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I never got why dreams are always shown to be like magical wonderlands straight out of a fantasy novel like pic related. For me at least, whenever I can remember my dreams, they're more just like daily life with more distortion. It's sorta like living out a late alpha/ early beta of a game. I never got the vivid fantasy, just a scrapbook of people and places from my life. Anyone else have this?


never had a dream in a fantasy-like setting. they've always been places i've been before and solving dull problems like having to catch an appointment or having to cram for an exam next period.

maybe my imagination is just soykaf .


For me, I don't even solve puzzles or relive anything, random stuff just happens, like gibberish or random still images of things I know popping up.


All of my fantasy dreams are based in an hellish version of fantasy.
E.g.: I'm a mermaid. I get kidnapped by fishermen and I later run off and find and island of stowaways. Then we become pirates and steal a ship. Here's where it gets good. I'm gunfighting another captain that got on my ship but instead of me or him shooting each other, a wooden skeleton on the Captain's cabin door jumps out and shoots me in the back of my head and I die.


I agree that it's not representative of most people's dreams, my own included. But I'm sure I've experienced a few fantasylike dreams, although they are rare. I usually think of images like yours as being more polished versions of dream scenes, not necessarily faithful reproductions of the original.


I have had a few dreams where things got really fuarrrking weird landscape wise. Other than that it's usually like you said. Reality but things are just a little off.


they're shown that way because it tends to grab the most attention, and it is a quick and easy association


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I've had some where I realise my super abilities.. ie. powerful psi and strength, also I realised I could jump through time pretty easily, allowing me to pass through solid objects! That was really cool until 'agents' showed up trying to stop me. I just beat them up, destroying the strange building they conjured me into... I can fly as well ~ I guess all this could be associated with imagery in movies, like in a fantastical sense... Though psi is something more of an oddity




I was watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles yesterday and Cameron the cyborg, who does not dream, is looking at a Dali painting and asks John if dreams are really like that. The thing is, I don't believe Dali meant to paint direct imagery from his dreams but rather something that would point the brain of the viewer in that direction by suggesting certain things, because it's pretty much impossible to capture a dream on canvas anyway. These fantasy landscapes might be seen as an attempt at something similar (though I will admit they don't do anything for me on a subliminal level even if some of them are kinda pretty to look at).


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I think that the content of most dreams has to do with the mental associations people have with things. People who think about fantastical things or movies a lot, who describe their perceived realities in terms of the books they've read, or ideas they've had, can project those ideas in the dreamscape.

>>1730 You sound like you've watched the Matrix.


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I feel like I have had a lot of dreams with things that were very strange. Like if any moment you paused the (dream)world and took a snapshot it would defenitly not look like real life to anyone but those who are blind. I have a lot of dreams where the world is really wierd seeming. Certainly there are some where all that seems to have happened is that I am at school and something happens strange (where probably the background could be grey for all I care), but there are some where certainly everything seems very wierd and this sort of scene would not be too strange in principal. I agree, with the general assesment of alpha-game-iness. Things can be wierd often absurd, and certainly they do not make sense. This scene, at first glance looks pretty polished and therefore implausible.

However, after looking at more than just the thumbnail image I noticed that I liked this picture rather a lot more because it is really bad in a lot of ways. It looks more polished than a dream, still, perhaps (but a dream seems sort of like a wierd self-polishing thing that cannot really be takes at one frame and evaluated), but it defenitly is flawed in many ways.

Therefore, too me, this picture seems like a fine generic representation of dreams. Certainly it is fantasy, but the principal of it is that it looks alright at first. But really it is pretty screwy.


My dreams are always this hazey mess of things I know IRL, but much more realistic than fantastical

However that's not always the case. I've had a few dreams where the setting was fantastical: strange white mists in a forest, massive alien waves engulfing the Earth, being below a relatively vivid waterfall/rock face, very bright settings, nonsensical urban environments that are possible but not present IRL

I can say that geography is out the window, like when my current home is across the streets from my elementary school


Since I first saw this thread, I have remembered two (unplanned) science-fiction type dreams, one in which I was on a spacecraft (with nice views of planets out the window, as well as other definitely not normal elements), and one in which I was on Tatooine (one of those dreams where you just sort of know where you are, though I did later see two stars in the sky).

Neither of them were exactly 'magical wonderlands', but both of them definitely were not really daily life at all, particularly the one on the spaceship. It certainly had the sort of alpha game feel that OP refers to (shadows outside were not right, for example), but I would equally not call the real life.


Most of my dreams are fairly mundane, but I've definitely had "wonderland-like" fantasy dreams before. A few of them were more vivid and immersive than real life.

The vividness and content of dreams seems to vary greatly between individuals. I've heard of people who only dream in audio or in black and white.


same here. never dreamt of fantastic landscapes, or incredible sightseeings.
but i've had dreams of postapocalyptic scenery, cyberpunk buildings and soykaf . i even freaked out the first time i played the portal 2 scene where color paint is introduced. those sky-high platforms with metal grids and strong flashes were impact nostalgia from dreams i've had.
maybe that's my brain aesthethic?


This is such a perfect description of something I've tried to explain for so long. I'm dreaming but really its just a buggy reality where nothing makes sense, the colors are simple, and peripheral items are almost nonexistant or really low detail.

But my dreams are conceptually powerful if that makes sense. When I do dream its something like someone dead who I was close to is talking to me or my friends have all left me or the world is ending because of me. In the dream its so low detail and vague that it doesn't mean anything but then I wake up and it hits me all at once and its usually very powerful.

I'm so glad you finally helped me describe that. Maybe whatever the graphics processor part of our brain is, maybe its just not as strong as other people's and so out brain keeps the settings low.


My dreams are either several periods of my life wildly mixed into a single event, focusing on me and whatever vital detritus I've collected in the past year, or some sort of abstract fantasy-action-adventure thing, focusing on some original character.
I remember reading a dream-interpretation thread somewhere in which someone dreamed of seeing a lamppost and touching a golden ring, and it blew my mind, because that was so short and simple. Almost every single dream I have is so long and heavy (psychologically? emotionally? meaningfully?), that I have a strong urge upon waking to create media about it. It pains me that I'll never have the time to take it all down, whether or not any of it is actually worth being remembered.

As to why dreams are often pictured that way, I'd figure it's just a conflation of epic/high/flashy fantasy with dreaminess. Dreamy things are often depicted as stuff that is not quite correct, not entirely right - which can be subtle and hard to convey. That sort of landscape has a large, obvious, immediate impact.


My dreams are mostly rubish, so much that i usually regret remembering them.
Just a mishmash of random memories and impressions squeezed into something resembling a broken old vhs tape.

Tough i had this one particular dream fragment i remember somewhat vividly, atleast the environment is what i do.
The interesting thing is how sharp the landscape was pretty much entirely realistic.
Another thing is it also had a piece of incredible interesting and sharp unorganic architecture in it.
I was very suprised that the imagination generates such detailed work at random.

Our imagination is an incredibly powerful too, shame it is wasted on random nonsense.
I wish i had some techniques to utilize this.
I had considered lucid dreaming but remembering your own dreams is such a hastle.


my dreams usually arent that colorful to begin with. usually the color palette is kind of realistic or bleak maybe even. The sky doesnt tend to be a big focus like in that picture and neither is like the mountains jn the background. Often il get an overview shot of where i am in a dream but not like that.


I just had one, that was so wildly beautiful. It was supposed to be the Himalayas, I can't remember who exactly I was with, I think an old friends mom? Weird, any ways, we were in an impossible mid point, sort of at the foot of the mountain, but to the left was a spectacular drop off to an amazing valley stretching beyond the horizon, it had some crazy clouds in it and soykaf, and the mountains were just fuarrrking spectacular, and snowy, the sky to match. I can't quite picture it now, but the colors were so vivid and unreal. To bad like every dream, it was quickly ruined with anxieties and just weird terrible soykaf, but that moment where I took a look around was breath taking.


My dreams are almost never about myself,
>some sort of abstract fantasy-action-adventure thing, focusing on some original character.
, basically.
don't know what you guys are all going on about


I'm kind of jealous of you Lainons. My dreams landscapes are almost always confined in close-quarters, with either building (often inside) or vegetation making up the landscape, while any sky is often either clear night, cloudy evening, or plain pitch-black. Not that these elements aren't often interesting in their own right, but it's often a bit drab, and by far nothing like you guys explain. It only diverts when some strong theme is at play. Settings akin to a nighttime electronic music festival are the most common 'interesting setting' for me, almost a default honestly.


soykaf like LSD dream emulator, or space funeral are fairly accurate representations of how my most bizarre and wild dreams are. I remember when I first found them being kind of amazed at how correct and surreal they were.

My dreams almost never focus on the sky, its often a solid cover if even visible. I dont know how it works but my dreams focus a lot more on the ground.


Because those are probably the dreams most worth depicting in most people's opinions and/or those are the depictions anyone recognizes as a dreamscape anyway. If I paint a picture of a dream I had about waiting for the bus, that's just me waiting for the bus.


It would probably be a much better painting to be honest. Even a dream waiting for a bus has subtle things that make it a bit bizarre or not like real life. Capturing that would create a really good and abstract painting that would move a lot more people, as oppose to the same generic dreamscape theme over and over.


That's a good point. The problem would be remembering the particular details that were odd or surreal, the things that made it either wondrous or unsettling, after waking.

For instance all the out of place elements in the setting of The Shining that contribute to the eerie feeling, like the kid watching cartoons on a TV which has power but no power chord. You probably didn't notice that because you weren't looking for it at the time but something in the back of your brain knew, something wasn't right.


>hey're more just like daily life with more distortion
most of my dreams are these

but sometimes i dream really strange stuff, one day i dreamed about a colorful forest with tons of giant fish, then i walked away from the beach and got into a prairie with a mountain, in that mountain there was all my family waiting for my arrival and happy to see me, even those who died, we were awaiting for the arrival of one of those dead
all of them were using simple clothes that didn't looked modern, i looked on the window and saw a giant wall crossing the mountain
when i saw from the outside: it was a really big castle, with a strange architecture i can't put in words (it was really amazing, really beautiful)



My dreams can range from extremely weird to something based in real life. I've had dreams in different time periods, fantasy worlds, and even in different countries. I'm not even myself for the majority of the time.