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I'm a male on my early thirties. Since I far as I a remember I have dreams where I am woman, and these dreams use to be very relaxing, to the point that the conscious me wishes they would never end.
They are nice dreams, but I wake up feeling hollow an miserly. Does anyone here has something similar?


You should of become a cute little trap ;;


No. It's a difficult and hurting experience, and it's hard to be a cute one too.




He' right. I tried to be androgynous for as long as I could, but it only lasted until I was 20. Then I lost every illusion of ever even looking as female. Now I'm balding, my beard is thick and gross. But even last nigh I consciously still choose to be a female on my dreams. I always wake up.


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I can pass as a trap now, but I know once I'm in my mid 20's, I'll probably never look like how I want to ever again. I'm only 19 and I'm already starting to lose some of my feminine features.


*hugs* :c


don't feel bad, that sounds like the usual story really, trap or no.

Most people start looking worse by mid 20's compared to early 20's, so don't feel bad, or at least don't feel alone doing so.


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Transgender popping in, I used to have these dreams all the time at the height of my depression and I would feel desperate to remember them.

I always thought such dreams were restricted to those with gid but well then.

Also just general question since topic popped up: do guys crossdress for sexual reasons or why


A girlfriend used to ask me that. But it's never been a sexual isue,


It's simply OP, yer a faggit.


I remember someone telling me that he dreamed about chasing women in a labyrinth and other fucked up things during his childhood. Seems to be the polar opposite of OP's kind of dream. I figure, as far as things to suppress go, me and this minotaur dreamer just got severe anger management issues as we grew up.

I saw the first futa scene in Bible Black when I was about 9 years old, yet it never grew into anything other than just another fetish. Probably because I interpreted the scene to be about power and nothing else.


You were a female in a past life.


sometimes for humor, sometimes a comfort thing, sometimes sexual, sometimes to protest gender roles, and sometimes they like being girly.


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>do guys crossdress
No, because I'm not a fag.


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Op does not realize quality that makes it 'very relaxing' ? There is no intrinsic quality of relaxation in woman, i'd say quite the opposite.

And then you wake up miserly? Either you are leaving out some large important parts or you are mad.

Its not the attachment to some seriously dumb idolization of women what is problem for you - its your aversion to your own body - and you should be! But not like that! Dumb.


Congratulations! Everyone is really proud of you!


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Do you read Jung?

He would say something like; you identify with your Aenima [female mental side] more-so because your idea of your feminine aspect is more comforting/strong and/or understanding then your Animus [your masculine mental side].
My guess is you wake up feeling hollow because your Aenima has no-one/thing to project into i.e. Girlfriend, wife, sister, etc.

But maybe not, we don't know enough about you to make any real guesses. I've never dreamed I was a female though; at-least not that I can remember.


Literally what.


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I don't get a sexual rise out of crossdressing, but I do it casually.
Small things like donning a pair of cozy knee-highs or buying my shirts in women's sizes.
I've never had fantasies, sexual or practical, in which I sincerely wished that I was a woman.
Being raised in a household with four sisters and my father the only other man, I was indoctrinated into traditional female rituals much sooner than I was male.
It wasn't uncommon for me to share my sister's clothing and for them to share mine, we were a well-adjusted (albeit gender unbalanced) family. I'm glad to live in a culture so accepting of minor effeminate tweaks and tinges as otherwise I would've been met with a harsh reception after I left the company of my family.
Since then, I've had three healthy relationships with women and each one of them hasn't looked twice at my odd dressing habits.


I was naturally androgynous during my teens that even grown men tend to mistake me for a teen girl. I was never a fag tho.

I do have dreams like these, I found them refreshing as it was a different experience to reality.


OP here; I have spent a long time thinking about this; I have an hypothesis.
During all my life I've never had a single male true friend; all my friends were girls. I was one of the girls, until puberty kicked in, and I found myself alone. I got another set of female friends, but most of them were not much interested in real friendship, they mostly wanted a chance to get me as a boyfriend.
If I were one of the girls, literally, I wouldn't have spent so many years alone. At least that's my hypothesis.


I used to get these dreams as a kid. there was one that I had just getting into my teen years where I was a girl and had sex with my friend from childhood. it was nice
>tfw can't be cute forever


Sometimes I become males in my dreams but it isn't me as the guy, I just turn into another guy.
Then I drive cars, film a documentary, rand stuff like that.


>>1425 The original post sounds like a case of lack of sense of identify manifesting in the form of gender dysphoria being conveyed to you in dreams. Little odd sounding I know, but from what you said about making friends growing up it makes sense.

Personally, I've always had trouble making friends with other men as well and in middle school my close friends were women. Some people are just biologically programmed to be like this, I remember reading something about how genders can be classified as your true gender then the gender that your personality is (I can't remember the name of it for the life of me). Personally, because I have a higher introspective intelligence I am male + female. Maybe that's the case for you as well?