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Layer one:
>going to my grandmother's house on foot
>literally needed to climb some huge hills to go up there
>my heart pounded due to the inhuman effort to climb them
Layer two:
>wake up in my bed
>my dad calls me up, there was a guy from the bank trying to sell me something
>I was so tired than I was barely incapable of see and walk
>I realized I was still dreaming
>this a scam, that fuarrrking kike wants to steal you, says no, you idiot
>too tired to say that
>sign the contract, but was capable of wake up after this
Layer three:
>wake up in my bed
>my maid calls me for lunch
>it was stroganoff
Layer four (real world:
>wake up
>1 o'clock PM
>don't know if the last one was a dream or not
>think a bit
Realized than I haven't had lunch yet.

Holy soykaf, lived some kind of Inception or what?


False awakenings are pretty common, especially if you're trying to practice lucid dreaming. I have 5 or 6 in a row occasionally. It's always very disorienting when you ACTUALLY wake up. (or did you?)


How did you achieve that? I would like to do this.


Sounds schway but i'm quite sure it wouldn't be nice for me. With all that realistic nightmares i've been having lately i'm kinda scared about false awakenings.


From what I've heard, it's only something that occurs unintentionally. I don't believe it can occur intentionally, for then it would just be a layered dream (is this what you meant?) rather than consecutive false awakenings.


One time I was taking a 15 min nap but fell asleep and was trying to wake up thus causing me to have a couple layers of false awakenings, sleep paralysis included. I also had a layered dream once, a normal dream in which, at one point, I went to sleep and had a lucid dream that ended when a character from the normal dream woke me up.

Layer one:
>dream something I can't remember
>realize I fell asleep and I have to study in waking life
>purposely wake up
Layer two:
>in my mom's house, it's dark
>step out of bed, see my mom and follow her
>see her walk towards her bed and disappear
>she reappears in bed, sleeping
>realize this is still a dream
>ask her what can I do to wake up
>wake up
Layer three:
>in my bed
>through the semi-opened door I see a stranger entering the apartament
>he goes to the kitchen out of my field of view
>I get scared and try to stand up, moving is really difficult
>my muscles feel non-responsive and heavy
>seeing is difficult, like I had sand thrown into my eyes
>I do a lot of noise, like a drunk guy trying to get up and hitting everything
>the guy must have heard me
>wake up
Layer zero:
>in my bed
>I'm tired, my heart is beating like a drum
>do a couple reality checks
>haven't woken up from this layer yet

When this happened I didn't know about sleep paralysis.
I get it that the brain paralizes the body so you don't enact your dreams while asleep, but the scary visions that come with it are plain evil.


I don't think I've had multiple awakenings yet, but I have suffered from very realistic nightmares I believed to be true before.


Oddly enough I'm not.
I could to it sometimes only, like in layer two,and (not really sure) layer one.
I have no idea, it just happened.


My recurring version is:

> alarm sounds, wake up

> curse the fact that I have to get out of bed
> start getting ready for the day
> alarm sounds, wake up again
> curse the fact that now I have to go through the torment of morning again
> start getting ready for the day all over again
> alarm sounds

This will happen like six times, maybe more.


Just had this happen too OP.


Try turning off your alarm for a day (weekend, holiday, etc) and, assuming you remember you disabled it, when this false awakening occurs you'll merely awaken into a lucid dream. You have a great opportunity- don't waste it.


>in my bed
>I'm tired, my heart is beating like a drum
>do a couple reality checks
>haven't woken up from this layer yet
This is my only layer pretty much all the time.


Interesting suggestion. I just realized that this layered dream hasn't happened to me in a while because I'm a born again NEET with no reason to wake up at any time. The problem with your idea is that if I knew I didn't need to be woken up to get to work or school, I wouldn't have that dream in the first place. It's caused by the anxiety of knowing that the alarm is coming in the first place.


Damn it.


I have false awakenings a lot. It's due to stress in my case I think. It's usually not crazy, just I get up, start my day as I normally would and poof I'll be back in bed. Sometimes this happens four or five times in a row before I actually wake up. It can be frustrating.


Layer 2
I'm in bed, some noise wake me, open my eyes, i see a hand passing in front of my face. Wtf?!
Some diabolical laugh going louder.
I can not move my body, panic.

Layer 1
my brother is shaking me.
Tell me i was making weird sounds and breathing heavy, he was also scared.

That was a scary one


Layer 1:
>running in a race w/ my coworkers and some strangers
>trip and bring another guy down w/ me, laugh hysterically
>go home and watch the weather w/ my mom
>don't remember the rest
Layer 2:
>wake up before my alarm
>mom calls out for me from her room asking if I got up
>tell her yes
>time is inconsistent, moving backward and forward
Layer 3:
>wake up and get out of bed
>notice I've been sleeping next to my Ed Edd n Eddy pillow
>was supposed to be sleeping next to my Shana pillow
>blame that for my sleep interruptions
>do lewd things w/ the EEnE pillow for a few seconds
Layer 4:
>don't remember this one too well
>may have involved subconscious thoughts on waking up
>including the iCarly line "I don't remember waking up this morning."
Layer 5:
>wake up
>bed starts stretching out in front of me, pulling my pillow further and further away
>the sensation of the bed moving brings me to (see next line)
Layer 6:
>wake up
>all I can hear/think is memes memes memes
>realize this layer is fucked up
Layer 7:
>wake up
>"Decretum" from the Madoka Magica soundtrack is playing
>image of a lit fireplace in my head
Layer 8:
>wake up
>check watch, it's 5:26am, 12 minutes before I need to get up
>don't know how to do any reality checks
>put hand on pillow next to me
>it's Shana (yay!)
>everything's behaving normally, this is the real deal

An hour later, I'm awake and I woke up in time to pick all of my courses. Damn, 8 layers...thank you, Lainchan (or Benadryl).


The most I've gotten was 2 layers and it's usually because I go to sleep in my dreams and wake up in the "mudane life" dream world.


Very cool thread. I also had such multiple awakenings recently, although not as much layers as other people here:

Layer 1:
> Running around in a mall, putting my bag down and when trying to leave the mall has been remodeled.
> I recognize that it is a dream, supposedly because I can't run or even walk fast.
> Now (and this happens very often to me) I think I have free will, but I do things wouldn't do, if I was really conscious, so I'm very unsure about calling this a lucid dream:
> I transform the people around me into my servants.
> One servant brings me a cake.
> The cake taste fabulous, until I'm loose control and wake up

Layer 2:
> Now I'm in some weird tower / castle and again I realize, that I'm dreaming.
> I'm fleeing from something. Because I know it is a dream I hide by going outside the window, only hanging from the window ledge.
> Hanging like this from the tower I see two friends sitting at other positions in the castle with very large telescopes which I know (in the dream) are sniping guns, they seem to be trying to hunt someone, I don't think it's me.
> I try to get inside again, but now I'm not 100% sure anymore that it is a dream, so I begin to panic. I don't want to fall down.
> I can't get up, so I enter some different hole at the height of my stomach. It looks more like a small birds nest in a niche.
> While trying I cut my finger.
> I try to control the dream and think the cut away, but the pain is too strong to convince myself that it isn't real.
> Other wounds start opening on my whole body because of that small entrance.

Layer 3:
> I wake up from the pain. The cut from the dream was actually transferred tot eh real world.
> Now I remember, that I was testing a virtual reality dream manipulator, there were even some scripted bots who tried to mend my wounds before I was completely awake. For example they roughly staple shut a long vertical cut along my left shin. Another cut on my left leg they try to treat with some kind of vacuum. I also have many abrasions and my lower right rip begins to hurt.
> After being completely awake and away from that machine those wounds still hurt.
> The Pain from the rip makes it very hard to breathe.
> I think that this must have been a bug in the machine I was testing, normally wounds shouldn't have been transferred to the real life.
> First I try to walk towards my parents, but exhausted I collapse.
> My father calls the fire department to help me, I guess because the emergency call was occupied.
> They are coming, but there is no doctor.
> I began to undress myself, because I'm terribly warm

Layer 4 (Real World):
> I'm finally really awake. My rip really hurts a bit, because I was lying weirdly and my full 110kg were pressing on my side. Also I was sleeping with T-Shirt and sweater, that's why I was so hot in the dream.
> I undress my sweater, T-Shirt and trousers and lie down only in underpants on my cold linoleum floor to cool down.

Layer 1.5:
I'm not sure when exactly this happened in the dream, but I think in the mean time while thinking to wake up and while actually "falling asleep again".
> I lie in my bed with my (in reality non-existent) wife and 9 year old daughter.
> I put my arm around her and smell soft pajamas.
> Cuddling with my wife and child like this I act as a dream narrator for myself, telling me, that I lay like this for the whole night without actually sleeping, but just trying to not move and wake up those beside me. The time fast-forwards like this and it I think now I was Layer 2.



You can positively reinforce its occurrence tho, the same way lucid dreaming's in broader terms can be


>Layer 01
I'm lucid. I'm a very experienced lucid dreamer but it's not something I really do so much anymore. I always dream with some knowledge that I'm dreaming but it's only if I'm having a nightmare or similar that I become fully lucid, so this is unusual. I remember that I need to be up early in the morning and think that perhaps I've overslept. I try to wake myself up.

>Layer 02

I wake up in my bed. I walk down the stairs and out the back door ready to fly to my destination. I always fly in dreams, it doesn't even occur to me that this is unusual. Shit, what if the neighbours see me? Wait a second how come I've never had to worry about this before? Surely I know how I'd usually deal with... Oh... RIght... Wake up properly this time.

>Layer 03

I wake up in my bed. I'm ready this time and immediately start floating. Sigh. Wake up properly this time.

>Layer 04

I wake up in my bed. I know I'm not awake so I throw myself down the stairs head first. Again.

>Layer 05

I wake up in my bed. I test by flying down the stairs. Wait, how is this a good test again? I can usually fly. Can't I? No. NO, I need to get it right this time, I'm starting to get lost. I always wake myself up by feeling the eyelids "behind" my dream eyes and opening them. I'm more careful this time.

>Layer 06

I wake up in my bed. It's 4:30 am. I can't fly. Fuck.


I felt like I was dreaming while awake, once. I was lying in bed with a pillow covering my face (except my nose so that I could breathe), while listening to Title FIght's album, Shed (generic emotive hardcore band that I was into at the time). I was in an odd state, I felt like I was in a deep sleep but at the same time, fully awake, attentive and aware of my surroundings. My thought processes were fluent, and I had full control over them. I felt like my body was hovering a few inches over the bed. The dream world blended into reality. It stopped when the album finished. I felt rejuvenated, rested afterwards. I wish it lasted longer, or be able to experience it again.


It's really interesting that you awoke from a dream inside a dream because a character from first dream woke you up. Subconscious must have amazing retentive abilities


The weirdest thing was that the nested dream was a lucid one, and I lost lucidity when I woke up. I can try to remember the whole dream.

>layer 1

I'm helping my brother carrying some wood to the house of a friend of his, in a bycicle. My friend's dad tells us to go away after I crash my bike onto his house's wall, we go home and to our room, my bed is next to his. He sits on his bed and starts doing something on a laptop, I play guitar on my bed until I get bored and leave the guitar aside so I can take a nap. In this dream I have a very big (~30 cm diameter) blue dream catcher.
>layer 2
I'm working as IT in the highschool I went to, go from class to class fixing stuff for the teachers. They are cool, but the kids look wicked, like they're from Children of the Damned. I'm in a room with one particularly friendly teacher, she opens the door for me as I leave but she freezes when she looks out, she's scared, tells me to not go out because the principal is coming this way. I don't fear the principal so I go out and start walking down the hall, the principal is walking this way, in front of me, she's Lucy Liu. I realize it's a lucid dream, start looking around, touching the walls (they're white panels, some have fallen out like in that Portal game). I was a little anxious about Lucy Liu because she was an evil character, but as I'm lucid I'm certain she won't do anything bad to me because it's my dream. As she walks past me she looks at me and grins, in that moment my testicles start hurting like I'm being beaten it hurts to the point that I decide I have to wake up, as much as I liked it to have a lucid dream.
>layer 1
Wake up in pain, through the window near my feet I see someone with a hoodie stepping away from the window and walking away, it's dark so I can't see who he was but he was the one hitting me. My brother is still using his laptop and I ask him about the guy on the window, he says he didn't see anything. I go help my mom with the laundry and she hints that my bro could know something about the guy with the hoodie. I go back to my room, ask him again and he tells me that he stole money from a friend of his, the one I gave the wood some time ago. I talk to this guy, at his home I think, and he tells me that he hit me in my sleep because he was angry at my brother for stealing from him.

When I woke back to layer 1 I didn't even realize I had had a lucid dream.

>I think I have free will, but I do things wouldn't do, if I was really conscious
This happened to me too, It feels like my brain is trying to make me feel like my efforts to have lucid dreams are being fruitful, without actually having a lucid one.

>Shit, what if the neighbours see me?
I have felt this too, some sort of shame of flying in public. Once I thought "what if I come across someone I know and they see me flying? Oh, I'll just explain to them that I'm dreaming" but didn't go lucid from that thought.

That's interesting, can you guess a reason for that to happen? Was it the music, the pillow, something else?