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I see threads about nightmares and for me nightmares are nothing more then un-controlled psyche in a dream reality.

I myself still have not mastered perfect lucidity at will, but I hope to easily achieve a lucid state in "dream reality" more frequently and practice constantly. Having it happen to me about 5 times, it was life changing each time and Its what keeps me motivated to always get back.


i've only ever experienced this once, where, i realised i was dreaming, and for i brief moment, could do anything i wanted
i chose to fly
it was great, but very fleeting
that was years ago


I've been practising dreaming and lucidity for a few years now and consider myself quite good at it, so I can offer some tips that worked for me.

1. Keep a dream journal under your pillow, and write in it as soon as you wake up. Just write whatever you can, even if it's short or fragmented.

2. Read your dream journal before you go to sleep. This seems to remind you of what a dream is, which will help you distinguish between dreams and reality, and also help you remember your dreams better.

3. Find something that can tip you off as to whether you're in a dream or not, and occasionally test this in reality. I choose to try to float, as I can always achieve this in my dreams, and it looks totally inconspicuous irl.

4. Have an idea of what you want to do in a lucid dream before you have the dream. If you spend too much time thinking during your dream it will make you wake yourself up. Instead, as soon as you're lucid, start doing what you want and focus more on the action than the thoughts involved.

Hope that helps!! :)


that's what i did the first and second time i lucid dreamed. both times i soon lost control and fell into water and into another dream. lately though i've had a few more. it's really random sometimes i become lucid and just don't do anything. in one i was being drivin around by a rich older woman and decided i liked the ride so i just sat there. other times i've played video games in my head, practiced flying and remaining lucid, made a cigarette appear in my hand. right now my goal is to talk to my subconscious. my only problem is i can't decide what i want to talk to it about. i should really write some things down and drill them into my head so i can remember


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Writings things down for the goal of exploring ones dream is never a bad idea.



That's also what I did the first time my dream turned lucid. There were magical girls in the air.


Its been quite a long time since you posted this. I have followed your tips and my experiences dreaming and lucid dreaming keep getting better and better. I had to buy bigger notebooks to keep an adequate log of my dreams.
I visited almost every country, i fuarrrked almost every girl i wanted, i defeated or humilliated most of my enemies and witnessed surreal worlds of wonder, all in my dreams and thanks to you (and the rest of the lainons here)
Its time i give back to you the blissful sensations you have given me. Ask for it and give me an email and i will do my best to send it to you.