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I know this isn't /drg/ but since Calea is 100% legal everywhere this should be fine. I want to know if using Calea will make me dependent on it to remember my dreams or even lucid dream and if will make it more difficult to start lucid dreaming at will like the people here.


It's an hallucinogenic plant, I wouldn't say it helps you remember dreams, it makes you hallucinate.

I wouldn't recommend taking it, there is little known about all it's functions on the body.
I do not think it will make you dependent though.

Amanita Muscaria in small doses is better from dreaming, some really awesome and memorable dreams come from it.

I suggest mastering good sleep first, go to bed early, eat well, keep a dream journal next to your bed.
If you have a dream write it down straight away!
You will not remember them all the time though.

I find I dream more vividly and remember them when I am exposed to new things.



I vaped this shit. AMA.


What happened? Tell us of your experience with this plant. When I used calea, I experienced nothing at all and decided it must be a marketing trick or something. I'm curious if anyone had seen any effects whatsoever from this plant.


i refuse to tell you of my experience with the plant.




lel jk. i'm not really that guy.