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The images of reality I see are formed completely within my own head based on input from my 5 senses.

The images I experience in my dreams are formed completely within my own head as well.

Because I do not know the true nature of reality beyond what I can conceptualize in my head, I cannot know what is beyond it. I can't do it.

If that's the case, are dreams and reality the same?


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Another thing. If time and space are just my perception, and they don't really exist, everything has occurred, or rather all things of all time are occurring at once. This is very hard to conceptualize as a being that perceives things using time and space.

If this is the case, I wonder how precognitive dreams fit in (I'm convinced everyone has had one of these at least once in their life... not deja vu, I'm talking a dream that you later experience exactly in reality)?

Also, if all things are occurring as if in one point in time and space, is there really a "we" or are we just the same being?


according to modern physics time and space exist independent of the mind
and we live in a 12th dimmensional world


> time and space exist independent of the mind



also i reccomend you these books
parallel worlds- michio kaku
hyperspace-michio kaku
also in cyberspace physical space doesnt esxit so iether time


modern physics has more interpretations than that


tachikomas are my favourite part of ghost in the shell sac


>If that's the case, are dreams and reality the same?

Are apples and reality the same? Is music and reality the same?


i dont understand what are you saying plz explain


There are tribal societies that certainly do treat dreams as being just as real as waking life. Not as messages or lessons or whatever but as being completely real and with real consequences to your actions.


Your conundrum lies in how you are defining the word "reality"


I got it. Thank you lainanon, you've given me something to reconsider tonight.


Allegedly, many people tend to experience dreams that seem to be more realistic than waking life. I've experienced this. To realize that your mind can effectively emulate and surpass what is believed to be reality shows that there is nothing really proving "reality" to be nothing more than an illusion.


i sometimes feel the cyberspace is more real than the outside world


Read up on these guys, good reading on the philosophy of perception (and thus, metaphysics).


I have been reading a lot of Plato and Socrates lately. Don't really care for Kant (or Descartes).Never heard of the third.


I remember encountering something arguing this concept, though don't remember where...


But there is a big distinction between whether you are dreaming or awake though.


Dreams are a reflection of reality in that you dream of what you know


For the most part, yes. Though, largely, you'll not know you're dreaming until you awake.


Forgot to post this with above post: The distinction only occurs or is noticed only after you've woken.


That's something that always got me about people who claim that their dreams are just as realistic as waking life.

The only time my dreams have ever seemed to me to be "realistic" is when I am in them, and I am convinced that I am in reality. However, once I wake up I realize that it was just a dream. Sometimes I'll come the realization while I'm in the dream, although I rarely gain the lucidity to control it.

I guess you could say that this proves that it's all just sensory input and awake/asleep makes no difference to your brain, but I can say this; every day I wake up to the same reality, but every night I dream a very different dream world.