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>Aphantasia is a hypothesized neurological condition where a person does not possess a functioning mind's eye. The term was first suggested in a 2015 study for a specific kind of visual agnosia.
It feels weirdly appropriate to talk about this here.

I've never been able to picture things, weirdly enough my dreams are of concepts, i don't "see" anything.
I could perfectly describe to you what happens in the few dreams i remember, but i can't for the hell of me visualize it.

Figured it was just because i don't have a visual memory, but apparently it's just the tip of the iceberg.

What's your opinion of it?


>mind's eye
What do you mean? Some spiritual bullsoykaf or actually the pineal gland?
I read about some related "pineal petrification", when people can't absorb easily DMT (on ayahuasca rictuals).

Try MAO-I like Syrian Rue 30min before intravenous DMT on isolation tanks... meh.


This is odd, I haven't read the article yet but I definitely feel like my visual imagination is much weaker than it could be. I can make out very vague images, but I have little "control" over them. One time I was reading a story when I was younger, and tried to visualize a character riding a magic carpet. The image wasn't so hard, as it's fairly simple, however I couldn't picture it stably. For whatever reason the character would lean, and the carpet would tilt, and flip over. Once this happens, momentum starts to build up, and I can't focus on having the carpet not flip over.

To this day I still have trouble picturing things like this because the images seem to have more control over themselves than I do.


This have nothing to do with "mind's eye" bullsoykaf. It's called Spatial visualization:

Do origami. Seriously, this help a lot. Try Robert J. Lang models, see this documentary:


I don't think i ever had such difficulties with 3D visualization . It just requires a little bit of focus and relax, and i can pretty much control the scene i'm creating in mind.


>>1171 I've just started browsing lainchan, and I have yet to discover what soykaf is. Google said it was vegan coffee, but it seems like that isn't the only meaning. Could someone tell me


it's a word filter for s h i t like the soykaf i just spoonfed you.



Lol @ that people taking "mind's eye" out of context. They're talking about mental visualization, not the spiritual eye a.k.a. "third eye."

Do you need this soykaf spelled out to you literally?


I used to have a something very similar, it was deeply related to my anxiety.


>not knowing what a mind's eye is
Are you ESL? "Mind's eye" is the term for how you can visualize things in your head.



>pineal gland

Fucking peasant.


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Anyone else really bothered by this? I still don't understand how this is supposed to work. The last time I researched this I thought it's just a vague feel rather than an image. And now it's a fuarrrking image you're supposed to see?

I don't know if I lack this ability or not. Or just to some extent.


holy soykaf lainon, I experience this same thing with the thought of swinging a golf club. For whatever reason, I can't imagine it swinging like it does in reality- in my mind the base always turns to the back when swung


If you don't get it you don't deserve to get it.
it is but it has significant meaning to it


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Oh wow, the internet is here ladies and gentlemen! The REALNESS has arrived.


>this post
El em ay oh


>I could perfectly describe to you what happens in the few dreams i remember, but i can't for the hell of me visualize it.

What are you describing if it is not an image?


As consequence of weak concentration some people can not conjure stable mental image, but concentration can be improved in some individuals


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I used to think I did have this, then I realized I can visualize things, fleetingly or not so vividly at times, and at other times intensely and vivid but mostly only during hypnagogia or during/after meditation.

For a while when I was young I took visualizing to mean seeing like you're watching TV only more vivid and real and with depth every time you closed your eyes and when my visualization was nowhere near like that I took it to mean my imagination was soykaf and I couldn't visualize at all and stopped for a long while and eventually that made my mediocre visualizing skills get worse.

Now its at an okay level, it varies I suppose. Just recently while during meditation and listening to the sound of wind here http://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/windNoiseGenerator.php after I messed around with the equalizer a bit and just laying down trying to meditate I was in a relaxed and focused state I suppose and began to see somewhat vivid imagery in my minds eye and it started with being on top of a snowy white mountain, surrounded by mountains and the open sky above me and I had this sudden realization that when I do visualize images I see them as though they are distant or like watching a TV screen but you are supposed to see them like you see real life, and utilize your full field of view and peripheral and imagine the landscape behind you as well and I started doing that and the landscape sort of came alive and I almost felt like I was really there and the image became much more vivid, I realized then that when I normally try and visualize things I don't utilize the full field of view of my closed minds eye space, the dark space you see when you close your eyes.

So for a while there I was laying down excited and trying to visualize other scenes but using the full field of view now, adding depth to the mental imagery and trying to mentally turn around and see the full sky and landscape around me. This continued for a while then I stopped when I felt myself losing that concentration required to keep up such a vivid mental image.

So I think its like >>2045 says, you need concentration and focus and to be relaxed to conjure a more vivid mental image, I think thats why I was able to that time, one thing to note is that since then I haven't meditated once or tried to repeat the experience because I'm a lazy fuarrrk and have bad habits and if I try to visualize now as I'm sitting here I may only get brief glimpses, vague images, nothing vivid or with depth, even if I try to utilize the full field of view in the attempt.

>I still have trouble picturing things like this because the images seem to have more control over themselves than I do.

I had this too, in some ways still do, it's like when you try to visualize something and some part of that visualization takes on a life of its own and screws up your fantasy or whatever, like lying on the beach and the world keeps flipping over, or moving in some way when you should be still, minor annoyances that you can't seem to have control over and frustrate you. I have this to a lesser extent now but it depends, I certainly didn't have it while meditating and visualizing during it at least.


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Also, here are two great resources for mental imagery and improving it that I have used/read-


This is also a lucid dream guide of sorts but there is a section on "hooking" into the image, by making it have depth, and full field of vision/view that I mentioned and its a good read to understand what I'm talking about.


>Statistics of Mental Imagery

>Francis Galton (1880)

A very informative and eye opening study of the mental imagery vividness, clarity, and ability of a large sample size of adults and school children conducted in the 1800's. It's nice to know that even as far as then there were people interested in mental imagery and the way it varies from person to person.

The participants were tested on three major categories of their mental imagery faculties - Vividness, Color, and Mental field of view. The last bit, the mental field of view I think is what I was talking about and it shows that many vary on this category. One thing I noticed after reading the study is that my representation of color and stability in mental imagery is low, color is muted or not so vivid and stability varies from time to time, sometimes it may take great effort to keep an image solid inside my head and even then it will lose form or not appear all in one place but separated, like the example of the dinner table with many artifacts placed on it.

So it's good to know, reading that study that there are people who possessed incredibly detailed mental imagery, then the ones who had it about average and those few who had very low and almost nonexistent mental imagery faculties, the human brain has not changed much since the 1880's so suffice to say the same range of ability can be found today, I think it is possible to increase your capability and vividness of mental imagery though, especially after/during meditation as I have found out myself - the imagery was also much more colorful at that time too, I can recall it now even seeing glimpses of it in my minds eye but not to the great extent I did then.

Of note is that working on having better mental pictures, and working in tandem on mental auditory and olfactory and tactile sensations should significantly help with your lucid dreaming attempts especially in the formation of dream scenes during a WILD attempt but that is also something I need to work more on. However the most important primary skill to improve on should be visualization because it can greatly aid you or entertain you when you are not trying to dream and the easier it is to conjure up detailed and vivid mental images the easier it will be to do is during a WILD attempt and the rest of the sense will just kick in when a successful lucid dream unfolds around you.

Sorry for the wall of text but this is a topic I have great passion in. I once planned to meditate for an entire week or more and see if my visualization abilities improve but never dedicate the time to it, at least now after just one session that I mentioned I realize that it is entirely possible, and who knows how much more your mental imagery stability, vividness, field of view, color representation etc might improve after active effort, I really should give it another go.


I can't speak on his behalf but this quote by an adult quoted on the site mentioned here >>2052 might shed some insight


>-My powers are zero. To my consciousness there is almost no association of memory with objective visual impressions. I recollect the table, but do not see it.


How the hell do these people have sexual fantasies with out being able to imagine naked ladies?


just gotta use porn I guess


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I can't imagine what that would be like.


Can you draw stuff from imagination?
Like think of an animal and draw it accordingly?

If those people are lacking the ability to create visual images in their mind, i think that they probably are not able to do it.