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Anyone else, after recording your dreams, notice any dreaming trends or common traits?

For me my dreams typically always end directly prior to the climax- just as things become intensely interesting I awaken.


i don't record mine but I do seem to commonly have dreams about war. The picture reminded me of one I had about fighting in the Trenches of WW1, but it actually got to the climax of a German infantry attack, rather than stopping shorlty before like you said.

For some reason though, my rifle wouldn't fire and my bayonet wasn't working. I don't need to be freud to work out what that means


Most of my peaceful dreams I can remember are just me exploring old abandoned places. Last night I was in some jungle ruins with graffiti art on the walls outside, and lots of vines hanging down.
And most of the time I'll have magic powers, but I never actually use them. Or I use them once to make light and balls of energy shoot from my hands.

Besides that, there's a little girl who shows up in my dreams a lot. She normally asks me not to leave, but I end up leaving anyway. Or sometimes she'll just be hiding and watching me and keep disappearing and reappearing throughout my dream in different places.


>there's a little girl who shows up in my dreams a lot
That's interesting. I've always hoped to discover a common recurring dream character. Perhaps she's your "Dream Guide"?


Not many long term trends - usually it's something that last for a couple weeks to a month


Care to expand on that?


I don't record dreams but I do have something that always occurs in them. If I'm watching a movie, tv show (watching anything really), playing a video game or reading a comic book. My dream takes me into it and I'm part of it. It always happens.


I can get more specific, since I'm not sure exactly what to expand on.
There's trends in my dreams, but they are either sparse over a long period of time or condensed in a shorter period of time.

For example, I sometimes have dreams with animals. Particularly deer and bears.

Idk if it's a "trend", but I have certain abilities in my dreams.
Like I know the context: where I am, I check the time, things I have to do "later", knowing what belongs to someone...the strange part is often these don't correlate with real life
i.e. I go into a car I understand as mine, but IRL it's a friend's car

Trying to think of trends and all this has my head strained
Dreams are a strange world.


most of my dreams are dimly lighted even when if takes place outside in the middle of day
usually its like a black fog that covers everything, like i can still see but everything is kinda dark


I don't really have consistent trends through all of my dreams, but way back when I was in junior high and under a lot of academic and social stress I had this recurring dream:

I'm in my house with my younger brother and my dad, and he frantically runs from upstairs to where I am in the kitchen area, and tells me that there's a violent burglar in the house that he's going to deal with, but he wants me to take my little brother out of the house until the danger has passed, so he hands me the keys to the minivan we had at the time despite the fact that I had no experience driving at the time. I reluctantly agree since it's an emergency. The dream cuts ahead to a shot of the minivan from what I take to be a news helicopter's perspective. They're watching me drive because I'm scared and really bad at it, swerving all over the place, but I at least had enough sense to stay in the margin and drive slowly, so there wasn't a collision or anything. I get the impression people are more confused by what I'm doing than mad or afraid. Eventually I realize I've driven excessively far away, pull over, and get out to make sure my brother is still doing ok. Before I can, my dad shows up, on foot(!), and says, "What the hell are you doing with the van?" as if he didn't hand me the keys himself before. The dream always progressed that way and ended with me nervously looking up at him, knowing I won't have a good excuse if he doesn't remember giving me the keys.


I've noticed that whenever I die in a dream (and this is usually when I have war dreams) I'll go into a lucid dreaming state, where I essentially just have an extended sex/snuggling session with my favorite (female) religious figure. Which is about 6 different kinds of weird, now that I actually write it out, and read it back to myself.

Usually the war dreams will involve some sort of war crime, with me as the affected civilian. Ethnic cleansings, indiscriminate air-bombings, gas attacks, things of that nature. Really horrifying stuff, actually. Once, when I was getting ethnically cleansed, by a racist militia, I remember saying "Jesus take the wheel" right before I got shot. The religious figure in my follow up dream found this hilarious.


I don't really wanna remember my dreams, bc I'm really scared of them. Most of the time some undefinable thing is in the house, place, wherever I'm too. Sometimes I'm alone. Sometimes I'm with friends. We are or I am always going to try and "catch" it. Don't know why.I have the feeling we want it to go away, to be destroyed. Everytime we fail or we die at the end. If I'm alone, I'm usually very weak and slow. If I'm with others we don't get along well. It's always kinda the same, but the setting differs from dream to dream.

Why can't I have "normal' dreams? -.-


In my dreams, I usually recall previous dreams, and they have such specifics laws, places and situations that it's almost like having two lives.
That, if I manage to remember what I dreamt, or if I get any sleep at all.
Zopiclone, here we go.


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>just as things become intensely interesting I awaken.
Ye gods, this... and then I try to go back to sleep and have a "to be continued" dream but it never happens.


I've logged/thought about my dreams enough that I can rejoin older dreams even a day after
however, when I do this I forget to write down my dreams afterwards, so there's kind of a tradeoff


Lately I've been seeing a bunch of construction mounds in mine. I'm assuming it's like video games where there's construction in a new area or a renovation since my dreamland is always the same. By the coast, a fair near the beach, a huge mall with a mini amusement park arcade thing by a sea world-esque aquarium. There's a school in the western part of it and ghetti in the north. I live in the ghetto but I'm almost never in it (because I can "fly"/jump really high so I'm alwayd in close proximity to everything and it's cheaper to live there I guess).
Also, most of my dreams are of me being gangstalked. First it was some anti-zombie cult, then black men with white shirts, now the Arab American cult.


my dreams never really "start" and rarely "end" - it's more of a transition from my falling asleep state to dreaming


>my dreamland is always the same
Really? Has it always been like this?


No, I remember when I was younger I would skip from being a pirate on the seas to some weird stalactites stalagmites cavern thing (like the Ant Tunnel from Maplestory), then to random places like different schools, never the same school, though. They still had the stalking element to it but it wasn't the main part of the thought.
I didn't start keeping a dream diary until like last month but if I were to date when the dreamworld started being largely concrete it would be about 3 years ago, I think.


In Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, by Stephen LaBerge, there are classified types of patterns to look for in a dream, in order to become aware of dreaming. It explores all of the details in my recorded dreams: whether there is a change in your environment (being in an uncommon or unknown place), in your relationship with the people you know (your mother is your boss), and the feelings or abilities you have (feeling sad, being able to fly an airplane).

After logging my dreams for three months, the most recurring pattern is being in unknown places: a hookers alley near a factory, a small park near my hometown, a series of connected backyards. Of course, reaching awareness is still my goal, because feeling almost always that there's something due today distracts me.