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Has anyone had experienced them?

I'll explain myself. Almost every time I get sick (usually anything involving a fever), sleeping becomes a horrible experience. It's not that I keep having nightmares, it's more of a dream-like state characterized by intense repetition of some random stimulus. Something like a short GIF repeating inside of my head for at least 3 hours non-stop with no option to interrupt it. Sometimes it evolves into a short dream where I repeat a menial task for at least 1 hour with lots of pressure I can't really explain. Last night I had to endlessly climb stairs while still being half-awake and hearing the whirring of the computer fans. After that came the "dream" where I opened doors following nonsensical instructions uttered from the dark for a long, long while. I knew I was dreaming and had a horrible time but at the same time I didn't have the strength to interrupt the dream.

When I "wake up" from this weird state, there's a short period where I can't control my own thoughts and this weird dream is still lingering while I recover conscious control of my mind again. I always have to get up and listen to music or watch anime to get rid of those thoughts. After that I can finally sleep in peace, but I've already lost a good 4 hours of my night and wake up feeling like crap.

I'm not exaggerating the time spans here, I always give my watch a glance right after waking up.

Please tell me I'm not the only one.


I know exactly how this feels. I do not have a solution.


At least you don't have sleep apnea.


I have boughts of dreams where I'm trying to escape something that will kill me at times.

I remember I was trying to crawl up a small hill because I was too heavy to walk. I wasn't going to escape in time and had to dig a hole and bury myself alive to escape.

Most of my stressful dreams involve tall buildings I live in and needing to continually go back to my room near the top. The most recent building had a loading bay in it that I had to climb somehow. It was dangerous.
Of course, I was on a tight schedule I was already failing. Then I dreamt that I slept too much and was going to be late for something else later in the day.

I remember I used to have dreams about failing uncontrollably and I could only change the direction of gravity. I didn't get hurt no matter how I landed though.


Ultimately if you're seriously sick or have food poisoning you're going to experience this kind of soykaf.

But you can learn to control it to some extent and in any case it's always a nice road to explore (assuming you haven't already).

Start by googling "exercises to control hypnagogia".

Good luck


You are not the only one having this sort of things. I even had a dream when I heard a million voices going louder and louder into infinity. That was real soykaf.

The solution is to fight fever. Most common way is to drink a huge amounts of liquid, like water or weak tea. There are special injections to reduce it, but that would be too invasive for health.

My grandma's recipee was too mix aspirin in tea, add teaspoon of vodka and a bit of raspberry jam. It gives a good hours of sleep and reduces fever. Not sure if you want to try it though.


I know exactly what you're talking about OP. It hasn't happened to me in several years now, but your description is spot on. I always had a hard time explaining what this was. I remember as a kid freaking my parents out a bit when it struck, had to do a CT scan or something too I think. It came up with nothing though.

As a kid it often got triggered by some kind of exhaustion. If I'd been playing computer games all day it would sometimes happen. Last time it happened I was really sick though, having fever dreams or something.


You're not alone OP. I get this if I do something repetitive all day (like play a very concentration oriented game), if I take melatonin (which makes no sense to me as it's a hormone my body makes), or if I'm sick/really stressed.

It is the most awful sleep known to man. You are aware of your surroundings and it goes by like normal time instead of dream time. And on top of that you are stuck doing the same stupid thing and you can't break out. Then of course you feel like you got no sleep the next day. A full day of work after one of those stints is terrible.


Oh god, it's exactly like that. I'm glad I'm not the only one.


Pretty sure I just discovered I have obstructive sleep apnea. Literally the worst fuarrrk ing thing ever. I wake up every 2 hours or so out of breath, and my dreams always get really weird and intense right before I wake up. Leaves me in a weird mental state for a while, soykaf is like kicking dead whales down the beach . CPAP machines aren't cheap either.


Yea, that soykaf can ruin your life.


A man is in an office building. There is a woman sitting on the floor behind a wooden desk pointing a gun at him, and he is standing, looking back at her. He says aloud, "I will kill you with the question," pulls out a piece of cardboard paper that looks like a revolver and points it at her. Before she reacts, an arm comes from behind the desk holding a gun and shoots her at point blank range in the head. The man begins to feel relieved, but the woman sits right back up, her head bloodied. She says, "You may have blown my brain in half, but I'm not dead yet. I will kill you..." Her body begins sprouting holes that look like shotgun wounds while she speaks.

Yea, pretty stressful. Try to make something of that, eh?


I get something similar when I'm in a lot of physical pain ;-;
Headaches do it too.
If I close my eyes and just relax a bit, I don't even have to fall asleep, and everything I hear around me is just pulsating and faint. If I have a dream when I'm in a lot of pain, it just feels like everything is hopeless in those dreams. Sometimes I'll be walking somewhere but I don't know where, and it would be extremely hard to move forward, sometimes it'll be something almost like from a horror movie and I'll be running from something, but no matter what I did I would wind up falling into the ground somehow and I would jolt awake.
It's spooky soykaf .


The thing with my stressful dreams, once I wake up the only recollections I have are of the terrible sleep I had


I have a LOT of dreams where I'm running from the police or military or aliens or gods for hours, not monotonously, but just being consistently under attack and not being able to do anything but run.


I would have anxiety dreams that my drugs were found and I'm fuarrrked for life


File: 1445038125628.png (70.33 KB, 200x110, gameartisans-stylize-1367655898-the-scifi-corridor-1367655898-1-940.jpg)

I remember long time ago when I was a kid I had lots of nightmares and used to sleepwalk pretty often, but there was one particular dream I remember very vividly. I think it was my first experience of lucid dreaming.

I was in some kind of cyberpunk building or ship, escaping from some soldiers and robots that wanted to kill for some reason, I knew it was a dream which made it even more lifelike and scary.

The building was a real maze, filled with corridors like pic related. I avoided the soldiers and robots while trying to find the exit. This went on for real long time and then I got so tired that I tried to wake myself up with pinching, shaking my head and other things but nothing really worked. I was trapped in a cyberpunk maze with soldiers and killer robots after me.

After that I remember laying down and hoping something would come to kill me, hoping I'd awaken from this dream, but nothing came.
I sat in the cold, empty corridor for what seemed like an eternity and then finally, falling asleep.

I remember having multiple these kind of dreams, where I'm trapped inside it, but nothing this stressful and scary.


I also experience the same stuff when I'm sick.

I remember having to solve some long algebraic equation and measuring some bench and counting the number of gear's teeth which keeps increasing in size. It was pitch black and the bench, the numbers and other stuff are white. Everything was repeating over and over again and I can't solve it even though I'm counting one by one to a point I don't know what to do after I woke up and I rushed into the sink and washed my face, I was breathing heavily.

It was a fuarrrking nightmare, my last dream when I was sick again is that crucified Jesus kept on falling flat on the floor repeatedly. I'm only spectating and don't know what to do, if I remember some dog or cat woke me up from the nightmare.


I had a really stressful dream today, but I can't remember it too well. they tend to happen when I take naps, like I get the feeling that I shouldn't be asleep


I have "sleepterrors" sometimes. You wake up from a nightmare and while still living in it like a horrormovie, thankfully i don't live alone so i dont run outside or something (you have full control and knowledge, your goal is to just GTFO to escape whatever scared you), which has happened once.


File: 1448186785317.png (655.29 KB, 168x200, madotsuki_cutting.jpg)

I often dream of knifes and being stabbed or cut. Two nights ago I had a dream loop where one guy wanted to stab me.

1st round he simply stabbed me in the chest and I died.

2nd round I stabbed him in the back, but he didn't care and killed me nonetheless.

3rd round I tried to defend myself against the knife attack with bare hands, resulting in horribly pain from deep cuts to the bone.

There possibly were more loops I forgot. I woke up teeth crunching and sweating with dream pain still in my hands.


File: 1448509343656.png (265.76 KB, 200x150, 1446260043922.jpg)

I had a really vivid dream when I was around the age of six. It was the second one I ever recall having.

I find myself standing on a sidewalk in a suburban neighborhood, looking at a darkening sky. Clouds gather, and a vortex opens up in the sky, its currents sucking everything down it's funnel like water down a sky drain. The sky turns a velvety purple, then bolts of lightning start crashing down around me, lighting up my vision with pillars
of flame. Everything goes bright, and then I'm astride a motorcycle, being sucked up in the midst of the
storm, like a cow in an upside-down tornado. I try to see into the center of the vortex, to try to understand it, but as soon as I do... I hear a noise like high pitched static and suddenly I feel like my mind's been pried wide open,
and it's full of black and red streaks, shaking around violently fast. It gets more and more
vivid, and this maelstrom of craziness keeps shaking, faster and faster, red veiny tendrils unfold and snake around everything. Suddenly, there's a big crack in it all. I look through it and I feel the presence of something...
beastly and powerful.

I get scared that it's Satan and I wake up sweating, my heart beating very fast, my whole body tingling as the feeling fades away.


I get this soykaf every time I have a fever.

I'm sorta half-awake while feeling excruciating fear, usually over something really stupid. It's generally one of two things: Either I get a picture of an object which should fall over, but somehow doesn't. Or I'm deeply convinced that if I move--just a little bit--I will kill a whole race of something; once it was horses, another time it was the wraiths from stargate atlantis.

What really is like kicking dead whales down the beach is that I struggle with panic attacks, and this stuff will generally trigger one of those. I have tons of memories of me crying uncontrollably because of this stuff, scaring and worrying everyone present. It is like kicking dead whales down the beach .


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faget ass ayylmaos attacking.

i can give you some protips, no pressure though:

visualize the battles/encounter AGAIN, but this time destroy the "ghost/entity/whatever". you can imagine yourself with your favorite weapon doing that e.g. fireballs out of hands, rocket explosion/ flash of light...you can get really ANGRY at them, thats alright.

if you are captured imagine being freed from the stairs/falling/etc. and doing something reaaally nice instead like going for a walk in a forest oder spending some time with something/someone you love INSIDE that dream.

a dream journal mite be a gud idea, its hard at first but try to NOT lie to yourself if the dream was really awkward/shameful and write the intense feelings you get down.

meditation, physical exercise, spending times with other NICE humans is heavily recommended, too.



>I remember having to solve some long algebraic equation and measuring some bench and counting the number of gear's teeth which keeps increasing in size.
I had that exact same dream. It's horrible af

I recently had fever, and when I went to sleep I had a dream were I saw the whole universe has constantly being destroyed by a giant strange machine, and it was also being repeated constantly. When I woke up, time felt weird, it felt like everything was moving slower than it should.
I also had a similar dream when I was like 11, where the whole Universe was getting devoured by a machine


File: 1454210397064.png (416.46 KB, 200x156, here lies beavis he never scored.png)

Not stressful, but uncomfortable.

>dream that I'm with this girl

>she's pretty, kinda tall, and slender with long black hair
>not sure how I got hooked up with her but whatever
>I'm in the neighborhood around my old middle school, but it's much larger than it is in reality and it's now shitty and run down (in the dream)
>the people walkng around all look like crust punks
>We're together in my old car, a beat up Ford Explorer
>things aren't going so well, the conversations are kinda awkward
>she comments that my clothes aren't very stylish
>out of the blue she kisses me on the mouth, which surprises me
>awkward as fuarrrk but I go along with it
>some time passes
>she takes out her phone and starts texting someone
>I can clearly see the screen and see that she's saying I'm boring and a terrible kisser
>I get out of the car to do something and pass some people on the street who I knew from a long ass time ago
>they look afraid and I hear them saying "He's back!" as if I'm the scourge of god or something
I can't catch a break, even in my dreams.


> intense repetition of some random stimulus. Something like a short GIF repeating inside of my head for at least 3 hours non-stop with no option to interrupt it.
Damn, the exact same for me.
Except recently I've been trying to form them even outside of fevers. I often get restless if I can't find the "correct" loop. But when I find the correct one, it's very nice and I can kinda just focus on it. Often it's humanoid shapes bending and stretching in a bouncy fashion, accelerating exponentially. They have to really gain a shitload of momentum: imagine a person shape stretching towards a fish-eye lense - deaccelerating to a stop, then quickly accelerating the fall towards the extremely far-away-seeming distance. Dunno how much people here know about animation, but imagine the distance travelled starting at the far out stretch (close to "camera") shown as so:

Some nights I feel more at ease watching clown-like humanoids bouncing up and down a bit in a star-shape with their limbs (arms and legs spread) while flickering and being distorted like static waves extremely rapidly.

Sometimes it's not shapes though, I remember the first times I experienced this during fevers that I envisioned riding a rollercoaster, again really focusing on the acceleration. And there was a really heavy slow paced flow to it.

Other times it's best with shapeless stuff folding in on itself, again accelerating and deaccelerating. I wonder what my liking for heavy beat-like acceleration has to do with.


That sounds really like something I had when I was younger. I would have dreams that were literally just images of geometric shapes with pastel colors moving over a background with noise, but it was terribly stressful and sort of scary. The image would stay with me for long periods of time after I woke up. I do not remember many dreams from that many years ago, this one I do.


These seem similar to something I'd dream or imagine when I was a kid, they were grey blobs that changed size, one of them would remain the same size and the other would grow more or less exponentially to the point that it was vertiginous to imagine.


extremely creepy, though not "stressful," per se.

>i'm walking around in the den, thinking about some things i really hate.

>i find myself staring very closely at something. as i think more about the things i dislike, i find myself slowly drawing nearer to it without initially realizing.
>my vision begins to refocus.
>i'm staring at this dark gray thing sitting on the corner of the piano. it resembles a foot-tall virus with very thick tarantula legs and a cluster of palpi on its underside. it's maybe two feet from my face.
>my awareness heightens as i take it in and start backing off. this creature looks absolutely sinister. how did i not *notice* it as i approached?
>at a distance, it looks like a metallic sculpture of a tower, due to the angular position of its legs and its tall "head" or whatever. just like a piece of decoration sitting there.
>are there any more of these things in the house??
>i realize that it somehow caught me in a trance based on my thoughts. yuck!
>i begin looking for a weapon, but i want to be very cautious. it has not moved since i retreated.


A couple of times as kid I had episodes of something like this. Two circles that were very fuzzy/noisey that would move about, would stay when I woke up, and were for some reason extremely scary.
Sometimes I get strange sensory distortions, like if I stay still I feel terrible but if I move I feel a strange after-image of that movement which feels awful but I can't stop moving.
Also sometimes after waking up I can visualise images perfect(random words in a sort of magnifying glass over newspaper but in my head appearing), I once heard 5 steps on becoming Rust after waking up(.flow) And once heard a high pitched noise which made sentences appear in my head:
At 16 you hear the hymn of reprisal
At 21 you sing the hymn of reprisal
At 21 you sing the hymn of reprisal
At 21 you sing the hymn of reprisal



i distinctly remember having similar dreams when i was younger. there was one where i was on a circular platform that was colored like a black and white pinwheel and i just kept sliding off from platform to platform, occasionally falling slightly down to the next one and spinning off onto the next. i kept trying to get to the middle of the circle to rest.. and i don't suppose i ever did. the only other feature was geometric shapes and some dull colors.

funny, the nightmares a young mind conjures. i guess i didn't have my societal programming yet


my dreams hardly ever contain written words or even cohesive dialogues so it always makes me anxious when i remember some vivid lines.

^this appeared on an etched napkin in my dreamscape bedroom even though i'm not even a native english speaker. spooked me put good when i woke up and had a recall