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List some cool dreams you've had here.
I had one recurring dream where I was in the Totally Spies universe, in ancient Rome, and I could fly by tripping (like, tripping on a stone, not on drugs).

I had one dream where clones were after me and almost everyone was replaced by clones. I could find out who was a clone by making some weird sound or something.


i had one were i had sex with my girlfriend in public places and ran from the cops


Dude that's rad, I fucking love running away from stuff dreams.


I had one where I could "fly" by sitting on levitating clothes hangers.


Tripcode, last num


Not going to tell personal dream.




I was holding hands with my friend while some thugs were taking us to prison.


My running dreams are mixed. Most of the time, when I try to run in a dream, I start to move my legs in bed/couch/whatever. Of course, since I'm in a bed, I can't move my legs very far, and that gets fed back to the dream, so I can't run in most of them. What usually happens is that I end up hopping around in the dream by bouncing on the balls of my feet.

When I can run in them, I feel as light and swift as anything can be. Running away because you're being chased down by something, and then pull off an impossible jump in real life; the feeling is exhilarating.


i dreamed i killed an ice bear with a small kind of pole weapon


This one happened just three or four days ago. I sleep on a bed without a frame, just a futon mattress on the ground in my walk in closet. This is important for the mood, the room looked like a barren, dark, open hallway. Anyways, I fell asleep on the bed, then woke up in my dream on that same bed. I was real tired, so I went back to bed in the upper section, in dream. I then witnessed a series of on the rails shooters, one in particular with a Quake 3 shotgun. Anyways, it ended out showing some bloody man on a paramedic portable hammock thing, like a close up view from the side, and the dead man gave a smirk. This scared the shit out of everyone, especially the man holding the back portion of the hammock, and he crunched the head forward as a twitch motion. That scared me into actually waking up, it was so vivid and creeped the piss out of me. Then I went back to bed, and woke up inside the dream, on the same bed, which I went back to bed in the same indream bed, in the upper portion again. I had similar dreams, each ended in an unsettling way. I began to see a trend, so I marked the upper side green. Then I slept on the lower end, and I guess this was my inner pedophile zone. Don't remember too much about it but I remember it being about lewd lolis so I painted it pink. Then I finally woke up again in dream, the whole world was fucked up, my mind couldn't interpret the world around it, and an overactive imagination must have taken over like the world was a dream. Every time I slept and woke up the world was different. Eventually I woke up to a Quake 3 like map design for my room, lava everywhere. I couldn't see them but I knew where the stairs were to go downstairs, so I walked up invisible staircases, now knowing full well it was my imagination. I started screaming, the world was fucked and I was fucked. My parents were there, I voiced my concerns and ended up tripping down a large city. Then I finally reached a dark temple/castle, something. And I started running. I just ran, then I jumped, to be slung down, ragdolled at the end of a noose. I didn't feel it but I saw it, in a third person view, though the rope later disappeared, I still hung. But I don't want to die. I feared that maybe I hung myself because I didn't know what to do. I started feeling up my neck, trying to stop myself from destroying me. Then I woke up for real, I then cried. It was terrifying, I legitimately thought I was awake since I 'woke up' so many times in the dream and could sleep in dream.

All in all, 8/10 dream.


I once had a dream where I found myself walking through some sort of gallery. Each room was stark white all around and in the center was a sort of "piece" on display; a shapeless, colorful, constantly shifting form that's completely impossible in real life. I walked through each room through little corridors on the side and admired each of these "pieces", until one hallway led me to a courtyard outside.

On one side of me, was a large glass panel on the side of this white "building", while on the other was a small, picturesque beach equipped with a bright pink courtyard with some chairs and umbrellas. I sat on one of the chairs for a while and watched one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life. There were all sorts of purple, blue and pink clouds shifting all across the sky.

At the edge of the horizon, when the sun finally finished setting, I saw a glimmer of something, like a piece of metal reflecting on the sun for a split second. I immediately considered the possibility of that thing being an atomic bomb, and thus, it exploded. When I saw the explosion I closed my eyes and put my arms in front of me. I felt the impact of the shockwave destroy my body and everything went black.

It was kinda scary but it was cool how vivid the dream was.


*bright pink boardwalk
my bad


I fucked some girls and my dick (outside the dream) exploded with ejaculate. It happened quite a few times when I was around 10, and also sometimes when I haven't fapped in weeks due to exhaustion from work, etc.

Wet dreams are pretty cool until you have to clean up for the nth time, not to mention that the orgasm and ejaculation wakes you up.


>I could fly by tripping
"There's a knack to flying. The knack is throwing yourself at the ground and missing." (Douglas Addams)


I had a dream about Lainchan.


>>, not to mention that the orgasm and ejaculation wakes you up.

You poor thing, waking up from fuarrrking orgasms.


I had a dream in which I was at an airport bar getting ready to leave on vacation. I was traveling with Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Steve Martin, and Woody Harrelson, and we were all wearing the same Hawaiin shirt.

I can't remember a single joke but I remember it was a hilarious time at the airport.


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huge recording studio
lots of suicide-girl hoes all around
me and my friends smoking blunts
like a hip hop video
my father came in
everything tears apart
the hoes are the only thing left
dad is happy
**wake up