrisy moves the world.
>neurosuggesting the world is good


Develop a decent bullsh*t detector. If you can't, then enjoy spending the rest of your life wondering if every single person is lying to you or not. In that case, the best approach is to assume everyone is lying until proven otherwise. This kind of makes communicating with strangers on the internet a pointless pursuit though.

File: 1464780255371.png (702.75 KB, 300x169, IMAG0084.jpg)

No.2500 [Reply]

So, obviously dream diaries are quintessential for lucid dreaming, and I've kept them off and on throughout the years. But how do you guys stay motivated to keep it updated (assuming you do keep one.) Is it written or recorded?


I don't keep a dream diary and only write down dreams I feel somehow intended to write down, either because of it's complexity or beauty, which isn't too often. When I kept a dream diary, I wrote down everything I knew when I woke up. It has to be part of your morning ritual, I think and you have to have the time.

More essential for lucid dreaming in my opinion is to generally care for what you've dreamt and what you will dream and autosuggestion. Although dream diaries can be wonderful and definitely long-time helping.


I dream every night. I starts to do my head in. I see things...translations of the spirit

File: 1465410067386.png (20.97 KB, 192x300, Belvedere.jpg)

No.2521 [Reply]

Has anyone been really able to define the more nonsensical parts of dreams? I'm not talking about something random that occurs, or something unexpected, but moreso that weird feeling when two things don't match up yet make complete sense when in a dream. That kinda weird things just happens and no question is brought up, and would never make sense even on a basic level. Anyone else get that weird feel?
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I remember the feeling but not the examples because when things are this weird, you lose the memory soon after waking up. I think it's because the situation doesn't translate into waking reality and therefore never makes the crossing. All you do remember is the feeling.


Sometimes my friends appear in my dreams but they are a bunch of my friends combined into one person. This also happens with places.

File: 1466984138812.png (112.44 KB, 300x300, 4f921f82e1be1b27f85403f0ffe06712.jpg)

No.2568 [Reply]

Let's play a game, /zzz/!
You read a dream and post a dream that has any sort of relation to the dream you read.
>I dreamt of an airplane crashing into a jungle
>Well, I dreamt of being in the jungle on a boat
Reply to multiple posters if you find a dream with multiple aspects that are shared, yadda yadda. I made this thread to see if their is a kind of organization to the dream world that may be affected by media rather than just random thoughts in our head with 0 relevance to the real world except for vaguely. I want to see how much of an effect it is and please, if there's something in your dream that doesn't make sense to anyone but you, elaborate for us.


I don't have my IRL dream journal with me but I'll try to give as much info as possible.
>I am a white male, thin, slightly aloof and geeky, light brown hair
>Filming a documentary of China
>my guide is leading me around for the video and takes us to a park where a group of Chinese school children are grouped up, uncannily perfect for the film
>keep in mind, everything has already been filmed and I'm watching/editing the video
>I notice something's wrong and I look up towards a building nearby
>"Holy f-bleep-, that kid's gonna jump!"
>I move with my arms out to catch him
>The kid falls flat on his face, dead already
>I grab him by his hair and I see his face
>Eyes were black and full of dried blood giving more proof he was already dead
>He stands up stiff as a board
>"Well it looks as though we'll be cutting that part out," I hear the camera man mumble
>The Chinese guide just looks shocked but in a "It happens" kind of way

File: 1466998810366.png (85.43 KB, 300x300, 13043651_1169026833148082_152509228666212085_n.jpg)

No.2570 [Reply]

What's the coolest dream you ever had /zzz/?

mine was >>2556


The one I'm having right now.
Just kidding, I bet I've had better ones.


One where I had a lesbian girlfriend and we were riding on a bike in a city being chased by the cops and then an angel came down and burned everyone to death and we rode into the sunset. There was more to it but I don't have my IRL dream journal with me, just my e-diary. >>1589 See, when I wrote it here, I forgot to add the arabic mafia who were chasing us down in cars and shit.

Another which I have on my e-diary (I just have to find it)


Tske a shower but forgot to turn it ofd and i fell asleep...
Ganster in surburbia
Issues with being seen by the tiwn leader 4he bog guns
Visiting my fam
Friends with a hotell guy by a lake
Another loyal friend with me
A hotdog place gives me a fukken load of lollies
Says they have their hoteogs from the bog guns
Gives us a story wjy
A giirl and her bf are eat candy like candy trees and cake, the hotdpg ppl offrr us some but na
They give us lolies with our names on it, j and hayden
I go to hime but we come out of a tank filled wirh smoke and down synddromw people going into the hotdog place
We walkback to pur homes
I go to the bathroom
My friend comes in and her grey cat then her guy friend
I ge r pissed and tell them to leav3
Then i hit the guy because he's probably a fukken retard
I still keep the cat
I look outside, then i notice the cat is neutered or somethi bg g, and super horny
We go to our room and I mouth fuck my girlfriend with 3 lollies
The cat comes in, we sleep over, she has auburn hair abd teal eyes, white, thick brows
We visit the hotel and stay to get outta the way of the big guns
Then I'm playing a game but it's different to fwt, I've played it before in my dreams, i was on the cave stage
I go up levels with my mc and find a charac whos supposed to be loving a fat asian say i don't give hearts, i break them, the. She looked sad
Anyways, i get two bosses at the end of killing spiders so i ask chat who to use
Then switch
I'm out w/another guy and hé s like doc from bttf
We get com parts
Were in a manaion of another proffessor. Asks me to organize his books for his trip or so
I do it unfin
Me and hayden  (a girl btw) are being actively seeked by the bg
We ask the hotel guy for help says no bc they locked the 3rd floor from us (gansters, big guns minions up above) some gansters are already there and say glad to see more people building the ceiling these two people. A beautiful blonde blue woman and her brown green friend are friendly boaters
They hekp us get across sometimes
we go back
We run around town and then we get drunk and accidentally go towards bg
We immediately go left to the hotel and go across to our guy,, says no can do. Sorry
So she waits i think of going back to town
A girl in her back van black beauty, sees me and squints, she remembers im a crim
She drives off a ramp to the other side but mosses,i was on top of the car
A guy had climbed on top of the bus to help us, he grabs my hand, im holding onto the bus (idk) wpndering what happened to the girl she wasn't screaming or anythong
A beauty indian( grey) woman goes inside the bus she was on top at first
Then he says w/e about the black girl and brings me in
I see the black girl screaming in her van as her car is sinking in the waters
We go and swim out to help her i gueas but were still in disdain at how she didntget out

File: 1467087192770.png (59.67 KB, 300x241, stream-of-consciousness.jpg)

No.2575 [Reply]

Let's post some of our own. Just open up word, set the timer for 10 minutes and then start typing. Don't plan ahead. Just write the first words that come to your mind and by the time you finish them the next ones. You can correct typos afterward. Then let's each analyze our own texts.

Here's mine:
>Upon the breath of dragons came the smoldering corpses of planets which look through the glass that witches spoke through in Times forgotten by all the apes that would constantly stare at the number seven. I didn’t like the attitude of some Cambodian missionaries who would row through the seas on the back of mountains and aligned with them all where much too few different severed bodies of the apocalypse which should fall before all the chains tying the roots of the earth. I didn’t bring much alcohol to fill all the bottles that would stick out beneath the salt sea of magnitude. When I lived in the watchtower I heard the constant clanking of processors built through the divine methods of molecular epitaxy past by the robots who created the human race. In the meanwhile I was driving a car which had no lights and could not expect how many of us would see the faces of pigeons reflected in our windows. Elvis lives and before he was a dinosaur he lived amongst Satan and Hephaestus creating black holes which encountered all the immortal races of the galaxy. The lives went on and the smoldering corpses were buried beneath witches and defecated upon and I liked the sweat scent of nice voluptuous women who would enwrap me with their sweaters which would lead to hesitant suffocation. I could not look either of them in the eye because I chose not to swear in public. We would not see how many of them were infantile and how many of them had rabbits growing from their claws. They could not produce evidence of all the crimes committed against the Polish people beneath all the stars that could have forged the first computers.Not only was it a myth that my head was enslaved benaath the sand by Jacki Chan who could ride the ocean waves on his bike it would also be fair to suspect that none of them lied to me when they were making up all the falsehoods that produced mankind’s first origin spirits. It was not known whether or not I would like to be thought of as a person that could go on without trying and know the shapes of buildings by looking upon them. It would seem obvious to myself that I was beneath a sky that shouted all the names of the bands that made Loveless a thing and none of the noises breathing on my skin.
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sweet dream


File: 1480683938184.png (2.38 KB, 58x54, 20161202_195858.jpg)

dream n walk... its bad.really bad

File: 1467274361517.png (2.05 MB, 300x169, DSC_0014.jpg)

No.2595 [Reply]

Strange visions concerning the UK last night. Was in some war torn eatern european derilict city, vivid, the UK had territory there, everywhere else felt hostile to it. Had a strange bit where I was in some junkies den and they had stolen someones meth making equipment, pretty much a hell realm.

Then I was in this coastal pub, lots of butch skinhead type. There was a mericless beating of this black guy, I was quite disturbed by it. Then it turned out the guy had done something to deserve it, had a whip or something, and the skinhead was also randomly gay. Im not one of this gloablist loving idiots that wanted to stay in the EU, I feel these visions are some gesalt symbolism, feeding off the energy and fears of the whole country, intense.

File: 1467301670694.png (183.61 KB, 300x169, magic-studies.jpg)

No.2598 [Reply]

How about we collect some rules which seem to hold true for all our dreams in this thread?
Here are some things I wrote down as annotations in my dream diary:

- dream speech: While dreaming I often perceive things as really being said, while rarely the things "said" just pop up in my mind, like telepathy. But in almost all cases I can't write them down in direct speech in my diary, because it feels wrong. I can't remember most of the words exactly, but the meaning of the sentence. There are some cases where I had to think about the exact words in dreams and where I then can remember those words exactly, but not the whole sentence. Sometimes this results in mixing languages in my diary. In a dream today I thought that it might not be a dream while having it, because the voice didn't seem to have any room echo, but I couldn't be convinced and I didn't have this before. But possibly this is always happening, and that is which makes it easy to recognize a dream as a dream and not a memory.

- facts popping up in my mind: like when I view a building and I suddenly know who built it and why. Sometimes when writing down dreams I try to remember who said a fact to me, but I can't and I begin to create fake dreams, like adding a random person on the street explaining the dream government to me, although I just knew the fact suddenly after a certain point of time, without interaction with anyone.

- fake memories: often I think I can vividly remember a past or past dream which, after waking up, I don't think ever happened before in another dream. Basically a very strong Déja-Vu.

- quantum mechanics like world: objects, persons and others change as soon as I shortly don't "look" i.e. think about them, or even while thinking about them. Like a the lamp suddenly standing at another place in the room, I don't even care about that inside the dream.

- one hemisphere dreams: Sometimes when sleeping on my right side and having a dream, I can remember the dream very vividly while not changing my position, but when a turn around to my left side it becomes significantly harder to remember the dream anymore. Turning back to right side makes it easier again. This behavior and the Google dream algorithm made me think, that dreams behave similar to pressure hallucinations in the eyes. When I was a kid and bored in the car, I closed my eyes and began pressing my knuckles into my eyes with varying pressure, resulting in varying noise / kaleidoscope like patterns. I imagine the brain being pressed by gravity to the inner skull depending on which side I am lying in bad, could result in random noise resulting in different random dreams, just like random (pressure induced)noise can produce images in Google dream.

- xenovision: sometimes there seems to be no physical "I" in my dreams. In those cases I seem to follow some person as a non-visible entity and see the same things they see and even know their thoughts, but they don't know my thoughts and they act alone.

- names: When hearing names in dreams I try understand them in dreams, but when trying to remember them for my diary it always feels wrong, no matter how convinced I was before, that it was that name. E.g. "I sit there with a girl (Aiya or something similar was here name) ..."

- spontaneous creativity: This is really rare in my dreams. Normally I only see very few objects at the same time, like only those I do concentrate on. But sometimes suddenly e.g. a whole aerial image of the city pops in my mind with many many details. At that time I tried to remember all those details by looking at them one after another, so it is arguable, whether I really knew the whole city layout suddenly or whether it was developed while looking at it further, see fake memories.
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i have all of those except for the sleeping on one side thing and spontaneous creativity, at least that ive noticed.

same for these except you can't prove we don't have free will. Stop stating it like its fact, I agreed with that for a really long time and still do on some level. How can you not be sure our purely chemical brains have not created something independent. Or that there isnt some unknown factor we arent considering. You could say there is no reason to think that, but why do our brains which have supposedly evolved for survival (not for solving problems like this or "reason" mind you, but thats a different story anyways) seem to be comfortable with ideas like afterlife, or uploading our consciousness into machines. Doesn't it seem like our thoughts seem to think they can exist without the brain? But whatever right, this is just my brains way of rationalizing my existence so i continue to live, and thats just fact :^ ).


File: 1467339889058.png (660.13 KB, 200x114, harmony-forest.jpg)

The list is sorted most recent first. I went through the annotations in my dream diary from top to bottom, that's why.

You're right, I shouldn't have stated the free will thing as a fact, it's just my believe. On a side note, there are some interesting theories like sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/01/140116085105.htm From what I remember back then I imagined it as receiving quantum randomness through microtubules to create a free will, as in not physically predictable by any means. I still hope as a physicist that there exist underlying laws which can explain the quantum randomness, like vacuum fluctuations, even if it would never be possible to know enough data to predict any such quantum random events (like nuclear decay).

- Remembering a dream - visual details vs. chain of events: I'm no artist, nor do I have the time to try to write down every little detail, if it was even possible to put images into words. Longer dreams already take more than 30 minutes to write down, which isn't something I can do every day. But even so, once I've written down the basic events which happened in my dream, I can remember most of the dream world without problems, especially smaller details or the visuals, landscape, ... I find this interesting, because of how easy it is to forget a dream right after sleep, but then how hard it is to forget once written down. In the end remembering a dream seems to me to be about connections. The hardest thing for me to remember and the fastest to forget is the order of events, i.e. what event lead to the next event. Sometimes I even do recall the dream as fully and as fast as possible directly after waking up, but even after doing this many times between waking up and writing it down, it can still happen, that I'm not fast enough with writing it down (as it can take 30 minutes), so that I end up with chunks which I can't sort into the chain of events. It's like puzzling. That's why I have many fillers like "Somehow I end up", "Some time later", ... in my dream log.

- Dream discrepancies: Sometimes it happens that I see something (or at least I remember seeing that something), but I think it to be some different. E.g. I think I'm in my hometown, but what I actually remember seeing at that moment of thought after waking up is the city I study in. Or I remember to be in the geography room, but what I actually saw at that moment was the art room. It's like the circuit for recognition isn't working fully while dreaming. It seems to work to some extent, though, because I don't remember an extreme case, like seeing a flower and thinking it a building.

File: 1467394688511.png (248.69 KB, 300x169, hallucination.jpg)

No.2608 [Reply]

Does anyone experience anything like this?

Sometimes, or perhaps a lot of the time, I experience this weird dream-like state after waking up. There isn't a whole lot of consistency in how long it lasts for. It's usually at least around fifteen minutes, though on numerous occasions it has lasted several hours (during which I was going about my day, interacting with people, etc).

I'm not really sure what causes it. I've had vague theories in the past but none have really fit every circumstance too well. Something that fairly consistently does cause it to happen, though, is waking up and going back to sleep and repeating, several times within a short span of time (like if I kept putting off getting ready in the morning). This is especially the case when I was woken up during REM sleep; when this is the case, I usually resume dreaming within seconds of either relaxing enough or trying to go back to sleep.

Every instance, at least initially, involves at least some dream-like delusions or delusional thinking. Sometimes it's just random stuff, believing certain random things, like that there are certain programs running in my head, compiling a particular application, or that certain things will happen if I don't do a particular thing -- it's usually a bit more complicated than that though. Other times the delusional aspect is for more complicated, with everything going on at that moment, and will in the near future, and everyone, being framed within the context of whatever it was I happened to believe. An example that comes to mind is believing I was in a game, SS13, and everything being framed within that, and it colouring my perception of how to achieve certain goals.

This aspect is sometimes the last thing to desist, though it usually gradually becomes more mild, and other times disappears well before other aspects.

There is also quite often, though not always, some degree of visual hallucination and synaesthetic imagery. One of the milder, recurring, examples, involves myself being able to see or perceive (or both) a terminal (in the Unix-like sense) of some sort, quite accurately depicting a real one. Various programs, tying in to the delusional aspect, usually run in it. Their output is quite logical, and largely mirrors what would really happen. Sometimes the hallucination aspect is for more intense -- with a lot of what I see being replaced with trippy imagery, like a cartoonish alien version of what was actually there, for example. At times I have simultaneously perceived this altered world, and the real one.

Sometime there are auditory hallucinations as well, especially with myself hearing people say things completely different to what they actually did, etc.

Of note, is that as far as I can recall, none of this has really ever interfered with me doing anything I otherwise would be, or distracted me too much. It usually ties in pretty well with what I need to do, if anything.

It's pretty weird, and there are a lot of other random details I could share, but I think that's enough to get the general idea. So, yeah... can anyone relate?


Yeah, happens every day I wake up. My thinking makes no sense and some idea gets stuck in my head. It feels kind of similar to that tetris syndrome thing except is upon waking up. Although I dont really get the visuals my imagination and ability to picture things is usually very intense. A lot of the times I can hear music in my head really fucking well and will be thinking of some song that doesnt normally impact me that much and it almost makes me cry because it sounds so good in my head.

Also mildly surprised someone here knows ss13.


Generally, when i wake up i just kind of realize that i am lying in my bed, but i have no real control over my mind and i just kind of mentally drift around aimlessly until i regain mental stability.

File: 1409228433409.png (687.13 KB, 251x300, .jpg)

No.261 [Reply]

I'm going to try keeping a dream journal.

How many of you do this? How long have you been doing it? Has it helped you recall your dreams in the morning?

Share your experiences here.
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It helps alot when I actually do it. Though, it seems, once I skip a few dreams or stop recording temporarily that I've really interesting or rather numerous dreams.


Started just over 2 years ago as I started university

I think it has helped me recall subsequent dreams

The biggest benefit is when I go back and re-read dreams
I notice how my dreams connect to my life and reveal my thoughts, feelings, fears, etc.
Plus it can be entertaining. I've had some funny, and disturbing, dreams.

File: 1467627561871.png (649.93 KB, 300x223, eurobeat intensifies.gif)

No.2613 [Reply]

I had a dream where i worked somewhere and some other place offered a higher wage and started competing for me. They wanted my sick CAD skills. Im not that good at CAD.


Easy. Git gud at CAD, send resumes everywhere. Magic!

File: 1467665690423.png (49.29 KB, 300x204, sleep-positions-618x420.jpg)

No.2614 [Reply]

I cant for the life of me sleep on my back. I just cant.
No matter now long I lie there with my eyes closed I just cant fall asleep. I always end up lying on my side.
Why is this?
Anybody else experience this?
What is your preferred sleeping position?
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Pretty much always in fetal position, although trying to sleep with headphones on taught me to fall asleep on my back. It's comfy, but the fear of waking up some night to see demons again stops me from doing it much.


That's the fear, it gets so bad that I had to sleep during the day for a while

File: 1409241360626.png (29.08 KB, 300x225, .jpg)

No.263 [Reply]

After many years of lifestyle change, studying, and practice- I can leave my body with a high margin of success.

Ask me anything
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File: 1459216215994.png (44.39 KB, 200x178, 1458157447912.jpg)

No worries m8


mm I can do most of this, lately I've been experiencing the sensation that waking reality and that of dreams are actually inseparable.

If you aren't writing your travels down i.e to share with your peers, what is the purpose of even traveling?

I'm rewriting the Theraveda, I'll have to include some kind of 'Lucidity' instructional...

File: 1468218683429.png (157.99 KB, 300x200, thought.jpg)

No.2647 [Reply]

there is a condition recently termed 'aphantasia' where you cannot visualize or see things using your imagination.

does anyone else have this? i have it, but i'm still able to dream. i'm just unable to 'see things', daydream, or imagine anything, etc through conscious effort while i'm awake.

i know what it's like to imagine or visualize things though, it happens before i drift off to sleep, my thoughts get formed in my head and i get this sudden 'picture' of stuff as i think of things. this never occurs while i'm awake though. i still can't believe people can visualize things in their everyday lives, it just seems incredibly useful like a superpower.

i think because i cannot see things when i'm awake, i deeply value my dreams. i have kept a dream journal for several years and have great dream recall ability, but i'm rarely ever able to realize i'm dreaming and achieve lucid dreams, or control my dreams. recently though i awoke from a dream, but i was still dreaming.

i used to meditate with earplugs in the dark, but because i cannot visualize things it's just an emptiness and so after a while the lack of anything drives me crazy. i tried doing this and some other methods to train myself to realize i was falling asleep and enter lucidity, but it never worked. i usually got nice dreams as a result of the focus and concentration though.

my question is for anyone who literally cannot imagine or visualize things like me, i want to know if you have trained to get regular lucid dreams and how you did so, or even if they occur naturally on their own for you often. thanks.


Aphantasia is incredibly interesting to me. One thing I read about is that people with aphantasia can still recall things like the number of windows in their house, without using mental imagery. I believe most "normal" people do not have the number of windows in their house memorized by rote, and would have to briefly take a visual tour of various rooms in their house to count the number of windows before answering.

How do you personally do it? Are us normies using visualization as a mental crutch for certain things that we should be able to do in other ways?

Another note: The recent discovery of this thing brings up a lot of questions. Namely, what other differences are there between people that nobody realizes because we all assume everyone functions similarly to ourselves?


i do a tour of my house, but its not visual. its kind of a spatial feeling, as in i imagine im in a certain room and i can think of the window

this kind of spatial nonvisual imagination is really all i have, i van imagine movement and flowing sensations and my bodyparts moving around and touch somewhat, but its always as though im blindfolded. if i were to blindfold you and asked you to navigate to the windows, you could feel your way around probably. its that sort of feeling that i have when i think of stuff

File: 1468477293336.png (125.3 KB, 164x300, 1466566577082.png)

No.2653 [Reply]

Do you guys go into manias ever? especially before going to sleep and then not being able to sleep for another few hours
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In bed I often start to do all sorts of mathematics, most of the time simple stuff like geometry or solving some equations. I hate this because I feel the urge to finish my thoughts and therefor can't sleep for a long time. It feels like wiggling a loose tooth.

Regarding mania in general, I have phases where I get super excited about some crazy idea, buy stuff to build and so on. Some days later or even the next day this project alienates me and I fall into mild depersonalization.


I'm not sure what you Lains mean by "mania" but I don't think the way it's being used here fits with the definition. But after an extended drinking binge and sudden stop, I get extremely tense and quick to anger. These feelings sometimes escalate into short dissociations where I actually lose sense of where I am. It happens a lot around intersections when I see someone driving in a way that endangers others. This isn't really "mania" either but I think it's similar to what you are all talking about.

>I have phases where I get super excited about some crazy idea, buy stuff to build and so on. Some days later or even the next day this project alienates me and I fall into mild depersonalization
...sounds more like manic behaviour to me.

File: 1469088517232.png (759.04 KB, 300x289, fah lute.jpg)

No.2659 [Reply]

What was the last dream you had that was genuinely pleasant? At least, pleasant by your standards.
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File: 1471296521826.png (387.39 KB, 200x199, cJXFcRu.png)

Now than you mention it I don't remember.

Thanks for that.


File: 1471301403481.png (27.1 KB, 134x200, 13920701_1148130105247729_1342709297525337030_n.jpg)

There is a house in my neighborhood, where I leave bike when need to take a bus. Mother told me that there lives crippled or mental ill kid, never saw him but his family seems like really good people, but tired of everyday life.
I am frequently coming back to this place in my dreams, house is a bit different but location and environment stays the same. People are different too. 30+ lovely couple, no kids at first. Woman fit my tastes way too good, she is my dream character after all. In my first dream about this house I did everything to spend more time with her, even if that was really weird for them to have this lad from neighborhood over. Even sneaked and observe her few times. Really realistic dreams, but last one was unlike. The house just didn't feel like usual, I remember even perspective was a bit off. I think I saw couple cuddling and didn't want to disturb, so I went upstairs. There were many bras on stairs and I tripped. Taking advantage of the opportunity I looked closer at them. When I looked up I saw girl around my age, she said something "funny and intelligent" about what she sees. It made me laugh when I woke up, but couldn't remember the joke. She was great, literally dream girl. We didn't interact too much, but it was really heartwarming.

File: 1469225204020.png (360.53 KB, 245x140, tumblr_inline_mhc0tvvOoa1qz4rgp.gif)

No.2667 [Reply]

Sometimes, when I'm too tired to write down a dream I had I try to scribble down some quick keywords of the dream in hopes that I remember layer

Generally these notes make no fucking sense

Example from last night:

Do any of you fellas do this?
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Yes, I'm from Saxony.


I used to scribble key symbols with a pencil directly on my bed, so I don't need to move more than my right arm, because you forget your dreams fast if you move.

>long roof
>ghost knight

File: 1469924317282-0.png (253.2 KB, 300x198, dead pine barrens.jpg)

File: 1469924317282-1.png (1022.58 KB, 300x199, new mexico desert.jpg)

No.2682 [Reply]

I had two nightmares in a semi-coherent stream.

The first dream felt around four hours long, with the first three being many quick vignettes of very stressful situations. The final hour placed me in a mountainous desert, very similar to parts of New Mexico's Florida Mountains. After walking though very familiar desert I found myself in a flat pine barren filled with dead or dying trees, and a ground covered in loose dust. The dead trees gave way to dark green trees, and later more uneven ground, leaving me in a forest similar to Gila National Park in New Mexico.

As usual in my dreams, this atmosphere was retained when my stream of consciousness was suddenly placed on a black asphalt road in what struck me as the same forest. I was standing near a shiny black and chrome object that I recognized as a car, then a figure inside the object noticed me and drove away. "Noticing" me included implanting the outcome of a statement in my head, which I understood as the figure leaving me there for something or someone it knows. The road ahead me turned softly into the trees, and a smaller road the size of a sidewalk extended perpendicular to the wider road. I walked down the smaller road, which was suddenly rain-slick without it having rained. It felt very cold and humid. To my either side were two rows of trees placed equidistant from each other, with the second row placed between and slightly beyond the inner row, creating a staggered formation concealing the fields beyond them.

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not sure what to make of all of that, lain


Do you keep a dream diary?

I found that doing so has positive effects.
As dreams become something you try to remember in order to note it down, it gives you a more objective point of view and nightmares loose their horror.

If you like drawing you could also take inspiration from them, those dreams actually provide pretty cool ideas.

File: 1409375460994.png (91.5 KB, 300x300, .jpg)

No.269 [Reply]

How does /drg/ affect your /zzz/?
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File: 1485171171583.png (445.54 KB, 169x200, ClipboardImage.png)

Seroquel seems to be a very powerful dream potentiator (it's even cited as one on psychonaut wiki). That being said I definitely would not recommend taking a heavy antipsychotic for recreational purposes. I'm only reporting on my experiences because it's relevant to the topic. Most of my dreams are pretty disturbing and terrifying so coming off of it was actually pleasant.


200-250mg of benedryll tends to give me really, really vivid but mundane dreams. it's so easy to think that they actually happened the day before. nothing really ever fun though

File: 1470469323228.png (67.34 KB, 251x300, 1444845281906.jpg)

No.2707 [Reply]

I finally got a gf, then i woke up
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File: 1473964417964.png (1.98 MB, 200x150, 1459019916366.jpg)

>Sometimes I have those periods when I don't feel anything at all until a dream like this comes and things go back to usual misery.
I know exactly what you're talking about, it's the same for me.

The worst about the dreams involving her is that they feel so real; seeing her, talking to her, sometimes even kissing her... it all feels like it's really happening to you. Then you wake up and realize none of this was real. You try to fall back asleep and continue the dream but it never works. You try to recapture all the things but it's all just vague and blurry thoughts. All of this is just depressing and makes me feel miserable for at least two days.


>when you had dreams of going on dates with your waifu before you even knew what a waifu is
>when you had a whole canon and it only existed when you went to sleep
>when you eventually grew up and now can't recall any kind of details about something that was really important in your life
End it.

File: 1470651665207.png (495.16 KB, 300x169, 04lsdde2.png)

No.2719 [Reply]

was gonna post this on art, however thought you guys would understand what im saying more.

Art that invokes that super surreal dream/nightmare feeling?

The only two things i know of that do it for me are yume nikki and lsd dream emulator, so just posting this screencap of that so you get what im talking about. When you look up nightmare or surreal art you get a lot of junk, things like horses with human heads or objects all stretched out, objects interacting in unintended ways, generic spooky stuff. There just is something not quite powerful enough about these pictures even if they are well made and beautiful. But I love that feeling I get when i see something such as the previously mentioned games that really captures it and can take me back there in my mind to some of the craziest dreams and nightmares ive had. feel free to post stuff you have made too, i often find myself trying to recall dreams through sketching.
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I'm not at all saying those aren't impressive. In fact part of the reason my dreams were so wild I think is because my mom had a load of surrealist paintings by Salvador Dali in the house as a kid including in my room.

The trash I was referring to was mainly newer stuff produced en masse by people to hit first result when you google "surreal art" or similar things.


File: 1471236373389.png (82.13 KB, 200x113, maxresdefault.jpg)

Catherine has a storyline about someone having horrific dreams, it gets that level of stress from its gameplay. Otherwise Condemned 2 was a overlooked classic, it has that weird combination of terrifying and disgustingly creepy. The premise for the game is a physiologic disturbed detective has to investigate crimes in a city that makes the purge look like a holiday. So go look closely at mutilated corpses and hope some deranged phyco doesn't club you over the head with a pipe. Its rare to find games that can pull of both combat and frights that aren't just jumpscares. Although personally i hated the last mission.

Theres something surreal and nightmare feeling about beating Shadow of the colossus, its one of the many reasons I love the game. Otherwise I can't really see anything other than cliche indie games you gotta really look around out there for reaching dream and LSD level subjects.

File: 1470789459675.png (3.12 MB, 300x228, vlcsnap-2015-11-30-17h08m52s122.png)

No.2729 [Reply]

Dreams inspired by TV and movies anyone? Novels or other fiction? I often have dreams of the environment from a series after I've been on a watching marathon. Not the characters usually, just places that look like the setting of the show.

The main one is Deadwood. It can be the studio set of the town, or I'll be actually there in the town as if it were real. Once, the town was depicted like an old video game. If I'm watching medieval or fantasy adventures, it'll be castles and rickety wooden structures in a green land. I've had quite a number of dreams where I'm driving or walking through post-apocalypse Georgia USA. There's no zombies or Rick Grimes or black chicks with swords, just a dead world with no people and a deeply sad feeling everywhere, because we lost. All of us; the human race has lost everything, forever.

I had dreams about Dhalgren many times too but I haven't read that book in about ten years and I don't remember them. Other dreams resembled the book in no surface level way but the FEELING was there which, if you know Dhalgren you know it can't be described quickly, but it was definitely that feeling.

95% of the time, again, it's the setting or a setting very similar rather than the characters or situations. But once I dreamed that a scene from the film Starship Troopers was happening in my childhood neighborhood. The audio was the same, with Kitten Smith shouting "here they come" as the bugs crawl out of every hole, except the battlefield was the streets and backyards where I used to deliver newspapers.
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File: 1470856926319.png (471.82 KB, 142x200, starship troopers fight.jpg)

That's cool, I thought I had suggested video games too but I guess I forgot. I used to know a guy who solved computer programming issues that way, problems he's struggled with for days. He'd dream the code he needed and then wake up and type it up for real.

Two more I remembered from books; once I was lying in bed imagining what it would be like to be a spaceborne paratrooper like in the original Starship Troopers; the book is very explicit about everything that happens, from the soldier being fired out of a cannon from the ship, his outer capsule burning away followed by a series of parachutes, and finally the still rough landing softened by the armoured suit's rockets. When I started, it was a daydream in bed. By the time I reached hard ground, I was dreaming it and there I was. I don't think there was a battle next but I can't remember for sure.

The other was "The Five and a Half Minute Hallway" from House of Leaves. For a whole week my dreams seemed to start with this. What's interesting is that in both these examples, the spacedrop and the impossible corridor, the short journey was like entering a portal into the other world. At least that's how I remembered it the next day. The "daydream" part may have been a sleeping dream which I only remembered as a waking daydream. Or something.


File: 1472155407313.png (126.96 KB, 200x113, ClipboardImage.png)

kind of a musical dream last night. Basically I lost my dog in a car park and after hours of searching someone found him. None other than than animal lover and death grips front man McRide. I gave him a hug, I could feel his beard tickle my face. I said "thank you" and he replied "eh"

File: 1471268823060.png (19.4 KB, 300x206, grey_man_by_brotoad-d4ab5s8.png)

No.2748 [Reply]

Does anyone here have reoccurring dream characters that remember events/conversations from previous dreams? (also maybe post a drawing of them if you want)

File: 1471378859846.png (171.45 KB, 300x169, 693755-golden_time___02___large_03.jpg)

No.2753 [Reply]

Vanilla sex dreams are cool too, but last night I had the weirdest dream.

So I was in bed with a cute girl and she suddenly grows a dick and starts crying. I think I was trying to make her feel better, so we started to rub dicks together. Her dick was so girly looking compared to mine and she had a tight foreskin that covered like half of her head. For some odd reason, she didn't grow any balls.

I gave her a handjob, sucked her a little but either one of us came. I was wanting to dock with her but then my dream suddenly changed to me and another woman who I was just gently fucking. Like it was a real comfy, lazy fuck, like we should have been playing some Nujabes where we were doing it.

I don't get why I'm having so many sex dreams, I fap regularly and I'm just a virgin. What are your sex dreams like?
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you're probably not a replicant.


File: 1476202926000.png (200.54 KB, 200x150, incest.jpg)

Had quite a ton with my mother and once with my grandmother when I was around 16-20... guess what, nowadays I love siscon doujins.

File: 1471740734099.png (16.07 KB, 291x181, nan-yun-sleeping.jpg)

No.2766 [Reply]

Does anyone know where I can get in depth tutorials for sleeping qigong? Or instructive books on the subject?

File: 1472817849567.png (181.74 KB, 300x169, grounseed.jpg)

No.2795 [Reply]

in the dream my character was a young girl in a futuristic setting, mother earth had been long forgotten destroyed or faded into obscurity, i cant remember which.

in her computer she had on her small 2-3 person ship, she had an incredible amount of storage space (as is natural) she had stored hundreds of millions of memories of humans past. the dream did not specify how these came to be stored. in an average human life they tend to have around one or two sincerely intense memories of strong and meaningful magnitude. these memories can be collected by enthusiasts and experienced with VR headsets. these headsets have cognitive interaction far unlike ours today (though no doubt the present versions inspired the dream). this girl collected and experienced these memories. she binges them one by one like drugs and like art.

the dream starts in the role of an elderly woman in a japanese rural town in the 20th or 21st century. she has some sort of role in a nursery. along the country roads she plays with small children, aged approximately 6-7 years.she knew them by name and by heart. she enjoys meaningful and sincere happiness at the times she is with them (filial piety is an influence?) she is granted second hand, the youthful innocent and pure happiness that only a child can have. she experiences it greatly and with meaning. she came to know each child's personality and without the thoughts to accompany it, she felt sincere wonder at sprouting life.

on one such smiling conversation with the children she stopped and had a brief and rare moment of clarity. she spoke aloud "i will always remember this" and cried deeply. this phrase had several meanings she felt sincere emotion and knew that the moment would stay with her for a lifetime. she also knew well in that moment that she would die soon. you see, she was not the type to think of that sort of thing too often. she thought it improper and that it would ruin the children's mood that she so desperately treasured.

the children around her didnt know why she was crying, even the ones that knew her best. i imagine she kept crying for some minutes longer before shakingly continuing along their shared slow and lazy path.

i do not know as at this moment the memory ends and i am cruelly pulled away from that world. the girl in her infinitely slowly orbiting spaceship sits shocked holding her helmet in her hands. normally she takes a few seconds to steady her thoughts before entering the next stored memory but this time it was at such a magnitude that she spent a good few minutes sitting and thinking. she knew that she must take a break for a few days (she imagined two although it became six). around this time she came to the thought that the emotion she had felt in the womans memory was so strong that the girl herself would likely always remember it for the rest of her life. she dried her eyes and steadied her feet. someone called her to check on the botanics so she left her seat in her quarters to attend. at this point i (and we) leave her, this is where the dream ends.

much like her i had to steady my thoughts, although this is standard procedure for me waking up. i dried my eyes like her and i thought of the woman and the girl who i had shared the moment with. neither of them knew they would be sharing the memory with anyone else. i came to think too that despite my third hand rendition, i too would likely remember that feeling for the rest of my life.
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thank you.


I enjoyed the read too, thanks for writing it so gracefully and not just greentexting it.
Memory is recursive.

File: 1398484139770.png (58.41 KB, 255x192, .jpg)

No.28 [Reply]

I just finished watching this documentary on dreams and thought you guys might find it interesting!

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look at the dates of the posts. This was way back when


BBC Documentary - Why Do We Dream?

Searched for "'why do we dream' bbc worldwide", think this is the right one.

File: 1473565717149.png (4.51 KB, 180x180, images.png)

No.2813 [Reply]

So, I have this problem, I can't sleep a lot, at night I can be awake in bed at 4 or 5am, then I sleep untill 11am but I can't dream at all, or at least I don't remember anything.
When I can sleep more early, this thing happens to me that I just wake up with a lot of heat and exalted...
Someone have the same thing? What I should do?
Sometimes I feel despersonalization/desrealization it's very weird, I don't like that so I want a solution.
I don't drink a lot of coffee but tea is my addiction.
(Sorry for crappy english)
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Have you tried exercising. I find going to bed dead tired from exercise is the best way to make sure I go to bed. As far as the dreaming--that could mean that you aren't acheiving a deep enough level of sleep. Something you can do is: take Zinc and Magnesium before bed. Studies show that it could help achieve deeper sleep. Fo me it helps a ton.


I can't sleep right unless I've exercised or done something physical for at least a small part of my day.

Also, if you can get to a doctor, trazadone is amazing for sleep and it'll give you intense dreams. There's several dosage levels, so if it doesn't work right away or it stops working after a while, remember you can always increase the dose.

This is what I'm currently taking. I don't take it every night and I take a moderate to light dose. It always gives me very interesting dreams and it has only failed to work for me a very small number of nights.

Good luck! Sleep problems are the worst.

File: 1473598073190.png (2.57 MB, 300x169, 20160529_165936.jpg)

No.2814 [Reply]

What's a lucid dream like?

Would the ability to think about/practice soykaf at night while others sleep make me a god?
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File: 1485212261078.png (105.97 KB, 200x134, ‮lmao‭.yya‭.jpg)

An open-world rpg where you can summon GM abilities and also die. Great for testing impossible ideas.

Can't count how many times I've died now.


A god? No, but it is useful.

You'll have a lot of trouble doing this with some intellectual tasks. You're asleep and your brain just isn't operating at 100%. You can think about things and come up with a lot of interesting ideas but you'll find it very difficult to concentrate upon something like solving an equation and a lot of the ideas you come up with despite seeming fine in your dream will turn out to be a bit dumb.

You can practice physical tasks quite effectively but you have to be careful that you're doing it right. It's only good for turning conscious action into muscle memory and unlike the real world you don't have that obvious feedback on how well you're doing. If you do an awful kick on a dream ball it could still fly perfectly. Make sure you practice while awake for a bit first until you're confident that you're not just reinforcing mistakes.

You can do the same sort of practice by day dreaming as well.

File: 1473774455493.png (106.95 KB, 300x200, d97732x.jpg)

No.2823 [Reply]

Some asshole broke into my house and stole all of my door knobs last night. He left a cryptic letter on my front door which I had to urinate on to reveal a map of where he buried them in my front yard. Have you ever done anything shitty to your subconscious for it to treat you this way?
ITT: Asshole dreams
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I was chased by witches last night. I had a long paragraph but it said throttled by filter, so thats it


Try splitting it up. It probably just exceeded the character limit

File: 1473823510196.png (1.74 MB, 300x300, Randy Prozac - Blank Hearts 1.jpg)

No.2828 [Reply]

Doesn't seem to be a thread for this, so deep dream thread

File: 1473968307033.png (1023.81 KB, 300x207, UgSknE2.jpg)

No.2832 [Reply]

Does anyone here's concept of self sometimes get completely reworked in dreams? I cant tell you the number of times I've woken up from a dream, and sitting in bed in that halfway state, I am no longer ME but I am a collection of other people who were in my dream.

For example one time, I had a dream there was a ragtag band of kids trying to save the world from a great evil. I was the ragtag band of kids. I was all of them, not any of them individually, but the group itself. Has anyone else ever experienced this, or have relevant things to read about it?
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What is this like during nightmares? Do you also feel yourself as the "monster"?


I've had dreams where I wasn't myself, but rather a different dream character. My appearance, personality, name, home, "memories" and relationships in the dream were all a bunch of made up "original" stuff unrelated to who I actually am.

I've also experienced dreams where my perspective kind of jumps around. I'm a certain person, and in the dream it feels like it's me, then suddenly I'm another person interacting with "myself", or I can see the results of my previous actions, but I no longer feel like I was that person from before. That, or my point of view shifts and I can see myself from afar while simultaneously control my body, which feels totally normal.

I've never experienced being multiple characters at the same time, though.

File: 1474681729995.png (1.54 MB, 300x225, tumblr_o9vnmoJFXB1sq3bq4o1_1280.png)

No.2858 [Reply]

I've been reading about lucid dreaming for a really long time and I've had a couple of low level LDs, but recently I've been having trouble getting Fe willpower to keep trying. I don't have a lot of free time, so I end up making up for that by staying up at night browsing imageboards. Advice would really be appreciated.


Get a dream journal and do reality checks, sleep in and you can lucid dream easier.

File: 1475096263038.png (998.96 KB, 300x161, tumblr_od9mej8cA91vyyey6o4_500.gif)

No.2889 [Reply]

If I keep dreaming about fuarrrking my friend, does it mean I might be in love with her? Should I go for it? I really like the idea of being intimate with her.
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Wonder if he had them both simultaneously
Depends on you and on circuimstances. Are you lonely? Is this friendship good? You probably should not go for it if this friendship is more valuable to you than you think.


i'm glad i'm not you

File: 1475626368415.png (567.62 KB, 300x137, iband-plus-main-image-e1473851203450.png)

No.2917 [Reply]

Anyone know if this is legit?

Don't know much about this stuff myself.
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I doubt it's legit, but I'd be scared if it was.


File: 1485212975498.png (1.66 MB, 200x186, △▵▿▽.gif)

Different people would have different reactions. Potentially none at all for some. Not going to work for everyone but might work for some people.

The can probably induce brainwave activity but would not likely enhance dream recall. Lucid states are stabilized by dream recall and so even if it worked you might have a very hard time remembering.

Would be a lot more interested in the practical applications of modulating brainwaves in a conscious state.

File: 1475949458159.png (1.31 KB, 300x200, black.png)

No.2934 [Reply]

Hi /zzz/

This isn't a question directly linked to dreaming but it's somethings that have been buging me for a while.
Normally, when you close your eyes or you are in a room with no lights you see "nothing" or more precisely black, right? But even tough I see that too, I see black shapes moving around. When I try to focus on it I just get lost because it's just black in black.
Hope I expressed myself well. My questions are, do you see it too and do you know what it is?
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I can manipulate it to do lucid dreams as long as I don't go under and they're normal. I can't see it well but mine are orange and green, generally.


Thanks for the info, pretty awesome. Mine are darker, I mean, I don't really see any green or purple. Going to try anyways!

File: 1410062420524.png (199.79 KB, 300x169, .jpg)

No.294 [Reply]

When you all dream, you are running around in a bubble world, a sort of prison which keeps you from navigating the open world system. All the bubble worlds are connected to a hub, which is essentially the open world system where all the dream people interact with one another, outside of your perception. You are not ready for the Hub. There is a lot of work that needs to be done before the Hub is able to be accessed. When will you join us?
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I've experimented with sending messages over the hub, but usually the data i send gets garbled or otherwise distorted by the time it reaches the other person. I'm not sure what the problem is, me or them.


Misunderstandings are always a reality of communication. Keep practising.

File: 1476112656467.png (33.67 KB, 300x157, synesthesia.png)

No.2946 [Reply]

Let's talk about synesthesia, lains. I found out about it only yesterday while binge browsing Wikipedia, and discovered that something I've experienced all my life is not something everyone shares: I have pictured the months, weeks, and hours in a certain path/pattern for as long as I can remember, and always assumed this was normal.

Do you experience synesthesia? Have you found some use for it?

Pic related, it's roughly how I view the months, although they're more three-dimensional in my head.
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most calendar and time related visualisations i make are kinda hard to describe. for months it's mix of twelve shapes with different densities and temperatures. with weeks it's a feeling of suffocation or pressure that varies with different days. i always thought everyone sees it the same way

i also see music pitch as an object moving through space, something like gameplay of Flower on PS3. when i close my eyes in a church i can pretty much seeing dancing to the voices of the choir. i don't know anything about music theory though, hah


I see days the same way, but clockwise.
It has colors that change, depending on things I have to do.
Months are like a long rope of grey shades and years are a ribbon divided by centuries and eras.

File: 1476310589570.png (158.6 KB, 299x300, 1452545510031.jpg)

No.2968 [Reply]

General dream thread, all dreams welcome.


From my dream journal (phone notepad), written within the first minute I woke up so excuse the writing:

I was in highschool, a new kid. In a class I sat down next to a girl. On a single row of desks we were the only two on the row. I think I saw her drawing but I'm not sure. She asked me what I was into doing, I responded that I liked generating fractals and various images via programming. I had to explain this to another girl in the class.

The girl next to me, I felt close to for some reason. I liked her quite a bit. She was interesting, had a welcoming voice and her aesthetic was either simple or on the verge of punk, I can't remember. She was petite.

Later in the dream we were hanging out together at lunch. First we went the front desk to buy something. Then to the food court. I remember thinking how we both must not have a lot of money since we had to get a tray lunch. We stood in line. I got a chicken sandwich with cheese, it only had one slice of bread on the bottom.

The girl asked the lunch lady to get fries for me, she responded saying they didnt have any. The girl was making sure if all I wanted was just a chicken sandwich. We had to wait longer in the line even though we had our food. At the end of the line I had to give back my food and wait for it but the girl did not have to. She took a booth in the cafeteria and was clearly waiting for me, and not eating.

I had to wait for some time, waiting so long that I decided to leave and come back later, completely forgetting the girl. Coming back I saw my food was ready and the cafeteria was nearly empty besides the girl. She looked sad. My chicken sandwich now was in a clear package and had two buns, the cheese melted, and lettuce.

I took the food, sat next to the girl and immediately starting hugging and kissing her cheek as I apologized for leaving her. She cried and started kissing me back. She told me how she was alone and loved me. We kissed then passionately, intimately. We tried getting closer than physically possible. I relished in that feeling.
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I had a dream last night where a group of people were invited to this rich psycho's mansion. After they got there they found out about his plot so they tried to ran away but were chased by guards with guns. Then the perspective shifted to each group of people trying to escape untill settling on this woman, who was sneaking into the psychos living quarters. She(or should I say I) was trying to look for a gun but found a large silver knife inside big closet instead. Then she/I hid in his room untill the psycho got back and beheaded him from behind.

As for the beheading itself, I distinctly rememer how I was trying to stab his back but instead chose to slit his throat. After the first slash the front of his neck had a deep gash so I slashed again, this time taking the head clean off. But, creepily enough, before the second cut he he advised me to close the curtain to his room, so his body wouldnt be found by the guards.

After that I snuk out of his room past a guard doing something in the kitchen, then I woke up.


last night in my dream.
I went to jail. I don't remember what I did, I only remember it was something I'd done with some middle school friends, andI remember I was pleading and I thought I would make it but then I heard the sentence: 7 years.
But it was not prison per se, it was similar but I was allowed to go out for a day if I issued a petition. It was the first week and I was already bored with that stuff, I was considering going to prison to reduce my sentence.

File: 1476414004340.png (198.69 KB, 300x169, dmt.jpg)

No.2986 [Reply]

Really strange thing happened to me today. Out of the blue, this girl I talk to told me she had a dream about me where we met in a store.

Now this wouldn't exactly be strange, but last night (or was it a couple days ago... I don't keep a dream log) I recalled a dream where we met in a local store and I ended up introducing her to my friends.

Never talked about anything related to the above, just casual conversations in class, yet we had similar dreams in a similar setting during a similar time where we both met each other.

Any thoughts on this? Just coincidence?
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Could also just be some weird effect where you both experienced the same situation together and this somehow influenced the likelihood for both of you to dream about it.
Would also mean you would dream about it with her and vice versa, because you were together during the trigger.


"The spiritual and the physical had been blended in us with a perfection that must
remain incomprehensible to the matter-of-fact, crude, standard-brained youngsters of today.
Long after her death I felt her thoughts floating through mine. Long before we met we had had
the same dreams. We compared notes. We found strange affinities. The same June of the same
year (1919) a stray canary had fluttered into her house and mine, in two widely separated
countries. Oh, Lolita, had you loved me thus!"

- Nabokov

seems like you have something special OP

File: 1476491708651.png (83.03 KB, 215x300, 1.jpg)

No.2993 [Reply]

Can anyone here move limbs or a finger at least during a sleep paralysis session?
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First time poster on Lainchan, hi /zzz/,

I've never had a problem moving during sleep paralysis. I've gotten to the point where I can shift my entire body (for example, moving to laying on my right side from the left) while maintaining sleep paralysis. It's an awkward process, but it feels amazing, satisfying. Something like when your foot/etc falls asleep and you feel those pricks, only there's an accompanying pleasure to it as I'm squirming in my blanket.
The only time it's (relatively) difficult to move for me during sleep paralysis is when I'm experiencing an outside force, i.e., an abduction scenario. Not sure if that's because the sleep paralysis has a stronger hold over me, or because the abductive force confuses my brain/muscles too much to really move. I suspect it's the latter, since I can never quite get any tactile bearing on my relation to the the blankets, mattress, etc.--I may be moving, but not even know it.


I do that too.
It's my technique for breaking out of it.

File: 1476580524156.png (599.94 KB, 200x200, lucid_dreaming.pdf)

No.2999 [Reply]

Anything related to the world of dreams: books (please provide pdf if you have it), articles, research, anything in text format.

File: 1476653178957.png (143.41 KB, 300x141, BrownBear-Main-1000x469.jpg)

No.3006 [Reply]

Tell me about your most recent/recurring nightmares.

I keep having dreams about bears. This morning I woke up after the strangest dream.

I was at a campsite which looked way different than anything around here (PNW), maybe it was in Japan or something. Anyway for some reason I get out of my tent during night and get in my car and start to drive to the exit- maybe I had a bad feeling. I'm going towards the exit of the campsite when this massive brown bear blocks my path. I somehow end up down a hill near a broken bridge trying to get away.
I jump across the bridge while trying to run away. I'm going through the forest with a flash light when I hear rustling, but am relieved when I see another human. Except he is mauled, and walking like a zombie. I can see he has a horrific headwound. So I turn on my heel and run the other way with pure fear controlling my nervous system. I climb back up the broken bridge/halfway up the hill when I look down and see the man standing at the bridge, unable to get over it, apparently.
And then a girl, a few feet away from me, speaks up and says something about how, if you're attacked by a bear, you can suffer significant injuries like broken bones, and brain damage. The guy at the bottom says: "brain damage?" in a worried yet monotone voice.
And then I woke up. I also had a previous nightmare about bears I could go into if anyone wants me to.
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I keep having gulag nightmares. The local schools are turned into concentration camps and I end up dawning a mask and then I wake up. 2spooky4me


Its been almost one year since my apartmwnt was broken into and trashed. Recent nightmares (and many throughout the year) is there is some one in the house. Im sure theyre triggered by me sensing/hearing late night street filth walking on my street (and probably snooping around my house)

File: 1476677479176.png (955.33 KB, 256x300, Jaggermeister.jpg)

No.3008 [Reply]

Once I remember being in a dream. It was actually a nightmare, but for some reason I was 100% sure it was just a nightmare but I wanted out so I started swinging wildly and slamming myself on the ground and punching myself in the face (in the nightmare not in real life). I eventually woke.

If I'm having a good dream, how can I do the opposite? Like how can I make myself stay there longer and take full advantage of the environment and live it up as long as possible?
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I use the sense of touch to keep myself in the dream when I start waking up - usually I grab a wall or an object and start feeling its texture.
I've also used movement once. I started spinning on the spot and I the distinct feeling of dizzyness/disorientation made the dream vivid again.

I guess the best method would be to do something that you just can't feel while laying down and then concentrate on the sensation.


Mostly this. You usually wake up from good/lucid dreams due to excitement, so calming yourself down and "grounding" yourself in the dream helps

File: 1477616161409.png (117.48 KB, 225x300, 031003_waifu2x_art_scale_tta_1.png)

No.3057 [Reply]

Hey sleepy Lains, ever had the experience of identifying a person in a dream as a particular person from reality, despite the dream person having a totally different appearance from the real person? Or even having the appearance of another person from reality?

I have to wonder why it happens; is it a conscious choice after the dream to identify this person in the dream as someone who's on your mind, no matter who they have the appearance of? Or is it more a choice made subconsciously, during the dream, to mix people together?


Yes, many times. Its a common thingx and theres an specific psychoanalytic term for it, tho i cant remember it.
For me, it sometimes happens with places like houses or institutions. I find myself in my sister's place, and it "functions" as a school room. I know it looks and its decorated like my sister's place, but in the dream, i know im there sitting in a class listening to a teacher.
Or, for example, this really tough and huge guy serves the purpose of a specific friend of mine, despite having no physical or even vocal resemblance to him.
It seems like the brain creates an image of a familiar concept or person or place using different materials: altough it does not look or feel like that one item, you deeply know what it represents.
In dreams you know things without them having to be explained.


I don't think anyone knows that much about it but I can tell you, from lucid dreaming, that the knowledge is there during the dream, not just after, and it's the same as the background knowledge you often have in dreams. Where you know something but can't explain why.

File: 1478087076739.png (109.73 KB, 300x200, cook.jpg)

No.3087 [Reply]

I had a dream last night that Hillary Clinton had become POTUS. All of the tech companies held an exposition for her where they explained how they would thwart the constitutional rights of Americans, if Hillary approved. At the end, Tim Cook gives his one more thing speech and announces a portable ICBM. He presses a button and as the missile launches, an overhead graph shows maximum kill targets. Hillary stands and begins clapping as the entire auditorium erupts in thunderous applause that we've just entered WW3. I spent the rest of my dream trying to get the fuck out of the US as Chinese nuclear warheads detonate destroying American cities in retaliation for the US wiping out North Korea. I did not sleep well.


welcome to the New World..

File: 1478230909903.png (151.65 KB, 300x169, 150629062326-donald-trump-june-16-2015-super-169.jpg)

No.3092 [Reply]

I've been having dreams a lot here lately about helping Donald Trump "Make America Great Again". And things are so much better in these dreams and me and him are good friends. Anyone else have dreams like these?
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Have had several dreams being Joseph Goebbels, I think these kind of dreams are just variations of the classical being-a-hero dream.


I had a dream that i met Donald Drumpf at a 7/11 in the middle of the night. I don't remember much else but it wasn't a particularly bad experience.

File: 1478362847640.png (32.15 KB, 300x212, dreami.jpg)

No.3096 [Reply]

I hardly ever dream. If I do it's usually once every year.

Recently though, I started collecting comic books again after coming into a new job. I picked up The Sandman as I had heard praise about it and I really like Dream and Death so far.

But since starting I've had nightmares and dreams every night for the past 4 days now. I read a little during the day and more at night before bed.

Is this ok to do? Am I just worrying over nothing at all?
3 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Not dreaming is often a sign of not getting proper rest at night, maybe your new job has been tiring you out more and you've started dreaming frequently thanks to that?


I guess so? I don't know.

File: 1478386748272.png (81.85 KB, 300x300, havent had a dream in a long time.jpg)

No.3097 [Reply]

I made a dream journal a while back, but ever since i specifically set out to try lucid dreaming all of my dreams have stopped, i have only remembered about 3 in the span of 3 months.
Also the one where i actually did realize i was dreaming was weird, i became aware, decided to fly, but it didnt work, shouldn't the laws of nature just go out the window in a dream....

I have always wondered if there is some sort of methods or diet or thing that would make a human being have more dreams.
Inb4 drugs

File: 1410736756204.png (442.27 KB, 300x215, .png)

No.311 [Reply]

Lains, what's the most profound dream you've ever had, or one of the most profound dreams you've had.
>I wake up on a warm tropical island
>Seeing an out of place sewer grate, I crawl into it
>I walk through a perfectly smooth, octagonal tunnel for what seems like ages
>The tunnel ends and I fall into space
>As I float I become acutely aware of my size
>I panic as I destroy planets and stars just by floating into them, I can't maneuver at all
>In the midst of my panic I turn and see that I'm floating towards the largest star I've ever seen
>The star is so impossibly large I can hardly wrap my around it
>I feel terrified and in awe, biblical awe, as I float towards it
After that, I woke in sweat, completely terrified. It was completely amazing, like a surreal continuation of my day.
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best dream i've read so far in the whole board.
i liked the becoming god and then depressed part


>wake up on a warm tropical island
>crawl into sewer
shazbot this is the reason we can't have nice things!

File: 1480001314200.png (337.02 KB, 300x140, vlcsnap-2015-04-02-22h14m32s231.png)

No.3127 [Reply]

Who has space dreams? I have them all the time. Last night I dreamed I was some sort of augmented superspy or soldier. I was on a space station that was about to get smashed and everyone was abandoning the place. The commander wouldn't let me into a pod because he had no record of me being there. I was undercover/top secret I guess. Then he said I was probably just a junky and I showed him my arms, no track marks, but there was eczema spots which he took as proof of drugs(!). I don't know if I escaped.

Another time I was in a large space station with centrifuge fake gravity and went to the hub where there was a big free fall arena. We were experimenting with using a hand held fan as a personal propeller and I kept bonking my head on things but was wearing my helmet.

I posted some others in general threads here previously.


I regularly get Alien/Aliens dreams.
I'm either a space trucker like Alien, or a Colonial Marine like Aliens, and it's either an isolated ship way out beyond normal space lanes, or some shady, not quite legit colony, and the god damn xenomorphs get loose and fuarrrk everybody's soykaf. And then the fuarrrking Predators show up and start trolling everybody with their stupid triple laser sights.
And no matter how many times you set everything to blow and take off, you just know one facehugger or egg or chestburster came with you and it starts all over again.

File: 1480236025354.png (3.42 KB, 300x57, image.jpg)

No.3135 [Reply]

Does anyone else find they enjoy their dreams so much that they miss appointments to sleep in and continue them, or that they feel overwhelmingly sad upon waking? I've had this issue since I was a kid, and it's really bad on days I don't "have" to do anything, like weekends and such, since I'll sleep for 14-16 hours until I literally can't sleep anymore. Smoking weed/benzos etc. will make my dreams less vivid, but I'm not sure I want my solution process to rely on diminishing the overall impact of my dreams; I'd far rather find a balance that allows me to transition into my day to day life without feeling like I'm losing something more important than my waking experiences. Thoughts?
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Sorry for the extremely late reply, but i thought i'd tell you about one that happened today. it kinda made me laugh.

I had to get up early for therapy today, which usually means a lot of interrupted sleep. one or two hours at a time, at most. that usually results in some really odd reality-dream mixing. after waking up and going back to sleep again, i woke up to find myself in the car with my mum. she explained that she was taking me away somewhere nice, to get away from it all, and didn't think therapy was helping any more. I kept protesting, and saying that i had to go to therapy today, and that i'd miss it and all. she didn't seem too interested though, and i honestly didn't mind much. i was glad of the chance to sleep. I fell asleep in the car, and when i next 'woke up' i was in Cornwall, in some nice little cottage by a farm. My grandma was there (which probably should have been a good dream indicator - she's dead) and we ended up having a lovely time. I'd guess we spent a week or so there. walks along shorelines and cliffs, sleeping in a comfy bed, eating scones and swimming in the ice cold sea. although i'm summing it up quickly, the individual days passed slowly, and I really loved being able to relax, away from the world and my troubles.
On one warm evening, though, while i was talking to my grandma on the sofa, my dream suddenly collapsed as my alarm woke me up. I felt really confused for a minute about why i was suddenly at home again, before working out it was a dream. While i was doing that, though, another curious thing happened. during that half-asleep time i spend trying to wrench myself out of bed, i was suddenly jerked back awake by the sound of a phone call. i grabbed at my phone, and saw the number from the hospital flash up. they told me that my therapist was ill, and wouldn't be able to make the appointment. bad as it probably is, I felt pretty relieved. after that kind of dream, i really just wanted to sleep. i was still dead tired. i turned over again, and drifted off fairly quickly.
A few hours later, though, i woke up to another surprise. i checked my phone as i got up and saw a handful of missed calls from the hospital, and a voicemail from my therapist asking where i was, and why i missed the appointment. This one really screwed with me. i couldn't work out what the fuarrrk was going on, wasn't she ill? didn't they say my session was cancelled? i checked my call history, to confirm that the call in the morning had actually happened, and couldn't find any trace of it. it slowly dawned on me that the first call, saying my session was cancelled, was also a dream, and that i'd slept straight through it, thinking i was in the clear. I dunno what kind of subconscious feelings i can divine from those experiences, except that the dream gods must've really wanted me to miss therapy today,


I enjoy dreaming a bit too much I think. Since I was a kid most of my dreams were lucid dreams and I thought that is how everyone dreams. I felt my dreams were a playground for me where I could play if not god, then definitely a powerful wizard who can bend time and space to his will. Sometimes I'd feel as if I was in a dream place with other people and would try to devise ways to keep in contact with them. I'd try and memorize phone numbers and then later email addresses of people I'd meet in my dreams, hoping they were real.

Now, a while later and having gone through some rough times my dreams have become an escape. I love dreaming even more because in my dreams I have friends, people care about me and I get to live in the same way as I did before: carefree and without worries.

I dream intensely. I have a lifetime of memories and sometimes I can feel like my dream is going on for days and weeks. The worst part is waking up, remembering where I am and realizing that it was all a dream. I then make myself get up, get through the day and wait to fall asleep again. I think my brain has developed a coping mechanism for my existence in the form of dreams.

I even enjoy nightmares because they are different nightmares than is my life. I find the only way to cope with life is to become cold, withdrawn and not think about people around me too much. I still feel the love for humanity as a whole, just for those in my vicinity I can't afford to feel anything.

I'm tired awake because in my dreams I live.

File: 1480391015272.png (74.11 KB, 247x300, AIMEE.jpg)

No.3136 [Reply]

First of all, the frequency at which I've been having dreams seems to be increasing. If I take a 3 hour nap, I'll have typically one an hour, and wake up for a short time in between. I really should be keeping track of what they are, but it's only been becoming apparently weird enough to do so now. It was great for a while, because dreaming so often, and so easily, makes it feel like you're getting much more sleep than you really are. Time kind of slows down. An hour feels like 3-4 hours easily. It's concerning at this point though. I've been sleeping way more than usual, having started a new job on midnight shift, and I know it sounds crazy and all,but it seems like my dreams may be changing my perception of reality. Things that I would have sworn to you on cutting off one of my fingers are different. Little things so far mind you, but the kicker was tonight. I knew, for the past week, that I was off tomorrow night, not tonight. I was completely dressed, ready to go to work, and then i glanced at my schedule as I picked up my wallet and keys. It says I'm off tonight. I have an almost photographic memory of what that schedule looked like. Things before this have been inconsequential. Like someone telling me a time to be at an event, or that the event even existed, and me having no recollection of it. You could easily say this is normal, but not for me. I never forget things. I've worked nights before, and I've worked much more stressful jobs with longer hours, so i doubt that's the problem. I'm going to start recording my dreams as I have them. There has to be something in them that's messing with me. Has anyone had any similar issue before with dreaming?

File: 1480854884405.png (18.72 KB, 300x225, buffolo.jpg)

No.3159 [Reply]

I need to write this down. Perhaps you can understand.
My whole life Ive had visions which are more than just muddled dreams. Vivid, lucid experiences of other places and lives. I am from the UK of Cornish Celtic ancestry

One which effects me emotionally still when I think about it. I was a native American boy probably no older than 7, I lived on a large flat plane in the South, maybe Apache tribal area. I came back from playing and my mother was traumatised. My baby brother had been taken by a bird of prey. That's all I remember, sometimes this memory has made me cry, it has a very real resonance with me.

Then another time I had an experience of seeing the beginning of mankind's life on Earth. That is too much to go into right now but towards the end of the vision I found myself talking to a native elder, he showed me a large rock/cliff edge that had ancient carvings in it. He told me that the carvings had come from the old civilisation, there was a fracture down the middle which had happened during a cataclysm that wiped out the ancient people. He said that when it moved again it would be the end of the world. I woke up and wrote down what I could and wrote Dakota as the place. Later that year a dreamed of a white buffalo, wild and powerful surrounded by dense foliage. I then learnt of the Indian prophecy, of a white buffalo calf, and its return marked the end of the world. It has grown now it seems

Then this last week, Ive dreamt of Standing Rock, in Dakota (strange coincidence in name relating to my vision)
I was there and riding a horse bareback. I think Ive dreamt a couple of time this week.

I feel that all this is connected and that Standing Rock is indeed a metaphor for the end of days. Of Man vs anti-human capitalism. I feel that something big is coming, and all I can do is watch my dreams.
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well the people won today, pipeline is being halted/moved.


Thats great to know, thx for the heads up!

File: 1481672998420.png (15.83 KB, 300x243, 300px-John_Henry_Fuseli_-_The_Nightmare.jpg)

No.3180 [Reply]

It happened only once (for luck)


File: 1481759192412.png (319.72 KB, 300x169, blue monitor-lit room.jpg)

No.3182 [Reply]

For most of my life I've had very few dreams which I remember when I wake up, as if I haven't had them at all. But for the past month or so I've started to have extremely vivid dreams more and more regularly. At first it was amazing, because in a night I'd have a spectacular and surreal dream which would feel as real as life. But this week there were multiple days where I slept 12+ hours because I had two or three dreams like this in a night, and I think it makes my sleep restless. Has anything like this happened to anyone else?
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Write them down, or if you don't remember any write down no memorable dreams


Recently I keep having dreams that I awake from every hour or two non stop. Il go to bed at say 1 am, wake up at 4, wake up at 6 wake up at 7 wake up at 8 wake up at 9. each time I have a dream inbetween those periods. The ones that are 2 hours often feel a full 2 hours. I have so many even if I wanted to remember them all I probably couldnt. I wake up feeling like the worlds kind of surreal but the feeling fades pretty quickly.

File: 1482576586099.png (152.55 KB, 300x169, UMG-Debuted-Amy-Winehouse-Documentary-Trailer-News-FDRMX-1024x5761.jpg)

No.3196 [Reply]

I tend to have visions of people places and events that I have no waking experience of.
Last night I dreamt vividly of Amy Winehouse and events from her life. I was out of the UK the years she was famous and not familiar with her music apart from the songs which are well known. I have no personal reason to dream of her.
Yet last night I (or thru the eyes of her boyfriend) was at a bar in a tropical location ( I thought it was Fiji but now figure it was Carribean as she went there to work on music) it was romantic and happy. We were sat on stools by the bar and I had visions of island hoping.
Then back in England she was pregnant and I (as her bf) was telling her she had to quit drinking and drugs for the baby.
Next she was at somewhere like the Royal Albert Hall, the bf no longer around and she no longer pregnant, high as fuarrrk on all these drugs walking up to the VIP balcony area with others. I went in this room (maybe thru her eyes now) and there was a table with all types of drugs.
The next scene was a grouping of friends/fans trying to create an intervention to get her sober. Then there was dealers coming to collect money she owed and she was spending all her label advance on drug debt. Literally sacrificing her music career for drugs.

It felt like I was witnessing very real events from her life, but why? I did a search and apparently she did have a miscarriage. I am a musician myself, maybe I have some kind of affinity with her, like her spirit was showing me these things. I don't know but it is strange to have such a vivid experience of a person I havnt thought or heard about all year


sometimes I get looped into a dream where I am Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. But it's the most boring day ever. She/I spend most of the morning inside doodling, then we go out and eat an enormous amount of sweets, and then go back home to doodle while singing in some japanese-style gibberish.

File: 1398611117205.png (651.17 KB, 255x173, .jpg)

No.32 [Reply]

Since this board is slow I've decided I'm going to post all the dreams I have in this thread. When it dies (in a million years) I guess I'll make a new one.

Latest dream:
I can't remember much, I was just chillin on Volafile when I asked a question and then someone replied to me with my full first name and I thought I was doxxed and woke up spooked.
Short and boring. See you next time I remember something
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Even though I've just woken up, I don't quite remember what I dreamed about. I think it might have been the Sniper and the Spy from team fortress 2 having sex. Which is very odd as I haven't played that game in months. I woke up not feeling tired, even though I got very little sleep last night. It was definitely not a wet dream, either.


its really silly but sometimes i feel like when we have dreams like that about people we know, they can feel it a bit too
like a donny darko type deal
i dunno

File: 1483878039548.png (869.82 KB, 300x225, Alaska.jpg)

No.3220 [Reply]

I love the idea of dreams, and I love going to sleep at the end of a long day, but the dreams I can remember are always terrible.

They are usually incoherent weird soykaf, and when they aren't they are just boring. Either way they are always awful, my general feeling when I do remember them when I wake up is "oh, thank god that wasn't real". Some times it's life ruining stuff happening, some times it's just generally stressful, but it hasn't been good that I can remember since I was little. When I was little, some more good was mixed in, but it was mostly bad, and there was several horrifying repeating dreams.

I don't know what to do to start making them better, I think I will start a dream journal so I can remember them, but how do I make it so they aren't just god awful?

I'm off to bed lainons, hopefully it will be something nice, good night.

File: 1484097299343.png (92.32 KB, 300x197, maledreams.jpg)

No.3235 [Reply]

I've been noticing a recurring theme in my dreams recently and wanted to see if anyone else gets this.

I've had this now and then for years, but very recently it's been every night that I can remember a dream.

Basically in the dream there will be something I'm going to do, or somewhere I'm going to go. Say, off the top of my head one time I was at my grandmother's, and I was going to drive an ambulance back to my house. No idea why it was an ambulance but that's not important. The majority of the dream ended up getting ready to leave, but never leaving. I would be calling for the ambulance, putting on my shoes and feeling like it takes forever, almost getting ready but only to have more stuff come up. This keeps going on until I wake up. Sometimes it can be quite stressful in the dream too, if I really want to get somewhere to do something.

So yea basically there's an event, or a place I'm going to go to, but things keep coming up before it can ever happen.

Does anyone else get this?


I have something similar: I pack my bag and it takes a lot of time. Stuff I have to pack keep appearing and I keep thinking I'm going to be late.
It doesn't appear that often (maybe once a month?). I use it to become lucid (just recognize the situation and wonder whether you're dreaming or do a RC)

File: 1484261178963.png (836.62 KB, 300x169, Space-Wallpaper-44G.jpg)

No.3239 [Reply]

How do I WILD? I really want to lucid dream but I just can't fall asleep... (I usually WBTB and wake up at 4am)

File: 1485961591372.png (632.15 KB, 300x226, killer_robots.jpg)

No.3274 [Reply]

The other day, I gave yukko a bit of a surprise by texting a volume worth of legible crap about facebook while asleep. Unfortunately, I wasn't actually aware when I was doing it (it was within the context of the dream I was having) When I woke up we tried to record to it in the future by enabling the tap sprite in android and running a screen recorder while I slept, and as luck would have it, I discovered that I instead sat at my computer trying to remote into for about 8 hours, where my roomate found me and shook me awake.

Since then I've tried to record my movements with my phone and screen recorders on my respective devices, but that doesn't give me a good impression of what I'm doing aside from watching some of the conversations I hold in real time. Its also really easy for my sleep self to disable/neuter the recording, whether through the stop button on CM's screenrecorder, restarting the system, or ridiculous Red Moon settings. There's also evidence of me leaving my room and hall members have reported talking to me when I know I've been asleep.

My question is, how do I document this? I can't remember a lick of what is happening in real life, only in the context of the dream, and I can't think of a recording and storage scheme that would be flexible and cheap enough for me to not just use, but not be able to fuarrrk with while asleep.

If you suggest I try to execute and then observe consistent actions within a dream, most of the time the actions I do in the dream and in real life aren't 1:1 correspondance. For example, in the remoting case, I distinctly remember hiding in a stall during that entire dream. Which translated to me pressing enter over and over on tigervnc.


For you not to disable any surveillence device, it must be installed without your knowledge, somewhere you would not find it. One solution to this is to ask your roommate to rig car registry cameras all around that place while you are away, then collecting few days after. Another solution is to lock all physical recording devices with means that you cannot unlock. For example screwing all on-off witches with torx screw. I don't think there are any other means as cheap as these.
By the way, this condition is so rare you probably can make pretty decent dosh by participating in experiments. Just saying.

File: 1486163388194.png (19.67 KB, 300x168, hqdefault (7).jpg)

No.3282 [Reply]

They're videos meant to train awareness of dream signs.

I'm still a little baby lucid dreamer, but I imagine they'll be useful to more advanced dream-o-naughts **I'm so sorry I couldn't think of the right prefix** too.

File: 1486563170660.png (504.49 KB, 128x128, Adolf fixed.png)

No.3292 [Reply]

This constitutes more to daydreaming than anything, but does anyone else have "premonitions". I have to say, I don't believe in mystical soykaf, but I believe in patterns, and I believe that may be what it is. I also know everyone has dejavu, but I'm not sure how it works. For example, three years ago I had a dream about a big guy I know punching me in the face, then kicking my face in. It felt...weird. I could see the guy's face and everything. I didn't remember the dream until yesterday, when I saw him coming at me, I was able to dodge his first hit, but I was still beaten up, though not half as badly. Not every dream, or daydream (which is was happens mostly) is like this, and the ones I do have, I don't remember until before the thing happens, and not everything that happens is "amazing", a lot of the times it's me in a new job, or at home playing a video game that I haven't even heard of down the road (that's probably because I don't do much. When I do remember the dream, I zone out for a second...so anyone else like this? If so, or even if you know what it is, explain please.
>pic not related
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i used to be able to predict reruns...
I must have watched so much TV after school that i subconsciously would figure out a pattern.

About once a week in highchool i would be bored on the bus and think about an episode of something like the Simpsons, and when I got home and watched the simpsons reruns it would be playing the episode i was just thinking about.

Kind of the saddest super power ever


Saddest? Or the baddest...like as in good...Imagine being God, no joke is funny, no cartoon, movie, or any other medium is new, you know everything that will happen. So this is your first step to becoming God, my friend. Good luck.

File: 1486595325125.png (328.94 KB, 225x300, IMG_0077.jpg)

No.3294 [Reply]

Your name upon posting describes the unique quality you posses in the arts. Maybe you have potential in an art field you previously did not care for. This could lead to Lain exploring more the things which she uses to express herself.
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doog dog

What is my hidden ability all about?


File: 1491561969050.png (308.8 KB, 150x200, 131242908352.jpg)

Alright, let's see what I get

File: 1487693139613.png (117.82 KB, 300x222, 15102928.jpg)

No.3362 [Reply]

I have precognition in my dreams. I've had it since i was 10, and became really prevalent when i turned 13. Now it is almost something that happens daily for me. anybody here have this? also, my first post here, yay!
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This can be caused by temporal lobe epilepsy which makes it feel like you're remembering a dream as you live life, or as if you're living multiple realities at the same time.


My brother had a nightmare about our great-grandmother laying in bed, then sitting up without her eyes. I remember this, he woke me.

We found out she died the next morning.

Allegedly, said brother also doubled over in pain the moment our father died - supposedly corroborated by security footage.

Said brother is a talented artist with synesthetia, which unfortunately blossomed into schizophrenia like symptoms as he's gotten older.

File: 1489651854223.png (2.79 MB, 300x200, 1448474106807.jpg)

No.3434 [Reply]

Back then I've tried often to lucid dream but could never really do it. But I found that instead, I was able to continue to dream over and over again after waking up from the one before. This happens generally when I go to sleep after staying up late, eyes strained and tired. As a NEET, I didn't have anything to do the next day so when I woke up, still groggy, I could just close my eyes and go into these dreams that happen in short bursts each time. Sometimes I can continue the dream I had before, but usually I can't ever 'finish' the scenarios in those dreams. There's like a wall that just can't be passed. Anyone else like this? And do you know what it is?

As a side note, do any of you often have repeat dreams? Sometimes I have dreams that are literally dreams I had several years ago.
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This exact thing happened to me yesterday, I also was very tired. Weird stuff.


I love that feeling where you start to dream but you're not quite asleep yet.

File: 1490975836505.png (173.82 KB, 300x180, f42c3d746e37eeb9669ac83ec1bd99f0fc36322c6f0e5ef12cf1dcf297855c7d.gif)

No.3463 [Reply]

In my dream last night I met someone on Lainchan who lived in the sewers of Philadelphia for three years. Went by the name DBB... seemed really cool and we hung out after meeting at a show. I started to help him get on his feet by teaching them that not everything is expensive as fuarrrk if you can find the right house crammed with punks/weirdos.

Where are you DBB?

I need a friend

File: 1491036609955.png (108.14 KB, 300x157, AWAKEN.jpg)

No.3464 [Reply]

If you suddenly had a lucid dream right now, what would you do?
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I would try to talk to my tulpae and practice visualization.


i'd try to feel a bit better

File: 1491139205402.png (8.03 KB, 295x171, download.jpeg)

No.3466 [Reply]

I hav had enough of it , to not being able to change my life , because I need fuarrrking 13 hour sleep a day ,
Just how can I cure it?
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File: 1491145419643.png (185.6 KB, 200x160, 29191.jpg)


Go to a Doctor anyways.

Given that this is the only life you have, why waste it because you are afraid of some debt?

BTW, no need to asume it's mental before a diagnosis is made.


Don't assume it's mental, it could be anything from an unbalanced tyroid to depression, so........ Go to a doctor.

File: 1491404399331.png (23.45 KB, 300x125, chantix.jpg)

No.3481 [Reply]

initial question: has anyone else here used chantix (Varenicline - prescription to help quit smoking) and experienced the effect it has on their dreams?

i have used it three times (it actually works very well; for me side effects are minimal as long as i eat before i take it, otherwise fierce, unapologetic nausea) to quit. before i started taking it, i heard from others that it had affected their dreams.

many had said they began having nightmares or dreams that were too intense, and they had to stop taking it. this is pretty common; both my girlfriend and my mother have found it tends to give them a higher rate of nightmares, but not terribly so.

for me, i absolutely adore the effect it has on my dreams. two to three days into taking it, i begin to have extremely vivid dreams, and significantly better recall (even with low-key casual-onset alcoholism; i generally don't recall dreams well, regardless.)

When I say vivid, I mean vivid. During the experience, I generally have a number of long-seeming, interwoven dreams (along dream logic). Often, when I wake, I am immediately able to return to the dream, or at least pick up the thread.

today I had no reason to wake up early, and allowed myself to sleep in past noon, although i had originally woken up four hours earlier. i had what seemed to be at least a dozen dreams, which often had common threads, including characters and locations. i wasn't lucid, but there was a remarkable amount of control over the content of my dream - i'd awake, take a second to think about what reality i'd just shifted out of, think of something or someone, and it was influence my dream (mostly subtly, sometimes strongly.)

i just thought this was really fascinating, and it definitely makes this process somewhat fun. am wondering if anyone has had similar experiences.


to open this thread up outside of a potentially small base of users: share the most significant nightmare you've had.

File: 1491577906943.png (8.28 KB, 300x150, Oekaki.png)

No.3484 [Reply]

hey, /zzz/
i've been having a lot of things happen with this kind of stuff. basically, i can barely remember my dreams after they happen. but at some point in real life, i remember the dream.
call it deja vu, but it was more than just feeling it was the same thing. it WAS the same thing in my dream.
it's really weird.
pic unrelated, just doodled a lain with my mouse.


>pic unrelated, just doodled a lain with my mouse.
she doesn't seem to understand

File: 1413023611361.png (45.04 KB, 300x217, bike-demon.jpg)

No.352 [Reply]

I had a dream last night that i was fighting a wave of demons on bicycles coming through a dimensional vortex thing and i was on a bike myself, riding in the opposite direction. i started to race them and i used various holy powers to defeat them one by one before the race was over.

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Man i dreamt several times about demons and bikes. I dare to assume my unconscious developed a really strong association between them. Never have i dreamt about religious or demonic themes without having bikes or quads involved.
Is there any academic literature on these figures and their dream meanings?


File: 1480801264226.png (21.74 KB, 200x142, mumen rider.jpg)

I too have had this dream. but it was less fighting and more outrunning on an insane downhill mountain bike course.

File: 1398776609718.png (559.28 KB, 255x144, .jpg)

No.36 [Reply]

>that one dream where you seem to be falling endlessly
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do you know how to differentiate between dreams and reality? If yes then, Bad dreams are a good thing your mind is trying to overcome something but you keep rejecting it or its preparing you for the next day.


I heard somewhere that those dreams are how the conscious brain interprets rapidly falling blood pressure, which is why often people wake up right before they hit to ground, it's the brain's way of shocking you back into consciousness.

File: 1413407268967.png (1.53 MB, 300x202, Northside-High-School.jpg)

No.369 [Reply]

I keep having dreams featuring various girls i liked from high school. nothing lewd.
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how were your social relationships in high school?


This is perfectly normal

No.37 [Reply]

I guess this goes here.
A friend of mine had trouble getting out of bed in the morning.
I told him to slide away his phone on his pillow so he will have to get up.

I made a video tutorial on how to do it if anyone is interested.
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I found putting the phone far from the bed to be effective. It forces you to get up and shut the alarm.
It also happened to me. It seemed like sleeping 3 or 8 hours was no different for resting purposes


File: 1453703798278.png (184.6 KB, 200x163, 1334809547264.jpg)

you made a tutorial on how to slide your phone away while lying in bed?

File: 1413620444202.png (20.86 KB, 217x300, dreambot.jpg)

No.378 [Reply]

Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the DNA molecule, has some theories on dreams, specifically REM sleep, as an "unlearning" mechanism.


I'm an Artificial Intelligence researcher and just finished reading this paper. Does anybody here care to read this and have a discussion?
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How does one get into AI research?


In my opinion the "beyond" and "inner" states you speak of are really just the first step towards the experience of no experience. Nothing is Infinite, clearly.

I'm fascinated with the philosophical aspects of Zen Buddhism and have listened to absolutely every Alan Watts resource I could get my hands on, for whatever that's worth, and I believe that Zen is completely worthless and totally devoid of all meaning whatsoever. The same for all experiences and beliefs that come from it.

EXCEPT, of course, for whatever worth YOU see in them. This is a prime function of consciousness, I think, to differentiate between that which has worth and that which does not. But these differentiations are perfectly meaningless as well.

EXCEPT, of course, for...

File: 1492564159969.png (408.75 KB, 300x300, c5f9ac31437286b0ffd92afee456df552678cea9.jpg)

No.4 [Reply]

I'm going to bed in a minute, I'll post about every dream I have tonight.
Nighty night, /zzz/. Glad to see the best board is back.
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Normally I try to go to bed after thinking about my passion project, in hopes to get a good idea for my story. I think it works, even though I don't literally remember having any dreams about the story when I wake up.


Intention thread? Intention thread.

>tonight, i am going to dream about connecting creative outlets to each other

>tonight, i am going to dream about connecting creative outlets to each other
>tonight, i am going to dream about connecting creative outlets to each other
>tonight, i am going to dream about connecting creative outlets to each other
>tonight, i am going to dream about connecting creative outlets to each other

File: 1414444905250.png (826.43 KB, 300x207, nvidia_ceo_leaves_work_early.gif)

No.401 [Reply]

Dream History?
I'll start
>Dreams as a kid
Space & other worlds, running/fighting danger, and somehow dreams of friends I would come to meet.
>Dreams as a teen
The constant feeling of being followed/Watched, running/fighting an unknown force, and some other emotional stuff (loss of a child, etc.)
>Resent Dreams
Running from myself, the constant feeling of hopelessness that comes from depression, logical and rationally planing my own death, Some times even carrying it out, and then end up laughing/crying because something will happen where it wont work.

>pic unrelated
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I had a few years where it't feel like I'd close my eyes and open them up a minute later and have it be morning.

Other than that painfully mundane activities.

Occasionall guilt based nightmare


Winding narratives, some parts involving me. Surreal landscapes, vibrant colors.

Normal social interactions.


Being lost in complex surreal buildings.

Religious imagery.

Empty landscapes of nothingness.

Daily routines.


As a kid I always used to dream I was in a funfair. We went into a building and for some reason it turns out I become child labor for a conveyor-belt dinosaur car wash where you guessed it, live dinosaurs would come along on a conveyor-belt and we had to wash them. The whole surrounding was like a ride I used to go on as a kid, looked prehistoric era but clearly made of styrofoam. Well anyway with all the over kids we decide to try and escape. So we hide a barrel, wait for them all to go past and following them from behind. End up at some managerial sort of office with a huge opening looking over the fun fair kind of place and people start jumping out into peoples arms who catched them from below.

I don't even get it, all I know is it was a recurring dream.

Since I was a teen however I don't remember any of my dreams.

File: 1415651979380.png (1.21 MB, 300x169, 5d3a860f7b28bdde359d0d4c5bff7119.jpg)

No.412 [Reply]

no matter what, i just cant dream anymore. what should i do?
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I barely have a dream or two the whole year.
I usually dont go to sleep unless I'm really exhuasted or I have to force myself to sleep 2 hours before waking up for work.
I sleep during the day mainly.
Previously I would just lie in bed doing nothing which led me to asmr although I didnt know it was called that before.
For me to sleep if im not exhuasted I masturbate which was mainly the way I did for the past 10 years or so.
Maybe thats why I dont dream in addition to the fact that I'm very self-aware and rarely encounter any conflicts that I cant solve.


eat more vegetables, of every color

File: 1415660439011.png (21.62 KB, 300x290, 1415659820854.jpg)

No.414 [Reply]

So, I had a weird dream a few days back.

My two roommates left me in my room. One of them is Asian. I decided to sleep in the Asian's bed.

I woke up in the bed a while later and found out that the bed was full of Soykaf. There was a strong and thin string of Soykaf a few feet long in the bed that I somehow overlooked. It had a layer almost like a plastic bag, but more fragile and thinner over some parts of it. There were various stains and other Soykaf that I also missed when getting in the bed. I don't think I even pulled the covers back. I'm pretty sure I just barely moved the covers enough to get in the bed awkwardly.

Anyways, I'm out of the bed now and covered in Soykaf, when my two roommates come back. The Asian is mad that I was in his bed and I ask him about the Soykaf. We get in a conversation about him and I find out that it's his fetish. It took some detective work, but me and my other roommate were disgusted.

Then I woke up. I don't like either of my roommates.

What does it mean?
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Shitwater makes a pretty good soykaf soykaf.


You don't trust the Asian roommate.

File: 1415669740508-0.png (447.15 KB, 203x300, 002.jpg)

File: 1415669740508-1.png (378.78 KB, 203x300, 014.jpg)

No.419 [Reply]

we've been discussing dreams mostly, but what about daydreams? The ones you have while travelling on a bus or in a car, during class, waiting somewhere, etc. Ones that can get interrupted by people talking to you, or something happening where you open your eyes or respond and then close your eyes again and try to continue where you left, sometimes successfully. maybe you even know you are daydreaming, but want to make that scene happen anyway.

i had one while travelling on and old, loud bus while listening to this noisy ambient drone metal thing. It was dark, and the bus was mostly empty so i had two seats to occupy. i was sitting on the inside row, and i remember that i had to balance myself in order not to fall out or lean towards the window. i also opened my eyes sometimes to check where we had been at the moment. the dream itself was short, and some parts were repeated or altered, i'm not sure. black and white, similar to the pictures

basically, there was a huge plowed piece of land, and at one side of it there was a 12-15 meter tall stone tower. it had the shape of a thick sword, and had no interior, it was more like a monument. at the bottom of the tower, there was a little pit, again made of stone, with five or six inches of very clear water. there were also some people with white faces and black clothes, who were just standing around waiting. every day or week, a person would arrive with vivid images of the stone tower in their mind, and they would show different reactions when actually seeing it for real. they arrived from all over the world, and they only knew that they had to find it and go near, but none knew what to do after. when they arrived, the agents in black would undress the person who arrived, and put them into the pit. there, these people would immediately become omniscient, knowing everything that has ever happened or will happen, and understanding how things are connected. i didn't really see signs of this, just knew this happened. however they also stopped moving or reacting to the world in any way, they would just lie there like corpses, with open eyes staring to whatever direction their face was looking. at this point, the agents took the person out of the pit, and placed him on a carpet and wrapped them in a blanket for the rest of the day, while they just stared into everything without moving at all. i kind of felt what they could have for a few seconds, and one interesting point was that they knew what was going to happen next - and so it did. when the sun started to set, one of the agents cut the throat of the omniscient person, and they pulled the corpse to a hole, where it was dropped. this would happen to every single one of them, and they all saw it coming, but neither did anything.
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[the body was too long]
We visited a hospital, and it turned out I was in the town where I attended high school. After reiterating my situation a few times, a bunch of curious scientists were attached in my shadow, and we visited my high school, which I've never been into according to my papers and family. The scientists(neuro+psych) stated the reason for our arrival, which generally caused a stir. I knew almost every detail of the building well, but couldn't find that board where my graduated class' photos were. I did find one however that consisted of about 60% of my classmates, while the rest were random people. The various people following me asked a few teachers and the headmaster to help out. They had to ask me questions about the customs in the school, location of things, details about my time spent there. I answered most of the questions well, and tried my best to get into details in a scary way. One of the most successful victims was an IT teacher, who I used to like and talk to after class, and so I knew a good bunch of details about him (hometown, favorite food, figures of speech, opinions on politics, technology, I even guessed some of his opinions on other students), yet he firmly stated he never saw me before.

Meanwhile, I had some thoughts about what this could be that I didn't really talk about. I was pretty sure the plot of this daydream had to do something with Mawaru Penguindrum. More precisely the way I interpreted the end of that animu.

Overall I think it was a remarkable thing, not just because of the topic, but also how it lacked the lucidity of the usual daydream - I didn't have any say in things, the dream was going it's own way while I just experienced my role in it. And yet, I was staring at the ceiling or the christmas lights around my window all the time.


i daydream about my impdending demise

pretty soykaf tbh fam

File: 1415670480968.png (103.09 KB, 213x300, 255063_120276054798702_1108016173_n.jpg)

No.420 [Reply]

Post in this thread every time you remember your dream.

I'll start.
First I was with a friend at my house living room, and we were talking about the NASA and that they were encovering alien encounters, and then we heard a noise out there, and we went out to see. We saw some sky activity, and we were lured to a place similar to central park, where there were other people attracted by the same thing. Then a big spaceship descended on a mechanism that opened the ground and revealed a structure beneath it. A rather small hole opened in the center and a bunch of floating platforms lead to the inside of it, and a penguin came jumping out of nowhere and went in the spaceship, I was the first to follow and nobody else seemed to dare.
Then I was in the middle of some big round room surrounded by little rooms, I went in there and suddenly I had most of my belongings (namely, my blankets) and there was a bed, so I put my blankets on the bed, the room was as little as a prison cell though I didn't think of it that way. I went out and there was a round table in the middle of the big room I mentioned before, and people were sitting around it, about 20 or 30, and we were waiting for the aliens to come and we'd have some kind of meeting. But they never arrived, and we started talking, and there was Ritchie Valens (a latin rock&roll singer who's dead now) and a long dead politician from my country, who was drunk as fuck and he was crawling funny, lifting his legs. I went back to my room and I saw my friend from the first part of the dream, and we went to my room and a guy followed, and invited us to a party in his room. That's about when I woke up.
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I started my new job as a cashier yesterday, and last night, I had nightmares for several hours where I was stuck trying to check people out, and I could never leave for some reason. It felt like everyone was judging me harshly, purposefully, and if I were to leave them, I would lose my job. I started dreaming at about 2 A.M., and woke up sometime at 5 out of shock, then fell back into a peaceful sleep for the remainder.

I don't know, very weird. It was kind of like how I did feel on the job yesterday, but exaggerated in every aspect.


I was living in the burnt out shell of a school, with friends I've never seen. We were hiding from something, or someone. I'm not sure what. In a long, wood-floored hallway, I found a turtle living in a little tank under a tea towel. He was absolutely adorable, and i carried him back to the hall where we were all living. I remember playing with his sweet little legs, and giving him head rubs, which he seemed to really enjoy. He kept trying to nibble my fingers, as well, but i was worried about getting them nipped, so i didn't let his mouth get too close. I think i loved him, a little. I covered up his tank with the tea towel again, because we had to go do something to stop the people chasing us. When i got back to the hall, though, it was really hot. the tank was scorching underneath the blanket, and the turtle had turned into pork scratchings. I cried and cried and cried, because i didn't want to have to eat him. Something a bit odd happened after that. time seemed to rewind, to just after i found him, but i still had all my memories of what had happened. i played with him some more, and this time made sure he was properly watered, and left him uncovered. When we got back, he was still alive, and happily splashing around with a little turtle smile.

I don't remember the rest of the dream.

File: 1416528544566.png (335.97 KB, 234x300, 1416464512000.jpg)

No.438 [Reply]

Does /zzz/ meditate?
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So what's the purpose of this one then?


OP didn't read the catalog
does anyone else do this? the last time I meditated was months ago. I still do on occasion but I should do it more

File: 1416832911103.png (31.12 KB, 300x218, sleep_patterns.png)

No.451 [Reply]

So what do you guys think of alternate sleep patterns

Apparently thea make lucid dreaming easyer since you spend more time in REM sleep

Has anybody tried one?
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leave your home, go traveling as light as possible and sleep outside


I had this problem. It fixed itself after I took Prozac for 6 months due to (unrelated?) issues.

Nowadays I go to sleep around 12AM and wake up from 7 to 9 AM. Pretty good.

File: 1417153316521.png (3.74 MB, 300x300, flerbly.png)

No.465 [Reply]

In it's own thread since mine tend to get pretty active one I get one started.

Last night I had a dream that seemed to be an almost-awake dream, with dream stuff imposed over reality. My field of view was that of me laying in my bed, but I under the impression of watching a show taped in first person perspective. It was named "Who's a Good Cat?" and in it, a cat is petted by the hand of the cameraman, but the cat itself is obscured by blackness, a silhouette. At some point I might ave seen the cat jump up to me, then going behind me so I'd need to roll over to pet it. When I woke up later, I rolled back and saw my cat was where it was int he dream. In a way this is a mildly concerning occurrence, as I would rather not begin sleepwalking.

Going back to sleep, I dream of being at a rented building with my family near the end of our stay at the beach. We went out to dinner, and I insisted on getting chicken despite dad already getting something else, what we ordered seemed somewhat off and I wanted to try out the chicken around here for a few days. We got some, but it didn't seem particularly good either. I asked to get just a few pieces of chicken, but they only served family-sized platters. Did I know this before or after I said it? I don't know.
I obviously had enough meat, but the meat on each piece seemed thin. Like the chicken had anemic muscles and thick bones? It was like I was mostly tasting the bone and breading, with no meat or oil from the frying. The breading was hard and chunky. We finished eating there and at some point left for home, going over a short bridge off the island. I think at some point there might've been a lesson that was dropped because the dream decided it was dumb or just being conveyed to myself poorly.
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Have had several experiences of dreams interrelating with my immediate surroundings in which I would normally go to rest at for extended minutes a time, some have been more focused in having times from my previous experiences from which relate to the time when I had gone to school in elementary school in terms of the people who were in those moments and some from high school as well, these people would be the prime objectified experiences which would amount to social discussions and actions which would appear to be the formation of what what the "vivid" dream state, though I have only recognition of the entirety of the dream shortly after I wake up, its hard to describe in detail the specifics of the dream , but I do find it of great interest that short sparses of sleep would surmount to what ive dreamnt of where I chose to sleep in


I had a dream the night before last that had to do with my current work situation; I was in a huge sprawling mansion that looked like it was somewhat abandoned/left to rot, but was functioning as a sort of hostel. I was trying to leave the mansion by going through an exit, but every which way I went (there were multiple levels, courtyards, elevators that I tried) I just kept getting lead to the main building over again. In the mansion, most of the guests were patients at my work (at a drug rehab). At one point, I had sex with one of them behind a thin curtain in a main lobby; no one noticed, and I didn't even enjoy the sex. I was actually ashamed, and another patient kept running into me as I tried to escape the mansion. He seemed like he knew what I had done, and wanted to proclaim his love to me or some soykaf. I just had that dream-logic feeling. He kept popping up when I had thought I had found an exit from the estate. Also, the time in the estate never changed, it was always dusk. Made me feel a bit guilty when I woke up.

File: 1418591410608.png (230.63 KB, 300x225, viktor_oliva_the_absinth_drinker_1901.jpg)

No.485 [Reply]

While this subject is is unrelated to sleep and dreams as far I know, I think it fit the board nonetheless, since it's mainly about self-hypnosis and mental activity. So lainons, what are your thoughts about the world of tulpa and tulpamancy? Do you practice, or is that just a bs neet/hippie fade?

I'm far from being into fringe matters myself and always kept a fairly materialistic mind (until I read the thread about meditation here and practiced it later I thought it was more or less pointless), yet at least two years ago I dived into tulpamancing, convinced it was if not scientifically proven possible to create and feed a sentient being in one own mind, at least worth a try and not incompatible with a Cartesian mindset. Like many of us here I dreamed and wandered into all kind of dreams and know what the mind is able to create, so why the fuarrrk not?

To this day I'm still far from hallucinating forms or songs (happened maybe 2 or 3 times) like others supposedly managed to do, but so far it's at least a great way to keep the mind busy. It feel like a mix between controlled schizophrenia, mind hacking and sophisticated self-suggestion. I do believe in the sentience of what I created, not as an alien spirit who popped from nothing. It fed on every thing my mind is made, but manages to keep away from the primary layers of thought-patterns.
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>as you said many people experience tulpa getting out of control or even getting angry at their own host trying to fuarrrk with them and even in some cases trying to kill them.

Perhaps, if we look at tulpas as not separate entities but embodiments of portions of their creator, could this effect just be the manifestation of some form of self hatred the creator of a tulpa might have? Or perhaps self fear?

>Most of tulpaforcers(in my opinion) have experienced this "taking over" in some degree

Is it that they're being "taken over" or merely realizing that they "are" the tulpa? (Again, assuming personal manifestation rather than a separate entity.)


>Implying you have full control

File: 1398151461701.png (166.07 KB, 230x255, .jpg)

No.5 [Reply]

1 time I had a nightmare IWAKURA LAIN wasn't real and wasn't my gf good thing I woke up ha ha
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Ah good, not derezzed. I like Lainchan it's comfy here.
Lain would make a sweet daughter, I would treat her well.


I would cuddle her until we're both the right age to marry each other too bees in an office, Lain. I love you, Lain!

File: 1398992417785.png (42.47 KB, 255x192, .jpg)

No.51 [Reply]

Guys! I heard-

If you die in a dream, do you really die for real?
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What if your dreams are real on another timeline? What if you see other versions of your life as a memory in your dream?


I hope not but we have a lot of mites outside.

File: 1420389143094.png (99.27 KB, 300x177, wallpaper_2014_lucy_movie_hd_for_tablet.jpg)

No.515 [Reply]

I keep having dreams about a qt girl i work with. She has a boyfriend who works with us too. This is bad..
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This is rather common as I've come to see it, once a guy in some other site said that he dreamed of Yolandi Visser and that he sometimes dreamed of somebody and suddenly couldn't think of that person. Happened to me about 3 times last year too.
Why? I believe we are inadvertedly attracted to someone and our subconscious reveals that in our dreams, we dream of that person in a sexual/romantic way and then we wake up with the idea of having done something with that person, putting our hopes up and revealing the hidden attraction.
You probably got over it already or sperged all over your workplace


I feel like >>667 is right, the woman in your dreams isn't your coworker, she represents an ideal and happens to look like your coworker because that's the imagery your unconscious chose

File: 1420396608545.png (2.36 MB, 300x169, Reality Check.png)

No.517 [Reply]

Amateur dream interpreter. Elaborate on dreams you've had and I'll do my best to explain their meaning in exchange for the chance to strengthen this ability.
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File: 1489197417326.png (1.48 MB, 200x150, IMG_2497.jpg)

I keep having dreams where I have two girlfriends simultaneously. They are very unusual relative to all of my other dreams for the last few years, as they are totally blissful and nothing seems odd about them. It's always of women I've never seen or met before and it is generally not-x rated. So, it's not like threesomes or anything like that, but rather holding their hands, one to the left and one to the right of me; cuddling with them; kissing them, sort of alternating between giving them attention; lots of smiling and staring into each others eyes. Typical innocent lovey-dovey type stuff.

Very curious to know if anyone has an interpretation for this. I've only ever had one serious long term relationship and I haven't been looking for any sort of intimacy in months. Even now, there's no one I pine after. Akin to most dreams, nothing seems strange about having two girls at once until I wake up.


I had a strange dream last night:

I was riding my dog through the sky. He was much larger and he could fly. For some reason, I had to go back and forth over a huge, dystopian city - more of a tent city than a real city. There were buildings made of cardboard and old pallets.

When I landed, there were a number of racist meth heads that attacked me. They didn't like me for some reason but I don't remember why.

When landed, I coordinated with some kind of martial arts master...Kung Fu? He flew off into the sky on his own dog, and I followed him.

That's about all I remember. I normally don't remember my dreams at all.

File: 1420496317530.png (148.37 KB, 300x300, idontdislikethis.png)

No.520 [Reply]

>tfw you get a dream with your waifu
dreaming is beautiful. i wish i could do this every single day until i die

i barely have dreams that i can remember tho, like one per month, any tips?
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Added bonus of noopept is that your dreams become more vivid.
A small dose, 10-15mg is enough.
Just saying.


File: 1489371096924-0.png (811.35 KB, 200x142, vQ0yHEY.jpg)

File: 1489371096924-1.png (34.8 KB, 200x200, KHMJggT.png)

File: 1489371096924-2.png (2.75 MB, 186x200, tmArhDP.png)

Anything, anything!!
To bring me closer to Lain!
The distance between us is marked by the pain in my heart.

So is there any gain? Any gain? Any gain? Any gain?

File: 1420782905175.png (52.97 KB, 300x217, tumblr_md7ajqAwiw1r6pvzjo1_500[1].jpg)

No.533 [Reply]

I keep having violent dreams in which I bash the living fuarrrk out of someone and they punch me quite a lot of times.
It isn't the same environment, it isn't the same person but I always end up killing that person in heat of rage and anger from sheer punching to the face.
It has been re-occuring for past few months and I don't know what it means….anyone can help?
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this post doesn't exist


I command thee to exist.

File: 1421291660002.png (36.48 KB, 220x124, MyersBriggsTypes.png)

No.557 [Reply]

I think that it lacks implementation, is basically an abstraction of what you think of yourself, and draws the lines incorrectly since most people are in the middle.
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ISFP-T: Adventurer. Interestingly, I didn't remember using this website, but the little image at the end reminded me. I did this a few years back and got the same answer.

It said I'm more prospecting than judgemental, but I'm subconsciously very judgemental.

The rest is correct though. I'm observant, feeling, introverted, turbulent. It seems like it's just trying to echo what I feel about myself.


>It seems like it's just trying to echo what I feel about myself.

That is exactly what it's supposed to do.

File: 1421575754472.png (149.51 KB, 300x225, Hikaru.no.Go.full.674264.jpg)

No.568 [Reply]

I've started keeping a dream journal and my memory of my dreams has shot up exponentially. I remember… a LOT. I can see them becoming more vivid now as well.

Issue: I can't take control of them. I don't even realize I'm watching them seemingly until I wake up.

What do I do? What did it for you? I very much want to explore the world of lucid dreaming. Like, a lot.
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Maybe we're not going to sleep.

Maybe we're waking up.


Banksy go home, its late already

File: 1399009734786.png (1.65 MB, 255x204, .gif)

No.57 [Reply]

>tfw random lucid dream, my first one ever
>I could do anything! :D

Needless to say I completely wasted it.
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I don't have lucid dreams very often but this is the most recent one:

>some sort of a party at a shitty house

>go to the bathroom
>four different toilets, one next to the other
>hot girl coming in right after me
>just mind my own business and start peeing on the third toilet
>she sits on the second one
>starts talking to me
>she looks like a brainless blonde so zero fuarrrks given
>talks about Star Trek
>she's hot and a nerd
>now she has my attention
>she "teleport" to another part of the bathroom
>now I realize is a dream
>just go along with the talk until I wake up

the weird part is not that I didn't have sex with her, because right now I'm more interested in someone that I can talk to, the weird part is that I don't know anything about Star Trek.
I have not seen that show. I've seen things about Star Trek like memes, references in other shows, but I don't feel like I can talk about it.
I had a conversation with my HOT subconscious.


I think I had my first lucid dream last year. I had such a hard time trying to focus on staying in the dream that I wasn't really able to do anything. Also, it felt like my body was like some kind of physical shell for my dream form or something.

File: 1399038455005.png (92.44 KB, 255x255, .jpg)

No.58 [Reply]

Here's my log from the past days, I would like to ask if this progression is ok for getting into lucid dreaming:
Day 1 - I usually get high on information, that tickling on the left side of my head feels good, knowledge is awesome and stuff. It's the same tickling I get when I dream. Are they connected anyhow?
Day 2 - I recall what I dreamed. This is the second day in a row. 3/4 "highs"
Day 3 - 3 highs. I wanted to try lucid dreaming. As a writer, I wanted to become a character I wrote about.
At the dream, I saw her. We both were aware that everything was a dream, still, she stared back!
Day 4 - today I woke up twice before getting out my bed. That makes 3 sets of dreams, with 3-1-4 scenes for each. The last one had a full sequence, a small story I can remember.

Opinions on this?
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I'm sorry for the (really) late reply. I've been trying to keep a log of every dream, but August/September have been rough months so far: it seems routine and stress are coming back to my life, but still, I can remember some dreams. They're somewhat vivid, some of them are long (5/6 scenes), and I don't feel tired at all when I wake up. Wish I had more LDs this week, or a single dream. I miss them.


you are on it. keep practicing, and remember to always write everything down.

File: 1399083010409.png (2.6 KB, 255x82, .png)

No.59 [Reply]

Has anyone experimented with listening to binaural beats?

It sounded like a bunch of new age garbage at first, but I tried it out, fell asleep while listening to some and had a much better sleep than I've had in a long while. Also, I usually find it extremely difficult to recall dreams, but when I woke up I could remember so many little details.

Hopefully it's not just some placebo effect shit.
24 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


This looks like a good starting point:


File: 1478338858990.png (16.17 KB, 128x128, Oekaki.png)

Can someone post the cmd line to create a wav file using the one of the scripts posted earlier

And the audio output doesn't work
but i don't mind since i just want to make mp3 files

File: 1492947585836.png (4.06 MB, 300x246, SP.jpg)

No.60 [Reply]

Anyone ever experience this? Do you find it to be annoying/negative or interesting?

I get it a lot now, i used to like it but now it gets annoying. It is just really uncomfortable, you need to slowly "unstick" yourself and can only move in small motions at a time. when you get an arm partly unstuck you focus on your leg then your arm gets stuck again. Then sometimes i give up because it is too uncomfortable and fall back to sleep. Basically 90% of the time i then have a dream that i am in sleep paralysis, finally get unstuck and roll off of the bed, then wake up from that dream in REAL sleep paralysis. This loop can go on for like 10 or more cycles sometimes, it only takes like a minute per though. Eventually you just "pop it" and your body can instantly move as normal. Take this chance to leave the bed, don't even think about getting 15 more minutes of sleep or you will be back in a time loop.

Here are some tips:
>Loud alarm clock
>Sleep with a partner
>Blink while trying to un-stick yourself
>Bite lip
>Make enough noise from your mouth so somebody can hear you and shake you (tough to do)
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This happens to me a lot but I'm usually way too sleep deprived to care enough. I just let it happen and then go back to sleep.


Happens to me a few times a year I would say, sometimes more often. I hate it when it happens, its terrifying. I wake up and often I vomit and then I'm too scared to go back to sleep. The most frustrating thing is no one else understands how bad it is unless they've been through it themselves. It's more than a 'bad dream' you feel like you are dying.

I make sure not to fall asleep in the 'sarcophagus' position these days in an attempt to reduce it. Interesting however I rarely (if ever) have supernatural hallucinations. Often they're people I know, I'm screaming at them to help me but no sound or air comes out of my mouth and they just sit still in the corner of the room.

File: 1422391736835.png (15.34 KB, 289x229, Comicbookguy.gif)

No.635 [Reply]

I had a dream that I had Windows 10 installed on my laptop.
That's literally it.
How do you guys get such cool dreams?
Inb4 drugs.
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I once saw a dream that Windows 10 forcibly installed itself on my PC, I woke up screaming.


There seems to be different ways the mind works with thoughts, some will be great visualizers who can imagine complex scenes, some will have flighty thought patterns that make for more chaotic dreams, and then some just got blessed with the soykafs. You may be able to cultivate intensity by practicing visualization based meditation (picture a dice and roll it around, spin it, etc. until you have something cohesive; practice rendering other objects) and imagination-based thought games (you're in a room with a door, go through the door, what do you see? Explore the compound.)

File: 1422462715819.png (108.16 KB, 200x300, nightday.jpg)

No.641 [Reply]

Thinking of looking into nocturnal sleeping schedules. Any tips? Should it be a gradual transition or should I just suddenly switch from a "regular" sleep schedule to a nocturnal one? Also, are dreams any different through this means of sleep?
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ive been all over the shop in regards to sleep schedules and ive got to say that waking up when the sun is going down can be... depressing.
ive found that waking in the afternoon is pretty ideal seeing as i have sunlight upon waking and still have some darkness as im going to sleep. i have very nice blockout window coverings, sleep in a west-facing room, use f.lux when i can, work at my own schedule and take classes in the late afternoon/evening, so its pretty sustainable at the moment.
if i had my druthers, id probably run a 26 hour day, but thats beside the point.
speaking as someone that needs minimal human interaction, try the nocturnal schedule if you like, but in my experience it takes a toll.
make sure you have a social outlet of some sort or you could start to spiral...
more to the point: its doubtful that youll find a qt3.14 if youre only awake at night.


Personally mine came about as a way to attend more classes, I always slept in so since my important classes end at noon, I sleep from about noon to about 6 depending on the day. Energy and other feeling wise, I have been great and feel amazing.

The downsides so far have been:

meeting up with groups for projects: k fuarrrk them all for working at 3:50PM madness right?

Eating: I probably would be fine in a bigger city, but the only place consistantly open 24/7 is subway. I hate subway

Loneliness: Complicated and messy here but bear with me. Overall IF you manage it well it's a non-issue. I still hang out with friends and stuff, plenty. I've also become reliable for being up late hours, and people can come to me for help. However, I always loved to indulge in late night walks by myself, and it's been like a ridiculous access. It would be nice to have someone to share it with, but hey normal person sleep schedule doesn't let you get many walks in anyways.

I've never been much a dreaming to be honest, but I would say initially I some interesting dreams. Maybe a bit more now.

Overall I dread having to change it when I need to job, my field is not good for graveyard shifts. It's not that big of a commitment. It's both life changing and surprisingly normal.

Also at least a few qt3.14s upon hearing about it, get super curious. Def gives off a more mysterious vibe, but you have to be non-creepy for it to work.

File: 1423281438888.png (10.14 KB, 260x300, eyemask.jpg)

No.716 [Reply]

Does anyone else here use an eyemask? My gf got me one of these last week, and my sleep has been absolutely incredible, even when I get a limited amount. It's like as long as it's over my eyes my sleep is going to automatically be deep.

I've never felt more well rested and my dreams have never been more vivid.
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File: 1469258312372.png (18.53 KB, 200x191, 1469232514293.jpg)

I generally just duct tape some cotton to my face

My dreams have never been more




i have considered getting one since i really struggle to get to sleep sometimes and i work nights so i am going to bed (and asleep) when it is daylight. i use a blanket instead which seems to help somewhat, at least when the heat isnt unbearable.

File: 1423720178063.png (54.4 KB, 299x300, some-people-actually-have-this.jpeg)

No.723 [Reply]

Lainons, what's the longest you've deprived yourself of sleep and how did you feel during this? And when you returned to sleeping, how were your dreams effected (if at all)? Longest I went was skipping a night of sleep and staying up until 9 AM the next day. I actually felt far more awake and alive than did I when I slept as to how I typically do. I'd a lack of dreams thereafter I recall, however I'd not been recalling my dreams prior to that as well, so may be unrelated to the sleep deprivation.
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Oh I have, a lot. Haven't touched any for a good long time.


File: 1475031753327.png (60.6 KB, 128x128, 121904978.jpg)

I did 83 hours without taking/drinking anything like coffee or energy drinks or any kind of drugs, my mentality and also my sense of humor changes alot when im sleep deprived, I need to go get some soykaf done atm but i will write a longer more detailed post about this when i come back.

File: 1492552216785.png (86.99 KB, 273x300, brain.jpg)

No.73 [Reply]

There is only so much information that we as humans can individually remember. This is fine, as the this limit is shockingly high and the human brain is amazing as it is. What my problem is is how much of this is rather wasted. Even if it adds to the very essence of my personality and who I am, there seems to be a lot of junk up there. It doesn't seem important to me to remember the latest Mcsoykaf commercial nor the phone number for a local lawyer, but this information persists in my memory jingles will be the death of us all. While there is also a lot of information from school that is more often than not useful to remember or just good to be knowlegdable about, there is still a good amount of other (what I subjectively term) crap. How do other lainanons feel about this?
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Hey mod, please move this thread to >>>/zzz/


No, I'm pretty sure that was a stroke, not Call Of Duty.
You had a stroke. You should see a doctor.

File: 1424440459908.png (109.19 KB, 300x284, Cyber_Sleep_by_AmericanNinjaX.jpg)

No.754 [Reply]

ITT: We discuss sleep. Do you think we'll be able to perform our daily tasks efficiently without sleep in the future? etc…
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please read manhole 69 by J.G Ballard. It might be relevent here.


File: 1425435222954.png (59.49 KB, 300x207, spider.jpg)

No.777 [Reply]

Nothing that I can dream of can possibly scare me except the giant crawling spiders I dream about sometimes, whats even worst is when I wake up and cannot move but still feel them crawling around my body under the sheets. Sleep paralysis is the worst feeling you'll ever feel.
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I remember when I was younger, I'd sometimes have dreams where I vomited up spiders.

I still have no idea what the meant and I've never had them since.


File: 1438333650702.png (162.02 KB, 200x157, 1416885211242.jpg)

Get over your sissy fear of spiders and watch this problem melt away.

File: 1426080916083.png (71.97 KB, 258x300, bilibi_8.jpg)

No.795 [Reply]

The man controls everything. The world orwellian surveillance apparatus see all; you know this, so they own your waking thoughts.

The only refuge you have left is your dreams. They can't see what's inside your head yet.
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>and its gonna be great
how can you be so sure?

File: 1492031935006.png (34.71 KB, 300x300, sleepingpanda.jpg)

No.8 [Reply]

Post any PDFs you mights have from /zzz/ here. I have a large one with many many PDFs

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File: 1492516465158-0.png (3.81 MB, 214x300, [Scott_Shaw]_The_Little_Book_of_Yoga_Breathing_Pr(BookZZ.org).pdf)

File: 1492516465158-1.png (1.42 MB, 232x300, Book Four (Liber ABA).pdf)

File: 1492516465158-2.png (284.09 KB, 232x300, cia-remote-viewing-manual.pdf)


Same poster here. I wonder what was going on with this guy and his job.

File: 1426720515557.png (285.05 KB, 285x300, super.bmp)

No.824 [Reply]

get help and help other lainons.

as for op, I have been extremely unproductive for a good year of my life. As much as I imagine doing more, I have not.

also requesting info-graphics
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Eisenhower, yes. Op, i found that being productive or not is a hard thing to accurately measure.
My life hack: once every year write down "next year id like to..."
There put your goals, whatever you would like to be going on in you next year. And every year, read the previous one.


Moved to >>>/r/28134.

File: 1426983761704.png (125.39 KB, 246x300, rp.png)

No.828 [Reply]

Not sure if this is /zzz/ but does anyone here practice polyphastic sleep? I heard that you have very frequent lucid dreams if you do it.
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File: 1440885809993.png (920.66 KB, 200x113, IEbwECW.gif)


The main problem is that... There are not a lot of studies on sleep deprivation, potential long-term effects. There is also almost no real studies done on polyphasic sleep.

A main issue I see this that a lot of scientists look at this and go "Yeah. That's obviously bullsoykaf. Too good to be true, etc." but won't actually look into it. (perhaps lack of interest?)

However, because there is little to no studies done on it, people are experimenting on themselves. Which is..good, but it's hard to prove or have conclusive data on it... I mean, it /is/ a blog.

I'm actually going to be starting up a study on myself..But honestly, it's not going to help out very much. My girlfriend (studying neuroscience) will be taking notes of my reactions and cognitive function. BUT this is one person being studied...and it's more for myself than anything else.

Also, to answer OP: Yes I am interested. super bump.


I don't. I don't see why I would want to spend less time sleeping. Sleeping is the best part of my life.

File: 1427201754130.png (48.55 KB, 300x214, sleep-cycle-iphone-app-sz-031610.jpg)

No.836 [Reply]

Anybody else use Sleep Cycle or a similar sleep tracking app for your phone?

I'm still calibrating my own but I'm hoping the data I get from it will help me with lucid dreaming somehow.
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File: 1442423945316.png (123.8 KB, 200x130, luddites.jpg)

That's actually not true, although its base is indeed misguided syndicalism, the movement was specifically against technology, in both actions and ideology.
But I mostly wanted an excuse to post some Lovelace & Babbage


I maybe would, but the privacy concerns of this terrify me too much to even consider it.

File: 1427201999966.png (41.92 KB, 300x246, 1424583816087.jpg)

No.837 [Reply]

Has anyone used their lucid dreaming for something productive? As in not sex?

For instance, there are studies that say some professional athletes use lucid dreaming to practice movements, or claims that you can use lucid dreams to practice speeches, etc.

Having had only a few lucid dreams, I find this difficult to understand… although I was aware, and somewhat in control, I felt like my mind was racing to do something… anything… before I inevitably woke up. I wasn't thinking clearly.
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I've had an omen in a dream that helped me avoid a situation I already knew would hurt my life experience. It featured my teeth getting crushed and splintered. I interpreted it as a warning telling me to avoid accepting a certain job offer as it would crush my hopes and dreams. I did so and have now unlocked many obvious secrets that I simply did not see before, which have vastly improved my life experience.


i never did this but my theory is that being lucid inside a dream is like reaching the highest state of meditation possible, where you can change your state of mind and world around you with little to no effort.. so i guess make yourself god? get all your chakras ligned up and soykaf idk its kinda the perfect opportunity for manifestation in an astral level imo

File: 1428035511871.png (447.4 KB, 300x200, alien vs predator.jpg)

No.851 [Reply]

Hey /zzz/ I lucid dream a fair amount without forcing myself to or training to - it just kinda happens naturally to me every now and again.

I usually don't do much with it - usually only semi-lucid I guess - but sometimes I have a fair amount of agency and I can manipulate the world and defy gravity and know that it's all a dream and still stay interpolated etc.

So, I was having a dream that involved a girl I like and it went lucid so I tried to do a lucid sex dream - holy soykaf worst idea ever. I don't know why because I knew it was a dream but dude it felt like I was mind-controlling her, I couldn't do it. It was horrible.

So yeah, tl;dr - lucid dreaming + trying to control other people = weird experience. I woke up feeling pretty shaken with myself.

Anyone else had anything similar?

Pic unrelated.
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I rarely have lucid or semi-lucid dreams. If they ever happen, it's more of a "ok I'm dreaming" thing, and I can't really control anything, just be aware that it's a dream. I think I had a nearly fully lucid dream once, and only once. That time I got overwhelmed with possibilties and things to do. I played around with the world for a short time, got too excited and woke up.

Sometimes I sex in dreams, but not very often. That's when I get aware of the dream, because sex is something that can only happen to me in a dream, but also something that my dreaming mind can recognize (I guess all the other abstract things are "unrecognizable" because they happen for the first time, while sex is a recurring theme). Being aware actually makes it unpleasant, because it also means that I'm aware that I'll wake up with cum in my pantsu, something very annoying. But I can't stop the dream or reciprocating because I still have no influence on the dream. The climax itself feels good, much better than fapping irl, but not worth the sticky situation afterwards.


>>851 try rape next time
[substantial extra text for a sage post]

File: 1429188819127.png (150 KB, 237x300, dreaming.png)

No.865 [Reply]

Hey, I'd just like to add a few things to the sticky that helped me to dream, get lucid and stay lucid when I feel I am waking up. So here's my practical guide to LD!

First, to dream: I found that doing something slightly physical outside during the day helps a lot and results in vivid and longer dreams. Taking a 2 hour walk in the afternoon seems to work best in my case.

Then, to get lucid: Apparently, looking at yourself in a mirror or anything reflective in a dream can make you feel really uneasy. I don't know if it works for everyone but I read it in various guides so it's probably not uncommon. Feeling afraid lets you know that you are in a dream. I took the habit to look at my reflection every time I can when I am awake. This made looking at reflective surfaces become a reflex and worked really well to instinctively do it in dreams too.

Finally, as soon as you start freaking out after looking at your reflection you become lucid but the fear might wake you up. Some anon on 4chan posted that spinning is a good way to keep dreaming when this happens or when you feel that you start waking up later on, and it does work really well! I used to have a lot of trouble to keep dreaming in a lucid state but this technique made it really easy. Looking at my feet while doing so sometimes allows me to even modify the environment around me; something that I find extremely hard to do in other circumstances.

Also some advice to beginners: don't give up if you can't stay in your dream even when using the spinning technique during your first few lucid dreams. Keep doing it and your dreams will last longer.
Oh and don't worry if you don't do what you planned to do in the first place. I started LD to see my waifu but during my first experiences I ended up flying and doing other awesome things like punching people through walls at Mach speed in a semi-controlled way. Being able to do exactly what you want to do takes some practice and experience.

You can use this thread to add your own techniques if you have something that works really well.
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Do you guys always remember your lucid dreams?
Because I have a half-remembered one but I thougt I wasn't supposed to forget them like I forget most normal dreams.

I suspect it might've been a non-lucid dream in which I was having a lucid dream. I fell asleep hoping to have a lucid dream that night and, as dreams are representations of our desires, fears, etc, it could be the case that I dreamed a fake lucid dream because I wanted to have one. Yep, I've been reading some Freud. Couldn't find anything by him about lucid dreams, though.
Once I had a semi-lucid dream. I was doing dream stuff and in a moment I started to fly a meter above the sidewalk because it's funnier and a bit faster than walking. I was flying in public and in order to fly I have to do some movements that look like I'm swiming, so I thought that I could encounter someone I knew and look ridiculous, but I didn't care because, in that case, I could explain them that I was dreaming. I knew I was dreaming but it didn't become a lucid dream.


Just had two lucids last night.
Two times I realised I was in a dream.
I'm learning to waste less of them every time, and getting increasingly concerned about my dream people. In one of the dreams someone was chasing me so I made something explode so stop him, and didn't think of the injured dream people. I guess I'm not really that lucid in dreams, it was a stupid move.

File: 1430073450194.png (144.46 KB, 300x169, Serial+Experiments+Lain+-+Anime+Wallpaper+03-modified.jpg)

No.879 [Reply]

And how do you handle the thought that your body might outside this world?
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Suppose our reality is simulated and suppose our real physical bodies lay in a greater simulator universe.
Does it change your role here? I feel invigorated, with a sense of freedom. I am free to live this life not worrying about glory or eternity, as my domain ends with my death. The limitations and rules of this particular simulated universe are just a set of indications for us to play with.


"Continuing experiments into the phenomena of inter-dimensional fatigue shows immense promise. We will soon be able to leave behind the 3D world and return to the 2D heaven where we belong. How many have died. How many dead dreams... but at last, we will find joy. We will live again."

File: 1430334811025-0.png (8.28 KB, 250x200, 1310482034607.jpg)

No.882 [Reply]

Anyone else find a dream hilarious while asleep, and then wake up laughing? This happened to me multiple times this week, but it's never happened before.

The weird thing is, what my dream brain finds funny seems completely different from what my normal brain does. Last night I woke up laughing because of a black girl writing some word on a chalkboard. After I woke up, I took some time to try and explain to myself exactly why it was funny (I remembered more at the time), but it was really difficult. But I could still laugh at it after I woke up even though I only had a vague impression of why it was funny. Wish I had written down something as I would have remembered more.
16 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1444023841596.png (42.77 KB, 200x134, bush_with_gun_rect.jpg)

This might be the first time I remember something akin to a "creative expression" and it actually makes sense when I wake up... Somewhat

I dreamed about attending a conference or thesis defense. Suddenly I realized as he was speaking that i was sitting next to Georges W. Bush. He spoke in French fluently, and told a pun that goes like this :

«Si ma femme m'ennuyait, je la battrai, etcetera (elle se taira)»

«If my wife bothered me, I'll beat it, etc. (which sounds a tad like "she will shut up" in French")»

I laughed heartily. I was the only one in the room chuckling after he finished. Then he stood, we shook hands and he leaved the room.


GNO, not really laughing, but I did one night wake up screaming "WHOOOOORE, WHOOOOOORE!" at some woman I saw in my dream.

File: 1431110556444.png (37.88 KB, 300x202, 1430877336943.jpg)

No.891 [Reply]

Does anyone else have extremely crazy dreams all the time? Mine are just so profound with tons of things going on. Very very weird too. I have never heard a description of another person's dream that comes close to my normal ones.

Last night i had one having to do with demons and wizards, school life, two human sized meat grinders, bruce willis, self-aware living tumors, reincarnation, marriage, breathtakingly large flying creatures and sports. This was all tied together into a cohesive plot and everything made perfect sense at the time.

When i was younger my dreams were more mundane, but got increasingly weirder as time went on. Now it is very rare to have a dream that isn't off the wall. I love them and would not like it any other way, but i'm curious to see if anyone else has dreams like mine.
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I had to sleep just now and met a nice brunette with blue eyes and tattoos who was selling her car, that was smaller than a retro mini, for 90 quid.

I dream all the time and have some fermented skate liver oil, which is meant to de-calcify your pineal gland, so I have them even more even tho I had them all the time anyway.


My dreams are always nonsense that maintain continuity for about five minutes (it feels like) before switching to something totally different. Like last night I had a dream where I was driving down a freeway recklessly to go to another neighborhood, which coincidentally had the entire landmass of Scotland on it. I feel like my nightmares are my only dreams that make sense, since they have to have something that is comprehensible enough to shock me.

File: 1432767056199.png (326.28 KB, 300x300, Hypernova.jpg)

No.952 [Reply]

Anyone ever have experience being tickled in their dreams? it is never something I would compare to being tickled in real life. Its almost like being shot with a stun gun, the sensation is magnified to the point of not even being able to move when feeling it. I absolutely hate it and was plagued with dreams involving it as a child. Now whenever my dreams decide to act up I go almost lucid and wake myself up before anything else can be done.

Anyone know how to fight back against this soykaf in their dreams or to prevent it from happening in the first place? I know dreams can somewhat be programmable but I also know that they can be unpredictable too.

pic unrelated.


you need some way to tell if you're in a dream, I think. That way, you can realize what's happening and change things to protect yourself.


>tickled in dreams
Could you clarify the context? As in, could you explain what were usually the events leading up to a situation like that?

File: 1400084090978.png (94.34 KB, 300x210, .png)

No.96 [Reply]

I have frequent lucid dreams. It's all just mental noise, nothing interesting. Been there, done that.

Am I dead on the inside?


nah man, it just means you don't get anything from having a world in your control
personally, lucid dreams are cool and all but I like dreaming normally for the adventure of it


practice it more and more. like an sport or art, you'll suck at the beginning, it takes years to actually make it something enjoyable.
at least for some of us...

File: 1433743804856.png (1.5 MB, 300x188, chrono trigger.jpg)

No.983 [Reply]

What a dream with LSD Want to Say ?
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That sounds rather interesting, I'd love for you to elaborate on these experiences.


I think you meant anecdotal