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Does anyone else take Melatonin before bed? I specifically do it because when i wake up im still semi asleep. I am aware of my state but I cant move my body.


I do not. I always lucid dream if I don't use my phone in bed before I go to sleep though.

Sleep paralysis?


i've had sleep paralysis a few times. it seems to happen mostly when i wake up during a dream. like i'll wake up and want to write the dream down but i won't be able to move. usually i can overcome it if i just keep trying.


When it isn't terrifying, sleep paralysis is a really nice feeling.


i love the feeling


I've had this happen to me one time, and it scared the shit out of me. i thought i was going to die


Every time I take melatonin, I just sleep for like, 12 hours. All it gets me is a headache after, endless grogginess, and no dreams.
I should set my alarm to get me up a little while into taking it, see what happens.


I take it sometimes in ridiculously large dosages when I need to reset my sleep schedule and am not at all tired.

There is an observable pattern of me having very vivid dreams that I can go back into if I wake up for a brief moment, and that never happens otherwise.


Stayed up for 32 hours, then slept for 23. I did this by taking creatine and caffene powder while I was awake, then taking about 20mg of melatonin before passing out. The result was the greatest trip you could possibly have while asleep. Would recommend to anyone.


>I am aware of my state but I cant move my body
I have that without melatonin.



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How much are melatonin are you taking? You don't need much.

20 mg. I would only do it if I was certain I wasn't going to be interrupted. I really don't like being woke too soon.


I couldn't stop laugh while reading this, ypu're going to kill someone if they take your advice.

I'm curious about the creatine though, didn't know that gave energy.


What is that image?


My melatonin actually just came in the mail today.
I heard you're only supposed to take half a milligram, and I have a gram, so that's enough for 2000 days.

I got more stuff in the mail too.


they sell 20mg pills


Not much point taking less than 3mg in my experience


the Melatonin hangover struggle is real


thats whats been happening to me ever since i took an entire bottle of melatonin.

on the subject of that experience of mine the effects of a genuine fuarrrkton (300mg+) of melatonin are pretty much just crazy dreams, its perfectly safe too aside from dream residue. stay safe lainons.


yes, i used to take it and it seemed harder to wake up in the mornings.


I think I'm building a dependency on melatonin. most nights I have trouble sleeping unless I take some. this happen to any of you?


I can't tell because I started taking it due to trouble sleeping in the first place


I like it a lot but it makes it damn near impossible to get up in the morning. You feel like you just woke up from a coma.


i dislike the "drug life" philosophy, but i am also an active member of this fuarrrked up society and can get anxious/nervous/stressed at times. a few weeks ago i started enjoying my teas with drops of Valerian, a herb that's not hard to get on local fairs and my stress levels dropped to the floor, i feel so lovely now. you should try it, a tea with Valerian before going to bed :)


that is still a drug. Just sayin.


yes, you're technically right, what i meant (and didn't know how to express) is that i dislike being a consumerist whore dependant on what my pharmacist tells me i should do to go on with my life without collapsing.

you can grow valerian in you backyard :)


Do you though?


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i'm waiting for my seeds to sprout, in the midtime i'm just taking my tea with drops i bought in a fair near my house where i buy my teas/herbs.


I have been taking melatonin pretty much every night for a year. The pills I get from wal-mart are 6mg melatonin and 25mg L-theanine.

It doesn't cause sleep paralysis and I don't think my dreams are any different. I see people complaining of grogginess, but I always feel like absolute soykaf for an hour or two after I wake up with or without the melatonin.


I don't understand what you're getting at.

Valerian contains unknown psychoactive substances that act as a sedative. Studies show that valerian is arguably effective as a hypnotic and can exhibit withdrawal symptoms similar to those of benzos. Most of the studies published on valerian are either non-scientific or result in insufficient evidence for any positive effects.
Melatonin is an isolated neurohormone that helps to regulate the circadian rhythm and can act as a sedative in higher doses. Melatonin has no addiction potential and only has a few mild side effects, the worst of which is grogginess the morning-after. Melatonin has already had plenty of professional scientific studies proving its' efficacy.

Both are available over the counter just about anywhere. Having read summaries of the drugs, do you understand why doctors suggest melatonin rather than valerian?
You're more of a "consumer whore" for buying and eating a risky herb because of homeopathic jibberjabber than you would be for buying a proven-effective supplement because of pharmacist recommendation.


This. This exactly. People try a little too hard to be different, when the proven method is popular because it's effective.


>I always feel like absolute soykaf for an hour or two after I wake up
look up sleep apnea. you may have it.


Have you tried taking less? I've often heard the less is more philosophy when it comes to melatonin and a friend of mine only takes 2mg and he's a big bloke.