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I had an extremely odd dream the other night. It was an extremely long dream as well, and despite having about 5 and a half hours of sleep, I felt extremely relaxed and alert in the morning.
Essentially, my dreams were about a serial killer who was the spitting image of Buffalo Bill from Silence of The Lambs. He killed either my family or someone else's, and I helped him. I remember him wearing some sort of furry disguise. I think I remember a green room. I also remember a kitchen. I also remember a pen. I think either him or myself stabbed a pen into one of the people, and one of us dropped it. We might not have stabbed someone with it, but the pen was left in the house it in the house. I remember warning him about leaving evidence. We then went to a store for some reason, perhaps to buy supplies to continue our scheme. He revealed himself to be a short black guy I went to high school with. I told him that I used to remember him as a friendly person, and I would have never thought he would have done this. I don't remember anything past that because I had an alarm set to wake me up early, which promptly ended the dream. But all I remember throughout the dream was how good it felt to kill people. I felt a bit of remorse, but it felt really good.

I apologize for the poor organization and writing, but I was trying to write down my thoughts as quickly as possible. I woke up about 11 hours ago. I probably should have wrote it down then, but I didn't have time.

Anyways, I think it would be best to note that I've also been having homicidal/suicidal thoughts lately, more than usual. I assume these dreams were related. But is that all this dream means? Does anyone know what else these dreams might imply?


>thread completely left alone


It's just a slow board.

It's one of my favorites though, seeing as my own mind is the last place an orwellian governmnet can't spy on my data.


maybe it's some kind of pent up frustration, has anything been aggravating you lately?
have you been thinking about anything else in your dream lately?
do you need to kill a lot of furries to take out your pent up anger?


I've just been aggravated by the world in general. Everywhere I look it's "feminism this" or "gay that". It's rage-inducing. I hate it so much. And some people actually think we live in a good world. I try to ignore the news, because I'm pretty sure that if I see too much, I'm going to snap and do something rash.


>I try to ignore the news, because I'm pretty sure that if I see too much, I'm going to snap and do something rash.
Hug from another anon avoiding news and comments on 'hazardous sites'


Easily triggered?


If that's the word you'd like to use, yeah. I fuarrrking hate this world so much. I really hate humanity as a whole.


Wow, this brings me back. I haven't had any dreams about murder since the first Saturday of November 2006 when I was 10. If anyone cares to read of it:
>in big house w/ some staircases, sitting on one
>1st grade girl sitting on another staircase across from me
>stand up and announce, "It's time for a murder!"
>pull knife out of nowhere
>she screams and starts running
>chase her off the staircase through 2 rooms & into a third room
>tackle and pin her to the cream-colored carpet
>stab her in the heart repeatedly until I wake up
>wake up in a great mood
>mfw this was the same girl I had a crush on for half of 5th grade

I also share your misanthropic feels and disgust for society, OP. It's one of many reasons why I'm a shut-in with an imaginary sister, imaginary bro, and a waifu. I still desire companionship, but 3D "real" humans don't cut it. Transcending humanity, so to speak.