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Does anyone ever have dreams with HUGE emotional impact? The sort that leaves you gutted and on the verge of tears?

It seems to only occur when I am truly convinced that the dream I am in is real. Real beyond any doubt.

I have had a few dreams like this. I wouldn't call them nightmares but they are certainly haunting.

Here is one I recall with significant detail and a little creative flair to make it easier to read.


I stood behind the tall dirt embankment that made up the defencive barrier my unit of soldiers had dug up. It was several meters tall and had to be climbed to reach the top, not an issue as it was just a huge pile of dirt. I knew that we were on the Western Front of the Second World War. Despite not actually being American, I and the people with me were all US Army.

I climbed up the barrier and rested my rifle on the dirt. The sun slipped below the horizon and was blocked by the pine forest beyond the barrier.

That was when we were attacked by German Army soldiers. Across the entire front there was confusion as bullets took out many of those standing watch. I dived and slid down the embankment, hiding behind the barrier.

More shots rang out and we were losing badly. My stomach dropped out and I felt horribly sick as the fear of death smashed into me. I crawled back up the embankment, terrified that a stray bullet would take my life away before I realized what had happened.

I lifted my rifle above the barrier and fired several shots over, knowing that I did nothing but shoot clouds. I tried to lift my head above the wall to aim but I couldn't. Self preservation took over and I could not move myself to fight above the barrier. Fear was grabbing me like a vice and I could feel my throat tighten, the rush of adrenaline and the sick, hollow, feeling in my stomach.

There was a flash of realization as I thought about what my options were. Either fight and die like a warrior, or cower and surrender. I gritted my teeth and put every piece of my mental will into beating back my self-preservation and threw myself back up onto the barricade.

I aimed and fired at some distant figures to little effect. A moment later they fired back and forced me to take cover. I looked around and saw that the enemy was mostly attacking the corner of the barricade to my right, the section where the forest was most dense.

I saw that we had only a couple soldiers defending that section and it would be lost if nothing was done. I looked around for an officer or NCO to advise about the situation. They had either all been killed or were never here to begin with. It seemed everyone was completely occupied with their section to see the bigger picture so I took it upon myself to organize the defence.

The fear had left my mind and now I was purely focussed on the fight. I ran down into our camp and called five or six soldiers to follow me. I ran up the right right embankment where just two friendly soldiers now fired from.

We were nearly over run as the Germans edged to within just a few meters of the wall. I crashed onto the top of the wall and instantly began firing down as those that followed me did the same. The fire felled several enemy soldiers in a moment and pushed them back into the forest.

I ran back down the wall and called more soldiers up to the front to defend the wall. In moments we had pushed the attack back.

I let out a breath I had been holding in the entire time and I felt the adrenaline pump through me. I was so terrified, excited, angry, happy and satisfied at the same time. The emotions were beyond anything words can do justice for.


The only emotion I ever felt in dreams was sadness. I remember waking up and my pillow was dipped in tears. It's strange how we feel emotions in dreams and express those IRL.


One time I woke up on tears. Sad dream alert.
I had dreamt that my grandmother was making me breakfast, then someone came in and wounded her with a pike, I killed him and saw my grandmother dying, but she was using her last forces to finish making me that breakfast. I crawled next to her and told her that she didn't have to do that, then woke up crying.

But your dreams looks like it was all about making you feel these feelings, mine was a lot lighter, just very sad.