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Post most memorable/impressive dream you have had so far!

Heres mine:

Since i started my "dream diary" two days ago i had my first lucid dream it was pretty short but it went something like this:
Suddenly I was staring into a mirror at myself. Flickering overhead flourescents lite up what appeared to be a public washroom. The image of the place was crisp and wonderfully vivid. Suddenly the me in the mirror spoke in a hurt kinda shallow sounding voice yet there was only my expression on its face "Please don't go, the reality you know is nothing more than a consolidation of everyones dreams, and its been slowly wearing on you" (or something like that). just before the dream ended i realized that it was my lips had been moving subconsiously the entire time... then i woke up


That's fuarrrk ing nuts.
My wildest dream of late was post over here >>1491

Some of my memorable dreams have included armed sieges on buildings and infiltrating a casino as some kind of secret agent.