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Do your dreams ever "continue" where they left off last night? I seem to carry on having dreams where I am a nazi officer and I go on adventures with Hitler and other officers. I always wake up when the star of david is shown, it has become a motif in all my dreams lately. I am not sure what this means.


I have no idea what it could mean, but it's probably just that you're reading too much /pol/ soykaf on chans.

>I always wake up when the star of david is shown

This part is really cool, though, tbh


>go on adventures with hitler and other officers

my fuarrrking sides. why do i find this line so funny?


In a past life you were Hitler's grammar nazi


I wish this would happen. The closest I get is when I have an altered version of the dream borrowing elements from it's predecessor.
Although, I know someone who allegedly has dreams that restart and continuously add to the initial dream story about every four years.


Only four times I've had dreams that recall previous dreams. It's just the places, sadly, but it creates a powerful feeling of déjà vu, and even has confused me irl


i never have that sense of continuity between dreams. the only recurring items in my dreams are certain people, but never places or events or plot.

except for that one time i dreamt about a fantastic place. like a romantic villa with small, clutched streets without many cars, not-too-tall buildings with baroque/classical shapes and features, and lots of people wandering around, visiting and selling stuff just there.
it was wonderful, like a small city utopia of harmony and aesthethics, eye-candy everywhere.
i dreamt about this city stuck in classical architecture a few times within a month.
it turned out it was the city of Florence, Italy. I found out when i actually went there. couldnt help but cry and mezmerize. the city in my dreams was real, my brain designed it according to something that already exists but i didnt knew.

some say its because my mother visited that city, and 'genes recall that info' or that i lived there in a past life.


I'm the same character in a lot of my dreams. I never have exact continuations of previous dreams, but they're all revolved around this characters life with very surreal things happening to her.


I've never had dreams with real continuity but I had a recurring dream ears ago that was related to anxiety, and a lot of my dreams have recurring themes, like buildings that are significantly larger than you'd expect, or just things that are too big in general. A couple of examples off the top of my head are a high school scaled up to the size of a mall and a city that seemed to be infinitely large, but gradually became suburban and eventually rural an incredibly long distance away from the center of the city. I must have a fascination with architecture


It's weird but almost all my dreams occur in the same time and place, it's always mid-day in autumn in a large park with lots of meadows and trees and shit, and there's always a high school/university there with a shopping center nearby. I've been having those dreams nearly every night for the past 3 years.


Professional dream interpreter here.

You're on your own with this one son.

In seriousness, what are the conditions surrounding these dreams? Do you wake up in the middle of the night or only when it's reasonable you'd be waking up naturally? How do you feel when you see the star and wake? How often do you have them? How prevalent is the star motif in other dreams? Do you notice it's presence at the time or not until afterward? If you do do you notice its significance as a symbol related to your dreams?

There's quite a few different explanations for this that would make more or less sense depending on the circumstances, but at the end of the day brains are funny things, sometimes they just want to pretend they're Nazis.


the Jews are preventing you from completing your objectives, your dreams will bend reality in ways that most people cannot comprehend. The suppression of your dream is done by a Jew using the power of the star of David to make sure you cannot do what your were destined to.

Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!