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I wonder if I'm alone in this. Anytime I use a cellphone or a computer in a dream, it malfunctions. Or it's full of viruses or something. It's only purpose in the dream seems to be that it is a source of frustration. In a few different ones, I've been in a public place and dozens of popup porn ads kept appearing, which felt a lot like the generic "I'm in public in my underwear" dream. I am trying to remember a dream where this wasn't the case but I can't.


I've had dreams like that quite a bit, actually. I can never remember where exactly the viruses come from, but they're always some sort of porn adware or a general computer killer.


this hasn't happened to me, the dreams where I have been using computers / cellphones it was more like my conscious moved inside the computer - hard to explain, like I was just watching where my perception was going.

however when I dream I can't read anything, my dream self can but I get the same feeling of watching when that happens. mostly I just roll with it


I think I understand, I had a dream many years ago where I was looking through Windows folders and realized after waking, the folders were my own memories and emotions or at least symbolized them in the dream. Also few people can read inside a dream, and when you have the experience of doing so just try to recount what you read or wrote later. It's usually gibberish. I did read a page of my favourite novel in a dream once but I'd read it hundreds of times and basically have it memorized so that's different. Same with music, it's not real music, more like something that fills a placeholder titled "music". Again, one exception was playing a guitar riff which I've played so many times it's like I have a muscle memory of it or something and in the dream could see my fingers on the frets in the right places.


This idea of having placeholders titled with something happens all over dreams. It's simply easier to notice when it's something such a writing or music and even then only because we know to look for it specifically. The fact that this happens all the time in dreams without us noticing draws into question how much it happens when we're awake. When you're awake and you look closer at what's behind the label your brain can actually go and look at the detail and fill it in correctly, meaning you can't catch it out in the same way. The only sensible answer to the question of how often it happens is a complete shrug, but it's pretty common knowledge that people sometimes see what they expect to see rather than what's actually there so it's at least some of the time.


Usually when I use a computer or something it's frustrating in dreams. Not that they get viruses or anything. They just won't work. Like I'm not able to pull up information I need because of constant spelling errors, and one time autocorrect kept messing with my searches and then my phone turned all floppy like jello.

It all comes from an extension of trying to overly control everything in my life. I have control issues which I've been working on.


Literally every fucking time.


you know what would have been been cool? if you added discreet spelling mistakes when you wrote that.


Yes I've dreamed that a couple of times, but it's always sort of scary or a nightmare because my computer gets possessed by something evil.


i get that fairly often. demon voices coming out of the speakers even though i just yanked the power cord


Everybody gets this. Computers don't work correctly in dreams for the same reason that you can't read. The part of your brain that does the more logical, methodical thinking is asleep and the computer is being controlled by the more intuitive part of yourself that doesn't really know how computers should work and is just winging it.

What I find curious is that almost everyone's experience of computers in dreams is one of frustration.


I find that my problem mostly comes from floaty control, like when you set the cursor speed too low, or make constant typos. The only exception is that GIMP works extremely well, but i don't think i control it so much as have the desired image appear within it.


I've dreamed I was coding. I'm pretty sure now that the writing was absolute nonsense (as in, even the glyphs).

Otherwise, lots of dreams involving retro games. I can't recall any about malfunctions off-hand.


I always have this, and not just with electronics, either. Every time I try to do something in a dream it doesn't work out the way I want it to. It's usually fine when I'm just ' going along' with the dream, but whenever I 'consciously' try to make an effort for whatever, something always seems to make things difficult. This usually results in me waking up from the stress or frustration.


>Computers don't work correctly in dreams for the same reason that you can't read.

No, this isn't the same thing at all. If it were just this then they'd behave like computers in 60s-70s science fiction or some other magitech. What I meant when I started this thread was that they never work at all. Always full of viruses or shutting themselves off for no reason... in my own dreams that is.

Meanwhile other types of tech such as cars usually work fine, or even better in some impossible way (jumping 100 feet in the air and landing safely or extending legs like an AT-AT over rough terrain).


>If it were just this then they'd behave like computers in 60s-70s science fiction or some other magitech.

No one would think this, or at least I wouldn't think so.

In my experience computer operation goes the exact same way as reading: things are garbled, confusing and frustrating. Any time I have actively tried to read something in a dream all I can see is nonsense numbers and letters spilled all over the place, and if I try to reread something it becomes a completely different set of nonsense.

A great exercise for anyone who becomes lucid honestly is to try and read, or even better yet, try and flip through the pages of a book and see if you can reach the end (I can't).

My experience is the same in computers: There's a million applications open and I can't find what I'm looking for so I try to search for an application and realize my search makes no sense, and so the results make no sense, so I go to change my search only to realize I'm not typing in a search bar and can't find a search bar at all, and the cursor is not moving the way that it should when I move it and I realize I'm not holding the mouse and was moving the cursor with the keyboard somehow, only to realize all the keys on the keyboard are wrong, or there is no keyboard at all and the computer isn't even on anymore.


>No one would think this
Apparently you're wrong. How come I can play video games in my dreams but other uses of a computer never work?

Also I can "read" in my dreams too only it's not true reading. It conveys a message in my dreaming mind but when I wake up and try to write it down, first I realize it was actually gibberish and then a minute later I can't even remember what the gibberish was. But I don't get this frustrated malfunction event while trying to read, not at all. It's more like reading a magic scroll in a tabletop game. You don't literally read the spell, you just say "I read the spell" and in the game some information or energy or something is transferred.


I think we're in agreement and I've just explained myself poorly.

I too can play video games but I can't for example edit files or navigate a file system or the internet and that's because I believe that dreams can't adhere to the strict logical structures required for these things to work.

I think video games work because it's more intuitive and locomotive for the dream to recreate, for example I often dream I'm playing a game where the gameplay is similar to the real thing but the environments are quite different.

I don't disagree with what you're saying about reading either, I've plenty of times "read" in a dream but it's always just a way of transferring an idea out of a piece of writing, I don't actually do any "reading" I just suddenly believe that I read something, contrarily if I become lucid and actively try to read the text in a book it's impossible, the text changes constantly and is gibberish all in all. Sometimes I think I see a word, but I can't make sense of it and then it changes before I can reread it.

I have the same problem with clocks and timetelling in dreams for similar reasons I think.


It's very common. A tip for lucid dreaming is to look at clocks twice to see if the times are the same, and if they line up with the lighting outside.

My worst nightmares that I wake up from in cold sweats are when my computer gets viruses. Always found that odd.


I'm trying to remember the last time there was a clock in my dream; I don't wake up to an alarm currently but it sure happened a lot when I did. Comparing the clock to daylight is an interesting idea, though it probably wouldn't work for me. The amount of daylight here varies considerably throughout the year and I often wake up not knowing if it's AM or PM. My half awake mind has to double the time on my phone, sometimes triple check before I'm really awake, so my dreaming mind probably wouldn't do so well in that department.


I get anxiety dreams about viruses. It's in the same vein as dreams about my teeth rotting or crashing my car. Just actual things that freak me out. The viruses typically completely replace my OS with some kind of bullsoykaf where none of the buttons do what they claim to do. I always have this unspoken knowledge that if I can clear it all away, all my data is still there. More of a digital puzzle box than a virus, really.


The same thing can happen under the influence of psychedelics, where using technology seems alien and frustrating. This makes sense because some have said that dream states and psychedelic states are similar in that they both eschew the filters imposed by the mind enforcing the preconceptions of consensus reality.


The more the focus is on the computer itself, the more likely it malfunctions in the dream, anecdotally. Last night I had a dream where my favorite forums and subreddits were completely saturated in bots... literally every response was either a soykafty sarcastic comment, meme, or a link to tabloid/top 10 list junk. It was very vivid, to the point where I can only assure myself it was a dream for the fact I went to sleep sober. The computer operation and reading of text was, amazingly enough, perfectly fine. I was even taking note of parenthesis not closed, improper capitalization. etc.


Same goes for the psychosis associated with schizophrenia. From observing several people who were close to me, their ability to use even simple things like email or a cellphone started to fall apart when they were drifting. One would send me increasingly confused and nonsensical messages and then a bunch that were complete gibberish; not even broken English but rather like she was trying to type with her forehead. Then total silence, either because she hit the zyprexa and went to sleep or because she threw her computer against the wall again.