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I feel like using my dreams, especially since I have such vivid ones, as a basis for my writing and story ideas is a really good way to keep my content unique and original.

How many of you use your dreams as a basis for creating content? What do you make?


I've been thinking about it more and more lately, since they've gotten a lot more vivid following my keeping a dream journal.


Seriously, anon, do it. If you ever feel like you are having an artist's block it is always good to refer back to your dreams.


I wouldn't know how it'd make sense to people.
There's too many zombies in my dream but no one's bothered by them.


Oh gee uh... hope you know dreaming of zombies is supposed to mean you're feeling dead inside

But dreams are pretty good ref material when you've hit a wall in your writing ideas! Especially when you've just had a super cool dream you can't get out of your head


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I was thinking about using my dreams as the basis for a GURPS campaign, I still have to work it out more.


that could be an interesting premise because it subverts the usual relationship between living people and zombies. If you can come up with a compelling reason nobody cares that there are undead shambling around you've got a very interesting story on your hands.


I don't think I agree with that interpretation. All those undead are outside you, not inside. Like there's something wrong with the world, not you. Lain's version >>1765 where the living don't even notice the zombies would reinforce that, like there's not much difference between the undead and the average shopper / motorist / worker.


I've had some really dank dreams that I've considered literary material
Now I regret not even logging them because some of them were really really good.
Once I even dreamed an idea for a videogame. Posted it here back then actually.


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I initially started my dreams.txt in order to collect a pool of randomness / creativity which I would never be able to come up with in a state of wake. I wanted to collect and then mix it to a story like Walter Moers (e.g. "A Wild Ride Through the Night") wrote.

Unfortunately I never actually processed any of my dreams. But I sometimes read them out of nostalgia.

Just now I proofread a random dream from almost exactly two years ago (2014-07-14) which contained a dreamlike weapon design which I think would actually work and impress me in some crazy space Anime like Diebuster:

I am in some kind of parallel world where the continents are still one pangea. The difference is, that humans much earlier got the idea to use a hammer.
[many things happen]
For some reason they anyway begin to chase me and my friend from school back then, but without weapons. I ask them why they don't have pistols or not even laser guns. At mentioningin the latter one of our pursuers jumps up bringing forth a pumpgun which I gather to be a laser pumpgun looking very similar to the dubstep gun in Saints Row 4. Which means at the activation of it several small black holes open up and red laser beams are flying about around them in "nonlinear" trajectories.

Dubstep gun: https://youtu.be/SZaE7QkME38
I guess the creativity is not that high. Save for the black holes opening up the laser like beams are there too, I didn't remember that in a wake state before looking it up.
See also the attached animation made with Synfigstudio. If the user interface would be at least a tad shitty in synfig (GTK3) and if it hadn't crashed almost 6 times for this animation I would even be able to use what I learned for this first animation for my sidejob.