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Everyone passing by must post a dream

-sitting around waiting for some people to show up at a friend's house.
-they finally show up, but don't really want to play the game i was hoping to play.
-they just watch tv instead.
-"Man, fuarrrk this." i decide to leave out of boredom.
-it's a sunny day and i take a walk outside, and for a reason unbeknownst to me am carrying a garden hose.
-i can't bring myself to put down the hose, so i decide to put it to use.
-every plant in my path i point the hose at. trees, shrubs, grass, everything.
-come to a daycare center, where a little kid is playing with a hose by himself.
-he sprays and laughs at me, so i spray him back harder, which makes him stop.
-i walk around the playground, wetting all the plants in sight.
-the kid starts doing it too, but stays there when i leave.
-i find myself on a shady sidewalk, where there is a large paper bag lodged in the dirt.
-i reach to see what's in the bag, and a cat's paw comes out.
-i can tell that someone is underground beneath the cat, moving the cat's paws like a puppet.
-i reach deep into the bag to try and pull out the person holding the cat, but pull out the cat instead.
-it's black with white spots. i set it down and it runs off.
-whoever is underground has retreated, staying out of sight.
-i briefly consider using the hose to try and flood them out, but become aware that the hose is only dripping.
-the hose has become tangled in my walk around the block.
-i walk back and round a corner to find some people standing and laughing.
-they are poking fun at what happened to my hose, which is fairly tangled with several kinks.
-one of them offers to help when i spot the real problem, which is a balloon-size clog in the hose that looks nearly ready to burst.
-i'm fearful of the hose bursting, and realize that the spicket is too far away to turn off immediately.
-trying to think fast about what to do.


>Everyone passing by must post a dream

Last night I dreamed my ex (who I still miss) was blowing me. Without noticing, she had put some kind of rubber band around the base of my penis and the pressure was making me bigger. She teabagged me and my dick got so big I was able to fit the tip in my mouth quite comfortably.

You said "everyone" and that's the only one I remembered this morning.


So your friend t-bagged you with your own sack?


been having bad dreams lately. Other day I dreamed the name marker got changed on a zeemaps location from screen name to real name. can't remember much else


naw just that the tip of my dick could reach my mouth comfortably without even straining. I often have dreams where I can do this.


I had to convince my dead father that he was dead, and the he should gewt in the coffin as soon as possible. After some drama, he accepted. The priest tried to charge us double because "it's a second time funeral", so we pushed him to the bottom of the grave and put the coffin on top of him so he wouldn't be able to get out.


I had a dream that i was chasing around the ghost of my friends dead father in his house. then i spent the 2nd half of the dream trying to convince him.




I know, why wake up right?


Dreamed that we built some kind of human centipede only that penises were chained together instead of mouth and asshole. Whenever someone new was chained to this centipede he had to ejaculate on the person in front of him. Someone complained about him being cold. I felt a bit guilty in this dream, because it was fun to ejaculate onto the one before me and also because I looked forward to being ejaculated on myself. I felt guilty, because I thought it to be gay, which I am not.


I dreamed i was using a well. It was quite exhausting to haul up the bucket and the well was quite deep. I was surprised that I knew how to use a well [so well], because I never used one in real life. This is another dream there I felt like I gained a new experience without ever doing the actual thing.


I sometime turn my dreams into soykafty poems here is one

I walk down the street
Lined by trees
coming from the playground
I was told something I need to know
no details, just basics
just, she’s mad at me
and where I need to be.

I keep walking
anthropomorphic fog blocking my view
I can’t see far
So I come closer
See a picnic coming into view
And there she sits
on the other side of it
indian style
legs crossed
arms crossed
looking at me

I hate to see her like that
I almost pass her by
I don’t know why
I realize what I’m doing
I turn around put my hand on her shoulder
start to sit down across from her
ready to talk
ready to make everything better.

then my world evades me
everything escapes me
all gone
everything faded into white
decomposing into nothing
back to reality
laying in my bed, again
it was flawed enough to be perfect
I almost did it
so close
I almost did it
something almost worked
I almost made everything work.


Last night I dreamed I embarrassed this guy who's been antagonizing me, like completely dragged him. It was pretty fun, but when I woke up I got depressed again.
hey alright


File: 1438066397166.png (39.04 KB, 200x200, lego-dark-stone-gray-round-plate-1-x-1-6141-30-961948-50.jpg)

I keep having a repeating dream where I am sitting in my house, having a conversation or doing something else mundane, and I have telekinesis. Usually it's these little lego circles and the conversation turns to my powers. They seem normal to me but the other person always pressures me to lift larger or more things until I'm struggling and then the deam ends.


File: 1438076488671.png (693.9 KB, 200x172, chestnut_belgian_horse.jpg)

*I dreamed about sleeping into a gigantic cramped dormitory where bunk beds where made of 4 or 5 beds. I saw whole families walking in and out of the building. [...]

*I saw one of my best friend with a black leather jacket. I yell at him "HEY BOSS". He looks very sad but deny when I ask him. Then I see a somewhat fat dude in the same leather jack walking outside. I misunderstood him for another friend, whom I met right after with again the same jacket.

*I hunt down horses with a axe to get their meat. Then I'm in my bedroom with like 6 unknown peoples smoking mare milk hookah. We're waiting for someone to check in and laugh at the idea of him seeing us doing what we do.


File: 1438083673394.png (159.73 KB, 200x134, interior-beautiful-basement-renovation-idea-with-green-wall-brown-wooden-floor-and-white-roof-with-white-lamps-cozy-basement-renovation-ideas.jpg)

I can only remember fragments:

I'm at a coworker's party in a room similar the one pictured. I'm actually enjoying myself and talking to everyone. Afterwards I tell someone how much I enjoyed it, how I didn't feel nervous.

In another part, I'm lying in a bed with my ex. She's asking me how I've been since we talked last. There's a strong feeling of comfort, of affection.

There's a huge storm coming and I'm standing in front of a window. I try to cover it as best I can as the storm gets worse outside.

Then I wake up.


>running away with a pal from some kind of witch thingy
>fugging colourful world
>stuff looks happy and soykaf
>im scared because that witch is hunting me down
>Struggling to run - it somehow doesnt work quite well
>ohsoykafohsoykaf im scared
>see a slide
>use the slide
>it ends in a bathtub full of bees/wasps

That was a fugging terrible nightmare


dreamt I was working in a store and was told by a friend to keep an eye on her stupid amount of pet reptile types, they all escaped, some died, some were eaten by others. She didn't care as I panicked about it. Then I woke up.


She's using you


i had an apartment or hotel room in this strange convoluted building. the walls, ceiling and floors were all white, and the ceiling was sloped at odd angles. there were counters, tables, benches, etc. built into the walls and the design seemed rather cramped. it seemed familiar to me; a similar setting may have featured in a dream i don't remember. i was trying to find a way into my room, but i kept getting lost in convoluted hallways. i took a picture of an area with my phone so that i could remember it, and someone started yelling at me for being a creep.

then i was trying to sneak into a hospital, which was attached to the hotel/apartment building. there were two doctors walking around, one a short young-looking blonde lady and the other a tall brown-haired man. i had a book whose cover was made of a green sweater-like material -- it was a criticism of psychiatry. i said that i would teach them about the authors' arguments when we got to the hospital.

i walked into the mental ward of the hospital and saw a stoner-looking guy viewing pepe memes at the front desk. the ward had dirty grey floors and unpleasant fluorescent lighting, and each patient was sectioned into a small wooden cubicle with no doors. i noted that someone i'd read about in the book was here: an asian woman whose face was deformed and covered in turquoise blotches, as if she were wearing a blue clay mask. her name was lily jo, and apparently she used to be a famous singer. i walked past a tall, thin woman who was naked and streaked with paint; she was screaming in a high pitched voice. someone told me that she screamed all day and night. although these scenes should have been disturbing, i had little emotional response to them.


File: 1439333415538-0.png (1.03 MB, 200x134, Tawny-frogmouth.jpg)

File: 1439333415538-1.png (666.32 KB, 167x200, Nyctibius_griseus_471885191_27f931630d_o_Crop.jpg)

File: 1439333415538-2.png (82.38 KB, 200x112, Savannah-nightjar-1.jpg)

I don't remember very many of my dreams, and when I do I don't remember much of them.

Last night's dream was pleasant though; I remember going outside and seeing a lot of caprimulgiforms (I live in the pacific northwest where there are only a couple nightjars during the summer and they're not in my area); specifically I saw nightjars, potoos, and frogmouths outside my house. I realized it didn't make any sense but was so caught up with seeing them that I didn't care.


Last night I dreamed I was with some people, a girl and two guys.
I don't remember much of the details, I just remember we were in a sort of dark house. I don't remember either what I was doing when my cellphone (I don't even have one irl btw) rang and as I answered a male voice (and I could visualize the person on the other side) said a word, something like "nfomb".
At that moment the girl who was in front of me reacted and said "NO!" and tried to stop me from talking to this person. I just left the room and closed the door so not to be bothered.
Speaking with this person on the phone, I found out that nfomb was apparently some sort of ultimate drug. Something that lasts an instant but it's kind of an instant of absolute bliss and pleasure and that just by trying it once you became completely addicted.
So this person apparently had problems because he couldn't find any more of it. While he was saying that and describing how he got it by accident some random images came to my mind and the next thing we were all trying it that drug. There was no preamble, it was like we were just suddenly hit by it. Then the girl and the two guys next to me fell sick. The drug was so addicting that right after using it you felt sick for not having it.
The two guys eventually died and I woke up soon after that


Dreamed about snakes. Lot and lot of snakes on my way, of all sizes and colors. That's all I can remember.


Last night I dreamed that I was on a road trip and we had CB contact with Chelsea Poe and a bunch of other people who were on some kind of bikes, and they all sailed out of a mountain tunnel that opened into midair like they were on Star Wars speeder bikes or something. If you don't know who she is, you'll be even more mystified after you look it up.


The other night, I had a dream that I found a laboratory out in the wilderness and plugged myself into their computer. After dicking around for a little while in virtual reality, the computer said to me, "You're too retarded to have gotten in here. You're too retarded to get out. Let me help you with that." I woke up moments after it said that.

Maybe I'm not supposed to be attempting lucid dreaming.


Just lucid dreamed for the first time about an hour ago. I kind of lucid dreamed a few days ago but I didn't have much control over my body then.

>Dreaming about some soykaf I can't remember.

>Wake up and decide to try lucid dreaming.
>Can't do it so I get up to go get some breakfast.
>Dick around in the kitchen until I decide to go get my laptop.
>Go into my room.
>Think "Wait a minute this isn't my room."
>Realize I'm dreaming.
>Dick around my house while dreaming while occasionally spinning around to stay in the dream.
>After like 3 minutes I eventually wake up when I'm spinning because I hear my irl fan waking me up.
>Dick around on the internet for 30 minutes.
>Decide to try lucid dreaming again.
>I'm the kind of person to 'think myself to sleep'.
>At some point realize I'm not really thinking, but my mind is simply visualizing random soykaf for me like gallons of chocolate milk and whatnot.
>Meanwhile I can still feel my body in bed.
>Can't get back to sleep so I come here and post this.


Also some things of note I wanted to point out to see if anyone else feels this way:
>While dreaming things had little to no detail. For example a roll of toilet paper would be a white blob instead of an actual roll of toilet paper that has a clear brown paper hole in the middle.
>It also felt like I had tunnel vision. I was walking through my living room which is pretty big but I couldn't see the rest of the room unless I actually turned my head and looked around.
>When I woke up it felt like I was already awake like 10 minutes ago. I wasn't groggy or anything.
>Also the dream feels more like a memory than a 'dream'. Like you know how most of the time you forget parts of dreams? Or remember them out of sequence? This was different. I have a vivid memory of the dream that has correct sequence and even feels like it was around 3-4 minutes long.


I can relate to all four.
Recently I stopped writing on my dream journal out of laziness and stopped remembering my dreams almost entirely, so I don't recommend it.

How's that about spinning to stay in the dream?


>How's that about spinning to stay in the dream?
Supposedly it helps a lot of people stay in the dream longer if they think they're about to wake up. It worked pretty good for me until I started hearing my irl fan but I think I just gave up at that point so it might have worked if I kept spinning.


I dreamed about getting high. Not sure on what.

I was with this girl I know. We were on a date in the context of the dream, walking around a shopping plaza
She kept popping pills. I asked her why.
She said they were pills she got from her dad that make her feel wavy.

I took some and had a noticeably different feeling in my dream. I was very relaxed with this subtle, wavy feeling - like being gently hit by waves at the beach, or feeling the flow of water

Strange thing is, I don't know what the pills are supposed to be.
Closest I can point to is taking Ativan an hour after smoking weed


Dreamt I was sitting on a little towel in the shade at Lake Braies trading sweet nothings with a 10/10.
We loved each other very much, and we sat close enough to the water for particularly strong waves to come within inches of our toes.

The sky was punctuated by a bright green aurora and the constellations were spinning on their own individual axis as they moved. Two Bf-110s flew over every so often.

I woke up when she mentioned an oncoming storm and that we should probably "head back".


That's pretty dreamy even for dream standards


I was fighting alonside Attila and his son dhengezik to defend holy hedgehog children at an old castle. Suddenly more enemys surfaced behind me out of a fountain.....


File: 1440165218709.png (152.14 KB, 200x109, 1426678849426-1.jpg)

I had 4 or 5 really odd dreams glued together but I can't remember them anymore. I didn't have time to write them down or even go over them in the morning. All I can recall now is a dock, animals, a bath, and two false awakenings. I really hate it when this soykaf happens.


This morning i had a dream that was so wtf that i winded it back like a vcr and experienced it again because it was so bizarre


Dreamed about getting high again
This time it was weed and the mellow feeling was clearly related to that drug, at least in my mind

The whole thing was very nostalgic about carefree days smoking the devil's lettuce
Even the way my friends acted, where we did it and how, was all close to reality


I had a dream that I was a young girl in some huge labyrinth type mansion. It kind of reminded me of that one mid level area in Tera, except it was deserted in my dream and I kind of just walked around looking through rooms. All I really remember from the rooms is there being a lot of overflowing bookcases, and potions on random tables, and the carpets and drapes looked old and rugged. The whole place looked pretty unkempt and disorganized.
Eventually I started walking up a set of large stone staircases that spiraled up the walls and had landings at each turn. At some point I turned around to see a girl behind me. She said something that I can't remember, and in response I smiled and told her not to worry, and kept walking up the stairs away from her.

Pretty uneventful.


File: 1440823510197.png (2.03 MB, 168x200, uu2.gif)

--start of dream--
-arrive in new city after traveling
-find out everyone is in panic
-they're in panic because "The end" has started to consume them
-"The end" is basically a wall of black blocks that reflect no light that reaches to the sky
-every so often a new block will appear slowly building up a layer of the wall
-go to check it out
-see man inspecting the blocks closely
-block appears right where he is standing,making him disappear lnstantly
-everyone screams
-I try to escape the town only to find out that we are surrounded by the blocks. perhaps we are the only thing left not consumed by them
-everyone goes to the middle of town and huddles crying because there's nothing they can do
-blocks grow closer day by day
-still huddled together
-suddenly a bunch of men charge at the block
-as soon as they touch them they disappear out of thin air
-another day passes
-blocks are 50 footsteps away
-decide I'm done
-run towards the block
-people behind me.are crying and shouting "no! please don't!"
-jump head first towards them
-suddenly field of vision is consumed with the color purple
-wake up after a minute of this
--end of dream--
I don't understand.


File: 1440825138747.png (899.42 KB, 200x200, 1436970460491.gif)

It was my first lucid dreaming by 4 hours technique.


>something made me turn my head back
>saw myself in a mirror, realized that I am controlling dream
>I could recall all the memories from my normal life
>wanted to go through the wall, but remember that some anon from LD forum said it feels very weird
>there was gorgeous girl sitting near
>hugged her, closed my eyes and then I kissed her
>I opened my eyes, but I saw my bed (sleeping on belly)
>I couldn't move a bit, because I was still feeling her body
>probably best moment in my life


I never dreamt being something other than myself. Looks like it'd be fun to become lucid in one of those.


How's the 4 hours technique?
Best of luck having more dreams like that.


Thank you.
I forgot what is "official" name of this, but it's rather simple to explain.
Stop your dreaming after 4 hours, for one hour do everything to be fully awoken and go to bed.
In my case I wasn't thinking about getting lucid dream, something just interrupted my sleep.
Remember that this technique can not be enough, it's all about mental preparation and awareness.


Oh I remember that one, I think it's called wake back to sleep. It was the historical top post on the subreddit about lucid dreams, the guy explained you should wake up for 30 mins, not turn on the lights and write down what you want to dream, then go back to sleep. It worked for a lot of people.


so my friend was for some reason at my house and he apparently lived there, and this particular day he was going to bring one of his friends around.
his friend was allergic to cats so i had to take my pet cat with me to somewhere. I left the house with my cat in one of those shopping bags and i walked around a bit until i found a small tower-like thing where people were doing bungee jumping in the middle of the street. there was tons of plastic rope and it was like one of those electricity towers except like 5 metres high.
i continue walking down the road and there are all these people walking down the main road and i have to get to the other side to put my cat somewhere. i try and push through the croud and eventually i put my cat in some kind of locker. i went to buy some food and they were selling food in the same building so i go ahead and buy something (dont remember what) and they give me a plastic bag full of balloons and on the front of the bag it says "Congratulations" and then i woke up.


I had a dream that I was traveling with a group in a minivan on a mountain. Didn't know everyone but I felt I did know them.

We got to this plain area and got out and a dragon came down from the sky. They got their shields and swords out and I had nothing. AllI felt was I needed to fight so I ran up, jumped and flew really high. And I came back down and slammed my fist into the dragon's head, forcing it to fall down on it's face.

I woke up. And now I'm confused.


File: 1441116289697.png (147.63 KB, 200x160, ducks#2.jpg)

i dreamt i was at some kind of cottage with my mother and an elderly man. the atmosphere was very pleasant: bright and sunny. there was a huge wooden deck attached to the cottage, and there were many brightly coloured insects on it. as i looked more closely at the insects i realized that they were tiny versions of mandarin ducks. i then noticed full-sized mandarin ducks in a pond in the yard.

later, there were some teenagers having a pool party in the neighbors' backyard. the elderly man was annoyed by this and started yelling at them over the fence. he was talking about how he was a developer in the early age of video games and invented the mechanical keyboard. i found this amusing.


File: 1441369009947.png (121.64 KB, 143x200, albert-camuss-the-stranger.jpg)

Just woke up:
I was at some event for my high school, and all the people from my class were there, almost as if I were still in school there.
I had some private meeting with the principal of the school, and my motive was to take a picture of his (as well as my own) knee.
He started being an asshole to me, so I took out a glock (that I don't have) and shot him in the knee, 4 times. He died.
The gun wasn't loud at all, and the holes could barely be seen (he wasn't bleeding), so I just took a picture of his knee.
Then a cop showed up, and I wasn't phased one bit as he questioned who killed this guy. I just left while he was talking to me
As I walked out, a couple of my friends from high school were there, and the looked at me as if they knew but they weren't going to tell anybody. Maybe they heard the (nonexistent) shots
Somehow I realized that I took 3 quarters from him, and I found another quarter on the ground and felt really accomplished that I completed the set

So when I walked out of this building (I couldn't recognize any part of it, but somehow felt that I knew it), I walked past a bunch of people playing basketball, and some others just standing around. I normally wouldn't talk to these people, and I didn't (finally, something normal)
By the time I walked down a hill, it seemed like everybody knew about what happened. Faculty and staff were the most struck by it; they were crying a lot.
Most of the students were fine with it (he was always kind of annoying), but the "whodunnit" vibe was still there.
I played my cool, felt like everything was going to be alright, talked to a few people (this was some tented area on a grassy field, with decorations that made it look almost fancy)
Then one of the two aforementioned friends came up to me and mouthed "I'm not gonna tell", I gave him a thumbs up.
Before he was done the other friend did the same to me, but then his brother came up right beside him and made the situation awkward, so I wandered out
After thinking a bit, the second friend came up to me and kind of had a discussion on me, relating events that happened recently (they never would have known, though), and talked about my brother (who I only see early or late in the summer, outside of holidays)
I got more images of the faculty from the school crying a bunch, almost as if it were a flyby with a camera
Then there was some sort of ceremony/trial thing, where I was put up on a stage in front of the two friends (because they were the closest)
I had to seriously think about what I should say, and that maybe if I claimed up to it, I would get away

Then I woke up. Probably all that hard thinking made me realize that my alarm was going off, and it had for like 10 minutes

Kind of reminds me of book related, story about a guy who kills someone, then continues to not care for the rest of his now shortened life


Haven't had a dream I can remember even things such as details of in a while, but well, I had some sort of dream while on my way to college this morning.

I leaned my head on the seat, closed my eyes for a while (I have seen the buildings on the way so many times they have become boring to look at) and started thinking about random stuff I had seen yesterday, and was pretty much walking on a line between being aware of that I was awake and falling asleep, a middle like stage. Is there a name for this?


I wake up with dried shark husks under my bed. That's one of the oldest dreams I remember having repeatedly.


In each dream I would end up mainlining shark testosterone.


File: 1441519212647.png (9.45 KB, 136x200, serveimage.jpeg)

Those ducks...


How did his life get shortened?


File: 1441688179634.png (1.83 MB, 200x113, 1439944735543.png)

Yesterday, after some partying and some alcohol, when i went to bed i had a LOT of different short lucid dreams (i say different, because none of them had an end, they just changed from one to the other)

They are all unimportant except for one, which was the best one.
Yesterday, my anons, i had a lucid dream of my waifu.


He shot someone, and therefore was executed


I had a pretty terrible nightmare this night.

I was in some big, white room (about 15m*20m*6m) with neither windows nor light source, yet it was somehow illuminated from above.
There are some people with no faces with seem to talk to each other, excluding me because I can't understand their weird language (it sounded as if they were talking in reverse).
Everything seems uneventfull for a moment, I begin to relax a bit.
Then "they" came through a door I didn't notice before; everyone silently gasped and looked terrified at the intruders.
The intruders were in black suits and wore gas masks - quickly they trew something simmilar to teargas-greanades.
As soon as red smoke began filling the room I started running away, unable to completely evade it.
After breathing in some of it I felt my heartrate speeding up to absurd levels, it was so bad I couldn't continue running and had to stop with my hand pressing against my chest.
Looking over, I saw that "they" began taking the pain-ridden people and took them offscreen.
I felt my chest exploding with every beat because my heart was beating that violently by now.
As I looked up and into the mask of one of the suited men I woke up, shaking.

Not sure what to make of it.


way back when I was in high school I once dreamt I had done my whole morning routine and was ready to catch the bus, then my mom woke me up, yelling about how I was going to be late and that I ignored her when she tried to wake me up ~30 minutes before.
I swear nothing good comes of making teenagers get up before 7am


nothing inherently wrong with that besides the probable lack of consent.


sounds like you were cattle for the slaughter


Something about being in a trailer park and sitting at a table with a redneck. I got angry with him for a moment because he acted like he was going to go outside and knock some pieces over. There was this field of chess tables outside and I thought he was going to go outside and knock a piece over at each table, regardless of whether someone was sitting there or not. It seemed like he was going to, but he didn't.


I recently finally remembered a dream, the clear part was about 10 seconds or so subjective time and consisted in a small hot girl I once knew suddenly kissing me on the mouth. I was motivated the day after 👍


File: 1441991131467.png (30.59 KB, 200x200, 1427727004508.jpg)

I'm only posting because it was an interesting dream
>something about killing
>not really scared but i know there is something scary going on
>screen changes, im seeing 2 person
>they are talking to me
>"ahah you didnt think we were really gonna kill you did you?i mean we could, but why would i kill my favorite pet."
>"now you will wake up and tell your parents how easy to scare them"
Wtf was this?


If you write it down it'll be easier for you to remember the next ones, maybe a first entry of a dream journal?


I went to a Skinny Puppy reunion show but most of the "band members" were young women who weren't even born yet when the band was around. My friends, a married couple, were living in the apartment next door and ignoring the show. The walls between the apartments were literally just paper and some mosh kid crashed through the paper into my friends' living room. I started cuddling with another friend and she agreed to come home with me, then snubbed me in favour of a man that was the same skin colour as her (I'm not).

There were a lot more details but that's the gist of it.


you were being messed with


>I'm playing as a female character in Morrowind
>the graphics look like Skyrim though
>I notice the gameplay is like Skyrim too because the game has been modded
>I'm walking around a town at night and shooting creatures with spells and they are casting spells back at me
>no creatures anymore, proceed walking around town
>end up in a playground near a kindergarten and there's a kid playing around
>I walk into the building
>it's dark inside but it feels like there are more people in here
>I hear a car driving up to the place which stops and a stern man in a suit walks in
>we are both angry at each other for some reason and look like we are about to argue but the dream ends

Not the same guy but I used to write a lot of personal soykaf as a form of therapy to deal with loneliness or just to clear my head and set my objectives right but it would always be found by someone and they would know all my deepest secrets, which is horribly embarrasing. I might start writing about stuff including dreams when I get to live in my own place.


>be me in summer house in Sweden
>lower part of the buildings there
>family in the smallest house, dog as well.
>suddenly a little girl wants to get in
>absolutely terrified, this little girl is a demon
>try and keep door locked and closed, but she manages to unlock it and pull it back
>scream and scream and scream
>I am the only one in the family that can see her
>suddenly realize this girl is actually just a manifestation of my dog
>talk to dog, ask her what she wants?
>clearly my dog just wants food, HUMAN FOOD
>venture up to the main house to give dog foods, there are lots of foods there
>dog craves watermelon, it seems.
>give dog watermelon
>dog is pleased

Why are little girls so scary?


>staying on a small mountain
>by the look of it, it is approximately in the place of my grandma's house, but I don't see neither house, nor garden, its just dark gray rock and moss there
>there are also a korean kid and priest there
>looking across the river that flows nearby
>there is a HUGE howitzer cannon on the other side of river, out in the distance, facing leftward
>howitzer looks big even from such a great distance
>every once in a while, it drives back by recoil and I understand that it is shooting
>I ask the kid if he see recoiling, and if he knows that it means that cannon is shooting out there
>he says he knows that
>suddenly the priest gets arrested by the government, and is going to be executed
>my brother and I go to visit him in prison
>I whisper so that my brother doesn't hear and ask the priest "Are you ready to die? Is your heart at piece?" and he nods, but just barely
>I go check the howitzer, it is surrounded by 4 meter fence with barbed wire and guards everywhere, just past the mountain I was standing
>I take monorail, it drives me up above the clouds and a bit higher
>as I ride, I see beautiful blue sky above and fluffy clouds below the cart
>it is very sunny there
>as I look down at fluffy clouds, I notice flashes below them
>these aren't just flashes, these are nuclear explosions
>thats what howitzer shooting was about, it seems
>by the look of it, explosions are everywhere on the surface of the Earth
>it feels bitter to aknowledge that at least half of the Earth is now destroyed totally
And then wake up.


I was walking around in some facility. As I went down some stairs, some blonde-haired 20 year old male threatened me with a pocket-knife. I was backed into a corner and he could have killed me. He let me go and I went down an adjacent hall. I passed by a great many trophies on my way. When I was done with what I was doing, I was going to need to backtrack and that meant going by the staircase again.

I grabbed a trophy on my way. I knocked him to the ground when I hit him in the head with it. He didn't expect it. I then beat his head in repeatedly until I could see skull and brains.

I think I awoke after that. I'm a white guy.


>Why are little girls so scary?
Because you've been conditioned to think as such.


I think it's more because we're conditioned to think they are sweet and innocent. So they make great objects of terror when they don't behave the way we expect them to.


File: 1443577859627.png (802.31 KB, 200x150, 1443287005808-2.jpg)

>Find myself on a beach playing with my sister and another girl her age
>Suddenly a HUGE wave approaches
>Panic and find a small place to take cover
>Too late
>Standing there I feel the wave crash but it feels like just a cold breeze but I felt the impact of the water a bit before
>See beach-houses in the distance
>Run while trying to protect the kids
>It's filled with people on the first floor
>The best option is the basement/roof at this point
>Go to the basement/roof
>Have no clue what the fuarrrk was happening
I forgot the rest but the dream after that was some kind of competition at a museum that was on a cliff near the beach.

Beaches be crazy...


So you agree then..


File: 1443585350598.png (8.15 MB, 141x200, abyss.png)

I open my eyes, and am in a darkened bedroom, lying on top of the bedsheets, to keep cool. Everything is the dim grey of weakened night vision. All of a sudden, from within the mattress, dozens of hands begin to reach up and through the bed, but cannot penetrate the sheets, and so the covers are suddenly thrashing in turbulent waves, as if to eject me from the bed...a result I bring about myself by leaping from the bed in shock. The room is pitch black now, and I blink a few times, causing everywhere my eyes are pointing to become illuminated as if by a spotlight. There are people with long white sheets draped over their heads and bodies, standing and sitting in various positions around the room. When I flick my eyes left and right to get a better view at individual presences, my illuminating them with my "spotlight eyes" causes their positions to instantaneously re-shuffle. I can't get a bead on any particular one of them, and there seem to be more, now. There are dozens of these beings in the room, now, but I know it's just a dream.

"You can't scare me, you know," I speak aloud to them.

"You can't even show me the room of red bodies."

There is an ancient yawning now, and the room suddenly empties of the others. In an instant, it is stripped bare of furnishings, and as the room self-illuminates, the walls morph into a shiny, hard, uneven material, the color of clotted blood. The room has swollen in size to the that of a great warehouse.

Strewn everywhere, as far as I can see, are emaciated red bodies with a crusted sheen to them like that of candied meat.

As my eyes widen, I realize that the beings from under the sheets weren't playing around.

They had powers beyond my expectations.

The room of red bodies.


This was bad. It could only get worse from here.

If they had the power to send me here in a heartbeat...

I was still aware that my physical body was lying safely in my apartment, and knew the only way out was to make it scream, to jolt itself awake.

I take a deep breath, and with a ghastly groan in-dream and in real life, induced waking.


*pats on shoulder*
You'll make it through, lainon


I had a dream that I was pushing a shopping cart down a trail in the woods as if I were shopping in a store. That was the entire dream. It felt like it lasted hours.


>at my bosses house working (I do landscaping)
>we walk to this little group of trees in the middle of his backyard
>theres hundreds of black snakes with yellow eyes just chilling in there
>we start picking them up and throwing them out into the grass
>the snakes start yelling obscenities at us
>wake up


that strikes me as very lovecraftian for some reason.

>I was in the woods near my childhood home

>looking for a book, but I dont remember anything about it
>everytime i take a step half the trees move with me
>trip over something and wake up


File: 1443914260967.png (146.18 KB, 200x150, 4250.png)


If lainon is not dreaming the nightmares, but being physically body-swapped and enduring them as a reality which is forced into forgetfulness via the eventual swap back into their human body, then even moreso


-just static, but i can see my body
-slowly see my hands and legs fade out while a ringing noise increases (like ringing in your ear)
-wake up with a jolt


My dream this morning:
> I am going to a job interview as a teacher.
> My dad drives me there.
> Get there 30 minutes late.
> The place is the office of a shrink, not a school.
> An elderly man sits in a comfy leather chair.
> He looks at me as if I was retarded.
> Tells me that I didn't get the job because I was late.
> He then writes on a piece of paper, and tells me to read it.
> "Fuck you".
> My dad and I then proceed to beat the soykaf out of him with canes.


Short lucid dreams are the worst. I always wake up in a sweat or feel extremely anxious the whole time


File: 1444110020994.png (1.08 KB, 200x150, 2801.png)

There's this thing which happens to me as I am falling asleep...maybe someone else has experienced it.

When I lie in bed, and all is calm, and I can feel myself drifting off, there is this effect at the very edge of wakefulness and sleep, in that brief moment as you fall asleep but are not yet dreaming. The effect is always the same, and often wakes me up a few times, until I try to sort of "push through it", but it is as follows:

It's like someone turns on the lights in my room, or waves a flashlight in front of my closed eyes. It's bright orange, and strobing, and this causes me to snap awake and open my eyes, once again being in the dark.

When I let myself drift off again, at that edge, there it is, sure as anything...bright strobing lights waking me up.

It's very strange, but has been going on for a long time now.


> "Fuck you".
top lain


I would frequently lucid dream years ago, back when I had a regular sleep schedule. Since about 2012, I only luck into it every 3-6 months. Was having a shitty day today comprised of nothing but running errands, so I stopped by my house for a nap:
>Lie down and realize how unwell I truly feel.
>Fall asleep instantly.
>Have a 30 second dream where some dude walks up and steals my bag (often contains my whole life on a daily basis).
>Wake up gasping, heart pounding in uneven thumps. fuarrrking dreams.
>Fall asleep again, cursing needlessly-dramatic dreams. I just need to recuperate and get on with my day.

>I'm in what looks like a bowling alley built in the 70's: lots of dark, polished wood and all the doors have tarnished brass handles.

>There's only like one or two bowling lanes, but arcade games line all the walls: some ski-ball, pinball and some video arcade games.
>I end up in a hallway that's got two turns, like the Z-shaped Tetris block. Distinctly notice the ski-ball games along the wall.
>See some plain-looking plastic watch on the ground, pick it up.
>It changes into a fancy, metal and gold watch (and it's larger?).
>Look again and it's a third type of watch, but this one is again pretty plain.
>Fucking dreams. I just need some rest.

>Walk down the hall, open door at the end.

>Back where I started at the start of the hall, near the ski-ball.
>Am I going to have to walk down this fuarrrker again? And is it going to loop back again? fuarrrkING DREAMS!
>I mean what the fuarrrk I just need 30 minutes of...wait.
>I'm in a fuarrrking dream!
>*greedy, excited hand-rubbing*

I turned the ski-ball into an airhockey table and played against someone (?). Spent a lot of time flying (personal favorite) around the newly-vaulted-ceilings of the bowling alley.

When I exited that dream, I was only partially in control of all the subsequent dreams. For instance, I could only jump extremely high and float a bit, not fly arbitrarily. I woke feeling rested and as if I'd been dreaming a few solid hours, but it was only 30 minutes.


File: 1444249496070.png (26.63 KB, 200x151, 6059312.jpg)

I dreamt that I was in my university cafeteria, although the dream setting didn't actually look like the cafeteria does in real life. It was pitch black outside and the walls and ceiling were made of dark wood. It was winter, and I was wearing a heavy coat, boots, and a hat. I felt vaguely uncomfortable. The cafeteria was empty, and I picked up a newspaper and began reading it. I read an article about how [popular donut and coffee chain] had released a donut sponsored by [right-wing media conglomerate]. It was called "Strawberry Crumble" and had a filling that would react with compounds in your saliva to turn pink if you're female or blue if you're male. There was a news article talking about how the donut would reinforce traditional values for the benefit of generations to come. I found this amusing and was going to try the donut when the cafeteria opened.


File: 1444276464763.png (114.16 KB, 150x200, 1375425198578.jpg)

I'll try to transcribe exerpts of the dream diary entry from this morning. (my handwriting is terrible. my dream recall is foggy, but it's getting better)

Reading Fear and Loathing in Las vegas. Cartoon heiroglyphics under chapter tittles, become main focus of conciousness, and become more and more intricate chapter to chapter, transforming wonderously(?)(indecipherable text)

training, visit hotel, stop by friends room, mini hardstyle rave
shenanigans on road

Drugs! (indecipherable text)

[spoilers] I haven't actually done many drugs [/spoilers]


>hardstyle rave
just what exactly is this?


dreamed that I was homeless today
there was also a cute girl


File: 1444628874606.png (316.5 KB, 200x113, bbd.jpeg)

-exploring underground caverns in a video game.
-find a boss creature but it's too tough to beat.
-decide to head back up to the surface.
-shift into real life.
-the surface terrain is unfamiliar.
-it's a barren, rocky canyon and not the place i entered the ground from.
-see a large metallic figure near the edge of the canyon.
-it rises, revealing itself to be a humanoid robot about 100 feet high.
-it goes hostile, trying to smash and kill me.
-a group of guys i don't know show up, and its attention shifts to trying to crush all of us.
-someone uses a device of some sort and stuns the robot for a short time.
-it goes into a balled up position.
-most of us decide to climb up on it and find an opening to enter on its back.
-while inside, the robot comes back online and resumes its mission, going after the few who stayed outside.
-inside the robot, we make our way up to the head where its control center is.
-we learn that it is being controlled either remotely or autonomously, because no one but us is inside.
-someone figures out how to stop the robot and make it stand still, stopping it from crushing those on the ground.
-we all begin reverse engineering it.



An electronic music party wherein the genre of music being played is hardstyle.

For instance: https://youtu.be/jAXPGhOE7FM?t=1m24s


File: 1444697366243.png (47.98 KB, 200x134, blob.jpg)


- running on catwalks inside dark industrial area
- panicking and running from something
- suddenly a warm feeling below my lungs
- apparently got shot in the gut by a spherical looking floating robot
- slowly bleeding out

Oldest dream I remember from when I was around 10.


what game is this


File: 1444746600382.png (5.56 MB, 200x156, 15940259.png)

I had a dream a deity of sorts had visited me. One of my friends was telling me about her for a while. It was a very odd dream. I walked into a room and she was sitting there and beckoned me. She said something but suddenly someone in the waking world was knocking on my door and it woke me up and I had to get up completely, making the dream impossible to remember. It felt oddly spiritual and felt like she allowed me to see her.

maybe i'm just a glitterboy


don't worry anon, you're only a glitterboy if you like a thick, meaty sausage in any of your bodily orifices


For some reason a lot of times in my dreams lately I'll come to a point where for some reason I'll have to sprint as fast as I can, but it'll feel like I'm trying to run in water, with tons of resistance to all my movements and hardly being able to tell even where my limbs are, then I just try harder and harder to run until the anxiety from it shocks me awake.
Whenever I wake up I usually don't realize it was a dream for awhile and I'll be kind of upset that I've gotten so bad at sprinting (IRL I'm a really good sprinter).

Maybe it's because I havent run much in a few weeks.


File: 1444958647042.png (32.21 KB, 200x134, Ash.jpg)

You know the movie Avalon? Last night I dreamed that I was in the game in that movie, at the part where you have to shoot at a sprite to enter the next level. We did and found ourselves on the streets of NYC (a city I have only very briefly visited). Looking around I realized, hey this level is way more real than previous ones. Maybe this is reality? There were two bullies, not teenagers either but middle aged men, and I did my best to ignore them. Finally I couldn't stand it and took a swing at one of them.

Woke up on the couch where I'd fallen asleep and I was swinging a pillow as hard as I could at the coffee table. I'd knocked over my water and it was spilling onto the cat's blanket where he had fallen asleep near me. It was just like when your knee jerks and you wake up only in this case, my whole upper body was involved. The cat was not amused.


This is QUITE common actually. "Running through syrup" I've heard it called.


I've heard that it's because the parts of your brain responsible for your Kinesthetic sence arnt involved in dreaming, so you dont get the feeling of running despite thinking that you're running with all your might.


File: 1444963773324.png (36.94 KB, 200x123, serveimage.jpg)

Don't know what it means, but I get dreams of having way too many teeth in my mouth. Like, growing where they shouldn't be.

Also, after having to stay awake for over 26 hours, when I laid down to sleep I could actually feel the dream coming on. As if I were slowly slipping into it. It felt different than usual, but it was more enjoyable.


I believe this happens during REM sleep where your eyes are fluttering so you think you're running


Sure why not?

Been having this same dream or at least a dream where the setting is the same for the past few days now.

It seems like I am in some sort of forest I am pretty sure it's the forest behind my house. The dream always starts with me waking up near a camp near a small creek and the whether/ time of day/night is always near twilight while walking around the forest there is a small body of water and after walking near the water for a few seconds I see fairies or pixies they are small and have wings(They could be both I dont know the difference.) and I basically chill with them for a while till I wake up playing weird hide and seek games, drink, eat, watch them dance and use weird lights for magic or something like magic, learn how to use some cool fairy tricks. Been having this dream for about a month. I try to keep a journal of sorts to record what I dream of and I have multiple entries of this dream.

I am not one to look into deeper meaning of dreams I tend to just enjoy dreaming about things, so I don't really think there is a deeper meaning behind this.


I was being chased by hostile dream people on a green bike. When we were (me and this other girl) were cornered by the police in a school, everyone was deriding us and taking pictures and the police held a gun to our head but we kissed and then angels came down and ripped everyone's head off and burned their bodies and we escaped. Then when we finally got to the Pacific, we ran away, walking on water. It was pretty neat.


>tfw I kept waking up and forgetting previous dream scenarios


File: 1445220366743.png (193.24 KB, 200x113, 1342918272684.jpg)

A few weeks ago I dreamed that I was all alone in an endless void that simultaneously every possible color at once. It was both blindingly bright and as dark as a moonless midnight. It's really hard to explain the color because it can't exist in reality.
I was just suspended in this place for what seemed like eternity, and eventually the void started singing to me, well not really singing, but that's the closest word I can think of. It started as a whisper then slowly got louder and louder,to the point that it was deafening.
At this point my eardrums exploded, quite painfully.
At this point I woke up into sleep paralysis as my ears popped.

I have bizarre, surreal, and often paradox filled nightmares on a fairly regular basis.


Time to start meditating, anon


File: 1445260934561.png (139.37 KB, 150x200, 1358718025001.jpg)

It was early in the morning and I was in the wrong bus without noticing when I see a classmate sitting on the back. I say hi to him and confess that I took the wrong bus and now I won’t be able to reach class on time, he suggest that we visit some art event happening downtown.
We get off the bus and I see a couple of American coppers and a patrol car which was strange because they never cross the border for no reason, my friend and I make turn and enter an alley with very old houses, some of them crumbling down, we sit down in some rocks and talk about some projects while filling a bowl with some dry weed, we see the coppers from before coming back on their patrol car, we stare at them and let them pass and we leave afterwards.
I had to take a piss so my friend goes ahead without me when I hear a bang, I peek through a window and I see that some shady looking guys have knocked my friend and are taking him away, before I could do anything I felt a punch on my back and felt on my knees where they guy that was standing behind me started kicking me nonstop.
When I regained consciousness I was looking at a window and a metal door, at first I thought that I was just going to get robbed but it seems that this has turned in to a kidnapping one of the guys started telling me that he had recognized me from TV, he said that he knew where I lived and with who I lived, he called me feminist scum for some reason.
There were 3 people with me on the room, 2 guys and one girl, they were very dirty and their clothes were in tatters, they looked like raiders from a fallout game. I was in a world of hurt so I just stayed put in the corner of the room.
Then my alarm went off and I woke up. But I said fuarrrk that soykaf I want to know how it ends and I pressed the snooze and went back to my dream.
I noticed that I still had my cellphone on my pocket and by the look of the building where I was captive it didn’t seem that I was very off from my original location. I don’t remember how but I managed to send a text to all my contacts on what’s app, were I wrote kidnapping, help, Vicente street. Some random twitter celebrities responded immediately, then I took both battery and sd card off and placed it under some nightstand.
There was a jump on time after that, I didn’t had my phone anymore and I could feel like an eternity had passed by, then my point of view changes. I see local police in swat uniforms and the mayor of the city leading a charge a few blocks ahead were my friend is being held, it seems the operation is a success and all the thugs are dead. After that an old man reports my whereabouts a few houses down the street the same thing goes down and the mayor of the city rescues me, I go back home and get a lot of interviews in the media.
Alarm sound again, the end.

This was 60 minutes ago and I’m surprised because of the fact that I had never been able to go back to a dream and continue were I left much less take direction of the narrative. I was very scared when I woke up the first time but I shrugged it off and went back. I don’t know what It means I just wanted to share.


Dreamt that I was living through some great catastrophe. An end of days sort of scenario. I know we've all consumed our fair share of media from books to video games set within some apocalyptic event, but I want you to think about what it would be like if you found the world was about to end. How you right now would honestly react. That news is some fuarrrking asteroid is about to hit earth and everyone is going to die and there is nothing anyone can do to avoid it.
I was filled with complete desperation and panic. It was gut wrenching.

It was so real. Like there was some vague recollection of hearing about some near earth objects but the scientists had dismissed it, and I didn't give it a second thought. There we all were sitting and sobbing in futility. fuarrrk, I don't want to die.


I had a dream where I was staying at some random peoples home. They gave me a room and told me to go to sleep, so I got changed and was ready to go to bed, but I noticed that there were 2 doors in my room that were open. I kept going back and forth between them, trying to close them, but their door frames would distort themselves whenever I tried, so the doors wouldn't fit. Eventually someone came and started watching me through one of the doors. I noticed that I was naked, so I tried to hide, but I couldn't. More people came and watched me, I was pretty much just pressing myself up against the opposite wall as far away from them as possible, hiding my face. Eventually they left, and I guess I put a blanket over myself at some point, because I was wearing one like a hooded robe. I looked out through one of the doors and saw a barricade of furniture blocking the hallway. I started pacing in my room, not sure what I should do, when I noticed through the other door a young girl came out of her room down the hallway. She looked at me (I don't know how to explain it, but we were both pretty distraught. I could see my face and hers, and I think we both could tell something was wrong with the other person), and then turned the other way and walked down the hallway calling for her parents saying she was "hearing the voices again".
Somehow I realized I was trapped here against my will, and a second later another young girl came into my room and told me she could show me how to get out. She led me down the hall and into a bathroom, where she told me to go under the bathtub. I did, and I fell into an empty void. I floated for a while, until I eventually transitioned into flying through a sky on rocket propelled roller-blades.


>empty void
i fuarrrked up.


This is an older dream from my journal:

I dreamt about hearing this rave out in the middle of nowhere between San Diego and Las Vegas. There were pictures posted on the Internet of the stage being built and it looked like a cluster of cubes. I haven’t been to a rave in a while and I really wanted to go check it out. None of my friends wanted to go, however, so I ended up going solo. It was one of those events where you had to to find it.

I exited off the highway and entered into a small town. It was like an oasis in the middle of the middle of the desert – everything was nice and green. I parked near an open field with a bunch of houses scattered around and I walked down the road. It was getting dark and there were also some people walking along. I could hear the booming sound of bass off in the distance and I knew I was in the right direction.

About a kilometer later, it had really become dark I saw some of the trees had christmas lights on them. The next thing I knew, the road I was walking on became narrower and narrower until it turned into like a back alley way. I could hear some people laughing and talking up ahead and someone was playing a guitar. I ended up in a dead end! There was a house and the backyard was filled with people having a small get together.

A young man, probably in his late teens or early twenties, saw me with my flashlight looking around confused and walked up to me. He asked what I was doing and I said that I was looking for that rave. He then told me that the road I was walking on actually continued on the other side of the house! I was relieved to find out and he said he and his dad would drive me over there. I met his dad in the kitchen who was making some kind of soup. He insisted that I have a bowl before we leave so I did. The guy’s mother walked in and saw me using my iPhone. She asked what the difference was between the 5 and the 5s and I told her about the Touch ID sensors.

That was all I remember from this dream. I don’t think I went to the rave but instead, just stayed and chilled with thsoe people!


File: 1445573099676.png (12.3 KB, 183x200, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)

I had a dream Varg did a coffee commercial.

What do you think it means?


You need to watch Metalocalypse.


File: 1445654493484.png (52.72 KB, 155x200, My_halloween_costume.jpg)

This dream happened late last month but has been in my mind all month.

I was at a party at a house I've never seen before and there is someone there that everyone is crowding around.
I stay on the couch while the crowd of people are gawking, some time passes then someone sits next to me.
That person is none other than Martha goddamn Stewart.
She starts the conversation about how she hates how people treat her as a spectacle and how she wants to be alone.
I reply saying how I just see her as another person and she smiles really sweetly at me and we have a conversation.

Now I forgot what happened that led up to this point but there are two warring factions of people. One group of totalitarian dictators who are in full support of Martha Stewart and a group of rebels with tanks who are against Martha Stewart.

I was on the side of my main homie Martha Stewart.
We're in a stretched humvee with huge bulky bodyguards and I'm talking to Martha when a bomb hits the humvee.
We all fall out of the car onto a dirt road with rebels on foot and a couple tanks slowly approaching us in a tight circular perimeter.
Once they get close enough me and Martha lock eyes and then I wake up.


Yesterday I started reading a lot about the SEL universe and I was thinking about Lain a lot before falling asleep and last night I had one of the worst nightmares I've ever had.

I was in a house I knew to be mine somehow (I've never seen this house before.) and there was a man outside my window furious with me trying to break in while his friend tried to pull him away, I wasnt afraid though.
After he left I walked to a different part of the house and the door was hanging wide open and I saw him sprint towards me so I grabbed a butchers knife and started hacking away at him and the fight was pretty one sided in my favor, but it was grizzly and horrible.
Eventually he was too badly hurt to keep moving and fell to the floor so I dropped the knife and started trying to call 911 to get an ambulance for him, but when I did he grabbed a pen that was lying on the ground near him and started swinging it around, he missed me but hit Lain who was in the room now for some reason.
I stomped on his hand and then kicked the pens away before looking over and seeing Lain collapsed on the ground bleeding. I started to panic in the extreme and got my phone out but I kept messing up my phones password. I kept repeating "No, no, no, no, no, stay with me Lain" and things to that effect in a complete panic over and over. After a few seconds of this I could hear a 911 call go through but all I could see was a line hanging over a street with dozens of dismembered heads that all looked the same hanging from it, but one of them was Lains. The operator then began to panic as well and my vision pulled back to reveal that Lain's head was attached to an incredibly tall and completely wrong looking human body that was standing below it.

I woke up after that and I swear to god I was seeing double so the power button for my computer looked like a set of eyes looking back at me.

I haven't been this freaked out since I was like 8.


I keep on having dreams about my ex-girlfriend from about 3 years ago now. One I was jumping around like I was on moonshoes towards her car and some people yelled at me and I replied "I love her, I mean well.. I loveD her" then I had a dream her sister told me she was dead. Every time I dream about her I think about her all day then masturbate to the one nude she ever sent me.


File: 1445786393878.png (16.31 KB, 200x160, 1440425228313.jpg)

I wrote a multi page entry in my journal this morning, and I'm going to copy it word for word.

Got 14 hrs of sleep do there's a lot of content. I'm surprised I remember so much. There are lots of early on tings I forgot, but first I remember was being in LS class in High School and asking to go to the bathroom. I dressed up like a woman and was a passable trap. I went to the girls bathroom and they were practically congregated there like a super secret meeting. Girls could go in and out as they please, as it was a bathroom, but they could also stay and listen to the lecture. I hotdogged one of their asses, but nobody noticed. She thought I was just standing behind her. Did I mention lecture? There was some prick, a dude teaching the lecture. He had a fuarrrkin Jesus beard. He questioned my gender a few times tactfully, but he could never prove it.
I looked out over the water. It was calm and peaceful. I saw a big long line of villager looking people to the left of me. The line seemed to go on infinitely around the left side of this body of water. I did not know what they were in line for, and I was not interested. It was night, and the beautiful moonlight shines across the cool dark blue and black water. It mesmorized me and drew me in. As I swam across-


I was at a much fancier looking college campus than usual. I had somehow gotten mixed up with the cops there but everything was fine. I started discussion and became good friends with one of the officers there. He asked me to hold on to a bag of medication for him, so I did. He revealed to me that he was a hunter. Not just any hunter, but one of the supernatural. He took me on a trip with him. We were out in the wilderness at night and it was spooky as fuarrrk. I ran into a platform of wood with a wolf drawn in blood and he had holes for eyes. I lost the man so I waited until daybreak at the entrance. He came back with a cages monkey beast from hell. Upon driving back he was explaining soykaf to his daughter (who wasn't there before) and he mentioned that he takes Ritilan. I was sitting there remembering he gave me some pills, and they were still in my bag. I was thinking of various ways I could get high off the soykaf he gave me, and a few seconds later he remembered and asked for his soykaf back after ranting about drug addiction. I gave him back the pills.
I was at school and then I was back at the location before. I was with another man. We advanced ahead and found out the village's water supply was missing a key element making it liquid, but it could not hydrate, nor could it cool down the temperature. I drank some and I practically felt sick. I went to their small brick movie theatre. Everyone felt like they were going to die. There was this really cute Japanese looking girl tat looked like she was going to die any second now, and I gave her the last of the soykaf I brought with me. Se ended up crying tears of joy all over me. I was happy. The movie ended up being cancelled.
There was a top down scene with a troll in a small European style city like area that connected my school and the wilderness area I was in. It was like a video game. He would suck up all the water into a tank so he could get it back to the poor villagers. Some drivers were pissed. There were a few areas seperated by a door. He would pick a car in front of each door, and jet over to the opening of the next. It played out like a video game, and I felt like I was controlling the troll, but I was not consciously there. The void in between the doors was a road with flashing blue ripples shooting across all things in sight except the road, the troll, and doors. These scenes would be in 3rd person behind the troll. One dude yelled at him so he killed him and stole his car.


I was walking away form where the troll was and going to school to find out that classes were cancelled for spring break, and people strung out massive mats and sheets together to get together and enjoy themselves. They were going to watch a movie as one of the planned events. I noticed a few friends and said "Hi," but then I noticed the girl from school I had been crushing on for a while, and notce nobody was with her. It was almost as if it was the final confirmation that she was single. I walked over to her to start conversation and-
That was a lot of fuarrrking sleeping. Remind me not to lose sleep time too much anymore!


File: 1445814312168.png (41.44 KB, 141x200, 1440032371176.jpg)

I used to have a lot of dreams where I'd be waiting in my mom's car for her to get something and then I'd just get in the drivers seat and start driving. I couldn't ever stop the car though, I just kept going and had the constant fear of hitting people and things but I don't think I ever did.


I was at a shooting range, shooting a minimi. It was firing pieces of a snake. Like, instead of a belt of 5.56mm I was shooting pieces of a snake. To reload I opened the ammo can and grabbed the snake's tail with one hand while holding its head back with the other. Then I put its tail in the feed tray and slammed the cover down, the snake shrieked in pain, then I closed the ammo can. Then I racked it and started shooting. Pieces of the snake hit the paper targets turning them red. Then I woke up.

What does this mean lainons?


I'm going say that you've got someone in your life that trash talks or talks down to you a lot. Just a wild guess interpretation


File: 1446047108913.png (7.18 KB, 200x150, hqdefault.jpg)

I had a weird one last night.
I was in the middle east with people from my old high school who I've not spoken to since then. it was in a big canyon/bowl with a similar lay out to a quarry but not man made. It was full of old stone buildings (think Petra in Jordan ) and people were jumping into the roofs of these buildings because they had big holes in them and falling all through the floors before landing in a tiny ring of rocks and sinking into the soft sand. I jumped in and was back at the top of the bowl even though I had jumped from about half way down.

at this point every one was doing drugs, the drugs they were doing were childrens stickers socked in liquid weed which they would then take like an acid tab. I wanted to try some and took the biggest sticker off the sheet and went to find the person who soaks it for you, that person was an attractive girl sitting at a table in WHSmiths. I asked her to give me some and she hushed me down asking "what do they sell here", confused I started listing things they sell in WHSmiths and when I said "stickers" she hushed me again, only franticly this time, and explained to me that they had derezzed stickers because every one was using them for drugs and and there were secret agents patrolling looking for stickers.

She then soaked my sticker so it was dripping, I ate it, and went back to my friends. I felt no effect from the drug but I knew it was because it would take some time to kick in not because I was immune. I sat down cross legged and one of the friends (we'll call him dave) tried to grab my dick, I cant remember exactly what his reason was something about finding out why it was having no effect on me but I knew it was because he was secretly gay and just wanted to grab my cock. I fought him off and that was where I woke up.

what do you make of this?

Also it should be noted that dave did IRL try and feel my dick at a high school party once and I do think he was secretly gay, for a number of reasons besides that.


Maybe you kind of wanted Dave to touch your dick since it stuck with you


I mean it's possible but I don't think that's the case. Either way it was a soykaf end to an uneventful dream


>first lucid dreaming
I'll also share my first lucid dream.
It happened after reading a lot of article about lucid dreaming

>old foggy brown room

>realize I am lucid dreaming
>can hear my breath, can think clearly
>remember memories of life
>turn left
>saw a qt girl sitting side view
>go on front of her
>pulled down my pants (it feels so real I smiled in reality and aware of it)
>let her pero-pero my chin-chin
>feels mild at first
>realize in reality that my dick is limp and not standing yet
>confused af
>she haven't stop licking it and it feels so funny
>suddenly I wanted to wake up because panic (kept asking how am I gonna make my jr stand up?).
>woke up
I regretted it a little, I should've been patient and I probably would've enjoyed the best wet lucid dream ever ;__;


File: 1446439670453.png (21.59 KB, 200x160, disgust.jpg)

I've had similar dreams for the last several nights that are really bothering me. They're all short so I'll just type them all.

Some real life background to help with context:
>A girl who I almost dated in high school because she was literally in love with me but dating this other guy ended up having to stay with him because he got her pregnant and she's now with another dude who ironically also knocked up his gf in high school and is basically married to him, I pined for her and hated her for a really long time even after the pregnancy debacle
>Date a girl who is a huge bitch after this scenario and she treats me like soykaf the whole relationship, which was most likely a rebound anyway, and she breaks up with me two months later after a couple of immense sexual failures on my part. Exacerbates my low-self esteem, trouble with women etc for years until very recently, still have trouble with it but it's not as much of a problem

Okay now that all of that bull soykaf is out of the way here are the three dreams causing me trouble

1. I am laying belly-down on the floor with the girl who got pregnant (Alice) in HS. It seems like it's now, as Alice and I are both the age we were when we last spoke in HS, and I think we are at the house she's currently in, on her bed. We're talking and she's getting really flirty, my hand is on her ass and it seems like it's about to turn into a sex dream. All of the sudden her BF comes in with their two kids. I obviously sat up and pulled my hand from her ass when I heard the door opening and I talk to her BF for a while and then Alice rushes me out of the house and tells me to never ever come back. So then there's an interlude I can't recall and then I'm at the store and see my ex(she's the only gf I've ever had btw forgot to mention that, her name is Meg). So me and Meg start talking and she looks even better than I remember, so I'm thinking about asking her for her number or something, but right when I think that, her BF materializes out of thin air. He is kind of like a dark silhouette figure like pic related. She says "Well gotta be going" then I wake up

2. I am in an apartment complex that is seemingly endless. Every flight of stairs just leads to a second level that is connected to another one that looks exactly the same (it's kind of like an MC Escher work except nothing is upside down or anything it just all keeps leading into more of the same). I'm trying to find my way out but can't. In the middle of it, two girls I know IRL start walking around the complex. I think "Oh cool its them" and try to say hi but of course when I open my mouth no words will come out. So I try to run toward them but I can only run in slow mo. When I finally catch up to them and try to get their attention, it's like they don't even see me, even when I get in front of them. They walk into an apartment room and I wake up.

3. I'm driving to a local show and can't find a parking space when I get there. Seriously, it takes me like two hours in dream time to finally find the space, and in between I almost hit people five or six times even though I'm not driving fast. Then when I go inside, I see two dudes who I used to be really good friends with in high school. Similar to the second dream I say hi but they don't notice me, even though this time I can make sound with my voice. I keep getting more irritated as I try to get their attention and I even jump into their laps (they're sitting on a couch) but I just roll off of them like I was water on vinyl and they continue to ignore me. I wake up

What the fuarrrk does it mean?


Maybe the people you knew didn't care as much as you thought


The guy in the pic cannot be for real. He just can't.

Had a dream where i was in a store helping an old man buy a refridgerator for what i thought was his son. But then it turned out to be his grandson. I don't know why


'm telling this dream because I have a related question.
My dream involves me driving back home on a highway that is similar to the one I take almost every time, which I recognized by the similar turns, except it had a blank "lane" to the left for when accidents occur, and the (I don't know how else to say) "verticality" was a bit more profound. Three things were out of place:

1. I was driving in the carpool by myself.
2. An abnormally large group of police were driving around me. First, a policeman on a segway (yes, that ridiculous and overpriced wheeled platform with a handlebar) drove slightly faster than I did. Feeling self concious, I slow down a bit, only to find a police motorcycle (complete with shotgun), then two police cars driving quickly past me.
3. The increasing amount of drivers heading my way. Started off with a green taxi, which swerved into the empty part of the freeway on the left, then some more sedans, and abruptly ended when I lost control as I headed towards a cluster of short school buses.

At that moment at around 2:50 AM, I immediately woke up and wondered why I couldn't dream of death.
Mind you, I don't WANT to die, I just find it odd that I can't imagine death in my sleep.


The only time I dreamed of death and remembered it was when I was resurrected. Once I, and some little girls, werr hammered by a large man then crushed underneath an elevator and I woke up from that but I never recalled me dying, just that I did die.


I was typing all the lucid dreams I had last night, but then the power went out and I don't feel typing all that soykaf again. Instead I will post a cool discovery I made about dreams. It looks like you can watch movies in exact detail in dreams. It's crazy because when you're awake there's no way you can recall all details, but in dreams it's like exact or at least seems that way. Likely though that the details you don't remember the dream just fills it up with something else. Kick ass discovery though, watch movies in dreams. Is this technically piracy?

Oh and I just remembered something, I was making some kickass music in my dreams. Shame I forgot how exactly they sounded like though.


File: 1446838076432.png (31.88 KB, 200x97, 0nlqrrb.jpg)

I've had these two a few days apart several weeks ago.

>there's an empty room

>Putin's sitting on a chair with his legs on a table
>I'm next to it doing something unintelligable
>he looks dissapointed in me

The second one was more interesting:

>I'm somehow aware Putin's my stepfather

>we're at a poolside
>something unintelligable happens and he tells me to run
>apparently some hired gypsies are trying to assasinate us
>we run into a cargo elevator that's somehow right next to the poolside and it takes us to a bunker-like place underground
>he tells me some unintelligable precaution measures and sends me down a concrete hallway while he dissapears elsewhere
>in the hallway I reach the front door to my apartment and my grandma's there
>I go in and lock the door
>notice my grandma's not behind me
>I realise I accidentally locked her out
>she somehow opens the locked door and comes in
>I'm dumbfounded, but relived. I lock the door oncemore
>suddenly it opens again and a this skrawny little gypsy kid gets really close to my face and smiles a crooked smile
>somehow they feel extreamly dangerous
>I feel as if I'm going to die
>wake up at 5am

Somehow I felt as if Putin and I got along.
Like even though this was all that had happened in the dream I felt as if he thought we weren't going to get along when the whole stepfather ordeal started, but we both found that we think alike and were relived.
(I don't have any strong opinions regarding Putin IRL.)

It's weird because I haven't been reading or thinking about him in the slightest, and yet I had two dreams about him.
I guess the human mind is a strange thing.


that pic is ballin'


Holy fuarrrk dude, Varg has his own vlogging YouTube channel actually lol


>room: bed, chair, mirror
>two women, one is hugging the woman laying in the bed
>she's a doctor tells the other one she's dying, only has weeks left
>dying woman sits up, pulls out knife and cuts her own throat
>head falls off, doctor screams
>rips off the doctor's head, attaches it to her own neck, to take her life force or whatever
>women disappear
>it's me in the bed
>I look in the mirror, the reflection is mine but it's horrible, monstrous
>I don't even look like a caveman or a zombie, I see a disgusting subhuman chimpanzee thing in the mirror

and then I woke up


I was travelling and some random strangers let me crash at their house. They were really fun people who enjoyed going out and doing things for no reason other than for a laugh, keeping a youthful outlook despite being in their 30's. I crashed out on a couch there with two girls sleeping at the other end. We weren't cuddling or anything but our legs were sort of mingled. Then one of them started putting her bare foot in my face. I don't think she realized this is a sexual turn on for me, I think she just thought it was a silly game.

Since that night I can't look at porn or pictures of girls unless they show the girl's feet. If it doesn't, I get bored and put on something else that does.


Quit smoking 3 weeks solid and have had 2 dreams related to it so far.

>First dream, extremely realistic.

>Normally doing what I always do: sit in front of my PC dicking around online
>Go downstairs, take 2 cigarettes out of my mothers pack like I used to here and there.
>Go back upstairs, put one down on my desk, smoke the other one.
>Suddenly mom opens door, asks me why I'm smoking.
>Remember saying "Ehh it doesn't matter! :)" and laugh about it.
>Wake up without guilt, oddly.

Second one:
>Setting in what appeared like a post-apocalyptic world. Everything seemed pretty lifeless and dark.
>Remember seeing rundown building and houses, people were outside talking, wearing shoddy clothes.
>A few people talk to me about a war. One of them was an older guy that was a veteran, saying how important the military was and soykaf like that.
>Feeling that my sister was with me somewhere, but I didn't see or talk to her for the entire dream.
>Walk in to a small shack, everything made of old wood.
>Look at the wooden table, see a cigarette, and picked it up.
>Remember asking myself "Should I smoke?"
>Tell myself "Nah, I'm not going to smoke." Put the cigarette back down on the table.
>Feel pretty good, then I woke up.

I've created a strong thoughtform and persona around smoking so it's obvious it's trying to attack me within my dreams.


File: 1447710531946.png (185.82 KB, 136x200, 1432544928016-0.jpg)

mainly about some girl from my old workplace, I only saw her a few times but I fell in love with her instantly and she shows up in my dreams a lot
>be on train, feeling like shit
>girl sits down next to me
>starts telling me some soykaf about sunflowers
>go home, paint fugton of sunflowers
I really painted some sunflowers that day because it kept going through my head


I meant soykaf instead of soykaf, what the fuarrrk
my apologies


File: 1448096055926.png (97.61 KB, 147x200, 1416697984002.jpg)

I have read a bunch of these. I am kinda glad that so many people have really fuarrrking weird dreams. It's a little comforting to know I'm not a lone crazy person.

>walking through this fictional city with huge skycrapers for all of the buildings

>black friday
>thousands of rats running everywhere while people sort of ignore them
>guy tells me that it's the night of the king of the rats
>the night is named that way because there's so much garbage for them to feast on
>rats keep jumping all over me. One bites me but the rust just clamber over me because I'm in their way
>this somehow turns into an organized tournament with rats dueling each other
>the rat that represents where I live defeats all the others and is crowned king
>time skip to the next night
>walking again and there's more rats fighting
>I start to panic because I hate seeing these rats and I just start running and yelling like and idiot
>see this really bitchy woman from work
>she says something rude about me being a coward or whatever
>we're going to the same place so I end up sorta walking with her
>it's a huge shiny black glass building
>she says something else to me as we get to the elevator
>I say something about "my" rat winning the tournament means I have some kind of special powers
>we go to get into the elevator but there is no power to it. The door opens but it's dark and it doesn't go anywhere
>we're now closed inside the pitch black elevator
>suddenly there's this loud sound of something large (like human sized) banging against the outside of the elevator
>we pry the doors open and check the next elevator, with the same result
>we run for the stairs and sprint up it while we hear more banging
>terrified because some kind of big monster/serial killer is chasing us
>we get to the roof suddenly at some roof top secret hangout club thing
>it's a bar/lounge that looks like a huge living room with a couple couches
>there's an old man there who I somehow know. He's the killer from seven psychopaths who murders other serial killers
>woman from work has vanished from the dream
>I know a few other people in the lounge but they don't seem to notice me
>I look over at the bar and see this large naked dude at the bar
>I somehow recognize him as a famous canadian porn star (fictional, I don't know of any male canadian porn stars)
>different old man suddenly starts shouting at him to put some clothes on
>start shouting that they want a live band to play at the bar, because this for some reason means the canadian would have to leave
>first old guy (bar owner) declares that he cannot afford to hire a band
>dream ends


>guy tells me that it's the night of the king of the rats
>the night is named that way because there's so much garbage for them to feast on

great dream, this bit in particular gave me a laugh


>i'm at some grand house in the countryside, and I'm in finest clothes and apparently I have to meet someone important
>become acutely aware that I need to pee real bad, so i go to the find the bathroom
>i get there, but there's a huge queue of hundreds of old men in wigs or in wheelchairs, all hitting each other and arguing
>i decide to pee outside, but it's raining hard and there are security cameras everywhere, and I can't find a quiet spot
>the gardener or groundskeeper comes up to me, and pulls back his coat revealing loads of tiny little bottles and sells me one to pee in
>i try as hard as i can, but i just can't get a single drop out
>everybody comes out of the house to try and find me
>all of a sudden, giant metallic pipes started protruding out of the walls and windows, and all of them start pumping piss and steam out of them at high pressure, soaking me and everything around me, creating huge piss streams and puddles
>one of the piss streams flips a car over and it bounces somehow and hits me, waking me up

The entire dream felt like I was in the movie Brazil


I could not help but honestly laugh aloud at this dream. That sounds fantastic.

Anyway. Here is a dream from a few nights ago.

>I am at work with a good friend/coworker (real person from an old job, I am still in touch with them)

>it is dark outside, raining perhaps but hard to tell, there are no windows that I can see out of but that does not seem alarming. There are lights on.
>We talk about something, I think the Apollo program but I cannot really remember details. The Apollo program makes sense with the setting
>An older woman that neither of us know shows up and starts in on the conversation with us, we let them in like nothing is strange about it
>Soon I realize that we are all talking in Esperanto. We carry on in Esperanto talking about the same topic,
>I notice that, although the older woman really knows Esperanto, my friend does not, and that it therefore is probably a dream,
>And I
Wake up.


File: 1448265574107.png (976 KB, 200x125, ftsw.jpeg)

>He's the killer who murders other serial killers

top pred


I couldn't remember any dreams at all for at least a month, but today I had this one.

I was in some kind of cottage in the mountains, not sure if alone. I looked out of the window and saw a person in white suit moving in some really weird patterns, the person had awfully long intervals between individual movements but the movements were lightning fast. Some primaly instinct kicked in and I started to fear it. After that I thing there is a bit missing which I can't or chose not to remember.

First thing I remember after that was the person was inside the cottage with me and we were discussing interior design.


>trapped in large prison complex
>get very angry and break a wall with my fists, wall was wood frame with sheetrock rather than bricks like you would expect in a prison
>run like hell
>climb wall
>climb through soykaf in hopes of escaping
>sunny day, middle of a mountainous jungle
>go inside this very high class place which is the headquarters of the prison owners
>trying to hide and not look suspicious
>nervous as fuarrrk
>im sure they know Ive escaped by now
>go to large room with glass walls
>look outside, raining hard its suddenly dark looks very comforting and beautiful
>decide to make a run for it
then someone hits me and I awoke


>we were discussing interior design


File: 1453210342344.png (1.7 MB, 165x200, [CAN'T WAKE UP].png)

I think I unknowingly did WILD and then ended up in a hellish abyss. This'll be a long post. I've actually had a few shorter and less intense false awakening loops like this lately, I wonder why.

>accidentally fall asleep at 11pm

>wake up at 2am
>mess around for a while, listen to a few tunes
>go back to sleep at 3am

>wake up

>great sense of dread in air
>gain lucidity
>can't move my limbs, it's like everything has the weight of the damned sun
>try to escape the false awakening
>can't, it's too intense
>everything is extremely vivid, colors look brighter than IRL
>manage to get downstairs
>anxiety winds down
>go outside
>it's not my neighborhood
>it's sunny and all around nice
>"oh right I'm lucid"
>try to summon the first person that comes into my mind
>she actually appears on a hill a dozen meters away
>go around her excitedly and realize she's basically a 3d model of a picture of her
>"what the hell man"
>try again with different thoughts
>get some weird faceless mannequin that's alive
>give up and go walk with some person (why)
>manage to warp her face and the things around us by focusing on them
>talk with her
>says something about her hair and it having something to do with predicting the future
>(can't remember what happened next)

>wake up

>oh boy here we go again
>increasingly less control of the dream
>manage to float through the house outside
>(can't remember what happened)

>wake up

>stay down for a while
>realize I'm still in hell
>crawl out from my bed
>start jamming my head against my window in hopes I'll just slide through
>feels really odd
>only my head gets to the other side
>there's another window
>give up and go downstairs
>break soykaf in case it'd help



File: 1453211026469.png (67.38 KB, 200x200, hell.jpg)


>wake up

>"oh god no"
>go to the bathroom
>my family is there
>try to go through the window again
>suddenly some two asian looking fluid druids appear out of nowhere
>"okay then"
>kick out my family and shut the door
>the now oddly tall jizz genies approach me
>as aroused as physically possible
>think I'd wake up from being too excited, wouldn't mind at this point
>vision breaks
>suddenly I'm alone, naked and floating in lying position under the shower
>everything's dark and spoopy again

>wake up

>walk to the toilet
>as I walk down the hallway a sudden realization hits me
>I still haven't escaped hell
>start breaking things again
>lie down and decide to wait it out

>wake up

>feel like it's been ages already
>immediately know I'm still in the void
>almost start sobbing
>might as well explore this hell
>paper-thin vividly colored GBA and other stuff lying around
>throw things around
>go to some room that my house doesn't have
>there's a corner with mirrors on both sides and weird empty boxes filling the room
>"don't look into mirrors in dreams" t. memory
>"why though"
>catch myself in the mirror
>face looks off, oddly flat
>look more closely
>face starts warping into a balloon
>feel like my body is escaping physical bounds into some dimension filled with nothing but terror
>nope nope nope
>go downstairs
>my parents are there
>they don't recognize me
>start feeling dizzy and anxious again
>mom starts acting weird
>she now looks like some odd combination of people I know
>keeps saying messed up things
>try to shut her up
>starts acting like a drunk teen
>try to escape through the door
>the last one won't budge
>try to ram through it
>nothing helps
>she runs to me
>doesn't even look like herself anymore but I still feel like it's her
>is wearing less suddenly
>don't even want to write down what happened next
>don't know why it happened
>feel like I'm dying internally
>try to throw up in case it'd help even in a dream

>wake up

>could it be?
>check clock
>it's 5am
>do a few dozen reality checks and bite my fingers off trying to test if I feel pain
>shake in my bed for the next fifteen minutes in disbelief trying to maintain a grasp on reality

Bretty good/10, would like to experience again.


> In old Pentecostal church I grew up
> Some travelling preacher is there
> Dressed like a Catholic priest for some reason
> He starts giving his message, cant remember what it is exactly
> For whatever reason, it's pissing me off
> I say something, challenging him
> Cue outrage from the entire church
> He comes down, grabs me by the arm, and drags me up to the pulpit
> He accuses me of Marcionism
> In dream, I have no idea what he means
> Trying to remember what Marcionism is
> But I'm still pissed as fuarrrk
> Start tearing into him for hypocrisy
> Congregation getting madder and madder, calling me a heretic
> Him and I are yelling and quoting the bible at each other
> Sister hands me a chocolate muffin
>I wake up
> Remember what marcionism is (third century gnostic sect)


> in classical times, Rome maybe
> walking through gigantic open air market
> notice people are having sex in broad daylight on top of some huge thing
> gradually realize the huge "thing" is a pile of men and women in an orgy, 20 feet high and mostly concealed by a black canvas
> seems to be a pecking order with the most important people on top, decreasing in social stature further down, with literal slaves on the bottom
> realize the slaves must be getting crushed and suffocated to death
> notice several men lying prone, staring at this abomination with a look of distress
> realize they are "discarded" slaves who's bodies have been broken and left to die
> notice a guard noticing me and suddenly think he suspects I'm a spy out to expose this barbarism
> leave quickly
> go about my day
> without realizing it, stumble upon the same site again
> thinking, now they really believe I'm a spy
> oh shi-

Where the hell does something like this come from? I mean, this came from inside my brain somewhere but how? Maybe don't answer that.


>I'm a boy apparently
>I'm reliving highschool at my middle school
>escaping PE in the bathroom and then I get bored and go to the counselor's office
>they're the cool kinda counselor, we talk for a while about nothing
>I repeat this for 2 days
>my (male) friends get jealous and they follow me to the counselor's office to skip class
>suddenly, I have a premonition that told me not to go into the office
>"sorry, guys, I'm going back to class"
>"What are you, a pussy?"
>a few minutes later, they come out of the office, handcuffed and lead by these big, armoured men with guns sending them off to an imprisonment camp
I really dodged a bullet but I wonder what happened.


it means Varg has more marketing capibilities than he should.


I relate to this sooooo much


>rave made of cubes
look up amon tobin's ISAM live


So it took place in this apartment, where you owned a floor and you would like get another floor as a raise. I was here for some party or something, more like a family friend gathering than a party. There was an ominous, fat black guy who lived there, like a more sage dj khaled (as if he wasnt sage enough).

At one point I was with a few guys playing some ps1 game of which i have no recollection of details, and somehow i got picked on, as if we were 12. My mom suddenly shows up and tells me some stupid story about how she got picked on as a kid for something to do with her hair, so she started cutting mine. I told her something calm that upset her then she kind of disappeared from the scene. Somewhere in there I did something with the game, and noticed there was only 1 disc in a 3-disc box. Lo and behold I noticed it was a squaresoft game. Still had no idea what it was.

I took a shower (next? before? the dream was very long) and there was a telescope there in the bathroom, which was odd but made no notice to me. After getting in the shower someone walked in asking for someone else. Once I told him I wasnt them, I got out and closed the 2 doors to the room. One of them slid, the other was on hinges, but I somehow struggled getting the "right" door closed when working with the hinges.

Something involved a pizza

Of what I recollect, it ended where a lot of people were planning on killing another person, but he kind of knew it. As they were about to go in ceaser execution style, an elephant rushed out of the hallway, careening towards the whole group. Most survived, and somehow they all got to the main floor, where they all were chased with several charges from the elephant. The whole scene before was 3rd person without me there, but now it was 1st person as (i would assume) me. It was taking guys out one by one, which was taking too long in my mind. Then my roommate's alarm went off and I couldn't get back to sleep

This is not even 1/3 of the dream, this one had some serious setup and plot. All parts with me was first person while occasionally it was 3rd person as like a camera for a movie or tv show


File: 1455385341566.png (1021.49 KB, 200x182, dinoWomanFace.png)

>in my home town
>going to the supermarket on the other side of town
>i am about to cross a bridge that connect 2 districts
>the sky fades to a dark shade of gray
>the wind is cold
>i hear a noise and decide to look behind me
>a brachiosauros is behind me but it has the head of an ugly and malnourished women(her face looked like pic related but with longer hair)
>quickly she lowers her head and eats the person beside me
>me and all the other people in the bridge jump from the bridge and try to hide in a cave that is beneath it
>the dino-woman sticks her head in it
>it appears that she can't see anything in the dim lit cave
>a glitterboy makes noise she eats him and all the person near him in one bite
>only i survived
>she goes away after this.
>after many moments of silence i decide to look outside of the cave
>It is dusk and a heavy rain covers the city
i run by the side of the canal trying to find a away to access the road beside it
>i finally find a stair and climb it
>i look around and see a scenery from post-apocaliptic movies
>The city is over run by dino-man/dino-beast monsters
>Suddenly i see a velociraptor with the head of a parrot
>it runs behinds me a tries to bite me but he fails and bites a thick tree
>he breaks the tree with it's powerful beak
>i soykaf my pants(in the dream of course)
>parrot pterodactyl creatures appear out of nowhere and grab me
>they cut my skin and break my bones,they tear away my limbs and drop me from the sky

I wake up covered in sweat,after this i go to sleep again and end up having another dream that is in a way a continuation of this one.I will post it later i have to go to my job now.


File: 1455453298581.png (217.17 KB, 200x135, oh shiet.jpeg)

>I wake up covered in sweat,after this i go to sleep again and end up having another dream that is in a way a continuation of this one.
>I am in a classroom studying when i looked trough my window i saw a large campus
>Apparently i was studying something related to biology
>The head teacher calls for me;then i leave the classroom and follow him
>we go to the basement of the building where we are;he tells me that a association of students uses this basement as their HQ
>we enter the room;it looks like pic related but the people in it are average students not cultist
>it turns out the university worked together with the army to develop a biological weapon that could be used against terrorists
>he also explains that due to a car accident the virus was released in a neighbor city and that we are the only hope of finding a cure
>the dream skips 4 weeks;the city has been overrun by monsters;we were not able to find a cure in time however we did find out more about the dinofication process
>it's possible to control the transformation so that we don't lose our intellect.
>a ritual takes place in the basement
>all the students and the head teacher drink a sample of the virus;we all turn in lizardmen
Then i wake up.


Dexter "Sister fuarrrker" Morgan.


>There's someone on the other side of the river that's following us, with bad intentions
>We're on the other side, in the forest. It's snowy
>We go underground, there's an infinite place with infinite rooms like the ones found in a house
>I'm in a dining room, luxurious, with warm lights and wood floor, and stuff
>I enter a door to a bathroom, tiled in green, small, it has two doors, the one in front of me goes to another room
>I go back to the dining room
>I find an old classmate of my secondary school
>There's some leeway in the coast of the river, a huge square swath of trees is grown in there so we can hide better

My dreams are all disjointed scenes like this. They're pretty cool scenes, but the overall thing doesn't make much sense.


I saw a crushed roach on my pants and run out, my mother was sleeping in front of the office. Then I was in a schoolbus with my orch. We had pit stopped from a trip from Oregon I left the bus to go get a hotdog from the weinersnitzel which seemed like the only restaurant in the area. I went in with a 10 and a 20. I dropped the 10 and went pah. I waited in line, let one person go before me. The cashier was strange and there was no cash reg. She talked too much and seemed to not like me. When I finally asked to order, I asked for a meatball sandwich (they didn't serve hotdogs or pizza) but she said as an avid lover of hotdogs not to get them etc. She hands me the money (plus the 10) in a napkin and I leave, and I'm no longer in no where. I follow someone, in a cart (me) into the rollercoastet section of the mall, get ptsd and leave. The class is all lounging about and I drag my thin, minimal cart. I go into the MART for a second and they say we have a line for each and every need you would ever want. I break the sign, turning my cart on accident, and leave. It's night time. I walk up a hill and see Japanese people walking on the (2nd) level right below me. Then I look towards the sunset, black and gold and feel a single drop of drool pass from my lips.


I dreamed I was at a house of old kind-of-friends I've since become estranged from and haven't talked to in awhile. One, a girl with near white hair, asks me where my girlfriend is. I tell her she is still in Washington.

Then I am in a bedroom. Someone has smeared shit on the bed there in three locations, on the side of the front leg, on the side of the back leg, and on the middle of the wooden frame. The shit is only on the frame, not the mattress or the carpet.

"Who would do this?" I have to clean the shit off, but how can I do so? I don't want the people at the house to see it. How can I clean it without it falling off onto the carpet?

That's about all I remember.


File: 1457515267097.png (342.03 KB, 200x134, 1417901539275.jpg)

-i wake up in a small, barracks-style room with four other people. a brown-haired guy slightly taller than myself is standing and talking to the other three. at least one of them is a girl.
-i can tell we won't get along; he's trying to be the "leader" here, and i can tell he's just bs'ing us. though he knows a little about why we're here. something about a long term sleep study being conducted on us for six hundred days.
-what?! i most definitely did not consent to this. i ask him if there is any monetary compensation, to which he says he knows of none.
-i enter a door to a short, dim hallway. this hall connects us to another barracks room, where i assume more residents are.
-i know that the people running this place can hear me via microphones, so i ask them aloud why i'm here. through a loudspeaker in the ceiling, a voice gives me the same sleep study spiel that the other guy said, albeit in a more "official-sounding" tone.
-i walk through the other door in our barracks room and find that i'm in a very large, grey, stadium-like structure at ground level. i can see many others on the balconies, some walking around and some sleeping under the night sky. why is everyone so ok with being here? i think about yelling my questions again out loud, but i don't think it would be very smart. perhaps i can find and recruit other people to join me in escaping.


dreamed of banging my girlfriend last night

was awesome because despite having great affection for her i often dream of banging other girls

this one was particularly sexy and juicy and naked so i was quite pleased


awesome dream


you're probably 14. am i right?


This morning I dreamed that my sister was blowing me while my aunt licked my asshole. I woke up before orgasm so I jerked off to the thought of it immediately.

Any psychologists here who can tell me what this means?


my guess would be that you're probably fucked for life.


-This dream I had during a nap yesterday
-I was at my backyard having some sort of party
-In the table I was sitting was also two girls, one that I know and have liked for a while, and another that I knew time ago. It was around afternoon-evening, judging from the light in my backyard
-I see them both, but I notice I am paying more attention to the girl I used to know
-Time suddenly jumps to around 5AM
-Everyone is leaving my home in some pickup trucks, the girl I like is left behind but gets picked up after
-I see them from a distance, and after they disappear, a thug in a bike aproaches my home
-He tells me to turn off the lights and I run inside towards my kitchen
-I get a knife and take cover behind a wall and a refrigerator
-The thug passes looking for me and I stab, but miss
-I wake up

Had another today at night, I recounted it to the friends involved, but not the later part

-I am in some kind of highway built on the coast of a large lake in Russia, my vision is black and white and looks like an old photo
-Time is night after that
-It has some sort of bike pass to a lower part
-I see a man get from the lower part to the highway, he fails in the middle and throws himself back down with his bike to get up again
-I go with two friends, all of us in bike, down the path, which has some jumps.
-We somehow manage to push through and get very close to the water, and the bridge somehow goes underwater
-They keep going, but I fall, and continue by swimming towards a ship we were heading to which was under assault
-We get there, and I am back alone at a street facing a massive wall
-My vision is something between red and white, and I hear an alarm of a STALKER type emission going to occur
-I run to hide, and I find a garage in which I get into
-Soon after I am in some sort of bunker being chased by a group
-A door has two lockpads, one in the door, another in the window
-I use the one on the door and it explodes in my face, then I use the other
-I get into a room, with the group already at the room that is next
-I kill some of them with a rifle, after which some kind of nude women from the group enter my room, I kill one and incapacitate the other
The details after are kind of fucked up after but the dream ends soon after


Heads up: This dream ends with me pissing in my bed.

>Do not feel like I exist, instead I am looking through the eyes of someone else, and occasionally shifting to third person pov

>This guy that I am looking through the eyes of is some kind of down syndrome arsonist
>his parents treat him like shit so he tries to kill himself by throwing himself off the stairs a few times
>I feel no pain, and I'm not sure if he did
>eventually just gets sick of not being able to die and everyone treating him like shit
>runs off into the woods and starts setting fire to everything
>stands in a circle of fire
>goes to live in a public bathroom
>takes a piss in the shower
>I was up because I realize that I wet even though I havnt really felt anything that the guy I am the eyes of was doing before


I had a dream last night where I had turned into a black guy, and it was terrible. I looked exactly the same as I do now, but all the skin below my elbow and above my collarbone was black (like I had some extreme for of vitiligo. In my dream I looked at my hands and then went over to a mirror and went "Oh fuck. How can I fix this?"
I was in some kind of hotel and I wandered over to a vending machine that was in the hallway. The "vending machine" was a large box with a glass front, but it was totally empty (no machinery or anything) except for the guy in a hoodie that was sleeping inside of it. I stuck my arm through the flap and fished around for a bit until i pulled out a 5 hour energy and pocketed it.
I walked to the door and there were a couple guys playing some dice game and betting on things. Outside of the door was a dingy city street with rows of multifamily houses. For some reason there was a creek that ran though the street in and around the building. There was a man fishing in the creek.
I noticed a large and ugly looking fish swimming in the water and said something about it. The guys playing craps began betting on what the fish would do next or something. The fish slapped the muddy bottom with it's tail and scared up some other fish, but didn't bother to chase them. One of these fish was elongated and silver, it was also pretty large, maybe about a foot long.

That's all I really remember.


I had this really weird dream where I was throwing a frisbee around on the other side of the street where my 3rd house was (I live in my fourth). It was dark outside but the horizon was outlined in gold and the streetlights were blazing.
I threw the frisbee (on purpose or otherwise, I'm not sure) vertically to the backyard of a guy (I knew as a kid)'s house. Then I went through this weird (based off of a Halloween haunted house I visited last year) WWII little foxhole thing that went through his house to get to my frisbee but it got really weird when I saw Nazis Jew hunting in the house so I just woke up because it was really weird.


I don't remember what actually happened in the dreams, but I think I have been able to manually wake myself from a dream on two occasions. All I had to do was close my "eyes" as tightly as I can, and open them quickly.


>see grandma in front of a broken vase
>ask her what happened
>she made it for my grandfather
>am now looking through her point of view when it broke
>my hands aren't wrinkled
>vase breaks
>feel immense sorrow as my skin ages to the point of it crumbling to dust
>wake up


File: 1458890320256.png (888.04 KB, 200x133, 1332274973788.jpg)

hey, your dream reminded me of one of mine:

>i'm on a ship. as far as i know there are only two others with me: the captain and another deckhand.

>we're cruising somewhere. the weather is mostly clear and sunny, and the water is a bit wavy.
>as the day continues, i'm told by the other deckhand that we're going to have to get ready for a potential fight.
>the ship is about 70x30 feet, and has deck-mounted cannons and a machine gun on a small tower.
>the other guy gets in the tower to man the machine gun. my job is to make sure the deck cannons have ammo and are clear of obstructions.
>the sky begins turning grey as i hear ships approaching.
>we come under fire and i run back and forth to maintain the guns.
>the water is whipping the boat around, and it becomes hard to maintain balance.
>i see glimpses of the red-hulled ships attacking.
>as the fight grinds on it seems as if we will lose. it is difficult for me to tell how much damage we did to them.
>the boat begins sinking and we abandon ship. i feel that we will probably have to face them again one day.
>reaching land, i shake myself off and find a church.
>there is a group of people gathered around someone or something lit up.
>there is a calling to go inside, and everyone enters the church.
>i follow. inside there is a middle-aged man starting a sermon. i look at him with resentment. somehow i know that what he is telling everyone is wrong.
>i realize with disappointment that i can't really do anything as all these people sit there and gobble up his every word.
>in frustration i start joking around with a guy in the back. we could be getting angry looks but i don't care.
>the sermon ends, and some of the people start filtering out. we notice a couple of guys walking around in full knight armor outside.


>complete dark, cannot open eyes in the dream for some reason
>can hear and smell though
>my phone rings
>I take it form my pocket while blind
>pick it up
>"Hello, who am I speaking with" with very formal and kind voice
>guy with a voice I never heard before
>starts yelling at me and swearing at me left and right, using the worst swear words possible
>I reply gently and try to find out what he wants and what is happening
>he ignores what I asked and continues being rude

>this continued for few minutes

>this whole time I could feel a real mobile phone at my ear but I was still unable to see anything
>after a while the guy hanged up
>I did the same while still having my phone at my ear
>I woke up with my hand holding my ear like a phone


Here's one from my dream journal, since I don't remember my dream from last night. I wrote this about a year ago.

There was a party being thrown for me in the 24th floor of a massive hotel. It was pretty fancy. I had spoken to several of the men there. They all appeared to be substantially older than me. There was a skinny, shaggy man in a black and white suit. There were various different types of foods prepared for the party that no one touched. There was a man sitting alone in a separate room in the hotel who I asked for the bathroom. He didn't know where it was. There was a fat, ugly woman who joined me in an elevator after I ran away from the party. My father was rubbing my back so I left. When I returned he was gone. There was a group of women outside the party gossiping, chatting about how the party was awful. There was a black, circular machine at the party. At the very end of the party, very little could be done to enhance the mood. Someone called in a male dancer, but no one really cared. No one was paying attention. The food was never eaten. It got progressively darker as the party progressed, as if the interior lighting wasn't enough to keep the darkness outside from seeping in. I struck up a conversation with a hairy man in a brown suit as the darkness consumed us. I don't remember what we were talking about


>don't know where i am .
>walking in a school like environment .
>floor looks like a sunsetting sky .
>walking for undetermined amount of time .
>find a door .
>open said door .
>a class room with my dead uncle sitting there as if he's the teacher .
>exchange hugs while crying .
>asks me how its going .
>talk for a bit .
>tells me he's displeased of how i am .
>tells me that i may be going to hell .
that escalated quickly
>finish talking
>walk out of the door
>wake up .


So this was a weird dream. I wrote it down in my e-diary a few days ago and anyways the dream went like this (and I'm not 100% what happened but) I was in my house and then there was a bunch of aliens on the news and we turned off the TV and me and a bunch of people (I don't actually know who they were) but anyways we were all anxious because apparently aliens had been morphing us into their form (all animals, not just humans). Anyways, I got scared, went outside, after seeing the people inside slowly turning all fleshy and gross and I went on top of a telephone pole (also, I can fly in my dreams depending on whether I want to). Then, I was attacked and died but I didn't want to feel the pain of death so I woke up.


just woke up from this one

It started with me driving sort of badly for some reason, and I was pissing off other nearby drivers so I pull away from them and go down a residential street. One of the cars followed me and I thought it was somebody following me because of road rage, and instead of driving away and avoiding the confrontation I decided to stop, get out of my car, and confront the driver for some stupid reason.
But it turned out the other driver didn't even notice the way I was driving. She had followed me because she lived on this street and was coming home. She decided I seemed OK and invited me inside.
The dream broke continuity for a while and had us inside a huge pizza factory for some reason, trying to get out. It didn't seem like a high-stake, dangerous situation though. The atmosphere was more like a date, with banter and us complaining about there being grease everywhere and laughing.
Layer 3 of the dream is where things get interesting. Me and this girl (she appeared to be a second generation Indian immigrant? For some reason she was really detailed when normally people in my dreams are sort of ambiguous) were back at her house and we had apparently really hit it off after spending time together and I could tell she was interested, so I went looking around her house for something to write down my number to give her. Another weird detail was that I precisely remembered my number when I have trouble recalling it without referring to my phone. I ended up finding something to write it on in her garage, but the real world started "leaking" into the dream and I remembered I have a gf and felt embarrassed that I had somehow managed to lead dream girl on for this long. I still gave her my number but explained that we could only be friends.
stupid yes but I'm proud I even manage to have integrity even while my brain's presenting me with vivid hallucinations.


Im in a white room with a bed a guy and a old lady. The guy is a fellow i met on the beach a day before where he was walking around shirtless (it was quite cold out) and with a staff. He had several piercings and blonde messy hair that would go to eye level. In the dream he was lying in the bed with the old lady to his side. On his left a shoulder a shaddow lied and out of this shaddow began to pour his blood. Many centipedes of various sizes slowly crept out of the shadow and crawled all over him. The centipedes were covered in blood and varied from a few inches to a few feet. The long ones were only slightly thicker than the short they just had more legs. The longest one was albino and started to crawl onto the guys face. It began to crawl into his ear and he tried to remove it. The woman then uttered something and placed it back into his ear. I woke up it was 7:30


she must've been hella evil


mine also took place in a hotel, i think

>i am in this tower. it has many rooms and is as tall as a skyscraper.

>there is some kind of event going on here. only certain important people are invited.
>i'm not one of those people, but i was allowed in the building with another group.
>most of the lower and middle floors are luxurious and well decorated. the purpose of this building is not clear to me.
>after taking the elevator up most of the way, it stops at a room with steel grate floors. there are metal stairs climbing up and around around a central elevator that i wasn't allowed into. parts of this room do not have walls to the outside, and you can see the night skyline for miles. it is cold and windy up here as well.
>i climb up several floors in this area to reach the rooftop. it is like a pool party up here, with about a dozen or so older, well dressed folks. of course, no one is in the pool on account of the temperature.
>the sky seems cloudier than before. i walk over and observe a much older man with a younger woman under his arm wearing a red, glittery dress. he sees me at first and for a moment seems not to mind, but upon closer inspection his expression turns dark.
>i suspect that he knows i'm not "supposed" to be here, so i calmly but quickly turn and go back the way i came.
>sometime later i follow this group of people to another building. it is just a couple of stories, but looks extravagantly furnished.
>they all arrive by limousines. i watch from a bush as they walk in the entrance.


I was wandering around an airport - or was it a boat port, the ocean must have been right outside the door, and it was dark outside the building, but that seems to be a regular motif in my dreams. Inside is warm, outside is the ocean and it is cold.

Anyways, wandering around the airport terminal, until I eventually find a 24-hour shop. They were having a sale on Mango smoothies. I get really excited on how lucky I am to get such a deal and buy one, just one. Pound it back almost immediatly.

I want a second one but I cannot find the store again. I wake up. I'm thirsty.


>in some enormous empty steel compound
>hallways are 70' wide and 70' high
>there is an enormous steel wire cage that is melted down
>huge, larger than human sized chunks of acid burned flesh scattered along the hallway
>long parts of the walls and floor melted down and covered in a mixture of acid and acrid, burnt flesh
>follow the hallway for miles
>finally walk through a service door to a wide open platform outside, there are some military and civilian looking people preparing for something
>go into another room for a while
>return to the platform, there are now boxes of supplies that the people are opening, helicopters are leaving
>it is raining, there is a glass canopy over the platform like a greenhouse
>masses of flesh similar to what I saw around the cage, that looks like piles of burn bodies start crawling across the platform towards the people
>some with guns start shooting at them
>one of the monsters grabs a civilian by the ankle, whips him against the pile and holds him there
>the civilian's flesh starts smoking and he screams in agony
>he eventually dies, and his arms and legs start flapping around trying to move the monster towards more people to consume
>i finally wake up


>robbing a bank with my best friend, the guy that plays Trevor in GTAV, and a few other people
>the bank looks like some clusterfuck mix of a house with a museum and a little bit of an actual bank. Like someone made it in the sims or something.
>we realize the money is in a part of the bank with a lot of people so we make our way there
>we have to kill innocent people to get to the money
>before we get the money we hear sirens outside so we decide to ditch the money and leave
>bank looks like my friend's old house now
>I look out the window in the front of the house and see cops so I run out the back of the house
>A cop is there. He says "Sir get on the ground."
>I comply
>I start realizing that my life is ruined and I start crying
>I beg him to kill me since my life is over
>I go through the trial and everything bawling my eyes out
>I get sent to a prison that has the aesthetics of a mansion while still crying like a baby
>wake up


>me and an old woman from gym class are watchig TV
>a trailer for paul blart mall cop 3 ocmes on
>I mention how it looks like a ripoff of the filthy frank show(it did)
>wake up

I remember that dream being longer but can't remember anything else.



Did you rape or kill her?


File: 1461940459085.png (109.44 KB, 134x200, 1423780355002.jpg)

>in mosque
>I am with a group of turkic people in their 20s
>they clumsily translate parts of a french version of the quran into english
>I tell them, that I understand french and they dont need to translate
>wake up inside dream
>in bed, girl hugs me
>I know that we are married, feels nice
>actually wake up


>I'm feeling lonely. I'm looking outside my window down to the streets below. My room mate comes in, but she ignores me and just goes to her bed 1 meter from me.
>For some reason I'm tied up, but Neville frees me and McGonagall gives me gold statues in order to help me to flee. So I'm fleeing on my broom, flying over a river delta.
>Then I'm at work and I remember that my workplace isn't available anymore anyway, so I go into an old ruin / castle in the neighborhood to work from there. Some time later I go into my old workplace, but my coworkers already finished moving to the new place and don't need any help anymore.
>The best thing in the dream is, that I realize, that the world is actually dying; the world and everyone in it is just waiting patiently and apathetically for their deaths (Texhnolyze), that's why everything in it seems so lonely and that's why no-one will speak to me. I also finally want to meet death to leave this lonely world.
I wake up. I'm strangely refreshed by this dream. I guess that's what they call catharsis.


I'm walking in the woods. Its day time. Suddenly I hear rustling behind me, and all I think is "here he comes again."

A grey and red wolf comes running from behind me. I spin around and it bites into my arm. It hurts like hell. Wake up in cold sweat.


I was smacking children in the head and beating them up. One looked like a character I draw (a 10 year old red head girl). I was really happy about it, yet I forgot why. I love beating people up. I was at The Mall (>>2234) and I went over to the pool section.
A giant bug crawled along my face and I jumped in the pool and woke up.


>kid age
>fire, fire everywhere
>god is a giant talking head
>fireball hits
>I grow wings and tits
>flyoff into the wasteland
Woke up terrified


>I grow wings and tits
jesus, dude


File: 1462591586716.png (4.43 MB, 200x192, ZxCNHbY.gif)

ok so these are two separate dreams but they were both fucking freaky as hell. super disturbing, yet i didnt wake up in the middle of the night like i do with most of these types of dreams

dream 1
>getting yelled at by my aunt(whom is like my mother) for some shit
>say "fuarrk this"
>go out to my car
>aunt leans out the door, morphs into my mother, yells at me to be careful because they just redid the roads out where i live
>instinctively i know this means random patches of the road will catch on fire as i go over them
>get a call from my best friend
>shes freaking out, its an emergency
>tell her ill be right there, take off
>as predicted, road is randomly catching fire, but i am unaffected like a true pro
>my hands hurt, i ignore it
>they hurt more, i dont ignore it, my feet hurt too, and i look down
>theres fucking toothpicks growing out of my hands
>"wtf" and brush them off
>they break off and leave this gross... fluid, i guess, and just grow back
>theyre growing back too fast, cant keep up with them, theyre starting to cluster
>im crying at this point and pull over, call my mom
>tells me to shut up
>eventually she shows up and yells at me for crying about my toothpick hands
>wake up

dream 2
>get off work at a local pie shop
>head to the beach suddenly behind a family members house(i live *quite* inland irl, and this house defs did not belong to any of my lower class fam irl)
>all my favorite drag queens are there
>so are my 3 best friends
>we're all having a good time, i dick around
>stick my hands in the sand and push them around
>pull them out
>theyre covered in tiny black lines embedded in my skin like splinters
>wtf are these???
>bianca del rio comes over
>"ooh gurl, yikes, thats some serious shit, lemme help you"
>takes my hand, pushes the lines out like a linear fucking zit
>as it exits my body line expands like a fucking ancient mini crustacean
>you know the one
>anyway its bullshit, it hurts, i start crying as bianca comforts me and starts pushing them out
>now theres some pus
>party is over, she has to leave
>but theres still a few left, and its a fucking parasite in my hand, im not gonna just leave it there
>so i push it out myself
>it just burrows further into my hand, pus and blood start leaking out
>a hummer pulls up, window starts to roll down
>i wake up


put this on and fell back to sleep this morning , vivid dreams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWS2pIXvLdQ

had a dream for the second time about a girl from work, who in the dream tells me she's had an abortion. This time I saw she'd had a c section. Then, again, dream about my old housemate who was a good mate until I went to move and he threatened to chuck my things out cause he went crazy. Ive not seen him since. In the dream he's in one of his happy moods and ask him what he wants. He said he misses me. The whole thing reminds of how Matt and Foggy couldnt be business partners anymore in Daredevil. Okay I forgive your crazy raging bullshit, just stay out of my dreams.


-Went through a narrow house. Go to toilet. The toilet was on a crane and begins to fall off. Prepare for the deadly impact. woke up
-Two crystalline areas, one violet one dark blue, fight for superiority. The have a center each, which can send out butterflies to conquer new areas, but they die in the wrong color fast. at the edges the areas build up great crystals. I am blue and I lose.
-Was out at midnight. Met people and wanted to join them for running but I had clunky winter boots on my feet, so I had to do big slow steps and didn't go anywhere in time.
-There was a car repair shop with Indian people. I polished wrecked cars, to find many evidences of criminal acts (whatever that was). In the end the boss of this place wanted to improve my face and teeth with an ankle grinder. I fought hard and somehow managed to prevent him from killing me.


I had an almost nightmare, and I enjoyed it. I wasn't full lucid but I felt like I had some degree of control over myself in that dream.

It was kind of like being in one of theose horror-action movies that I like and where everyone does not die(although some do).

The setting was my parents house. But my family was not there. Instead I was there with 2 random friendly strangers.
We went outside and there we met another stranger who was a con artist trying to con us.
Eventually that con artist attempts to kill us with a sniper rifle.
We electrocute him and he falls off the roof.

But then we notice we got surrounded by crows. We tried running away from them, but they followed us everywhere and just creepily stood around us.
Eventually we ran into a shed, but the crows followed us there too...And then I woke up.


You are getting distanced from your social circles due to your own thing (hose), you are aware of this and that's why it appears suddenly.

You see your thing (hobby or something else) as constructive and enjoyable but childish. You are scared for the future and believe someone is working against you; nevertheless you have the confidence to confront it/them/?

You feel as if your (hose) thing is becoming too much of an obstacle to normal life (getting tangled, people laughing at you because of that) and you want to get rid of it.

You are afraid of responsibility.





You feel some kind of pressure because of your father. If not father, it represents a duty.


Another closet.

You recently proved yourself worthy of something and you feel proud.

You know what they say, a man dreams what he craves.

You compare yourself to others way too much. If you use facebook, stop.

Very paranoid. Scared of the future, you believe a major crisis could hit very soon.


Man this thread is way bigger than it appeared at first.

You crave support, and your ex obviously. Scared of dealing with things alone (the storm).


You're worried about your mental state. Also a pervert (all those inanimate women).

Worried about outside persons having influence on your close ones in a bad manner - because of you.

Self-confidence issues.

Craving a woman. Afraid of loneliness (storm). See above.


File: 1463018892642.png (323.38 KB, 160x200, 30.png)

more of this shit please!! im loving it


He dreamed he was sucking his own dick with a girl present, that's "closet"? You never masturbated with a girl? If you could blow yourself you would, and if you say no you're lying. Besides most girls would find that highly impressive.



I sure hope these 'interpretations', without knowing anything about the subject, aren't taken seriously by anyone. Especially considering you don't even take into account what a certain thing means for the subject, and immediately diagnosing perversion from a single dream.


>at home
>somehow know I'm not human or something
>get bit on nose by strange insect
>go to hospital
>It's fatal if left untreated
>go under
>wake up having surgery
>nobody even recognizes I'm there
>go to arcade that recurs in most of my dreams


I was in Anaheim's house but with a pool. I was beating up my parents with a fist, a mallet, electricuting them with a fly swatter, pushing them into a pool to drown. When a commercial played, I tool a mallet and tried breaking the TV. It seems at though I had snapped but it felt so good. (Since this is taken from my e-diary and I understand it more than anyone else, I'll elaborate on this part, I DESPISE television. My father usually plays movies about rape, murder, war, porn, etc and this made up a great portion of my childhood. Originally, my mother took a bat and broke it but he bought another recently.)
It feels as though I was originally at the outside of the mall
(it comes up in my dreams a lot)
at first before that happened. I was walking around with orch while bands were playing and my (pretend) rival violinist was there. The outside fair was fun and it all got muddled when I went into the game store by a large shade tent.
Yet before that I was in a place similar to Marina Del Rey. I didn't do much there but walk around. It felt empty.
Long before that, (IRL) when I was trying to fall asleep, I was conscious of my body. I was laying on my front and a wave of static fell over me and I started breathing heavily. I saw reds and oranges when my eyes wasn't open. I kept denying the static my entering into the ether because a ghost kept molesting me.
I just realized,
was actually referencing a song (excluding the nazis and the frizbee. "The hills are on fire" (horizon of gold) from the sing streelights by ludo and then I later recall streetlights.


I haven't really played video games in years but often have dreams about them. Last night:

> game starts with a back story that is actually a filmed live action clip with real actors. It's a couple in their apartment including a totally passable transgender woman, the kind that you'd never suspect. They are having an average day at home before the horror commences

> game starts and it's a bird's eye view dungeon like Gauntlet or something, a simple maze with a very basic colour scheme, the colour of flames implying Hell
> the view is scaleable, it zooms out as the monsters drift farther away so that you can see yourself and them no matter how far away they are
> the common monsters are some red skeletons but the real danger is a creeping goo or slime that consumes everything in its path including you
> cut back to another live action segue and the pretty transgirl is completely naked doing exercises in the apartment


The other night, I woke up in the middle of a mostly restful sleep as a bit of water dripped onto my forehead. Good God, how cold it was. It must have turned into an icicle and pierced my skull, it was so horribly, freezing cold. Another drop woke me up and brought me into awareness. I rolled over to my left and quickly wiped the water off on my pillow. I realized why the roof was leaking: the drywall had peeled away, and I could see the studs and insulation between the inside and outside of the building. Rot ate away at the studs, turning chunks of the normally bright wood into a melting mush the color of stagnant swampwater. The sickly green of mold colonies had joined in as well; that couldn't be a good sign. What's more, the insulation was brown. There was only trace evidence that the deflated tufts of fiberglass had once been bright pink. And, as I tilted my head just right, a silver beam of light caught my eye. The wall had a hole in it, and through the yellowish-purple light pollution of uptown Chicago I caught a glimpse of the moon, in all her glory.

Long story short, I was in an abandoned building.

Still somewhat sleepy, and thus not yet able to process that the building was one storm away from collapsing on me and burying me alive, I rolled over the opposite direction and found a friend of mine sleeping next to me. I'd make a "no homo" joke, but that's when he wrapped his arms around me and I started rubbing my rapidly-developing boner against his thigh. He purred as I kept at it for a minute or so, before the door at the opposite end of the room. A feeling of fear came over me. That was my friend's father, wasn't it? This notion struck me as incredibly strange, as the guy looked Mexican whereas my friend was white. Wait a minute, why did the room just change? For that matter, isn't my friend a Dutch guy who I've only ever talked to over the internet?

A ten-foot icicle drove itself through my neck.

I woke up on my rubber mattress at the shelter. I grabbed my watch. 4:49. Lights on in ten minutes.

Sensations like those water drops usually have some sort of real-life counterpart, but I can't for the life of me figure out what they were. I get the feeling that, if they even were something, I probably wouldn't want to know.


lmao wtf


i have problems or smth smhwu


It's a bit scary that I forget my dreams as badly as I do.


Just woke up from this dream:

>in finland

>in some underground bunker/cellar
>one hand of my hands (it sometimes switched in the dream, but was mostly my right hand) has to be amputated for some reason
>later visit doctor to look at the stump/scar
>doctor says swelling is good, everything pretty decent for self-made operation
>visit relatives who live in the woods in some self-build cabins
>besides grandfather and uncle there is also a woman there I dont know
>later in some class room
>for some reason i can still grip a pen with the amputated hand, like one or two fingers left
>try to write, it hurts but works better than expected.


-Watching a youtube video: top ten nursery rhymes that never existed.
-"Wheels on the bus."
-I am a primary school student on a bus, and the bus is warped: seats are inflated, windows are opened at weird angles, the aisle is tilted.
-We file into the seats back to front in order, and I end up in a seat with some kid and we are the only ones who realize that there's something wrong with the bus.
-We whisper about how to fix it, but then the other kids make fun of us for whispering and the bus driver makes me sit up front near her, she is very angry.
-After some time sitting there I ask her to deflate my seat. She presses a button and things in the bus shift to new wrong positions.
-I'm in the cafeteria at where I went to high school and I mistakenly approach a mute girl who used to follow me around, thinking it was the table I usually sat at.
-I apologize and explain I thought it was my usual table. The real table is two away and so I go sit at it, but in the background I can see her crying.
-Somebody stole my oreo cookies.
-The crying begins to bother me so I tell myself that if I stop focusing on her mentally she will stop existing.
-The guy who stole my oreo cookie leaves and while he's gone I have to change into a spy uniform and prepare to explain the ROT13 cipher to him, this makes me very nervous.
-I am watching a woman throwing a party for her dentist and teenage son, and she is about to sing a popular nursery rhyme, but her face freezes and she cannot sing.
-After a minute she laughs nervously and the laugh is ten times louder than it should be.


File: 1464559352383.png (159.58 KB, 142x200, Screenshot_2016-05-24-23-00-20-1.png)

Walking a pathway with mother and we find a vineyard of fruits, jelly filled, large strawberries and apples that are wide with a star pattern on top that birds nest on (it's wide). This mother isn't like my mother but she looks like her. There are testers of candy to the left of the vineyard. The chocolate is good but I tap dance to the peppermint (I tap dance when I'm happy IRL). It was peppermint stick with peppermint frosting and red and blue ??? but I wanted the stick so I went to the inside to cash out.
Some Korean bitch took my frosting and red and blue ??? so I got my pet mother to steal chocolate under the counter by throwing it outside and having her stash it in a car. Koreans don't even eat chocolate IRL. I punch that fucking bitch in the gut. Fuck you, I paid for those fucking blue and red whatevers. Then she jumped up on this cabinet above the cash register and got a trap door where her friends came downstairs, all three were Korean guys. One attempts to reconcile with me by teasing me in Korean and Chinese and then trying to have sex with me but I'm against it and it really only made matters worse.
Apparently, there are a collection of 7 stories IRL that I need to collect in my dreams.
I think one is:
When I saw a UFO when I was doing a commercial for the Lakers
which is the one I collected in this dream (#7). I'm assuming the dream mini game will get harder because I've been traumatized by blunt force in the head 3 times in the past year so my memory's fucked up but that's one of the easier memories I have.

BTW, I'm a Koreaboo if that explains the Koreans.


This was years ago, but I still remember kinda well

I had a dream about the apocalypse, but it wasn't sudden or scary or anything, it's just that everyone "knew" the world was about to end. I remember the sky was always a kind of weird shade of red, but besides that there was nothing happening that seemed apocalyptic. We started all gathering in large cities for some reason, and for some reason, man-made structures looked kinda in disrepair sometimes. Like part of a large bridge was broken apart, but not because of some attack or bomb, it was just... breaking.

It was a really depressing dream, basically the whole human race knew the world was going to end. We just kind of gave up as a species and lived our remaining days with the certain end of all things looming.


Had one last night that was kinda unnerving

- friend and I are in my car, going to eat
- we're at a stoplight when suddenly she gets out of the car and says something
- I reply saying that lets just go eat
- She runs off in a direction instead
- Furious, I just drive by myself to where we were going, short distance away
- it's night now, and I'm parked behind some building next to the restaurant
- suddenly I see two guys running out of the building carrying a bunch of stuff
- their car is right next to me, and when they get there I confront them asking if they're stealing artifacts
- one of the guys suddenly hits me with a gun,
- they start freaking out about what to do about me since I'm a witness
- one of them says something, and I ask if they're letting me go, and then he shoots me in the head
- it hurts a lot, but there's no blood, so I decide it must have bounced off my skull
- they leave, but then come back because they figured out I'm alive
- I find a random car and get in the back and hide
- try to text my friend to call the cops and where I am
- can't see the screen or keyboard for some reason (this kind of thing always happens in my dreams) so I'm just typing nonsense
- freaking out because I still hear them
- wake up


File: 1464695711536.png (42.77 KB, 200x187, the fuck.jpg)

-leaving window open
-taking nap
-waking up
-walls of dorm room covered with insects
-pest control had the genius idea to pour ferrochloric acid into air ducts for god what reason
-my stuff is still in room, reeks of chlorine
-get vacuum and suck away acid on desk
-all the stickers on my calculator are discolored, everything else seemed okay
-suddenly in hospital room, get up and leave
-why the fuck is donald Drumpf here
-he storms into analysis lab ranting
-he's a doctor now for whatever reason
-i ask about his qualifications
-he breaks my knees
-later some people any myself confront him while he gives a speech
-he flees uphill from angry mob
-looks like he got away
-met grandma on the way
-we surf downhill on the wet grass with only our shoes getting sick air


I recently dreamed that I was Drumpfs driver. I had to drive him around but also accompany him to interviews etc.
I was always worrying that I also might be seen on tv in my ill-fitting drivers suit.
And felt terribly out of place all the time.


Just wokeup from this dream:

>fighting for the Islamic state

>attacking kurdish position on a hill
>airstrike misses us, hits the kurdish position, obliterates it
>storm building complex behind where there positions were
>looks like it used to be some holiday home of rich people, mostly empty now o filled with gear, daily necessaties, its ground floor is laid out with white tiles, has an open front for the view and stairs up to a second floor with balcony infront of the doors to the rooms
>hill is rather green, trees, plants
>not much weapons and ammunition to find as it all was in the fortified postions destroyed and not back here, I just find two AKs and one M16 and bunch of replacement parts
>pick the M16, check it, its jammed, looks like a double feed at first, but actually the round is pointing the wrong way in the chamber, get it out. Not much ammo for it too.
>some other guys have checked the other rooms in the far side of the house
>they call me over because I speak english
>a room with sofas is filled with greek guys
>my m8s ask me to calm them down,
>I go in and ask them whether they speak english and that nothing will happen to them, and we will figure out how to solve the situation
>they are happy they have somebody they can talk to
>go back tell the other guys, see myself in a mirror/window: wearing kaffiyah on my head, black uniform and olive webbing
>some guy has to be brought to the hospital
>they get him on a motorbike and drive him down the hill
>I am now in charge of the greeks, no decent transport for so many guys down the hill, the road is gone due to the airstrike
>not sure how to deal with the issue


>on some sort of stage
>for some reason i carry the red bass guitar that belongs to marceline the vampire queen
>i have just put new strings on it
>enjoying myself
>people bugging me to get off the stage because trent reznor is going to be on
>trent reznor appears, he is short and fat
this is the second time i have dreamt about trent reznor being fat, wtf
also, i had put new strings on my guitar the day before

>in a post apocalyptic world
>on duty shift with one of my colleages (doctor) who is super OCDish IRL
>we are on duty not in the hospital but in the whole world somehow
>there are zombies everywhere
>old woman's head comes loose
>colleage tries to put it back on, it wont stick
i've had some eventful shifts with that colleage IRL, he has the uncanny ability to attract the crazy


A pale woman with freckles and a tan was holding me down and electrosimulating me with a weird device. I didn't like it at first but I kept doing it afterwards. She was hot, like alien hot.
Yeah, it was a really short dream.


File: 1465151466089.png (297.2 KB, 200x140, 1464492101477-b.gif)

Dovahkiin was out eating and then a bunch of cats join him. He tries to leave by jumping to me but he just couldn't reach and rolls down a hill. I grab him and keep him safe.
I bring him to school in a little carrier. It is Mable. I go to Lang. I eat and browse the internet. I look up Ayabambi videos. They aren't dance very well. I stop. I grab a watermelon in a lost knot basket. I hold it on my stomach like a pregnant woman for fun. K and R draws on the board. I draw a naked woman on the board. A porn artist comments that it's nice. K knows the artist and directs me to his exhentais. They aren't that good, granny x loli shit. I leave the class and start sucking the pussy of a girl in another in the same wing (I'm gay IRL). It tastes so salty. Class starts, I return. We discuss politics. The teacher comments that I want to eat the watermelon. I think "Racist! Is it because I'm black?" but she lets me go open it. I grab a large, sharp knife from the cupboard and open the watermelon. Guts and the stench of half digested food come out. Some girls insult Drumpf. I ask the teacher if Basich is back in the running because I felt as though he was. There is a Polish artist with the same name. There is meat alongside my watermelon trapped in intestines. The teacher discards the knife. I wake up confused but satisfied somewhat that I actually had a dream.


Oh fuck, I should have edited that Dovahkiin is the name of my pet guinea pig (I bought him around when Skyrim came out on 11-11-11.)


File: 1465300416494.png (40.57 KB, 150x200, 0b4e009a0a5c1dac248d4721f8a12b16.png)

I woke up from this a few hours ago and I'm quite sad about it.
I'm fairly certain my memory of the dream follows a party my family was hosting.
>walking home
>eventually a car starts chasing me
>a girl like pic related was either walking by me or coming out of a house
>she pulls out a revolver and shoots at the car a few times
>she proceeds to hold me, but she's only fooling around
>the driver of the car isn't dead but she recognised where it was from and shot the building
>it blew up
>I ask for her name
>she asks why
>I tell her I want to be her friend
>her name was something like opportunity, but spelt funny
>we walk for a bit
>she says she doesn't want any money from me
>we walk through the village and talk about our lives
>eventually we end up at her house
>we watch movies and play vidya for hours
>periodically her cats, Persians, would walk in and out the room
>realise that I'm not only on a date with a girl, but I'm also in her house
>I'm having the time of my life
>she then puts the JoJo fighting game for the PS3 in, I recently got into JoJo so this was great
>she puts her hand in my lap and starts saying slightly lewd things
>I have to pee now
>ask her where the toilet is
>she has a shower toilet combo
>end up having a shower and then take a dump
>she starts talking to me about constipation
Then I woke up with the urge to kill myself. What does it, if at all, mean?


just last night:
>in some sort of hotel room
>jake appelbaum is in bed next to me
>he is masturbating
>ask him to stop
>he continues
this is right after i read those news stories about him, and apparently this really concerns my mind.
also, wtf, i used to idolize him, now everyone steps forward and says he's always been a bully. i don't know what to believe anymore.


Riveting dream.


I was cleaning a business with my mother (that we actually did clean last night), I swept up a bunch of dirt piles, then we left. As we were nearly home I realized "fuck, I didn't sweep up the dirt piles or half the store in general." We had to go all the way back.

I arrived, went and started sweeping, and realized "fuck, I forgot all my clothes." I'm standing there naked, but I just keep sweeping. A customer or some such walks by and looks at me, and I just look back and make a shooing motion. Got shit to do here, don't have time for this. An employee comes and gives me a scottish celt. Red with black and a small bit of white plaid. Along with one of those white dress shirts. So I put it on, and it was the most comfortable piece of clothing I've ever experienced, dream or otherwise. It was down to around my ankles, warm but in no instance really in the way. So I keep sweeping, in comparatively greater comfort. My grandmother is there for some reason.

Then this fat guy, as wide as the entire corridor appears. Starts talking all manner of shit and being a general dickhead. So I go over and punch him in the side of the head. He starts swinging, gets me in the shoulder and then close to a kidney shot. I've punch him ~the face region a few more times. Think the best way to get back to sweeping is to knock him unconscious, either by compressing the trigeminal nerve root (via the jaw), or by putting some torque on the brainstem. He doesn't have any kind of guard and is just wildly swinging at this point. I punch him in the jaw, again. He stumbles a bit this time, and since he's topheavy I manage to grab him and throw 'em over. He goes rolling a bit and almost crushes my legs. I get down on the ground and start pounding him in the head. Eventually I stop, get up and say something like "Hey, are you alright?" He replies, "Yeah." So I leave and try to go back to sweeping, but no matter how hard I try I can't seem to get there without finding myself rolling down a hill. I realize I should drove there myself, and might never get to the keys to go home. Eventually I do get back to sweeping. There's more debris than when I started, so I say fuck it. And for some reason one of my feet came out of my boot just enough that I couldn't force it back in, but it was still attached, so I was walking around with one leg bent and standing on the boot. Then I leave.

It was a very unusual dream. The progression, the concepts, how things happened. Somewhere after I put the celt / skirt on, I began to periodically shift between masculine and feminine throughout the dream. I've occasionally had dreams where I had a female body, but usually I'm someone else as well.


I suppose the feeling, the vibe was probably what it made it feel strange. Things in my dreams have a degree of weight. My decisions matter, the overall deal at the time depends on itself, not me. In this case I had no sense of presence, nor vulnerability. It's not uncommon I get mangled or killed off in my dreams. Switching to a new one, or looping back to an earlier point. My dreams also don't usually have other people, and when they do, they're strangers.

Whole thing kind of felt like being in my mid teens again, in retrospect. It was very easy to move.


File: 1465713683516.png (1.17 MB, 200x200, angel.gif)

recently i dreamed that i had grown these bizarre and disgusting lactating breasts, i am male, and in my dream i was scared of them. so i went into the bathroom and looked at them and touched them and it was my bathroom as usual but the window was cleaner and the paint and light was more vibrant yellow. they lactated a very watery liquid that looked kinda like semen and i think it tasted like a salty lemon or something. what really stuck out though was how warm it was. this was out of my left nipple. my right nipple had a calcified spire in it that i pulled out. it was sharp and thin, looked like a needle of seed, and it hurt as i pulled it out. a kind of sucking that i felt both inside and out, and it left a goo as i pulled it out. it looked like a thin string of spit or cum. and then the dream faded out into my stepfather talking at me.
"i know what you're doing"
and then he gave me some kind of masturbation aid and everyone looked at me in the house and i was ashamed and i was wearing a overlong tshirt and the walls were yellow as well. then he made me go to lowes and the sun bled yellow light into all space like pus spilling out over all the world or something. the cum spire in my imaginary tit disturbs me still and i had a hard time looking at flat chested girls after this dream. i'm more feminine than most other boys i wonder what this dream means.


File: 1465960720701.png (72.56 KB, 134x200, tumblr_n1bgene74w1runaefo1_1280.jpg)

I dream, but I only have one or two that are worth telling because the have something that resembles a plot.

1) One of my friends, Zolpidem, is a wizard and a dick. Figurative dick, literal wizard. We're hanging out in my apartment and he's casting spells on me. He switches my body with a house plant. A couch. And then a 16 year old girl named Origin. Then he disappears.

So the two of us are standing there alone in the apartment,I am now Origin and she is now Humphrey, and now I'm thinking to myself "this is fucking fantastic, I have all the knowledge of my old self but a younger body and I get all kinds of sweet gender-specific scholarships for University and so forth and so forth."

So the two of us go back to our respective families, I break it to my father that he has a daughter now.

But over time, I start forgetting things. I forget where I put my laptop. I forget my cell phone lock number.

And I start remembering things. Things like the time I got my period when I was 13. The book I had to read for English class (Brave New World) and the paper on it is due in a week.

I realized that when he had switched our bodies, he had switched our minds as well...there was just a delay. Soon there would be nothing to distinguish Me (Humphrey) from The Girl (Origin).

And this terrified me to the depths of my soul, and I'm certain that there must be a soul and it must be mine, because if it were the girl's then she would welcome the coming memories as they come home.

I was trapped. I needed to get my Wizard friend (Zolpidem) to change me back before it was too late. Before he trapped my soul in a body that wasn't mine and a mind that wasn't either.

I woke up.

It was a scary dream. A nightmare. I don't think I have pleasant dreams anyways...


Ok, but only because I'm passing by. I'll post one that I had when I was really little:

>Trapped in some kind of vast museum

> There isn't much except endless dark hallways of stone pillars
>Occasionally there is a lion statue between the pillars
>Wander for a while
>Find a door and go through
>It's a small theater, with seats and a stage. The carpet is red. The stage backdrop is...like a night sky (maybe?)
>There is just one man on stage, dressed in a ghost costume (like a sheet with eyeholes on it) and he's singing
>I think he was singing the theme song to that old Aladdin cartoon that used to be on Disney channel
>I think my parents are in the crowd
>Decide to leave, back into the 'museum'
>Wander for a while
>One of the lion statues springs to life!
>It strikes me and it hurts a lot
>In this dream I guess I had some kind of health bar that appeared when the lion struck me, and I still had a few more hits before I died
>But I'm a scared little kid and this lion is mauling me
>"Ok lion, you...win"
>I collapse to the floor
>Wake up

Kind of weird, always stuck with me for some reason. I think I was maybe 6.


I was mauled by a bear in my dreams around that age.


I recently got a new job and worked there every day this week. I'm a host at a restaraunt. I had a nightmare last night that I had to keep working even though I was sleeping, so I was handing out menus and bussing tables while laying in my bed. Then spiders got on my pillow so I was scared to lay back down but I didn't want to get fired. Later I had another nightmare about it, this time that my alarm didn't go off and I woke up at 2 pm. I immediately was fired and replaced by the girl who I actually replaced irl, and they told me I lost my job and I'd have to apply again.


I'm navigating a maze-like construction of strange rooms. However, a policeman is chasing me, so I have to keep moving and can't really enjoy the scenery. Eventually, I turn back and notice the policeman repeatedly falling into a hole and re-spawning above only to fall in again. So now he can't catch me and I can wander at my own pace. I turn a corner...
>Completely featureless white room
I get really excited about how beautiful this completely featureless white room is.
>Room starts morphing into a big kitchen
I get so excited about the room morphing into a kitchen that I wake myself up.


The first part of the dream reminds me of a dream I had as a child.
I was being chased by some figure of authority in a concrete maze. I was trying really hard to get out, I was also half conscious but sleep paralysis and about 10 years old. Someone woke me up but I fell down again. I saw my mother croc-crying behind a wall and I was trapped in this maze. I remember seeing myself in 3rd person saying wake up, wake up, and I kept blinking IRL but it only transferred itself into my dream.


I'm on a stage in an auditorium on the stage in front of an audience of hundreds of people, about to give a lecture. The projector goes on and it flashes through a couple of slides before I speak - which is something I do in my lectures before I speak before to draw attention - but it definetly wasn't one of my normal lectures. They were woodcuts of different monsters and one was a woodcut of a bunch of bipedal rabbits running away from a burning forest.

Anyway, the lights start to dim and I'm about to begin speaking, but before I can start a spotlight raises up to someone in the audience. It's a guy in a tuxedo and a top hat, but he has no face.

I stand there looking at this horrible abomination of a man, I can't break away from him, I stand on the stage petrified and sweating, unable to say a word. Then this horrible music starts to play. This terrible cacaphony of different instruments clashing together.

I woke up in a cold sweat, in absolute panic, couldnt stop panting and my heart was racing. That was Saturday night, I haven't been able to sleep with the light off since then.


File: 1466833781484.png (404.8 KB, 163x200, WORRY.png)

Alright lainons, time for the coolest dream I ever done had

I call it

Anon: Ghost Cop

Episode 1
>be in highschool
>school is undergoing renovations
>renovations that include building a giant brick cathedral over the entire school
>hey, I can dig it
>mention how strange it is to some guy my age
>over the days i begin to befriend this guy
>he's pretty cool
>i wander around the school

Episode 2
>i hear the bell ring for lunch
>i whip out a sandwich excited for a meal
>i dig in along with dream bro
>disaster strikes
>dream bro has placed arsenic in my sandwich!
>i stumble around and die

Episode 3
>after 3 minutes of nothing i wake up
>i am still at school
>everything is cold
>i try to move but i notice i'm not touching the ground
>i'm a ghost and no one can hear me
>i'm fucking pissed at dream bro for killing me
>i set out to find him

Episode 4
>find out dream bro is in prison for killing me like a douche
>i find him in the prison, which looked like someone shat out a hotline miami level high on acid
>i find dream bro's cell
>i shake him, asking why he did it
>he looks at me with determination
>"because anon"
>"i need you to be a ghost cop"

Episode 5
> I fistfight some heroin addicts and carry some guy out of a burning building
>the president tries to high five me but falls through my body
>freeze frame everyone laughing
>i wake up

To this day that was the wackiest dream i ever had


Holy fuck why don't I ever have dreams this amazing ;_;

This needs to be made into a webcomic or an animated mini-series. It would be so fucking awesome.


I had a dream I was cutting trees and eating bugs (I like eating insects IRL) with a guy I can recall as having black hair and pale skin. We're supposedly friends but I can't remember his face.


File: 1466880612714.png (11.4 KB, 135x200, 2016-06-25-11-42-46-254382552.jpg)


Possible dream waifu confirmed


Pretty much on the nail, Lainon.


File: 1466931597640.png (190.16 KB, 167x200, succccc.jpg)

Ghost Cop Anon here

I have another dream for you, this time a bit more recent. I tend to have a lot of time distortion in my dreams, this particular one was from dozing off for around 5 minutes IIRC.

>Live in Japanese village with vaguely modern architecture

>Due to distortion it felt like i had been there for a very long time, around 3 years or so
>I for some reason hang out with this old chinese guy alot
>One day i'm on a stroll with chinabro
>he mentions something about an old temple on some remote hill somewhere
>i decide to go check it out, hey, i don't have anything better to do
>i walk the path through the beautiful countryside to the temple
>holy shit
>this is more like a castle whoa
>open the massive doors
>red lightning crackles from the middle of the temple floor
>a portal opens up
>out crawls a 2d anime demon, despite everything else in the dream being incredibly realistic
>sort of like pic related
>needless to say
>i freak out super hard
>i point and scream "SUCCUBUS! GOD MADE RULES!" or something of that sort
>i dash out
>i babble to fellow villagers about experience
>assemble torch and pitchfork posse with the town shinto dude
>we storm back to the temple
>suddenly jumpcut
>i'm at good ol' chinabro's house
>drinking large amounts of liquor with the succubus and all the other villagers
>we are having a merry old time
>i fist bump the succubus
>i wake up feeling super accomplished

My dreams are pretty cool


I've never had any memorable dreams accept for a reoccurring one when I was in like kindergarten, right now it wouldn't be scary, but it was a spook when I was in kindergarten. The dream goes as follows.

>Be in completely white room

>Have door in room, light outside it so you can see a shadow illuminated pretty big if someone or something is coming in the room.
>Hear something
>See silhouette of something coming into the room
>Hear an indescribable noise
>Something is right next to the room
>Dream ends.

I only had this about twice.


If I saw a succubus coming out of the ground running wouldn't be the first thing that comes to mind. . .


This was the dream: I bought some drugs from this "deepweb" site that my friend reccomended me. except instead of delivering them by mail the guy actually came over and gave you the package, and there was a site or something where you could track his location, and he could also track yours. So if you moved even for a bit it would take longer as hed have to go to your new location instead of just dropping it off at your house. I really needed it right then for some reason I cant remember, so i was going to go where he was to speed things up. He was in detroit which was only an hour away somehow by walking, but I didnt want to go there bevause of the crime (ironic now that i think about it) So I said fuck the drugs and went to china, which I had been thinking about doing for half the dream but had to wait for the drugs as I said. Though eventually my desire to go to China outweighed that so I went. The part of China I was in at first was one giant ass fortress ruled by an oppressive monarchy, and this was like the capital of China. However outside of there the rest of China was really nice and free, and as a visitor they let me go where I wanted. If you went west it was all cities that progressively got more dense. To the north was towns and suburbs. The east was all country with a few houses, and south was just vast fields of empty land. I was going to check out the city but instead I decided to go to the suburbs because I wanted to interact with the native population in a more peaceful setting I guess? I saw a couple shops but they didnt look very modern so I figured they probably wouldnt speak english and I looked for something more new looking. On the way I saw some chinese kids playing this weird pseudo video game that was visible in real life, and they asked me to join so I did and played for a bit. Then I woke up.


this is a strange question but do you like vomit.


File: 1467070037392.png (183.85 KB, 200x182, 1466828166113-ani.jpg)

How did you know?


i was just projecting cause that sounded like something id dream about. I dont necessarily enjoy eating bugs but i like the idea of it and have on several occasions.


What a strange connection. But yeah, at first I was freaked out you knew me from somewhere. Eating bugs is a SouthWestern USA novelty and they just taste like chitin or those crappy Chinese candies in Hawai'i that's wrappers melt off when you lick them.
I would have never attributed it to vomit. It just looks hot and feels good to do when you're not feeling well.


oh i thought you meant live bugs cause of the cutting trees thing. also the pale skin black hair kind of made me think of it. i was imagining being in a dark forest cutting trees and picking bugs off and eating them with some quiet strange dude, and vomit came to mind.


When eating bugs came up I thought it was the kind of thing you do in deep wilderness survival classes or something. I know some bugs are highly nutritious and in the army they used to make boots eat worms when they were in the bush. Worms are also highly nutritious apparently. I forget sometimes that bugs are a delicacy in some places and a regular staple in others.

sage for off topics


I really like insects. The night before I was talking to the person in the dream who we only know online each others' race so that was the only indication of appearances and I was also reading about the mass P-Tr extinction and how it was the only mass extinction that had greatly harmed insects. I guess the dream was just me chilling back in the Permian era eating all the neat insects that couldn't make the evolutionary cut into the paleozoic era. Sometimes I would spam a website for hours talking about different animals from those times before they ban me and tell me to stop.
Also, I'm vacationing in a muggy area right now that might account to why it looked like a jungle in my dreams, it was so chill.



That's a pretty cool thing to think about, anon


He was wearing a fez- but his whole head was the fez.


Several months back I had a dream that included this place.

I'm sitting at a booth in a Japanese café diner. I'm in a group of edgy looking cyberfags. Next to me some imaginary girl and across the table, a boy and a girl. They're having a hushed chat, quiet enough that only our table is privy. Someone whispers 'did you hear what happened on there tonight?'

I turn my head to the diner windows. Every window is blanketed with scraps of newspaper, advertisements, old-school bulletin posts, and magazine cut-outs. At the center, I see a sticker for lainchan and the implication is that it is the subject of the group's discussion. Apparently it's a sekrit club. The group is discussing some enigmatic figure.

Suddenly I'm outside the diner, beneath an overpass for the city train. A silent man, the one of discussion, wearing a biker helmet and jacket is beating up some cyber-criminals Batman style. It reminded of the "Black Rider" from Durarara!! It was some strange vigilantism and I woke up shortly after.

So what did you guys do that was so horrific it had to be whispered in a fake diner?


We hacked the world, obv.


I was going from a dorm room to the club with a girl I can only imagine as my girlfriend. She had dark brown hair and we wore matching outfits. I wore a grey, plaid dress to my knees that fanned from the hips and a grey, tight knit cloak. I had dark sunglasses on and black lipstick. We checked ourselves in the mirror and then went it. There was a bathroom to the right side wall of the entrance where LBD blondes were putting on make up. We went in and started to dance. Some people were studying at the club. I was holding a black and white stripes bag (I own one in real life). Someome took a music stand and rotated it in front of a light to imitate a strobe light effect. I sit alone at a table as everyone clear the dance floor for a team to dance. The guy was from New York and was a special guest dancer. My neck hurts in real life and I wake up.
The dream felt like it had so much potential but it didn't. I've also never visited a club.


File: 1467303392127.png (95.98 KB, 200x113, blood-on-the-streets.jpg)

I wake up noticing that my nose is bleeding, but not only that, but I also see large splashes of blood at the ceiling above me. I wonder how it could get there from a simple nose bleed.

Next for a long time a creepy ghost / monster is directly in front of my face looking at me. Most of the time it's just grinning, but suddenly it changes to a contorted grimace and it pinches me in my back, so that I get goosebumps for several minutes out of fear and pain from that >thing<. But I begin to wonder, why I even fear that thing, because it doesn't seem to want to kill me ...

Finally I wake up and go into the room next door where my grand mother is cooking something. I look into the large pot and see large amount of still raw flesh swimming in there full of maggots. It seems like she wants to cook out those maggots, like how you submerge cherries underwater and wait for maggots/worms to come out by itself, and then eat it for lunch. So I wait and wait and wait for lunch to be ready, but after a whole hour I lose my cool and jump up screaming "AAAAH such a waste of time, I have to learn for my exam!" and go back into my room, contemplating whether to cook myself some veggie stir-fry to eat while learning or while watching a movie. But it doesn't come to that, because my sister cuts up some apricots which she says she got from mother. After eating one I'm already not hungy anymore.


File: 1467306374085.png (253.68 KB, 200x114, another-open-brain.jpg)

I'm driving along a country road with some psycho-bitch sitting left to me (meaning the steering wheel is on the right side, but in my country it is actually on the left). The girl wants to go faster and faster and faster spurring me on, I wonder why, does she want to test the limits of the car or is she suicidal? I decide for the latter. Now she actually slams her foot onto mine, making me push the gas pedal to the ground to go even faster. Suddenly I notice a truck on the right of the street driving towards us from the front (so it really is the US-style traffic code).
She is sticking her head out of the window and I see her getting decapitated by the truck, but suddenly it is me, who gets decapitated! (which is more logical, because I sit to the right at the side of the truck). Probably because I loose control of the car I get thrown out to the front flying several hundred meters far. For some reason I am overcome with the desire to shock people by showing them how far I can still walk without a head, so I try to walk headless almost a hundred meter over the hill along the country road. I wonder, how I can even think such things without a head in the first place. I try to keep my breathing very low, because I fear that the next larger breath will be my last, because I won't get new oxygen without a head, instead harder breaths will just result in blood spurting out of my throat harder. Furthermore every breath hurts my head (phantom pain?).
For some reason I actually do finish walking the whole 100m without falling dead to the ground and suddenly I'm standing in front of my parents place where my shocked grandmother sees me and calls an ambulance.
While the ambulance is still on the way I begin to tell my grandmother what has happened. What I tell here are almost exactly the first three sentences in this dream-log. Because of me repeating the occurrences inside the dream I think the actual dream was overwritten with what I told my grandmother. Suddenly the ambulance arrives, which seems a bit too fast to me. I see that it actually is the local dentist instead of the regional hospital who has arrived. (This is in a small village of 1000 inhabitants). My parents are also suddenly here and my father leads me softly to the ambulance, because I can't see a thing without a head. Suddenly a loud scream escapes me, because a medium strong spread out head ache hits me.
My mother runs to me and shoos my father away now leading me herself. What happened is: my father wanted to straighten up my head, but accidentally touched my exposed brain. My whole upper skull is missing (but not my head like I thought), so the truck didn't decapitate me, but just chipped of almost exactly my skullcap. I imagine the four main parts of the brain like seen in the medical instructional image I've seen on YouTube some time ago. Slowly I begin to panic, but I also have a tiny hope that I actually can survive this against all odds. They tell me the dentist is actually well-equipped to operate such an exposed brain until a real emergency doctor arrives. Maybe I survive this just like the small fall I had from 2.5m when I was 12. I'm embarrassed of this hope I have, because I believe that hoping in something will Karma get me and destroy my hope.
I wake up in real life after three hours of sleep with a headache, probably because my pillow fell down. I'm glad that I'm still alive and that my skull cap is not missing.
I'm really sad, partly because I had a near-death experience in a dream and already believed I was dead, but what I'm really sad about is how caring my parents were to me, even if my father accidentally pushed a finger in my brain.



That's a pretty cool, if morbid dream anon

I'm glad that you didn't lose your head through that whole experience


File: 1467802385343-0.png (60.66 KB, 200x134, magic.jpg)

> going back to my hometown after a trip
> weird guy in a glasses welcomes me at a train station and takes my bag with him
> for some reason i am going to apartment on a bike
> stopped near vending machine to drink some juice
> see my friend going nearby
> try to talk to him, but apparently he can't see me
> barging into random houses to see if others react in the same way
> yay! invisibility!
> messing around for the rest of a day
> suddenly drinking beer with the glasses-guy in an underground pub
> well anon It was fun, but it's time to for me to say goodbye
> guy dissapears in wall of flames and sparks like a fucking magician
> waking up


so im at a friends house and i am about to use the bathroom and shower when his mom opens the door and says she has to go to work soon but its fine i can use it first. I tell her il only be a second and for some reason i emd up taking forever to piss. Also was the weirdest toilet in the world. Was like a cylindrical chest that opens up and right in front of the toilet was just a hole in the floor leading to the sewers. The cylinder thing was grated. Not gonna go into hiw exactly you used it but eventually i figured out how. Anyways i dropped my close in front of me not realizing sewer whole and thankfully none fell in but my sweatshirt. Still i got kind of covered in sewer water trying to get in. I really wanted to shower but knew the mom had to go to work. I got cleaned up as fast as i could with the sink and walk out.

This parts pretty weird but it doesnt go where you think. The mom walks in and tells me i can still get my shower if i want to, implying we would shower together. I say yes. She walks behind me and closes the door and suddenly the floor opens up to a giant lit cave with giant lakes, lots of flora and grass, super pretty. The mom and her daughter are both there, the daughters name started with S, shes inportant later so we will just call her "S". I notice there is a variety of weird hybrid creatures living in this cave, and the mom explains they are trying to create an ultimate being by merging creatures together, like a god or something. In the distance I notice a massive dragon and I either suggest me or S merge with it. I dont know who did, but it ends up resulting in this like satan/god thing so the mom is happy with me and allows me to join this team. The mom herself is not on the team, its me, S, 2 other guys and another girl. We travel to the top of a skyscraper and the god dragon at a crazy speed begins rampaging through other skyscrapers and greets us and then flies off.

We then travel around in a van carrying out the god dragons wishes. We head to a walmart to ressuply and we find this fairly fat tall bearded man who is obsessed with our dragon god. The rest of the team likes him but im wary of him. He tells us how he can hook us up with weapons and how he has this end plan. We end up doing a bunch of stuff for him to reach this end plan he hasnt told us yet. I slowly grow distant from the team and kind of do my own thing, but he says the weapons are arriving so I return for the final plan. They mount a machine gun to the van, and he explains we are going to gun down everyone in sight. Though the dragon god is kind of evil, I realize this plan does not have his blessing somehow and also that we will certainly end up in jail or dead after. As I see two people get shot I jump out and run. Theres a bunch of police officers aiming at the car and I explain im friendly and put my hands up. Just as they are about to help me they get shot. As im running i can see other people being shot around me, and I have to dodge bullets as i get caught in the fire. I duck behind a building but when the far reaches the side it begins shooting so I take a recycle bin and throw it at the gun and run behind the car and am safe. It ends up being one of the most notorious mass shootings of all time with over 2000 casualties.


A lot of time passes and the whole team is either dead or imprisoned because of that incident. Somehow though I meet up with S again. She has become a terrible serial killer with absolutely 0 remorse. Nearly everyone who interacts with her ends up dead. Part of me thinks she was always like this and wonders if thats why our team ended up dead and she agreed with the fat man. I decide to stick with her anyways, she is completely uninterested in me for the most part but wants me to witness what she does I guess. A variety of murders take place, some almost seem like they take place in a video game but they dont. At one point we go to south america and she ends up backing this revolutionary leader who ends up killing thousands.

The final murder was like the weirdest I guess. We moved into a suburban house next to a nice old man who loved gardening. She told him she was inventing a way to punp water super hard and fast which would allow him to reach more plants? She eventually builds it and presents it to like this inventors judgement panel which includes people from the neighborhood and old man at the top of his house. She has me show it off, i explain all the different settings and show how much water it can blast and produce. Even when i remove the hose it still makes water for a bit in huge amounts. they write some stuff down. She grabs the hose and begins blasting holes through the panel and the old man. She says something to me and starts walking off. Im a bit stunned, but eventually snap out of it and go back to following her. As i follow her the dream ends.


i had a dream i was fucking the girl who works across the street from me.


Good dream.


just wanted to say this is a really great thread, posting ny dreams and reading others has helped my recall of them immensely.


Imagine a sort of post-apocalyptic world, a landscape resembling mars but with run down cities.
McDonalds were giving out "Advice Cards" in happy meals and everyone seemed to be addicted to the advice, they lived their lives accordingly. Like alcoholism or drug addiction, people knew it was bad for them, but they didn't care. If you were lucky enough, you would get a card advising to commit suicide.
Weird thing was I wasn't really in the dream, I just observed, and knew about the world I was observing.


File: 1468163677208.png (1.95 MB, 200x134, 1467272842458-b.gif)

This reminds me of the radio hosts anti-cheerful speeches at the beginning and end of the movie Hardware. It was also set in a dusty, post apocalyptic landscape and the city was seen as suicidal because of overpopulation.


The other day I was out with friends when suddenly I got into an argument with a friend that turned into a mild physical altercation. I wasn't even angry, I didn't want to hurt him and I wasn't trying to - I just couldn't control my body. It was so strange, I and no one else had had anything to drink but I felt like I was drunk - I wasn't in control of my actions and I almost cried once I'd snapped out of my weird state. I felt so embarrassed, but no one really said anything about it and I just sat quietly for a while with tears in my eyes.

Anyway, that night I had a dream that I'd packed all my bags and was waiting at the train station to go somewhere. Then my friend came up to me and and asked what was wrong. He was wearing the exact same thing he'd been wearing that day. I couldn't tell him what was wrong but I asked for a hug and we hugged for a while then the dream ended.

It made me feel a little better but I'm scared something similar will happen in the future.

I wasn't drunk I just kinda cracked.


Last night I dreamed that I was walking through a city where I lived last year. I was just walking and thinking "welp, I'm back in G..." and arrived to a street by the market, lots of people. On my right I saw a guy I knew a long time ago in another city, a guy who's always selling cheap stuff on the street, like incense sticks and pirated CDs (3rd world country, nobody gives a fuck) and he's always begging people to buy something. Anyway in my dream he found a new way to make money, he had a red stain on his forehead, and he was talking to what seemed to me like a crazy guy. He was acting as a sort of clairvoyant or whatever, trying to convince this guy that he was telling him his fortune or god knows what, he was holding him by the sleeve and saying something like
>46 too much, 39 too little, 43 too much...!
the other guy was trying to get away from him. I kept walking and a well known drunkard from the city was walking by. The sight of this guy is really miserable, he looks worse than a homeless person, always. Anyway he was walking down the street and suddenly he fell down and started having a stroke. A guy in a suit near him saw him and picked his cell phone and called emergency, then helped the drunk guy to get up and walk. He was carrying him when the ambulance arrived. I saw the ambulance get past the other guy who was trying to scam a craze, and he actually put up a show in which he dropped to the floor and started screaming, just to get the other guy's attention (who had already freed himself from the scammer), as the ambulance passed by him. Finally the ambulance got to where the drunk guy was and they just pulled him into the tiny vehicle and drove away with half of the guy sticking out.

All last night I had weird dreams like that. Another dream I told a guy that some woman had died, and he put a knife in my throat and then told me to fuck off.
And then I dreamed something about killing a latino local drug dealer, and later I moved into his apartment, were I was pretty comfy, but one of his pals seeked revenge on me and he put the clothes of the dead guy on my doorstep and a police knocked my door and said "so it was you" and was threatening me that he'd come to arrest me


File: 1469183441081.png (1.02 MB, 200x200, 1468851671755.gif)

I've started having this recurring dream where there's a very small ant with a rocket launcher, a bit like when you play Goldeneye with Bond Invisible and 2x Rocket Launcher turned on.
It will usually be part of another dream and follow when I go into my room at around dusk and the light won't turn on. At that moment I realise what's happened: The ant has slightly unscrewed the bulb so it's still in, but not on. The ant usually fires at me and I end up ducking. I try to turn my phone's flash light on so I can get some idea where the ant is, but the bastard's taken it out. After the first shot, I can usually grab the light for my phone and put it back in, but I have no idea what to do after that.
Any ideas?


File: 1469225658389.png (58.16 KB, 200x133, 640.jpg)

Satan trips checked

Well anon, I would suggest you turn the antagonist into a cute soldier ant waifu and do freaky shit with her ovipositor knawmean

Alternatively, you could allow the antagonist to gift you with the sweet kiss of death


I very rarely remember dreams, and then I never remember them fully. I also never cared much, but 4 days ago I was having a grand nightmare:

I do not remember most of it as always but I had a deep feeling of dread, causing me to wake. When I opened my eyes I saw quite a few pairs of red glowing eyes preying on me, in shock I crawled backwards against the wall. Then I really woke up but found myself with my back against the wall, the position i retreated into. This was the first time I ever had one of those 'think you woke up but are still asleep' kind of dreams.

I wish I could remember more of it.


File: 1469934774886.png (112.86 KB, 126x200, 1459143047308.jpg)

I was lying on my couch trying to play Dark Souls IV (?) on my Xbox 360. It told me I needed to overwrite some old savedata to make space. I agreed and it brought up the files that needed to be deleted. It showed Halo 2, Halo 3, Metal Gear Solid 2, and some other games. All of the names were wrong though. They all had weird subtitles like "Metal Gear Solid 2: Snake's big adventure" or some shit like that. They had descriptions that were nonsensical as well, although I can't remember the details. There was some kind of male narrator who would read the title and description of each game aloud when I selected them. I deleted several and noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I looked over at the doorway to the other room and there was a pale man standing there in the doorway. His head was shaved totally bald. He had this massive toothy lunatic grin on his face and he was just staring at me intently. I said "Oh shit" or something like that and decided I had to fight this creepy fuck that clearly broke into my house. He took a step forward and I lept off the couch at him.
I woke up because I had actually flung myself forward IRL and let out a sort of snarling sound at the same time. This is pretty odd, since I rarely have dreams that wake me up like that.


Just dreamed this a few minutes ago.

>Out in a half industrial half woodland area with gf and friend

>She starts saying things to me that make me upset
>I run away until I come upon a large garage looking building with huge ceilings
>There's a fuckton of fencing and scaffolding inside here
>They were chasing me and finally get to the garage and plead with me to not do anything and wait there as they try to unlock the door
>I start climbing the scaffolding very carefully, it seems very sturdy
>Once I get to the fifthish level of scaffolding it is a fenced off platform where all the fencing is covered with blue tarps
>Adjacent to the far end of the fencing is a few computer monitors with different processes running
>I don't remember what was running but I do remember one monitor kept flashing the phrase "Nothing is as it seems, Trust no one"
>They are inside calling for me so i lay down on the floor hoping to hide
>Suddenly the exit out of a pair of double doors on the floor level
>I hear a loud noise then her father walks in and tells me to get the fuck down from there and everything will be okay
>I climb down and he takes my hand once I'm on ground level and I start to shake violently until I'm inside of a mall where everyone is wearing red
Will continue in next post, gets pretty faggy tho


i wrote this some time ago for a different purpose but here it is.

in the dream my character was a young girl in a futuristic setting, mother earth had been long forgotten destroyed or faded into obscurity, i cant remember which.

in her computer she had on her small 2-3 person ship, she had an incredible amount of storage space (as is natural) she had stored hundreds of millions of memories of humans past. the dream did not specify how these came to be stored. in an average human life they tend to have around one or two sincerely intense memories of strong and meaningful magnitude. these memories can be collected by enthusiasts and experienced with VR headsets. these headsets have cognitive interaction far unlike ours today (though no doubt the present versions inspired the dream). this girl collected and experienced these memories. she binges them one by one like drugs and like art.

the dream starts in the role of an elderly woman in a japanese rural town in the 20th or 21st century. she has some sort of role in a nursery. along the country roads she plays with small children, aged approximately 6-7 years.she knew them by name and by heart. she enjoys meaningful and sincere happiness at the times she is with them (filial piety is an influence?) she is granted second hand, the youthful innocent and pure happiness that only a child can have. she experiences it greatly and with meaning. she came to know each child's personality and without the thoughts to accompany it, she felt sincere wonder at sprouting life.

on one such smiling conversation with the children she stopped and had a brief and rare moment of clarity. she spoke aloud "i will always remember this" and cried deeply. this phrase had several meanings she felt sincere emotion and knew that the moment would stay with her for a lifetime. she also knew well in that moment that she would die soon. you see, she was not the type to think of that sort of thing too often. she thought it improper and that it would ruin the children's mood that she so desperately treasured.

the children around her didnt know why she was crying, even the ones that knew her best. i imagine she kept crying for some minutes longer before shakingly continuing along their shared slow and lazy path.

i do not know as at this moment the memory ends and i am cruelly pulled away from that world. the girl in her infinitely slowly orbiting spaceship sits shocked holding her helmet in her hands. normally she takes a few seconds to steady her thoughts before entering the next stored memory but this time it was at such a magnitude that she spent a good few minutes sitting and thinking. she knew that she must take a break for a few days (she imagined two although it became six). around this time she came to the thought that the emotion she had felt in the womans memory was so strong that the girl herself would likely always remember it for the rest of her life. she dried her eyes and steadied her feet. someone called her to check on the botanics so she left her seat in her quarters to attend. at this point i (and we) leave her, this is where the dream ends.

much like her i had to steady my thoughts, although this is standard procedure for me waking up. i dried my eyes like her and i thought of the woman and the girl who i had shared the moment with. neither of them knew they would be sharing the memory with anyone else. i came to think too that despite my third hand rendition, i too would likely remember that feeling for the rest of my life.


There was a broken tire. It's out of place. This is where the indians were. There's a climbing pole here. The indians were standing on two rocks. Think of it as if I was shining right now because I have no idea how I'm seeing this. I lose my black sweater. I go back to the resort (the resort is reminiscent of some video game, probably Onverse but maybe that underworld section in WoW, I don't know), I am about to go home. A man cloaked in black comes in and gives me back my sweater. I try to follow him but I am blocked by some famous guy who pretends to have given back my sweater. I had a leaf in my sweater, he apologizes that it's missing. My wallet and stuff is still in here. In the inside pocket is a yellow plastic cup he gives me. I continue, in search of mystery man but I lose focus when I pass through the Worst Mall. I am on the 1st floor's candy section (like that part in Target with candy before you go into the store). I look around and see parts of the Mall I know about such as one gachapon machine that I know doesn't work. I squee when I see a lego candy dispenser and I do that trick with a quarter to steal the candy (you know, the semi-turn trick, I've done it in real life and have gotten a few extra balls of gum before). I use the cup to get the candy.


I was in a waiting room for a doctor's appointment. For some reason, the whole doctor's office was also half restaurant so there was a lot of people walking around with drinks and it was getting really cramped. Then, I got called in and talked with my doctor for a bit. The room kind of looked like the room from the deleted hospital scene in Blade Runner. I blacked out, and when I woke up all of the lights were off and no one was left in the building. I couldn't leave either, for some reason. All that was left was tons of old computers with puzzles on them to solve. They were all really slow and I walked around trying them all out for what felt like hours. Eventually I found one that could connect to the internet so I could call for help, but as I typed the computer would rewrite what I already wrote subtlety so none of it made any sense. Like if I typed in an "m" a few keystrokes later the computer would go back and make it "rn." I got frustrated and woke up after that.


File: 1470485738590.png (116.13 KB, 200x124, UmaThurman-killbill.jpg)

I don't remember what this follows, but I guess I was being a spy or something.
>climbling up the rain gutter on my house to get to a high vantage point
>doing a shit job of it
>at some point a woman, who I guess was a teacher, opens the gate on my house, and has a conversation with a problem child
>she looks like Uma Thurman from Kill Bill, but cuter
>she looks pretty sad and the kid ran off home
>slide down the gutter
>in an uncharacteristic move, ask if she wants me to walk her home
>she says yes
>we walk home together, it's fairly close
>she invites me in
>suddenly the dream is third person and I'm Timmy Turner, and in a large dog house
>there is talk of secks, but it doesn't go anywhere
>fall asleep together
>Kermit the Frog busts in
>tells us he's lost his mojo and needs to figure out how to get it back to please his gf
>wake up
Why did I have this dream?


So, this is a few nights ago.

I was on a boat, a ferry of some sort, hard to tell how big it was. We were cruising down the danube, pretty slowly. It was one of those things where it was obviously not the danube, yet I knew it was the danube without any doubt and I was going downstream and there on the Serbian coast, I saw a friend of mine from highschool.

Now, neither of us are serbian and neither of us are (should be? I've not seen this person in a while...) in that area, so it was an interesting encounter and we talked for a while, they walking along the side of the boat, an easy and comfortable pace. What we talked about I do not recal, if in fact we did talk about anything, but it was interesting. Eventually my friend also boarded the boat, and shortly the dream returned to some more domestic setting.

Speaking of which here I was at home, I think with my parents, who did decidedly not belong but I was unable to ask them to leave and simply tolerated their uncomfortable presence as they mostly ignored me.

I was barefoot.


I had a vivid dream which was essentially me playing a 3rd person fantasy RPG
Weird thing is, I haven't played such a game on months
Anyway, I was in a forest and then some rundown stone buildings killing goblins
I used my sword bow (before running out of arrows) and magic but my spel spells kept fucking up


File: 1471198158468.png (2.05 MB, 200x133, 1372338635020.gif)

I could only describe this as a series of "waking nightmares." I do not recall dreaming much, but this is what happened,

I often read before I go to bed. Usually sci-fi. I woke up drenched in sweat with my heart hammering in my chest in the wee hours of the morning. Panicked thoughts were whirling through my brain. I was thinking as if I was a character in the book I was reading, and I was sure that I was going to die. I became aware of my surroundings and knew where/who I was IRL, but the panic didn't subside. I was so scared that I felt like I was going to vomit from stress, I stumbled out of bed and went to the bathroom.
I felt like this (with the sci-fi world thoughts in my mind) for a good 10 minutes or so. I had to convince myself that there was nothing to be afraid of, and that the things I feared did not exist.

I managed to get back to sleep, but I woke up again in the same state about an hour later. It was pretty damn scary. I have no idea why I was in that state of delirium for so long. Usually I am alert and alert within a minute of waking up, no matter what the circumstances are.


awake and alert*
The irony.


i wonder what you dreamed about to put you in such a state.

some unwholesome and terrifying truth about the universe?


The character in the book was infiltrating a cult-like organization. When I woke up I was thinking that I was about to be discovered, and I was going to tortured and killed. Pretty mundane as far as "Things to be afraid of" goes, but the fear was real.


I had two dreams today, or more, I'm not sure.

I was on some big warehouse full of pipes and ladders
Somehow, co-workers were there
Apparently it was all about work, even though I work with IT
We were checking some pressure gauges and running up and down with the ladders
I remember noticing how unsafe those ladders and catwalks were
I remember going to a small bathroom on the bottom floor, laying in a bathtub and sleeping
I entered a second dream/woke up and sleeped again (I'm not sure)
In this second dream I'm with some people I don't know venturing inside an old WW2 fort we have on my city
There are some guards there but they just open it for us
We lurk around the old ruins, STALKER vibes all around
We find lots of empty medicine glasses, empty shotgun shells
I remember particulary a room, walls with white tiles and a medical stretcher on the middle
For some reason I emptied my pockets and put everything there, then ventured to a small door that was like a bathroom with small stalls
Came back to the white tiles room, one guy tells me we must go now
I put everything that was on the stretcher back into my pockets
I got really worried about maybe forgetting something, we get into a car, while leaving I had a camera on my hands recording, for some reason.
I film while we run, get into the car and leave
Wake up


Today I had another weird one, long story short, I was hanging with a normie that I usually team up on tests and works at Uni
We go to a store to get some papers and materials
I go to the bathroom to take a piss
The urinal is stupidly high, almost on my chest
I get in a weird position to piss there
He comes looking for me, laughs and takes a picture (what the hell)
He sends the picture to our classroom group on mobile chat app
I get fucking mad and quit all contact


A very annoying dream from some months ago that's been on and off upsetting me for a bit now.

I was, for some reason, in what you might consider a "typical slice of life anime city". You know the kind, with the stereotypical school and all the big hills, etc. I forget a lot of the events at this point, but the gist of it was that I was in the school's auditorium, except it was empty and supposed to be closed, and there was something dramatic I believe happening with some woman who was the vice principal or similar, and she had a gun. then I got the hell out of there and into Gurren Lagann, and started running through the city, up and down the hills and the like, and tried to fly away. Inside the dream, I had a memeory of having flown like that before, so I jumped up and kinda stretched out like Superman, but at best I hung in the air for a moment before coming crashing down. I kept trying to fly for a really long time though. Eventually some news came about there being a war with a previously unknown island a long way away in the ocean, and I think I teleported over there and ended the war before I even realized I'd done it.

The continual trying to fly and coming smashing down on my face has been eating away at me for some reason. I could feel the sensation of knowing what it's like to fly, but then every attempt to do so went nowhere fast. I'm sure the typical "dream analyst" would say something like "you feel trapped and want to be free, and know what it's like to be free, but you feel like all your attempts end in catastrophic failures and you can't 'get off the ground'". Maybe so, but also flying in dreams is great and I wish I could do it more.


File: 1472557294029.png (64.94 KB, 200x194, 1464301880760.jpg)

I just had another weird one today:
I'm leaving condo with my father on the car
He's leaving the garage when my brother leaves with my father's motocycle
Father gets mad that he's using his bike
Runs past him, stops and start yelling at him
Suddenly, I notice that we're in front of a house on our street
This house was demolished couple years ago and there's a building there now
I call that to them
My father says "oh yes, you're dreaming!"
What the fuck.
Somehow, and for some reason, he takes a picture of us
"See? it's all a dream!"
In the picture, the "background" of the sky is... my face, with a bizarre expression, specially the eyes
I think to myself "this must be how I look dreaming?"
My eyes are both open wide with an intense/scared expression on the picture
I just figure "whatever, it's a dream"
Start jumping and yelling
Get inside another parked car and run over the speed limit dodging other cars while I scream "what a lovely day!"
Somehow it wasn't lucid.
And then suddenly I say "this is a dream anyway, I want to do something cool"
Suddenly I'm inside a tank watching everyone on the street
As I open the hatch, I put on a camera and say "I'll probably film my own death" and open the hatch
I wake up

Jesus, this is getting fucked up.


I went to prison. I had luggage with me, my old trusty sleeping bag, a big backpack with my clothes, and two small backpacks with my two laptops.
I went up with the rest of the inmates for my first night, it was just a big room, like the size of an average living room, with no furniture. It seemed as if the "dorms" (which is what they resembled more than cells by far) were improvised. Between the entrance and the room itself there was a sort of "lobby" if you might call it so with a couple sofas. The big room was empty, no furniture, that's where we'd all sleep, there was at least 20 of us. I'd started getting acquainted with the inmates, by sight. the thoughest guys were closer to the only window (which they've earned it by force/respect I assumed), the whole room was one floor above the ground and the window led to the yard.
I was getting my stuff from the sofas to find a place in the big room, where I tried to talk to one of the inmates, to ask him how things worked around. He took one of my laptop backpacks and went to the room, i followed him telling to give it back, he seemed to be teasing me but then another inmate (to be honest only the though guys looked like inmates, everyone else looked like any other guy my age), another inmate started bothering me, as I got my laptop back from the other guy I realized how much luggage I was carrying, as if i was on some sort of vacation. Then some stuff happened, some bitches lifted me over inmate n.2's head (the one that wanted to messwith me) and started chanting "soykaf soykaf soykaf!" so i soykafted on top of that guy's head. Funny enough I was looking at the whole scene from a corner where I'd gotten back my lappy. I was looking at myself do that and thought "you really fuarrrked up with that one fam"


I was in a room empty except for a mattress, trying to fall asleep. The image of Pinhead (Hellraiser) flashed through my head and I had to avoid thinking of him or else he would be summoned to tear the skin off my face and stick fish hooks through my ears. I couldn't even beg him not to come in my head because if i did that would only strengthen his existence. Then I woke up from that dream and went out to my living room where my dad and some teenage girl i never met were watching TV. I thought it was cool that i had a dream about trying to avoid having a dream, and a quietly repeated it to myself so i could remember what i was going to write in the dream journal. Then i woke up because that also turned out to be a dream.


File: 1477397832800.png (1.74 MB, 160x200, __warspite_kantai_collection_drawn_by_kaiyi__b565d1424cd41b74d0573fab37613dec.jpg)

Haven't recalled a dream in a long time, had two today:

>apparently on another planet full of buildings and train-looking transports

>walk to downtown
>enter a building with shut doors
>apparently Bruce Lee is there (or a similar figure)
>me and other people I never saw are there
>there was a box full of guns
>"the mob is coming, we gotta protect him" says one of the guys
>we are pretty much shooting at mobsters/yakuza figures coming and apparently protecting "Bruce Lee"
>we stay there for a while
>particularly remember shooting down a running guy and seeing him bleedout
>wake up

And the other one was even weirder:
>I'm on Berlin at World War 2
>a demon-ish figure tells me to kill them all
>Metallica is playing in the background
>I'm apparently killing russians AND demons with a rifle bayonet
>it almost looks like one of those stupid third person killing games
>a demon looks directly at me and speaks something devilish
>wake up


My grandma tried to make tea with my new gongfu set by pouring water into the pot and putting it in the oven. When I took it out the china was brown and the glaze was peeling. pretty horrible nightmare


I could breathe underwater, and went treasure hunting in a giant sandstone pool in a snow-covered winter void. I managed to find the secret item in time to foil the plans of Alan Sugar, who wanted it for some nefarious plot. Then me and my hero companions had tea and went swimming some more.


I never post on this board, but you guys have a great quote. This is the dream I remember best, from maybe 2 years ago now.

> Floating on my back in what seems like a public pool but the walls of the pool are invisible (maybe I just didn't notice them) but the pool appears to go on forever

For some background I swam a lot as a child and this pool resembled the pool where I had done a lot of my swimming then.
> The ceiling lights were a gross yellow colour, for some reason I couldn't feel the sting of chlorine in my eyes, thought this was weird in my dream. The cieling itself was made of some sort of tile.
> The water was really warm from what I can remember, very comfortable, but the most striking part of the dream for me was the feeling of the water and it's surface tension on my face. And I think in my dream this caused a sense of unease.
> Like I could feel the coldness and the wetness of the water on my skin as the small waves in the pool rocked my body gently.
> I lie there for a long while.
> Eventually I turn over and decide to swim under the water.
> Although my eyes were open and I didn't have goggles on, I remember that my vision was okay underwater and that it didn't sting my eyes a lot. So I kept them open.
> The water was very blue and I remember that well.
> I start to swim for the bottom of the pool which is blurred in my vision and might be 6 - 8 M deep, towards an 'object' on the bottom of the pool.
> As I swim towards the object, two men swim into my field of view, both of their bodies are more aquatic looking than an average human, very thin, with webbing between their elongated fingers and toes. Their skin was a mottled looking light grey like sharks.
> Their faces were the strangest, no ears, eyes or mouths, just three vertical jagged slits that ran from the top of their foreheads down to about where their chins would be.
> I remember their bathing-suits really well too, they were the kind that Navy Seals and other military types wear during their training, nondescript looking high loose black swim trunks. More accurately they didn't look like sharks, but more like an f-22 or an f-35 dappled grey technical.
> They started swimming towards me, and I felt real terror, breathing out I could see the bubbles escape my mouth, started back peddling for the surface.
> At this time I started telling myself it was a dream and that I could wake up. So I did.

Felt really terrified but also exhilarated. As I said previously I liked swimming a lot as a child and I was always really good at it, really competitive too. Sometimes though I had this fear, especially when I was out far enough away from the side of the pool, that something else ..unnatural.. was out there in that pool and it could be a better swimmer than me.


>be dreaming
>driving an unfamiliar sedan in an unfamiliar part of town
>the road gently curves to the right, there are grass fields to the sides, and power lines along the road
>suddenly it starts to get darker as if it were quickly becoming night and also starting to rain at the same time
>the headlights kick in and it's now pitch-black with fog closing in
>I begin to panic about being stuck in some strange place with no directions back home
>the fog comes closer, and my headlights begin to fail, along with the dash lights
>I start to hear some sort of low screeching that increases in volume as the fog comes closer
>as the fog envelops me the screeching reaches a crescendo that forces me to wake up

Turns out a jet was flying over my house mid-nap. For a few seconds I was convinced that my dream body was a real person in some other place, and that the jet severed my mental link to them. Strangest dream in a while.


File: 1485860144056.png (83.4 KB, 129x200, Egoflabs.jpg)

>be in old elementary school with best friend
>elementary school looks completely different than how it should, combination of a bunch of other buildings ive been through throughout life
>best friend is wearing two baseball caps on top of each other in a retard sherlock fashion
>find out that pic related is keeping little girls in the basement sex dungeon torture chamber
>go downstairs to find a half life esque security door with a bunch of cameras and codes
>dream ends with friend and me about to crack code
Never did rescue those lolis and probably never will. I always felt like it was my brain mocking my incompetence.


i was tripping somewhere in the WTC towers with my bf except they were replaced by brand new shiny black ones
i remember one of the elevator rides and the amazing view pretty clearly


>go camping with family for some reason
>bunch of random probably symbolic stuff happens like a cabin burning down with a cat inside
>at the end of the day the sky lights up with incredible colours, everyone goes down to the lake to watch the sun set
>right after the sun sets and the sky starts to go dark, another object rises from the same position
>everyone goes crazy because they think it's the moon or something
>it's actually an asteroid heading straight for earth
Pretty sure everyone died, it was around the time an asteroid was passing close to earth, so that probably influenced my subconscious


The oddest dream I've ever had was set at a beach. It was a pretty normal scene until some cochins (this species of chicken that has feathers along its legs) were running out of the ocean. They were completely dry, and ran for the city behind. That was it, really. I am completely lost to what it might mean.