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Hey laions in my life i never had a dream, it is normal ? I not can understand how is a dream is to deep for me.


You are probably in a dream now, even dogs do have dreams.


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Everyone dreams it is simply a matter of remembering them or not. Start by keeping a dream journal write down anything you feel in the morning or if you have no traces of dreams right "I remember no dream tonight" do this and it will start coming naturally to you.



I really have no dream, every night and like I die and rise again in the nextday.


How do you know this? The only way you would never dream would be to not have REM sleep and that would break your sleeping completely.


I hadnt remembered any dreams for a long time then i started a dream journal. In the third or so day i vaugly remembered a sound then after a couple more days a color then after a while people, then full dreams. I guarantee that if we measured your brainwaves when sleeping thiugh, it would show activity indicative of dreams.


I just sleep and wake up, but i not have notion of time.


Again, you just have fuarrrkall dream recall- to not dream would mean that you don't have REM sleep, in which case you need to see a sleep doctor ASAP.

Try a dream journal, even if the first few pages are nothing but "didn't remember tonight" or do some lucid dreaming techniques- they'll help out a lot.


thats how its fuarrrking supposed to be. you still had a dream, that is NORMAL to sleep and wake up with no notion of time jesus. the reason there is a gap is because you cant remember what happened during that time, your dream that is.

sorry if i sound aggressive but this is frustrating.


when you "sleep" do you encounter a period where time passes and you aren't aware of what's going on until you "wake up".