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i saw an evil pig face in my dream, and as i woke up, i herd a loud screech and bang. Now, i remember it as if i was awake, but dreams are funny like that. has anyone else experienced this?



Yes. Once, I had an evil pig staring down at me in a dream. It was a mounted pig in my uncle's mancave. Still the most intense nightmare I've ever had. I couldn't move, it was just staring down at me. I couldn't go into that room for ages.

The second time I had an auditory hallucination coupled with sleep paralysis was during some military training I was doing. Again, mounted animals -this time deer- were alive and staring at me in the dream and organ music was playing, as if some kid was hitting random keys on an organ. I could still hear the music as I lay in bed, paralized, staring at the bunk above me.


Sounds like a scene from Saw. But no, my nightmares are not scary, they're tense, like being the only one that knows that someone in a group wants to kill everyone else, then killing him and having to hide the body. It's awful, honestly I would prefer a scary one.


Whenever I have nightmares, I hear this fading high-pitched scream as I force myself to wake up

But no pigs or pig-related things


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Watched some Lord of the Flies recently?


Is the film faithful to the book?


from my experience, fairly so.


This thread was made 3 days after lainchan was made.



I can't help but snicker


Not at all. It's fuarrrk ing awful.


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The only thing close to such a thing I experienced was a weird fuarking ending to an otherwise good dream.

While still asleep, my mind suddenly overdubbed my dream with a silent voice whispering some shit, lights fading, then suddenly yelling strongly "~x" while mentally flashing me a skull. The whole thing felt loud as hell.

Next thing I know, crashed my floorlamp made of glass next to my bed from violently waking up.


thats scerry as fuarrrk OP



I had a string of nightmares where the Pighead from Saw would be hiding in my slightly ajar closet. Whenever I put pressure on the door to close it, Pighead would rush out and pin me to the wall squealing and I'd wake up after a couple seconds of being pinned to the wall.

Had that dream on and off for about a month or so last year. Hasn't happened since.