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Anyone else experience this? ASMR General. Share your triggers.


Reminds me of the Semuta "drug" from Dune


I'm still not exactly sure how it's supposed to feel like so I don't know. But I get something that could be ASMR from certain music sometimes, and I don't mean chills. More like a warm, comfy and kinda tingly feel.


Actually, after reading more on it I'm pretty sure it is ASMR. I've only gotten it somewhat randomly except for one artist https://soundcloud.com/palmistry. I just love his voice.


I'm personally more sensitive to ASMR when on sleep deprivation...
I watch some kind of videos like this one some times:

There also stimuli to ASMR visual, not just audio:

Feels good, but have no effect in my mood.


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I do like ASMR but I don't like youtube, and finding ASMR videos outside of that place is so much harder than it should be.

Well pretty women talking soothingly while acting like they do things close to your face, that's always nice.
Or having them just play around with things that make noises, bags, toys, whatever..

Doesn’t really work explaining it like that, not the same.


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most asmr is really fuarrrking creepy imo

the majority of them are feigned intimacy...
in its best form, i think its sweet that these uploaders just want to make people feel good, albeit inherently impersonal.
they feel... saccharin.

that said, i used to listen to recordings of my girlfriends voice when we first got together and it made for a pretty relaxing pick-me-up, so i can defintely see the appeal.

i can get a very similar experience from those wire scalp massagers or being kissed on the back in an artful fashion.

i might have the experience entirely mis-interpretted as ive heard that some people simply dont experience the asmr localized orgasm thing and i might be one of them or have done it wrong altogether.


File: 1439318058389.png (317.96 KB, 200x92, Peep_9a373b_5599351.webm)

I would say that it is less erotic and more, doctors visit, dentist, and other intimate but not with someone you know. Like a dentist, you know that they won't hurt you, not going to kiss you, but they will but their entire hands in your mouth and have their face very close and you have little control.

It's not sexy, erotic, or even pleasant, but it still gives you that feeling.

But that is more AFK examples, videos are slightly different.


Like many I get it in real life with girls whispering, (old) people with that calm voice which resonate in your chest or stomach. It was awesome when I discovered the concept and associated videos for the first time and some of them and very strong effects on me. Not gonna lie, some of them were top notch wank material, as the most powerful triggers worked their ways downward the tummy to request a binaural boner popping. It mostly helped me to sleep though and I occasionally launch some of the few videos (that is not a Joy of Painting's episode) I didn't find insufferably fake or full of wet mouth noises.

I don't find this fade more awkward than creepy but I don't really care about the sociological conclusions we can draw around this. In fact I totally can be the creep here. I'm kind of obsessed with voices and regularly watch interviews or random videos again and again just because a voice please, sooth me or just grab my attention.

The "tingly" feeling got strong at the beginning but I don't remember the last time I experienced it. It was mostly close whispering, especially in the right ear.

tldr: Right ear, undeniable sexual appeal but not only, few good videos, ASMR sensibilty going numb?


For me it's less about intimacy and more about some weird ear-body connection.

Scratching, tapping, clicking, crinkling, whispering -- esp. parts of the k, p, t, s, b, sounds of whispers. Talking or other "normal" background noises in videos reduces or eliminates the effect on me.




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i get that tingly, relaxed feeling from small, intricate things, like watching people paint miniatures, or those japanese candy videos. the whispering and tapping/crinkling noises do nothing for me and in fact i find them really irritating. most asmr videos seem to be popular not because of, well, asmr, but because they involve an attractive woman pretending to be intimate with you. the asmr thing usually seems like a veneer of plausible deniability over what's essentially emotional porn. it's a little sad... pic related


>emotional porn masquerades as asmr
i agree completely.
i believe that is often the case.
>plausible deniability
its amazing how much of a theme this seems to be in every form of media, even when the viewership is only denying it to themselves.
>pic related
;___; this is why everyone needs a dog.
no one should feel that lonely.

those videos are incredibly agitating for me.
they make me feel very anxious.
i cant stand when someone is being disingenuous to me; my meter goes off the fuarrrking chart when watching these things.


>i cant stand when someone is being disingenuous to me; my meter goes off the fuarrrking chart when watching these things.
i'm the guy you're replying to, and i feel the same way. the feigned intimacy makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. i would rather watch gore than someone staring into my eyes and whispering


hit post too early. i wonder what makes people able to suspend their disbelief and enjoy this stuff.


> i cant stand when someone is being disingenuous to me; my meter goes off the fuarrrking chart when watching these things.

? how is someone making crinkling, tapping, scratching noises being "disingenuous"? I'm not watching it for "emotional porn" the sounds cause tingling sensations.

Perhaps you don't have ASMR, or maybe a different thing?

> Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli.


I don't have to "suspend disbelief" to get pleasurable physical sensations from certain auditory stimulus... It just happens.


File: 1439443218913.png (1.87 MB, 200x200, 5375_5caa.gif)


was an interesting read.. don't want the thread to die or something


i was thinking exactly this.
>suspend disbelief
beats the hell out of me.
i find the vast majority of porn intolerable for this very reason.
i dont imagine it is so much to do with me being particularly incisive as it is with bullsoykaf being one of my triggers.
i had issues understanding social niceties when i was younger, so its in keeping with my personality that i wouldnt appreciate feigned caring.

i figured i put enough modals in there for no one in this thread to feel ostracized.
>how is
its not, necessarily.
>dont have asmr
if i do have asmr then i have yet to experience it and having binged on japanese woodworking videos in the past i am somewhat doubtful that i will.

such is life.


well, you have videos like this:

and then you have videos like this, which are FAR more popular:

and people definitely aren't watching the latter category for the sounds alone.

i'm not implying that everyone who likes asmr is a lonely sadsack who wants a whisper waifu -- i get the sensation myself, although not from auditory stimuli -- but it's blatantly obvious that the popularity of asmr videos doesn't have that much to do with the tapping and crinkling noises.


whats that gif from?


i have no idea it had no sauce where i got it ask the evil ai and post results


Or what of ASMR .mp3 files? Never really find those either... Atleast not for free.


File: 1439554185600-0.png (1.77 MB, 200x200, tumblr_nf0xklXekd1sjv7m4o1_1280.gif)

File: 1439554185600-1.png (918.78 KB, 150x200, catcid.gif)

File: 1439554185600-2.png (1.67 MB, 200x134, 7795569_f03f24518643c256f541a4e739e2d654_wm.gif)

i looked myself but i only found that page in .. not english


Anyone know of any ASMR inducing music? I'm thinking something along the lines of trance a sub-genre of it.


It just says they have collected some gifs that are pleasing for both the eyes and the mind. It's probably not the original source.


First time knowing about this subjetct. Automatically thought of some of the times I got this in the movement Broken Windows, Lock of Love Part III of Godspeed You! Black Emperor.


If you lost your tingles, try a low sleep dose of DPH (diphenhydramine: benadryl, unisom). Something like 50mg should make you feel sleepy. Turn on your favourite asmr at this time and you'll get crazy pleasant tingles.


What of ASMR directly prior to sleep (IE: Falling asleep during ASMR "trip")? Anyone have any stories? How does it effect sleep, and more interestingly: Dreaming?


I don't know if this is ASMR, but especially when I was younger, when I got really excited I think I felt the tingling, but in my chest and so intensely I couldn't breathe. But I always got really excited and it was a crazy high for those few moments.


File: 1482586168623.png (8.66 KB, 196x110, hqdefault.jpg)

ASMR Christmas Girlfriend Roleplay | GwenGwiz


i have never felt anything from ASMR
i strongly believe this is just some H thing, is it not?


for a long time i would fall asleep to anime girl asmr, some of the nicest sleeping experiences i have ever had


just watched the first few minutes of this vid and it is just super-strange for me :1)


I get asmr from light hitting my back and shoulders on a relaxing day.


why did you stop?


I used to experience ASMR while laying in bath with warm water listening to the sound of pouring water. But there was some pause and now it's gone.


To me it's the feeling of someone exploiting a 'glitch' inside of me to force me into a state that might me more easily influenced by suggestion. I get the tingles but since I'm not actually comfortable,and I don't actually feel any sense of safety, I react badly. I don't want a stranger to do that to me. When it happens it feels like a violation.

The more it happens the worse my response until I start to hate the content. If you can get into it more power to you, but someone intentionally exploiting my biology makes me uncomfortable, especially if I feel like they may know more about how it works than I do.