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It seems like every dream I have these days features, at some point, a very sexually forward woman.

It will never be the same woman as far as I can tell but it often plays out the same.
There will be some group of people in my life. I'll know most, if not all of them.
One of them will have brought along a friend who will be immediately and overtly sexually interested in me.
She will playfully flirt in front of the group and go so far as things that could be considered foreplay such a licking skin.

I will find this weird, as will the group, but no one will say anything.
I'll be flattered but ignore it while we get back to the task at hand, be that talking or going somewhere ect.

I will NEVER sleep with the woman, she may or may not disappear later.
The dream may then be relieved to be a nightmare or some random mess, and will leave me very confused when I wake how sexy imagery keeps getting paired with horror imagery in the same dream.


Why don't you want to sleep with the women lainon?

Your dreams are the envy of many others. Debatable whether or not their wish is what they think it is. Also do you enjoy having these types of dreams? Since you said it feels kind of awkward. I would like to have dreams like that personally and I think many others would also


It's obviously a succubus trying to steal you soul. Spread salt around your room before you go to sleep.


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The thought of sleeping with her never occurs to me.
They can even go extremely far (i.e. me performing oral sex on her) but I'll never actually sleep with her. My pants never even come off.

I think envy might be a good keyword. Wanting to not only be desired, but to be SEEN to be desired by my peers.
In my life right now lots of people are getting married, maybe this woman is an over-compensation of wanting to evoke the jealously I so often feel in others.

Or maybe it is a succubus.


Does that ring true to you? Or does it sound hollow?

The interpretation of dreams is more art than science, consistent reoccurring elements like this are often meaningful but what they mean is unique to the individual. Fortunately, because it's your subconscious creating these dreams it can also help to interpret them. When you hit on the right answer it will feel right. Your subconscious knows what these dreams mean and it wants you to know, which is why you're having the dreams in the first place.

If you really are having problems with jealousy, you should take stock of what you have in your life. For any path that we choose, many more are closed off to us and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. So the next time you find yourself flirting with random women or staying out until 4am or even just being a bit of a slob, remind yourself that you wouldn't be able to do these things if you were married. The path you've chosen has its advantages and the friends around you tying the knot are probably just as jealous of them when they look at you.


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It's hard to separate indoctrination from genuine emotion. We're often told that marriage is the soundest path, that it should be an end aspiration for our lives.
But there's no denying that at 22, I feel a lot of my friend's eyes are bigger than their stomachs.

It's certainly been a long time since I've been with a woman, emotionally and physically.
And I've never had the pleasure of "showing off" a relationship (previous ones being very detached from my main social life, such as at work)

I'm sure, in no small part, the idea of HER being forward is very appealing. As I undeniably have trouble with confidence and romantic interaction.
A nonchalant approach could be a desire of how I wish I was (I.E so confident, that a woman licking my neck is no big deal and I can idly joke with others about it.)


This seems to be all about confidence