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Help /zzz/, I keep having dream with my ex. It's been going for two weeks straight now and I can't stand it anymore, I always end up waking depressed as fuarrrk and that feeling endures for the entire day. How can I make this stop? Even having nightmares would be better than this.


watch some scary movies before bed


No idea. I have a similar problem but instead of every night it happens just often enough that when I start to move on, boom, she shows up in a dream again. I wish she had done something really soykafty to me so I could hate her for it and forget her but the worst she's done is live in another country and be terrible at replying to internet contact.


Drink Orange Juice when you wake up OP. Godspeed.


Sleep longer so there's a smaller chance you'll remember your dreams.
Of course solving the problem from the root would be better, the dreams are a symptom.


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follow these 10 steps. this is exactly what i did to solve the same problem. of course our brains work different, but maybe, just maybe, this will help.
0. if you dont have, go get a job. it sounds hard, but its actually easier than it looks if you are willing to start from the bottom. i just appeared at the kitchen entrance of a restaurant and straight out asked if i could wash plates or something like that.
1. go hit a shrink
2. tell him all, and i mean all you can. the more you talk, the more they can help. they wont judge or laugh or tell the cops, they are there to listen to you. they generally try to find patterns or causes in your actions, and make you think about it, BUT the most important part of modern therapy is to hear yourself saying what you think out loud.
3. start some kind of hobbie or recreational activity that cant be done from home. maybe football across town, or a photography course somewhere, but dont do it at home. go outside to do it. this is to get to know people. dont feel shy or stupid or ugly, people there share the interest and wont bark at you from day 1.
4. wait
5. wait
6. wait. its never late to start that career or at least finish school.
7. wait
7b. if you start to find yourself having some free or spare time, occupy it with something. try to avoid things like tv, social networks or vidya; replace that with some productive activities. working on some project, contacting forgotten family or friends, going to the gym; whatever keeps you from isolation and degradation. of course some days you just want to lay back and watch sopranos, and thats ok. but try to keep your mind active.
8. idk how's your job or situation by now, but thinking about that long lost girl now seems different. maybe the shrink didnt help at all; but you cant say you tried. all these things take time, you cant tip over your whole life in a month.
9. wait some more
10. keep maintaining yourself busy until you die. its the only way to cope with the sensation of never ever satisfying the ambitious demands of the mind, no matter how much control of your physical reality you have. maybe you already fuarrrked the girl you wanted, or got that dream job where you listen to trap music and just wave your hand to it to test its swagness. but you will never be comforted, completed, full.


1. go hit a shrink
Nobody actually does this right?


No, hitting an innocent therapist is assault.


Your a real nigger anon. Especially at the end. Op fuck that girl who moved away from you go do volunteering at a soup kitchen or at an animal shelter. You might find some girls there. Godspeed anon


just feel, anon.


This post is absurd, such bad advice.
>go hit a shrink, tell him all, and i mean all you can
yeah if you wanna be thrown in a cell, pumped full of drugs and put on a watchlist and never be able to take out life insurance etc