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Hello /zzz/

I am currently at sleep dep mark hour 29 and I'm loosing feeling in my body. It's like I don't have control of my body, and I'm merely an observer, looking through a glass. I can feel my body, but it doesn't seem like my body. I feel like I'm floating in this world.

I like this feeling. I'm going to try to reach hour 35, then I'm going to take 10 mg of melatonin. Let's see what happens :]


Btw, anybody have stories similar to mine? Does melatonin give you tripped out dreams like it gives me?


That's such a weird description... really hope when I wake up tomorrow you've written a detailed post of what came next for you...


Why not Galantamine?




So I went to sleep at hour 30. By the end, I felt like I wasn't me. I didn't felt fatigue, but I went to sleep only because I felt the obligation to. You know how you feel when you sit down for too long and when you stand up, your blood pressure drops suddenly and you feel dizzy? It felt like that but a little more pleasant and a little less intense. I couldn't see very sharply, but I could see enough to function. I could feel my body, but it felt detached, like what I was feeling was what someone else was feeling. It was kind of like watching a movie. It was strange but not unpleasant.