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Hey, i haven't been able to sleep very well.
When i do sleep i only sleep for about an hour and thirty minutes.
This sleep is very intense, i will often wake up feeling like i jogged a mile, panting but not sweating. Often when i dream i can't even move, not even in a lucid dream.

Anyone else get this experience?


Are you sleeping only for an hour and a half? Are you taking any kind of medicine/pills/things that change the way your body reacts?

Keep an eye for psychological/behaviour changes on your routine, l'non. This can be dangerous for you and people around you, maybe not now, even if just in a few months.


I'm not a medical professional or anything, but getting an hour and a half of sleep an night sounds really serious. In particular, you are likely not to be getting any REM sleep at all, which is going to have psychological effects if it's not dealt with:

You should probably talk to a doctor about this; if nothing else, sleeping pills will get you temporary relief.


Thanks lain. I’ve been getting much better


how are you op?
its been a couple of days, and as another lainon having a similar problem, i'd like to ask you. what did you do to feel better/worse/exactly the same?


OP here, This thread is over a year old.

That being said, I have been much better.


Im glad. Spare a thought? Maybe some greentext storytime? Ive been having some rough weeks, marijuana is the only thing helping with my rem sleep


I can't really green text but ill try.
>be really tired.
>you never really find out you fall asleep
>dreams tend to be nightmares or very "active" for lack of a better word.
>you wake up panting like you ran a mile or worked out for a while
>feel like your heart is going a mile a minute or skipped a beat or off beat ( It isn't like the Romantic comedies, it hurts)
>you feel like your having a panic attack when your trying to calm down
>because all of this your now wide awake and can't sleep,
>because of this, later your tired throughout the day, and the cycle repeats

The best think i can tell you is if you get a day of or call a day off goto bed early, like 9pm - 10pm. that way you can relax and not worry. make sure you get stress free days where you can set everything aside and relax and just lay down and not worry about life.

The biggest reason that was happening to be was because of stress ( American who was Full time college student and Full time minimumwageslave ), the most I would sleep would be about 3 hours of sleep best, and I always had homework.