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I'm wondering where people write their dreams. I usually type it out half asleep in my phone and then transfer it onto paper later.
Sometimes when I'm too tired to do that, I tell myself to remember 3 words, but they usually don't make sense so it doesn't work ("cigars", "lines", "hand" but what does it mean???). Stupid tired me.
I have a notebook in which I try to draw some scenes of it, maybe color it, but then again the notebook is filled with other stuff like me writing in code (I made up) for pages about mushroom and plant life, meteorology, and other soykaf like card reading and alchemy. I also write poetry and that's shoved in some pages. I'm disorganized.


I just type them out on the notes app on my phone when I wake up. That's my private journal. I have a public dream blog where I post the ones worth sharing. I'd post the link if anyone's interested. Just didn't want to make it seem like I was plugging my site haha.


i'd be interested in reading them anon


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I sleep next to my computer, and I never turn it off so I end up just typing them out there.


Welcome to my weird mind: http://cru.sdf.org


I record them in my phone as soon as I wake up and write them down later in a notebook.
I'll transfer them to my computer as soon as I (or this lainon >>1568) code a dream manager.


>remembering FOUR dreams
I only get two and they're usually if I wake up and want to keep dreaming. Nice.


I've been considering using audio for my dreams, but I don't live alone yet so I'm wary of someone hearing my dreams. I might just whisper really quietly though. Has any lainons tried audio recording their dreams? If so how has it worked out?


Haven't tried that one yet but it sounds like a good idea. You could replay previous ones as you fall asleep and see if it has an effect on your dreams that night.

As for privacy, if you have a car, you can record your audio notes while driving alone or do it at a park.


I don't write my dreams down. I use the voice recorder function on my phone so I can mumble all the details that I can remember and then listen to it later.

It's very interesting. There's often things that I have absolutely no recollection of. Sometimes there's recordings I cannot remember making as well. Listening to the recordings only jogs my memory about half the time.


I don't live alone either. If I failed to record a dream immediately after waking up then I go to my car or just wait until I am alone in the house to record.
I also record my waifu's drug trip reports this way so privacy is essential.



This is a top idea! I'm tempted to start. I read somewhere that muscle movement of any kind after you wake up causes you to start forgetting your dreams (and it seems true in my case, even getting up to pee I'll forget something by the time I get back). This you could do without even rolling over in bed, just reaching for the nightstand.


i have a regular notepad with a regular pen. sometimes words are unreadable, but generally i can recall the whole dream out of context

mapping or drawing schematics of places/buildings/rooms is more useful than you could imagine.

i also like to note down what parts of the dream are implied and which one are "factual" (at least in the dream). sometimes in dreams you are certain of things, and those things dont need to be explained; but you realize after waking up.
so i write: "driving recklessly and dodging cars, i was very nervous. (being chased?)".
of course, in the dream i was fuarrrking sure i was being chased. but idk.


I don't.

I remember them all.

The night before last I dreamt having a homosexual experience with my best friend and it felt like bliss in my dream, though I woke shivering.

Last night I dreamt I was at some strange school, with a short petite girlfriend and the class was trying to make a small 6lb, 18th century style cannon for some reason.

I did write one or two down if anyone wants to read them, the writing isn't that great as I had just woken up.


Here is another I had, in the dream I was first person as a girl...



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Your dreams remind me of mine.


i type it into a jota+ android app on my phone as soon as i wake up. it has the screnbrightless very very low and with a black backgroudn and white text.


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Any anons looked into the shadow app? http://discovershadow.com/
I currently use a specific journal and pen for my dreams. Allegedly, it's good to have something distinct or used exclusively for dreaming as it's alleged to inform your subconscious the importance you place on dreams.


I looked at that app's kickstarter page and it looks neat. It said it was supposed to come out in 2013. Why is the website all empty?


Two years without an update and no app, looks like a scam to me