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Everyone on /zzz/ has seen Waking Life, right? I was introduced to it in philosophy club, but keep coming back to it because it's just so damn unique.

A young man is trying to wake up from a dream, while witnessing and participating in various philosophical conversations and situations. The art style of the movie lends itself to blending of the real and the imaginary, with scenes and characters seamlessly transforming into others.

I had some more to say, but the movie itself is really much more interesting the first few times without any additional input. If you watch it let me know what you think!


Thanks for reminding me, I watched it once with a bunch of people who couldn't sit through anything more intellectually challenging than The Warriors and they wouldn't stop making fun of it the whole time. I need to watch it in private or at least with people who can keep their bloody mouths shut.


This sounds interesting, downloading. Thanks for the recommendation.


>>1772 here, watching it now. It's pretty interesting so far. Couldn't help but grin when I saw the scrambled digital clock.

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Yea, they really did a good job of the various dream elements. I'm sure you'll notice more.

I need to watch it again soon and write down all of the scenes that I don't remember.


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So OP, have you seen Slacker? It's the guys first film. The beginning of Walking Life is a reference to Slacker. After these two movies he went on to do A Scanner Darkly.


No, I'll have to check it out! A Scanner Darkly was great, but I hardly remember the plot besides something about pills. Guess I'll be watching that as well after Slacker.


I enjoyed Slacker but I'm not to interested in the Rotoscope style that is in A Scanner Darkly and what looks to be in the OP. How are the other's similar to Slacker?


Walking life is the same as Slacker as far as the lack of a plot, and how the movie is all dialog. Walking Life is only similar to A Scanner Darkly in that it is animated the same.

A Scanner Darkly is a Phillip K. Dick book.


I can't believe the diversity in his films... he also made one of the only romance trilogies I actually like.

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