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>be in my new apartment
>sitting at my computer, nice computer.
>someone knocks on my door
>its a bunch of socialists from one of the socialistmost parties in my country
>I figure I be kind and invite them into my home, maybe to discuss politics with them
>they start touching my computer
>stop touching my computer! It's everything to me!
>they won't stop touching my computer!
>fucking socialists get out of my computer!
>wake up, it was all a dream
>go to computer, think to myself "thank god that socialists have nothing to do with my computer!"
>realize socialists already are monitoring my computer
>EU data storage directive


This made me laf.


>fucking socialists get out of my computer!
This was really funny.

I can't recall any dreams I've had like this, in the sense of waking up and remembering that something saddening like this is true. I believe most of my dreams revolve around unfounded horrors that I wake up and recall to be false, to my comfort.